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The Wizard Of Oz Casting Child And Teen Actors

Theatre Casting Call Wizard Of OzThe Alpha NYC Theater Company is casting child and teen actors and actresses between the ages of 4 and 18 for an Off Broadway production of The Wizard of Oz by Kathryn Schultz Miller.

About The Show:

Take a trip over the rainbow and up the yellow brick road with Dorothy and her little dog Toto, in the all-time family favorite The Wizard of Oz. Suitable for young children, this adaptation tells the beloved story of a girl transported to a strange land who teams up with a Scarecrow, a Cowardly Lion and a Tin Man in her quest to return home. Please note that this is the play version, NOT the Musical.

Casting Description and Requirements:

Breakdown – child and teen actors and actresses between the ages of 4 and 18; minors only; no adults please. You must live near New York City.

Child and Teen Acting Roles Available:

Toto – Able to walk around on all fours for the entire show. Cute and energetic.

The Scarecrow – Dumb but lovable. In search of a brain. Loyal and a good friend with great physical presence and energy.

The Tinman – Needs a heart. Stiff and robotic but smart and thoughtful. Very loyal like the other friends.

Dorothy – Wide eyed young girl full of goodness and energy. Pure and wonderful at heart homesick for her family and home.

The Gatekeeper – Very proper and authoritative. Stern, almost like a prison guard.

Auntie Em – Motherly type loves and misses Dorothy who she’s treated like a daughter.

The Wizard – Smooth talking con artist type, who is very good and nice deep down.

Glinda – Princess like. Very over the top leading lady type. Helpful and kind with great stage presence.

The Wicked Witch of the West – Evil and loud. Big voice and presence.

The Narrators – The narrators are a on stage story tellers who further the story. Must have great personality, welcoming.

The Cowardly Lion – Scared and cowardly, but lovable and loyal to his friends.

Audition Information:

All submissions should be emailed to adam@thealphanyc.com.  Minimal weekend rehearsals begin February 13th with weekend performances March 11th through the 13th Off Off Broadway at the historic Producers Club’s Grand Theater in Midtown, Manhattan.


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  1. I love acting and I think I would fit the role of dorify because Ive got a lot of energy and she has the same personality as me

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