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The Secret Life Of The American Teenager
The Secret Life Of The American Teenager

ABC Family, the touchstone cable network for high quality, character driven family programming is beginning production on the eagerly anticipated new season of their hit drama series The Secret Life Of The American Teenager and they are looking to fill a number of roles with aspiring performers just like you. The Secret Life Of The American Teenager has entertained millions of viewers every week since it’s premier episode in the summer of 2006 and now they are ready to take the storytelling to the next level in their all new season with open casting calls starting soon.

Starring the awe inspiring Shailene Woodley who recently wowed audiences with her breakout film role as George Clooney’s troubled daughter in the Oscar nominated The Descendants, The Secret Life began following the exploits of Amy Juergens (Woodley) and her family and high school friends as she deals with an unplanned pregnancy. Throughout the shows progression fans have seen a series of other pregnancies and family joys and dramas throughout the hallways of Ulysses S. Grant High School and the home lives of it’s students. Amy Juergens has seen many ups and downs over the course of this heartwarming and heartbreaking series as she learns that everyone has secrets and problems in life. The all new season will only see more of the same quality performances sand writing that we have come to expect through the years. This is a dream stage for any aspiring actor to perform upon with juicy storylines, an incredibly talented cast and millions of loyal viewers.

Here is your chance to achieve your goal of a thriving career in entertainment. The Secret Life Of The American Teenager is looking for exciting new talent to challenge both their cast and their audience. This could be your big Hollywood break.

372 thoughts on “The Secret Life Of The American Teenager – ABC Family

  1. My name is Te'Rayai Robinson, I am from Columbus Ohio and I am 16 years old. I think I would make a great addition to this show, I've been watching this show since I was younger with my older cousins and it has always interested me. I have audition for several web series, in hope that an opportunity would come my way. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet. I have had a wonderful opportunity being apart of the stage management crew for my school 2015-2016 school year spring musical, In The Heights. Also I was apart of my schools 2014-2015 Freshman Musical where i played percussion music in the pit. Also i played a knight in a short script for Arts Foundations class my freshman year. Being apart of this show would mean so much to me, I re-watch it all the time in hope that one day i could be apart of a show just like it, so the fact that they are bringing it back mean so much to me.

  2. I was a teen mom, I have had 3 girls full term 1 two weeks late having to be induced, my 3rd child died of sids, I have had a miscarage, have been a single mom, and have had many experiences I could draw from.that would work great for this show.

  3. 18 year old Latino 5'7 bilingual. Live in Arizona. Hoping to successfully become a TV actor. Would really appreciate to get a chance and to show what I'm made of.

  4. Hey,
    My name is Khambel and I would love to be apart of this show. I'm 15 soon to be 16, brown hair brown eyes, and 5'6. I was a very shy child growing up but as I got older I grew into a very charismatic young lady. I have preformed in school plays my whole life. I think this would be an amazing start for my career, please get back to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance for your time.

  5. Hello my name is Olivia Ajayi and I would love to be a part of this! I am 13 years going to be 14 in may and I was born and raised in the UK, London.I am of African descent but I do have some family in America. I have loved acting all my life and though I have not had a lot actual acting experience I feel like this would great experience for me and an amazing opportunity. I have starred in a school production of Aladdin when I was 11. I feel like acting expresses who I am and the thought of being taking on the part of different roles other than yourself is exciting. I don't want to become an actress just for the fame I want to be an actress because I love acting, it expresses who I am and with acting I can always feel like I can be whoever I want to be. I come from a town in London where people like me don't really get chances like this and I want to change that,being an actress is my lifelong dream and I hope you can fulfil that!I am so passionate about acting, I work well under pressure and I can take criticism really well. I know I am only young but I feel like I am ready to take on this role. Some people have always said to me that becoming an actress is like a one in a million chance but I want to prove them wrong, I may not have any a lot acting experience but my determination, passion for acting and motivation is something I do have. I am very confident and a fast learner and nerves are not an issue. My friends have told me I am very outgoing, daring and I have a creative personality. I see child actresses like Raven Symone, Bailey Maddison and Maddison Pettis and they inspire me a lot and I want to be like them. Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon.

  6. I'm Jordan, a plussized teen who loves to act and interact with other. I've been in my schools drama department for almost 4 years and I love every minute of it. I'm 5'9 and have VERY curly hair. I'm of mixed race however very light. I have brown eyes and a great smile. I'm very adaptable and can ANY part guaranteed. I learn scripts fast and I love performing. Please email if interested.

  7. Hello! I am 18 years old and would LOVE to be able to work with everyone in the show whether I'd play a main role or an extra. I'd be willing to do whatever it takes. If you need any more information just let me know by sending an email. Please and thank you for your consideration! Hope to hear from you!

  8. Hey my name is summer! I am 12 years old fixing to be 13 I love to act dance and cheer I love being a teen I love my friends and family I love makeung people laugh and I am a mcms cheerleader and also mcms dancer.so to start off that is some stuff about me and second off you should email me back and let me have a part of this show because I am very interested in this show and I'm a teen I ,I also love to act every scince I was little people said I was very beautiful and said I should someday try out to be on movies an TVs cause I was so good I would trick people they wouldn't know weather I was acting or not ,for instance when I cried when I was littler people didnt know if I was really crying or not and also I have self confidence in me an my dream I think today's the day I start trying to accomplish my dream and show people that every dream can come true I hope you email me back but If I don't get this I always have confident in other acting shows or movies but thank you so much for reading!hope I get an email soon lol.!

  9. am writing this email to you on behalf of my son Jaredian McCormack. Jaredian wishes to be considered for any casting calls that you have available. Jaredian is 14, 5;10", 145 llbs., auburn hair, brown eyes, athletic build.

    He has one credit to his name a short film for CBN – 700 club- The story of Carl Dulinski.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  10. My name is Juan Thompson, Im 5'7 half black half hispanic but can pull of being Dominican. I have a great personality and my best feature from what I have been told is my smile. Im hard working and looking for an opportunity for something new. If you need an extra for young men that are 19 I'm your guy.

  11. Hello! My name is Autumn and I am very interested in being in this show! I really would like to start my acting career as soon as possible! I can Sing, Dance, Act, and I used to be in band! I also am in choir and audition for plays at my school! I am 14 years old I turn 15 on February 7th. I am a brunette and I'm 5'4. Thank you so much for reading!!

  12. Hello, my name is Alexis Young. I am 17 , a senior in high school , and I live in Charleston , South Carolina. I am African-American. I am 5'2 and I weigh 186 pounds. I am a very hard working person who has an absolute passion for acting . I have participated in multiple plays in school and outside of school. My dream , of course, is to become an actress . I can play ages 16-21 . I am very dedicated to this and I know in my heart that acting is what I was born to do . If I am chosen for any role , major or minor , I'd be very appreciative and you will not regret it . I will work with whatever role you'd give me. As I said before , acting is truly my dream , but I just don't know where to start . I would be so absolutely grateful to participate in this amazing show that I am also a huge fan of . To be apart of this would be a huge blessing .
    Thank you ,
    Alexis Young

  13. HI my name is Crisbel Garcia Im 13 year old i live in the big apple,i have a big passion for acting. i act anytime i have time and like it summer i act for half of the day with my twin sister.i know every charater and what they stand there for. i think with a new fresh face of a young teen going thought the same step of what the rest of them was going though will boost some teens so they will stay alert. all i want to say personly this show it self helped me and thank u for takeing time out of your day to read this thank u and please contact me thank u.

  14. Hello. My name is Annalisa and I am and always have been interested in pursuing acting as a career. I have always been involved in performing arts. I performed in westben (a theater program in Campbellford, Ontario) for about two years. I then moved to Florida. I participated in church plays throughout middle school as well as modeled for a pageant. For my last four years of high school I performed in the Tarpon Springs Outdoor Performance ensemble. I was in the color guard portion of it. I had many performance opportunities from Bands Of America, Meddling Gold (first) in World Guard International in Dayton Ohio. I also had the opportunity to perform in the 2013 Macy's Thanksgiving day Parade. Nerves are not an issue, performing in a passion and I am a fast learner.

    I am seventeen years old.
    5'3" (give and take)
    Hair: Shoulder length, wavy, chestnut brown
    Eyes: Vary from green to Blue
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Body: Petite but with muscles
    Race: Multicultural

    I have experience in performing and many references that I can provide.

    Thank you for taking the time out to read my comment and I hope that I can be considered during contact. (:

  15. Hi? I'm Amanda. I'm 14 years old and I'm from California. All I've ever wanted to do my whole life was to be an actress. I love acting in school plays and I've been searching for opportunities to audition and I know I probably just sound like ever other dreamer out there but I'm not. I'm different. I know I could do it. I know I could be famous one day and I'm hoping that right now could be the start. I haven't really had the best life but I'm strong because with everything I've gone through I've become stronger. Please email me if you are interested in me auditioning. Thank you.

  16. I am very passionate about acting and love to meet new and exciting people. I also observe and learn a lot when on the set and off. I am very outgoing and an attractive female for many different roles. I can adapt and adjust well in any situation. I'm your next BIG Lead.

    Thanks for your time

  17. Hi im desiree I think it would be a good chance to see how it would be to be a teenager just like ashley and I think it is one of the best shows I have watched so I think will have a good shot at this show.I live in San Luis Obispo California.

  18. Age 16
    Gender male
    Hair dark brown
    Height 5"4
    I live in attleboro Massachusetts
    This opportunity would be amazing just get my foot in the door of the acting world this would be life changing experience thanks hope to hear back soon

  19. hello im maymuna ali and im 19 years old and I love to act and I want to do all my life im in school now studying social work.
    RACE: BLAck and somalian
    HAIR: Dark Brown

  20. My Name is Cameron, I am a male and almost 12 yrs old. I have dirty blondish hair that I wear in a frohawk. I am 95 lbs and am 5ft tall. I have a few freckles on my cheeks.

    My friends and family tell me how unique,funny and photogenic I am. I was an extra in the movie Ted. I was also in a few elementary plays. If you would like some photos I could provide them to you.
    Hope to hear back soon:)

    Take care,

  21. my name is gracie pleitgen. i have wanting to be part of something like this my whole life. I am 12 years old. i am going into 7th grade and i wanna be an actress so bad!! so please contact me ASAP. please and thank you

  22. I have been wanting to be a part of something like this my whole life.

    My name is Simon Pellegrino, I am a 20 year old Student from Grimsby Ontario.

    I am attending an Niagara College in the Acting for Film and Television Course.
    I am suitable for a role because I have dreamed for something like this to happen, to earn a chance of a lifetime. I come from a small town, and things like this don't happen to people like me every day. I Love acting and performing, getting to play a role in the life of someone else, transforming and becoming a believable and entertaining character. I am so passionate about acting and expanding my horizons. Getting to meet the people who make magic and dreams happen would be incredible.

    I hope sincerely that I am what casting directors are looking for. This would be an amazing opportunity for me and I can't think of anything else I'd want so much.

    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

  23. Ethnicity:African American
    Hair Color:Brown
    Eye Color:Brown

    My reason for wanting to to a cast member on this sitcom,apart from the fact that i watch each episode with my Mom every week.Is because we all learn from our mistakes.

  24. I watch this show everyday on netflix when i get home from school and i would die to get on this show. I would really appreciate to get on this show. I would be honored to get on it. I am 12 years old and i have brown shoulder length hair that i am willing to dye. I wear glasses but only in school, but i can also wear contacts. I am a good student and i get good grades and as i said before i would be really honored to be on this show

  25. Should Be Apart Of this movie Becouse Its A Open Opportunity For Many People Who Wanna Start A Career In Acting.I Should Be Picked Becouse Im A Confident Person,Im Very OutGoing,And Im A Easy Learner An This Is A Chance To Star In A Show And A Great Opportunity For Me Becouse If Im Picked This Will Help Me Reach My Goal In My Acting Career Plus This Would Be My First TV Show Starring In.This Is Really Something I Wanna Do it And This Is My Opportunity Hope to hear from you thanks

  26. name: raini gobin
    age: 15
    height:5'0 ft
    ethnicity: mixed(african american and indian)
    hair: long,curly,and black
    eyes: brown
    I am an aspiring young female actress who who is interested in being apart of this film. I'm out-going, follows directions, respectful with a great attitude,confident, and easily trained. willing to listen, learn, and make changes.if interested in my abilities then please e-mail me, thank you.

  27. Hey,

    My name is Dina and I'm a 20 year old Chicagoan! I'm obsessed with The Secret Life, I watch it religiously. I think it would be an awesome experience for myself and I'm always open to new, exciting opportunities.

  28. age: 16
    DOB: october 11, 1995
    hair: blonde
    eyes: blue/green
    height: 5'1
    weight: 100
    San Diego, CA
    slim/slender build
    bubbly attitude and great humor i work great with others and kids!

    i've been in numerous plays

  29. Name: Brittany
    Last Name: Roth
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Birthday: March 14th, 1996
    Weight: 113 lb
    Height: 5'3"
    Hair Color: Medium Brown
    Eyes Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Country: USA
    Languages: English
    Personal Note: Im not experienced at all, but ive practiced acting since i was real little. I'm extremely outgoing, and i love to joke around and have fun. I can be serious when i need to be. I'm really easy to get along with. Im really confident for the most part. My grandma always used to tell me i should be an actor. Since she past away a few years ago I'm going to do what she wanted me to do, and I won't stop trying until i succeed. Wheater it's for secret life or another show, but i would really love to act for you so email or contact me 🙂 thank you for your time

  30. My name is Shannon Frederick and i think that i could make an excellent addition to this show!
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 120
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Canadian, Caucasian
    please keep me posted with any updates if i'm not too late!

  31. Name: Samantha Michelle
    Age: 17
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Weight: 118
    Hair color: Naturally (Black) Dyed (Red)
    Eye color: Light Brown

    About me: I'm an entertaining person, I love to laugh and make people laugh! When I make people laugh it makes me so happy because they aren't bored. Most people always say they are bored but if your with me you won't be! I've always wanted to act I love acting different and trying different accents its so much fun to me. If I could do anything in the world it would be… An actor. A dream I hope to pursue. Also I think writing about myself is harder because its always better in person!

    Why I'd like to be in the show: I adore The secret life of an American teenager i've watched it from the beginning and it would be amazingly awesome to be in the show!!!!


  32. Hey I'm Chris Chappell, I would love to have a chance to be on the show its always been my dream to be actor please give me a shot I'm 5'11 I look very athletic I'm light skinned brown eyes curly hair I'm 16 I was born May 2 1996

  33. Name: Samantha Knepper
    Birthday: September 27, 1994
    Born: Fort Benning, GA
    Now living: Sarasota, FL
    School: High school, Senior (Sarasota Military Academy)
    Music: Vocal
    Acting: Drama club, Love acting.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye color: Hazel
    Hair color: Dirty Blonde
    Height: 5’2”
    About me: Hello, I’m Samantha Knepper. I am 17 years old. I love acting and want to presued into the acting Career. I’m very serious about acting. I’m bright and sunny and easy to work with and love working with other people. I plan on taking on a new challenge in my life and this is a great opportunity. I am active in 5 sports and also a Sergeant Major in Sarasota Military Academy. I have lots of discipline and am willing to work until I complete my task in hand and complete it perfectly. I also believe having fun is another important key.

  34. I love the chance to be cast in this series because I've always wanted to act and I know that if I'm given the chance, I could do great. I would very much appreciate to be considered for a role!Please e-mail me if you need any more information.
    I'm 19, about 5'4 and 110 lbs. I have long, straight, dark brown hair with big green eyes. My ethnicity is caucasian and my body type is thin. I also live in Canada.

  35. Name: Natalie
    Age: 15
    D.O.B.: 2-28-1997
    Height: 5'0
    Weight: 115
    Hair color: Light brown
    Eye color: Light brown
    I am a short sweet 15 year old actress. I have a bubbly always smiling outgoing personality. I have been in many plays and musicals throughout my years and have taken multiple acting classes. I am looking forward to hear back from you about an audition. Thank you.

  36. Heyy!(: I'm Sylvia.. I'm 14 years young.. Imma Mixed Girl. <3
    I have BrownEyes && Black Curly Hair with Red Tints.. This is one of my favorite shows. && I would love to have a chance to be on the show. Thank You! (:

  37. hi my name is catherine

    the reson i am doin this is to prove to me and everyone eles that i am worth something i can be what i want to be if i now i can then i can and i wont let no one get in my way of my dreams even if i dont get it there will be more auditions and i well make it becase i believe in myself.

    i am 15 and 5'1 in hight and brown and black hare

  38. hi ma name is kanika brown i m from toledo,ohio i'm a single mother only 20 years old i'm in school and i would love to do part in the movie why because i know i have the chance to make a diffent in ma child life she look upto me and dis right here is ma dream i really really really really love to do dis audition i need dis i ben movein house to house sence i was 17 plz i need dis watever it have to take i will do anything i ' want dis for ma child and maself plz i really want dis audition it will be a BIG DIFF.. IN MA LIFE if not i'm keep goin witout stpin because i want ma child to have the best in life sumthing i never in LIFE………………………………………………..

  39. Name: Melissa Etheridge
    D.O.B: 01/04/1992
    age: 20
    Hair: medium, redish-brown, curly
    Eyes: hazel
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 140
    Body type: average
    State: Georgia

    I have always loved this show and have wanted to enter into a career in acting and modeling. I have never actually done either one as a professional. I'm very well with following directions and easy to get along with people. I hope your interested in me and I hope to hear from someone.

  40. Hi I'm georgia age 18 and i'd really like to have that kind of opportunity. Unfortunatetly I live in Greece so i hope you can give opportunities to people from other places too (heght 1.68 m , wight 60 k )

  41. My name is karoline maldonado i live in california and i am 13 years old im 5'1 and i weight about 136 i am very friendly i love working in a team as well i could be very indipendent i move quickly im very inteligent i have a very high mentality with alot of imagination i watch all of your shows and im willing to make an effort to be in it .

  42. Age: 19
    Weight: 150
    Height: 5' 9"
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Gender: Male
    Location: Indiana

    I have an athletic physique and can do a wide range of accents if necessary. I have been in multiple plays and done a few short films in the past. I am looking for any role I can get and would love to hear more information about any future auditions.

  43. Hey my name is Joselyn Arroyo I am Hispanic, I speak both English and Spanish very well. I'm a really confident girl and I know that if I get chosen you won't regret it. I'm always up for a challenge and like to take things to the next level. I will accomplish every challenge I get. Choosing me would be a great choice and I won't let you down! Instead of me writing it you should see for yourself
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'4
    Hair color: black

  44. Hi my name is Marco Ramirez I'm 19 years old and would love to have get a chance to be on this show I am a very dedicated person and an opportunity like this would be amazing I'm 5'9, Hispanic, and very athletic.

  45. I am 5 ft. tall, age 23, look young, brown eyes and hair, willing to dye or change. Willing to take any kind of lessons. I have no experience, but have always wanted to act.

  46. Hello My name is Ashanti. I am 20 years old. I am really pleased and excited that there are casting calls for one of my favorite shows. I feel this is an opportunity for me to step out there and be great pursuing an acting career like I've always wanted. I am 5"0 so sometimes I get mistaken for my age to be younger than I am. I would really like to audition for a role on "Secret Life of The American Teenager" and I can assure you I can, and WILL meet the requirements and expectations… If and when, I am given the audition! Thank you so much.

  47. My name is Chelsea I would love to be a part f the show. I would be a good addition I could def bring twists and drama. I have watched this show since season 1 and it would a dream come true if I had the opportunity to be on the show

  48. Hello my name is Katherine (Katie) Ryan and I sing, model, write, play music (piano and guitar) and dance, and would love to begin a career path with acting. Your show would be the perfect opportunity!

    I have taken a couple acting classes in the past and want to broaden my horizons by continuing acting. I have been in many performances including starring in singing solos on stage, dancing in front of large audiences and performing in a choir for two years. I love it. In addition I have been modeling for the past year, and have done Promo work at the Mazda Raceway here in CA for major companies. Also I take direction and handle criticism very well! This sounds like an amazing opportunity; I would be so honored to be considered.

    I am 18 years old and live in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. I am waiting for a big break and I know you wouldn't be disappointed!

    Further information (if needed):
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Hair: Light brown
    Eyes: Blue-green
    Measurements if needed, Hips: 34 Waist: 25 Bust: 34

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration!
    -Katie Ryan

  49. Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Height: 5'5
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Black
    Ethnicity: African American

    Good evening,
    My name is Dora Manu and I just recently graduated from the University of Toledo with my Bachelors in Arts degree in theatre. I have had some tv and film experience where I was an extra in a commercial located in Toledo, Ohio for The House of Meats. Acting is my passion and I know that I will succeed if given the right opportunity.

    If I am given the chance to audition for this show I promise you, you will not regret it. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you all soon.

    Dora Manu

  50. My name is Janine, 15 year old and has the passion for acting. I really look forward to be a part of the Secret Life of an American Teenager. This will be a great opportunity in my life-long dream. Please contact me. Thank you!

  51. my name is Ashley Seleny Martinez
    height: 5’3
    weight: 115 lbs
    hair: black
    eyes: brown
    DOB: 6-11-91
    nationality: Hispanic

    My name is Ashley Martinez. I have always been passionate about helping people, so i took up nursing and i received my CNA certificate. It wasn't till I graduated high school that my dream for acting came up. i want to pursue my dreams even though I know it is a hard career to take up, i haven't given up and I won't. I'm currently taking class in the New York Film Academy and I know I have to talent and the persistence to be a good addition to this cast. Please consider making my dreams a reality. I'm willing to do whatever it takes

  52. first name: Meagan
    last name: Tyson
    Age: 21 (03-31-1991)
    height: 5'2
    weight: 108 lbs
    ethnicity: caucasion
    hair color: blonde
    eye color: blue/green hazel
    country: U.S.A.
    state: IL
    city: Chicago
    hobbies: rollerblading, gymnastics, drawing, & soccer.
    Training: Second City – Improvisation (Level 1), Acting & Scene study (Levels 1-4).
    *Can pass for 14+
    "Thank you for your consideration."

  53. Hi there, I'm Rebecca. I'm 5"3 and 20 years old. I have everything it takes to be an actress, I just need the right opportunity to show everyone. Please keep me updated on these casting calls!

  54. Hey yall I'm Lindsey AKA LBAE. I'm a 17 year old Caucasian female, I live in Upstate NY, and I have reddish hair, and greenish blue eyes. My natural hair color is blonde however, and my eyes are green up close but blue far away. I can do and love with all my heart doing so many things. Things like singing, dancing, acting, song writing, choreography, writing, and just so much more. I can pretty much do whatever you'd need me or want me to do. I love these things with a passion. I have been in several plays in school, one of which I was the main character. I am extremely serious which makes me serious about the job and getting things done right and 150%. I have been looking up and waiting for an opportunity like this for years. It would be an honor if I could take part in even a little of this.
    Lindsey Arlene Brown
    AKA Linsabella Ariella (LBAE)

  55. NAME: Jessyca Newenham
    AGE: 22
    HEIGHT: 5'5
    WEIGHT: 120
    BACKGROUND: African american, native american, irish
    HAIR: red EYES: blue
    COMPLEXTION: freckels (fair)

    Hi im Jessyca I follow this show very faithfully. Theres is no question you could ask me that I wouldnt know the answer too. I have every season so far and cant wait to get the more recent one that just came out. This would be a dream come true to be on this show. As it is I already feel as if I know everyone. I get very emtionally involved like Im there. One good thing about me is that Im 22 and you wouldnt think it I still have people think im like 16 so I would be perfect for the show!!!!!!!

    Thank you soso much for you time I will be hopeing to here from you soon!!!!
    Jessyca Newenham

  56. Name : Chrystine Soon
    Age : 12
    Weight : 36 kg
    Height : 5'1
    Skin Colour : White
    Hair : Long, Black
    Eyes : Black
    Nationality : Malaysian , Buddhish
    Live In : Bangkok,Thailand
    Please give me a chance to act。. Thank you 🙂

  57. I am an aspiring actress trying to get noticed. I would be more than happy to be a walk-on or extra. Please contact me. I am 18, I have brown hair and eyes, and i'm 5'2.

  58. Hello (:
    My name is ashley. I am 16 years of age.
    Im 5'0. I have black hair 18 inches long my hair type is wavy,and dark brown eyes.
    I live in Los Angeles , California.
    I think i would LOVE to audition and have a roll in secret life new season (:
    I speak only english. I was born in Los Angeles. I have a positive attitude. Im always smiling. I love to act and play parts in movies to my mom. I always want to be an actor and be on tv. I hope i can get a audition. Would mean the world to me

  59. Name: Christina Soon
    Age: 14 years old (1998 )
    Weight: 53kg
    Height: 153cm
    Nationality: Malaysian ( Chinese )
    Hair: Long ( Dark brown + Red Pink )
    Eyes: Black
    Skin: White
    Language: English , Chinese, Malay, Thai
    I hope it's not too late if I submit now
    ( Is there still any roles available, please ? )
    I live far away but my parents are wiling to bring me anywhere for auditions ( that's why I post now )
    I've dreamin' to play a role in movies.
    I play for school netball & handball team for 3 years ( till now )
    I've been taking part in few school drama & singin' activites too.
    Thanks 😉

  60. Hi my name is Sabreena and I just graduated from college. I am 22 years old. Please keep me updated. Thanks


  62. Name: Rachel Hoskins
    Age:15 (16 on june 12)
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: brown
    skin: white

    I have grown up performing.I love acting and would love a chance to be a part of this show. I would love to be contacted for a chance at an audition. Please email me with any updated information, Thanks.


    Hey I'm Jenny S a almost 16 year old actress ( Can play both younger and older characters)and qualified to take part in The Secret Life of an American Teenager. I've yaken acting lessons seence I was 10 and I would love to portray any role eligible. My english is very good and I have earlyer been on audition for The Girl With the dragon tatto.

    Age: 15
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Eye Color:Dark brown
    DOB:07 06 1996
    Location: Sweden

  64. Hello, my name is Amanda Domingue but I go by Alex. I'm a 19 year old female with great character. My ethnicity group would be considered as African American, but I like to look beyond that and say that I'm Creole since I have a Creole background. I love acting. Acting has been apart of my life since I was a little girl. I have never gone beyond school plays but I feel like I could rise to the challege if picked for any type of filming. I'm not looking to become famous or even well know, I just love challenging myself and being apart of group/project. If I can appear on a hot television show or film I will have accomplished one of my many goals. I live in New Orleans, Louisiana and love to travel. Distance is not a problem for me. I know these things are a one shot opportunity but I had fun trying. LOL I had nothing to lose so why not!!

  65. Name:Ashley Cross
    Hair Color:Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Ethnicity: African American
    Country: USA
    Language: English
    Birthday November 23, 1991
    Hi, Im Ashley Cross. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. I have always had a passion for acting. I don't have very much experience but i can reassure you that i been taking ating lessons and trying out for small play roles. If i just got the opportunity to prove myself i promise i won't disappoint you. I have pride in everything i do, and I'm a very hard worker. If I'm picked for any role i would put my all into bringing that character to life, it doesn't matter how big or small the role is. Thank you for taking some time out of your busy day to read my comment and i hope you guys consider me for a role.

  66. Maegan Ruvolo
    Age: 19
    D.O.B: 02/19/1993
    Gender: Female
    Weight: 112
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Skin: Tan..Sicilian.

    Have been acting for a few years now. I have been watching this show every season and would love to be apart of this!

  67. Name: Cassie
    Last Name: Cushing
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Birthday: January 10th, 1996
    Weight: 100 lb
    Height: 5'5"
    Hair Color: Blondish Auburn
    Eyes Color: Blue grey
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Country: USA
    Languages: English
    Personal Note:I'm not experienced but i do like acting around my friends. I'm homeschooled so i have time whenever. Im up for anything.. Im not shy, im quite out going. I love to be a goofball and serious when i need to be. Im extremely friendly and would love a shot at this:) Please email or contact me! Thank you for your time.

  68. Hello! The Secret Life of the American Teenager is one of my favorite shows on ABC Family! I am 12 about to be 13 years old. I have long brown hair and hazel eyes. I am 5 ft. 2 in. and I am very committed to my work. I act, dance, write, and occasionally sing. I know I'm young, but I am hoping to make it big, and make my dreams come true, to get out of my rocky life back home. Thank you so much!

  69. Between being called an actress by nature, and loving to steal the spotlight, it has always been a dream to become part of a tv series, movie, or commerical. When i saw this add, i couldnt resist, especially with my love for this show. My name is Fallon, allot of people call me "foof" for short and even though everyone thinks i look 16 i am 23 years old. I am from Providence, RI and recently trying to persue my dream. I am 5'5 with long long dark hair, honey eyes, and a crazy personality. I would love to get an oppurtunity to work with you guys and show off my talent! Thank you!

  70. Hi! I'm Desiya Smith and I am a 12 year old African American, German, Italian and Puerto Rican girl. I was born on May 24, 1999 in Alberqurque, New Mexico but I currently live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My best talent is modeling but I am also good at acting and singing. I have dark brown eyes and hair. My hair is somewhat long and my eyes could be mistaken for black eyes. I can juggle many things very well. For example I'm in 4 programs in school and I still have an A average. Please give me a chance. Thank you for reading my comment.
    Desiya Smith

  71. Name: Adeline Huffman
    Age: 20
    Height: 5'
    Weight: 115lbs
    Hair colour: Brunette
    Eye Colour: Green
    Canadian, Caucasian
    Currently attending Brock University for a BA Honours in Dramatic Arts

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