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Tiger Moms – Reality TV

Tiger Moms - Reality TV
Are you or is someone you know a ” Tiger Mom “?   Are you a “intense” mother who pushes her kids daily to strive academically and in life overall? Asylum Entertainment, the creators of such hit shows as ‘The Locator ‘ and several installments of the award winning documentary series “30 for 30’, is casting their new reality program to help shine a light on the fascinating lives of these driven women and the children they raise.

Everyone can agree that being a parent, while very rewarding, can being a very difficult job. That is usually where the agreements end. Every parent has their own tactics, motivators and discipline techniques that they use to help provide what they believe is the best possible upbringing for their child. This program will strive to get to the heart of what parenting has become in these high paced times.

Over the past few years there has been no more polarizing parenting approach than that of the “Tiger Mom” technique. Characterized by some as overbearing and cold, by others as focused and selfless, this is definitely a hot button issue in parenting and Asylum Entertainment is hoping that you can help them explore it.

If you have dedicated your every minute to help keep your child on the road to achievement or have possibly been described as domineering or intrusive Asylum would like to hear from you. You can contact the production here casting@asylument.com
This is your chance to tell your story. to help or perhaps inspire other amazing heroes out there… The people we call parents.

13 thoughts on “Tiger Moms – Reality TV

  1. I am a Tiger because I raise my kids old school. I don’t believe in being my childs friend. I’m the parent, thier the child, and they have to do what I say and abide by MY rules or the consequences are harsh. I have 3 children that still live at home. My oldest daughter who’s 22 & in college, my middle son is 18 & he’s special needs. It’s been very hard raising him because he sometimes will regress back to being a child. It’s hard to have a special needs son, but I am dedicated to my children & fully know that regardless of anything you don’t give up on your children EVER!!! In the same token although he is special needs, he’s not stupid and knows that he must respect me. My youngest son is 14 and gives me the hardest time. He’s on punishment right now as we speak and will remain that way for the next 3 months HOWEVER when it’s all said & done I run my castle. Some people say that my children are afraid of me, I say they respect me. The problem with kids today is that they have no respect for thier parents and the parents are so afraid of the children that they bow down and try to accomadate the kids. That’s what being a parent is all about. I have NO PROBLEM getting in my kids a@@ when they need it. It’s MY WAY or the highway. As a parent my job is to make sure that they are successful in school as well as in life. Once that’s accomplished just like the Tiger of her cubs she’ll allow them to venture on thier own, but always close by.

  2. I'm a single mother of four I have Bern trying yo HP back to school to finish to get my degree in fashion. To obtain my own buisness. Its hard for me because I have four special needs children they are in theropy my god its been difficult for us but I stay on my kids about life itself I want people to know my story it may help some other mother who too is a single parent

  3. I'm a single mother of four I have Bern trying yo HP back to school to finish to get my degree in fashion. To obtain my own buisness. Its hard for me because I have four special needs children they are in theropy my god its been difficult for us but I stay on my kids about life itself

  4. hi i am lana and i am 11 i am from bahrain. i love acting and i love singing i am theater at my home a.k.a. entertainment i am comedy, drama e.t.c. see this won't be the first time on t.v. and they even put me at magazine and newspaper so if you took me at at your show i will promise it will be a great episode 🙂 😀 i really want you to take me so i hope you pick me thnx
    xoxo :* lana to you

  5. Me and my mom would be perfect for this reality show I'm not very smart and my mom has very different ways if punishment for my grades she would do anything to give me a well educational life as well as keeping me on the right tracks as I grow.

  6. I am a tiger, because i have 4 boys(ages 19;16;14 &10) and I told them to work very hard. School is always a priority in our household. They all have perfect A. If my 14yrs old gets an A-, it is a tragedy.
    We immigrated from Russia 16 yrs ago with nothing but clothes on our backs. I completed my Bachelor Degree in Accounting, and I am working as an Accouning Manager.

  7.                Nov 22, 2011-Tuesday
         I am the perfect tiger mom, because, I have worked very hard to encourage and motivate my 3 girls to believe and know that no matter what happens in life you can stay focus and be successful in what ever goals you want to achieve. It has not been easy although it may seem that way. What may look difficult and impossible will turn out to be your possible. Your dreams can come true. 
             I have taught my 3 girls that, everything they need and want in life can be theirs as long as they work hard. They can be successful, first and foremost through education. I am a tiger about education.                   
            My firstborn is now 24 yrs. old, with a master degree in education. At 16 yrs. old her father had abandoned us and made her feel as if she would amount to nothing, but she proved him wrong and is now major, important and accomplished in her life. My 18 yr. old daughter was diagnosed at 14 yrs. old with cancer. At 15 she was than diagnosed with Lung disease and at 17 yrs. old diagnosed with Sojgrens disease. She tried to give up at 14 but that was not in our vocabulary or spirit. She had to persevere and is now a freshman at a university in Washington DC. My 15 was struck by a car and almost killed at 11 yrs. old. It affected her psychologically more than physically. She is still afraid to cross the street, but I have taught her to combat her fears and press on. She is now in 10th grade and number one in her class. 
             With all of this success, even after my mom, their grandmother, who they loved dearly, suffered a massive stroke in Jan. 2008 and died in April 2008 at the age of 84. In Jan 2008, 2 weeks after my moms stroke, I had a massive heart attack which almost killed me, but I survived. I also survived Sept 11, 2001, as the main N.Y.C.P.D dispatcher who mobilized the entire World Trade Center area, now retired. I am also a very accomplished singer and actress having graduated from LaGuardia HS, and majoring in music technology and nursing at a prestigious university.
            Giving up is not an option, nor is it something that my girls and I have or will ever do. We will continue to gain strength from each other. We will never stop. We will continue to press forward and keep on keeping on, through the good and the bad. We are survivors and overcomers.  
             People tell me I'm an animal when it comes to my girls, but I have to be because like a lion I take care of, protect, and only want the best for my cubs, even if it means being animalistic towards and against anyone, anything, or even my girls, so that they can reach their highest potential and goals. Who better to show the world and be an example of a Tiger Mom than myself. The Tiger Mom with my girls and I in it would be a very successful show. I only want what's best for my 3 talented, determined, strong, beautiful, and intelligent girls. I love them very much. World hear me roar. Always with a smile. 

  8. Hi my names maxine and im 11.i know someone whos a tiger mom and its my mom.she pushes us to succed because she doesnt want us (3 kids and 1 on the way) to end up like her.Which is to say getting pregnate at 14 and living a rough life.If we get a 79 or below on our report card she takes away phones,electronics,ect.she may get on my nerves alot but I know shes right and wants us to strive and succed.

  9. I am delighted to respond to your request. As I read your requirements I knew you were speaking directly to me. I am a single mom with three children, 16 yr. old boy, 14 yr. old boy, and 8 yr. old girl.

    My 8 year old daughter is a beautiful, smart, talented, creative, little lady with a lot of personality. She is a professional kids fashion model. She does acting, commercials, movies, and dance.

    My 14 yr. old son is a professional Public Speaker state wide and nationally. He does movies, dance, and moldeling. He is currently in a movie called " GAME TIME. It is scheduled to be released in theaters in " 2012 "

    My 16 yr. old son is a gospel comedian, and is outstanding with football and basket Ball. Yes we live a rewarding and facinating lives, with many motivating techniques and disciplines. We would be happy to assist you with your project " Tiger Moms – Asylurm Entertainment.

  10. I'm a tiger because I went to prison in 2001 and got out in 2005, started texas tech university in 2006 and graduated with two degrees in 2010 and now I'm working on my masters degree. I have two daughters who I taught you can do what ever you want to. One daughter who is 20 currently in the navy and another who's 18 in college. My philosophy there's no obstacle that you cant overcome and you can do what ever you want to do if you stay focus. Sincerely -tiger mom of the year!

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