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The Moment – USA TV

The Moment Hosted By Kurt Warner
The Moment Hosted By Kurt Warner

From the USA Network comes the most exciting reality television program of the year, The Moment. This amazing show will give several everyday people the opportunity to have a second chance at previously abandoned careers. Submissions for upcoming open casting calls are being accepted now. This is the chance for you or someone you know to get one more precious moment to live out a life’s dream!

The Moment will be hosted by NFL legend Kurt Warner who himself had to abandon his dream of being a pro football quarterback and found himself working in a grocery store stocking shelves. 18 months later he was a league and Super Bowl MVP and on his way to a Hall of Fame career. Who better than Kurt to lead those lucky people chosen to take one more shot at their dream life.

Did you or someone you love always want to be a race car driver, fashion designer, chef, deep sea diver or anything else but for some reason or another have to give up their dream?  Did family responsibilities, health problems or financial concerns get in the way of you or a family member of becoming something they always wanted to be ? This is that rare chance to take one more chance on your biggest dream and fulfill your special moment. Applications for this awesome show are being accepted now and auditions will be held soon. Leave a comment below to tell us why you want to have a Moment and go here mysticartpictures.com/ncshow.php?nc_id=50 to nominate yourself or someone you love.

Many of us have to make selfless choices at one point or another that may cost us something we want – most people never get that “one more chance” to get their dream back, until now!  Apply today and let Kurt Warner and the USA Network give you your ‘Moment’.

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  1. My name is Autumn Morgan andi am writting in regards for my mother Joan Morgan. My mother has always wanted to be a singer. She has a beautiful voice and a talent for playing the piano. She used to always sing for churches in her area growing up and would play the piano while doing so! At her high school graduation she sang solo and I still get shivers watching the recording. She wanted to pursue the singing career badly but her father told her their was no money being a singer (she was told from a famouse country singer that she could do it but singing Christan music is not where the money is). She always talk about how she would love to be a singer because that is her dream but she says she can't achieve that. I believe with you help you can show my mother her dream CAN come true. My mother is a single mom and has health issues so she can't work. She has diolostic congestive heart failure, disgeneritive disk disease, high blood pressure, asthma, and very bad scoliosis. Her voice is still beautiful and I know she has the guts to do it. If she had help that could show her she can!

  2. I am a mother of six, five biological children and a very special little boy we adopted from Korea. I have been raising my children (ages 5 to 25) and helping my husband pursue his career as a chef for over twenty years. I have a dream that I have held within me for many years -and that was to be a model. Not just a model, but to grace the cover of Vogue magazine. I know lots of people say they want to be a model. I REALLY did! When I'm out and about people sometimes ask if I was a model.This sometimes makes me sad, cause I think I would have been a great one if I had ever had the chance. Well just my dream thought I would put it out there. Still dreaming after all these years.

  3. Hello I'm Victoria O'Bleness a young army wife and mother of two kids (3,2). After getting pregnant right after high school and following my husbands career in the military my dreams of professionally danceing have been put on hold. Now more than ever I wish I could have the chance to chase this dream once again, I'm back in shape and don't know were to start. I would love this opportunity! Thank you so much for your time & I hope to hear from you!

  4. Once upon a time, I dreamed the dream of working for Disney at Walt Disney Imagineering.   My dreams and endeavours, brought me tantalisingly close to my dream.  I worked for the Disney Stores, and by 2001 I was ready to emigrate to the US as a legal alien (I-551), until the evening of December 7th 2001.  A day I now refer to as my alive day, a decade ago.  

    A careless, stupid and fully preventable industrial accident wiped away my dreams in an instant….   I was seriously crushed in the hydronic doors, that an operator in the security control centre at Gatwick Airport, had pressed a manual override, without seeing that I was not safely onboard the train I had previously asked permission to use.  

    Knowing my dreams where lost, did not stop my determination. I have always had a go getter attitude to life when things trip me up.  And rather than accepting the truth that my debilitating injuries, that I still have to this day.   I went to University to study Media Arts with American studies.  
    Upon reflection I still saw possibilities, chasing a hobby of mine of my youth, and along with my collage deployment in Aeronautical engineering.  I saw possibilities working and achieving my dream job at imagineering.  

    I still have the evidence of my journey, from attending Plymouth University to undertake my degree, a boy who at school was branded stupid, because of dyslexia and the poor grades I got at school because of the spelling mistakes caused by dyslexia.  
    I enjoyed pushing myself and went against the odds to study at Western Connecticut State University for my 2nd year, not only proving to myself that despite my invisible disablement.  I could achieve the goal of achieving my degree within three years. 

    I completed my degree in Media Arts with American Studies (previously joint honours, but it changed in my final 3rd year because of the extra cost's in UK education).  Pushing the odds and walking away with a second class honours degree in the lower level.  A awesome result given that all I wanted was a passing grade.  

    Whilst I was on my degree, a opportunity presented itself to me to enter into a competition to win an internship at Disney Imagineering.   I spend a great deal of time working on my submission entitled the Ghost Rider.   The Ghost Rider, was a spooky story in the theme of the country and western tales of the trucker who picked up the hitch hiker, dropped the hitch hiker off at a near by cafe and then the hitch hiker discovered the trucker had been killed ten years ago on that very same road.   

    I was raring o send in my design, the story and artwork.  Only to realise that if I won and got the internship.  I was in no shape to do the job and I realised that I would be depriving an other of the opportunity to realise there own dreams.  
    So I left it at that and placed more focus on getting better, hoping that maybe one day I might realise my dreams, if only in my dreams.  

    Last year, after over a decade of persistent striving to achieve.  Even designing a carbon neutral alternative to the the Olympic torch (that caught the Trenton of both EDF and Locog, the organisers behind the Olympic Torch relay) that was not adopted, purely because of time.  It was based upon the principals of the Faraday burner, using CH4 obtained using horizontal anaerobic digestion and a cigarette lighter flint (sparks when heated, like trick candles). 
    I got to achieve the goal of becoming a Games Maker volunteer at the London Olympic games, working for the Polish team in the Village and the US virgin Islands during the Paralympic games.  A truly awesome experience.  

    My dream of becoming a Disney Imagineer is looking more promising, as I know now I can see beyond my disabilities and my current goals are to learn Computer Aided Design, apply for the Cultural exchange program at Walt Disney World and I still tinker with ideas like a current one of Bakery shops in the World showcase pavilion, where guests could sample, enjoy real French cuisine.  Made fresh each day, in a traditional British, French, German way, style.  Without the excessive importation costs, and carbon costs.  

    One day I truly believe I can realise my dream.  I am a true go getter and I know by my effort I can active anything.  

  5. Wow, I remember watching the Super Bowl between The St. Louis Rams (was and am a fan) and The Titans. What a game and God does win and now this. What He did for so many people and I remember your heart for this woman that had a child in a wheelchair that you stopped and loved, both him and her. What an amazing person and a witness of hope that God has put together in you. Thank you first and foremost.

    Me? I do have a God given gift in sales and currently working in the mortgage business as a loan officer.

    I have been Type I diabetic since the age of 15 and my mother told me, and I quote, "It is your problem, YOU handle it," amongst other hurtful remarks. Well, I have . . . long story within itself and amazing on how God has kept me. 40 years out with it currently with minor secondary complications but it does limit me.

    When diagnosed, I was told I would be dead at the age of 40, I am now, on May 8th of this year, will be 55 . . . all because of God's grace. Diabetes has been a huge blessing in many ways.

    I am the mother of three. My son died at the age of 65 days due to complications from my diabetes, my eldest daughter was killed in a car wreck a couple of months of turning Sweet 16 and I have one angel left that has traveled this road with her mom and is doing well at the age of 26 this April 26th. I was Mom, first and foremost, not looking for a career, why should I, I was going to be dead at 40.

    Mr. Warner, I have no one (except for 7 years when I was married to my second husband and he filed for divorce 3 months after we lost "our" beautiful daughter) that has my back. Life for me has been 2 steps forward and three back due to major family issues (some of which I shared), health, and just pure off-the-wall circumstances such as breaking my leg completely and it taking 2.5 years before I could work enduring multiple surgeries, etc. I lost EVERYTHING once again. This was my latest tragedy happening in February 2008. Took me out for almost 4 years, 2.5 years of not being able to work at all. I lost so very much in the way of material possessions; however, I have gained so much in faith and knowledge. Miracles do happen, even for me.

    What my dream is, a successful career in the mortgage business. I need some assistance in becoming proficient in the business and I am struggling currently for various reasons. Would love to receive help in the most efficient way in establishing a new to the area mortgage company and introducing me, a transplant to the area. I truly feel this is where God has me to be and I know this can work but I really need someone to have my back, at least for a short while. Is it possible that it could be you???

    I have learned to take off the glasses that man puts on me and look through the eyes that the Lord has given me and see the TRUTH. All things are possible for those that love the Lord. I BELIEVE !!!

  6. My name is Glenn Beatty & I was born to act, direct and write. I trained as an actor (MFA from SMU), got side-tracked & worked for many years as a production manager & producer/director/writer in the documentary and corporate video fields. A few years ago, in a lull in the video business, I returned to the theater/film business. When I got cast in the docu-drama, "The Fugitive Chronicles, co-starring as Sheriff Bob Harrison, my wife who supports everything I do, suggested I return to acting.

    So I go back and forth between video and acting. I just can't seem to get that first decent speaking part. God gave me a gift. I ignored it and got rusty. It is only a matter of time but I am not 20 anymore.

    One of my dreams is to make my TV debut on The Good Wife as a judge. If I can get one good TV role, more will follow. I am sure of it.

    Some career/life details: I have won Telly for video for a short film I did documenting electricity coming to villages in Tanzania and India for the first time. I once directed Eli Wallach in a corporate fundraising video for the Trail Blazer Organization in NYC. Recently I acted in two plays at the Shakespeare Theater of New Jersery (2012 and 2013: Henry 4, Part 1 (Northumberland) and Our Town (Professor Willard). In video, I have interviewed a former U.S. Surgeon General and a former Cypriot Prime Minister and for four years running, have produced the media coverage for the Rev. Jesse Jackson's Wall St. Project Conference in NYC. Finally, I have friends with a small leather business in India and they sell a "Glenn Beatty New York" line of leather goods with my Sheriff picture from The Fugitive Chronicles. (it is an honor but not lucrative) My wife is Greek and we once produced a NY/Canadian tour of the late Greek Shadow Puppet Theater Master Evgenious Spatharis.

    One goal from 2013 was to get five of my one-act plays up on stageplays.com. This was accomplished.Go there and see! I also have a touching short story about a clown and a little boy and a short book on Marriage up on Smashwords.


  7. After trying to balance my dream and my family and moving to Nashville, TN. My wife of 12 years decided she wanted a divorce. I now find myself renting a room with 4 (younger) people. I have two kids that are my world and part of the reason I have taken so long to go full out on my career. I have put everything I had into my career while trying to be a good dad and husband. But now find myself at 43 a little winded divorced . I don't look my age which i am told is good, but leaves me still wondering if I can make this dream come true. I play keys and sing downtown Nashville most weekends and some weeknights. I also play keys for a former American Idol member. I released my 1st EP and video all on my own. As a keyboard player/backup singer I have been in opening acts for Keith Urban, Phil Vasser, Billy Dean, Charlie Daniels & Travis Tritt. I desperately want to show my children that hard work, dedication and talent wins in the end I just need some backup to do it. If you would like to see what I have achieved on my on just google my name. rick patin. The EP and single I released is Americana Gold.
    Thanks for your consideration.

  8. I am writing on behalf of my husband, Ken who has always wanted to coach a college baseball team. He played minor league baseball with the Phillies in 1990 to 1993. He has such a great love for the game and an even better love for our family. He set aside his dream in order to provide for the 3 of us, working so hard to allow me to raise our kids. It would be great to see him realize his dream of coaching a college team. He has coached our son through Little League and even helped our 13 year son, Andrew's team make it to the Babe Ruth World Series in Williston ND last summer. I can't tell you enough how much he loves the game and coaching. He he just comes alive when he is coaching. I appreciate your time and consideration of this request and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, JoLynn

  9. My name is Amy Ray and I am writing on behalf of my husband Mark Ray. Mark is retired from the Air Force. He served our country for twenty three years. The past few years has been difficult for my family. We lost our home four years ago, and have struggled financially just to get by. I have been out of work for two years due to medical concerns. My medical bills are expensive. When my daughter was born thirteen years ago I decided to purchase a sewing machine for Mark. He sat down at the sewing machine and made a renaissance gown for our baby without even blinking. He designed her clothes as a baby, and his passion for fashion design expanded. After he retired he went back to school to become a costume designer or fashion designer, but ended up getting his degree in retail and merchandising, so he could have options in the job market.People our always surprised when they see my husband; He has a presence of confidence, and was in the military, so this is unexpected for him to design clothing. He has won several awards for his woman's clothing , men's clothing that even included trench-coats made out of recycled billboards. He was featured in Tucson Lifestyles Magazine for two years, by winning competitions in a local fashion design contest for SAFE (a foundation to help people living with AIDS.) His brother died of AIDS two years ago and this has given him the opportunity to contribute to the cause. Mark is the most artistic person I have encountered. He works from both his left and right side of his brain. He can build a 3- D printer from scratch. design a computer, design robotics, make any wood object. He can work with metal, and designed jewelry for me which is truly amazing. He also designs amazing gowns. He can sculpture anything and is an oil painter, can draw anything form fairies to anatomy, to planes.
    When He graduated he applied for hundreds of jobs, with no interviews. He taught part time at The Art Institute fashion design, but they could not offer him a full time job. He truly loved this experience. He had to leave that job due to our family not being able to live off of part time work. Mark is currently working for a company that merchandises food at a big chain. Every night he comes home and tells me " This job is sucking out my soul." This brings me great sadness, because he has so much to offer. He needs to be creative. We can not survive without him working. Mark has attempted to work For Laika, A stop motion film company. He applied over the internet, and made them samples of his clothing. Miniature clothing with great detail, sculpture designs, etc. They never responded to him. My thought is he does not have experience in the field even though I know he can do anything, and possibly his age is another obstacle. Tucson has little opportunity for someone with his abilities. We also have an older son who struggles with mental illness who lives at home as well as a twelve year old daughter. Mark and I have traveled multiple times to California for open casting calls for project runway. He has made it to the second part of auditions two times, but has not been picked. We spent money we did not have so he could reach his dream. Mark is 52 and I just know if given the chance in something artistic he would shine. He is intelligent,and I am so proud of all he has done to serve our country and our family. Please make my husbands dream come true. I am so sad he does not have the spark he once had, and I know he feels defeated. I hope you get a chance to talk with me or my husband in person so you can truly see the potential he has if given the chance.

    Thank you,

    Amy Ray

  10. Hello,

    My name is Lusmarina but my friends and family call me Lucy. I have always dreamed about being a special ed teacher. I am battling depression. When I graduated in 2011 I went straight to a community college I was thankful that financial aid paid for my schooling to get my associates degree but after a few months enrolled I felt like I was not good enough for school and I withdrew from my classes. I tried again the next year and enrolled in classes but again after a couple months I let my personal life affect my schooling. My mom is struggling; she is a single mom with six kids. I am the oldest and I put responsibilities on myself. My mom has been looking for a job but has not had any luck. I am working to help support my family. I finally went to see a doctor for my depression and have it under control, I feel positive and ready to start my future. I know I can accomplish my dreams but I feel stuck. I do not know what to do. I want to go to school to be a special ed teacher but I do not qualify for financial aid again and I do not know what steps to take to take out a student load. I am always worrying and trying to improve my family’s lives but for once I want to work on myself and accomplish my dreams. I would greatly appreciate any type of help even if it is advice or step to step directions on taking out student loans and re enrolling in school.

    Thank you,

    Lusmarina Ventura

  11. My Name is Emily Thomas. It is my dream to become a ballerina. I am only 20 years old, but this is very late to be starting a dance career. MY Mom had MS so we never had much money growing up because of hospital bills, even so we moved so often I never had a chance to do anything for a long period of time. When I was a freshman in High School my parents divorced and my world was crushed, I became wrapped up in an eating disorder, depression and an abusive relationship. But thankfully God was waiting to pick me up when I fell harder than ever. I recently have come back to my love of dancing when I felt like God was calling me to not give up on my dream. With my love of people and dance I am hoping that I can bring Christ to the darker dance world. Although Most ballerinas train since the age of 4, With enough hard work I can achieve my dream, the problem is I don't have enough money and resources to get to the level I desire. Please help me to have a second chance at my dream.

  12. My name is Crystal Burks and I am writing on behalf of a friend. His name is Marcus Lewis. He was a high school football ddefensive secondary player as well as a quarterback. He spent two years at Arlington High in Indy in which he had a winning team. His last two years he was at Arsenal Tech where he was able to shutdown the offensive team plaking defensive and ran the ball on special teams. He is currently 33 years old and still has great agility, speed and a throwing arm. When hewas graduating, head committed to the now defunct school of Lambuth where the football coach, Vic Wallace, was awaiting his arrival. He and his father traveled to the Tennessee school and signed the letter of intent. Upon arrival back home, his father informed himthat he would pay for him to go to school and to give up his dream of ever playing football. Marcus never gave up, but he was unable to go to school as he couldn't afford it himself, his father wouldn't paying his father made too much working for Herff Jones for himto receive any type of non loan financial assistance. Marcus went the Navy and when he came back from his first tour, he came back to Indianapolis and found that his mother was I'll, storage with all of his football trophies, furniture, diplomas had been ransacked by some people he thought were close to him. He had nothing and was homeless. That was 2007. Since then he has not recovered anything but one diploma for audio engineering, but he has vowed to try to get back football and at least make the practice squad. He currently trains every morning getting into shape, hehas a part time job and he is trying tone a remodel to his two year old son. He deserves a shot at football if nothing else. He currently resides on the south side of Indianapolis.

  13. My name is Calder and I am writing on behalf of my husband, Anthony.
    Anthony is a military spouse and is also a government worker himself. My family comes from a long line of military members, and his brother and father both serve as well.
    Anthony's role as a Civil Servant has been exactly that- one of service and sacrifice. His dedication and hard work in College and through his Masters was geared towards working for a Hedge Fund for any of the big players like Goldman Sachs. His dreams of entering the currency world were put aside by the necessity to provide for our family, and now having a resume with government work has only hindered his applications to firms. He wakes up, goes to bed, and breathes in between with three motivators: 1.)Serving God 2.) taking care of his family the best way a military spouse can 3.) never giving up on his lifelong dream.

    By giving Anthony the chance to put a foot in the door of this industry it would not only be a life saver for a civil servant, but life saver for our entire military family. We would really love and be honored by an opportunity from The Moment.

    Thank you


  14. My name is Angel. When I was younger, I had dreams of being an actress. I acted a little in college and also wrote, directed, and produced a play. After graduation, I moved to Atlanta and signed up with an agency. I got a few small local roles and worked as an extra in a movie.

    I began to plan a move to New York when I got pregnant. After my son was born, I tried to continue to pursue my dreams. However, raising a child on my own, it became too difficult to go to auditions and the money was too inconsistent. I moved to Florida to stay with my father and put together a life that would provide for me and my boy.

    I am now a 34 year old middle school science teacher. I am married and happy, but I still find myself wondering "What if" every once in a while. I have done very little acting recently and I miss it. I really would love a chance to take a real shot at my dream and see if I could make a living as an actress. I am not expecting to become famous, I just want a shot to do what I have always loved doing.

  15. Hi my name is Tabbatha. I have always wanted to be a actress or entertainer. I remember this dream from childhood. I love being the center of attention and making people laugh. I love having my picture taken and I feel as if life is a stage and I want to be on the stage. I love people and I being the life of the party. I had children at a young age and went to Nursing school for a more reliable income. I have been a Nurse since 1996 but not a day goes by that I don't wish I was on a stage somewhere. I would love the opportunity to see if I have what it takes to become a successful actress or entertainer. Thank you Sincerely, Tabbatha

  16. Hi, my name is Belinda but I am writing for my fiancé. His dream has been to be a model/actor. He was well on his way when one night he was modeling in a fashion show that got out of control and he was shot 3 times (twice in the chest and once in the neck). Thank God he survived. But his career came to a hault that night. He hasn't been able to get back on his feet in the industry since. He hasn't considered modeling since then due to his scares but his dream now is to be able to audition for Tyler Perry and be in one of his movies. Please help him accomplish his dreams.

  17. My dream is to write for a television sitcom. I studied screenwriting in graduate school at Chapman University, but I wasn't diligent enough in pursuing that dream after I was out of school, and that's when Life happened and drew me further away from that dream. Now, 14 years and 3000 miles later I'm working as a freelance writer doing mostly corporate work. While I enjoy the fact that I'm still in the writing field, I long to prove my worth on a studio lot.

  18. Hello my name is Kyl Johnson I'm 22 years old and i have always wanted to Join the US Marine Corp just one problem i don't have a GED or High School diploma see the GED programs around here in Fulton won't take me in for prep classes i just want to serve our country thats asking to much i guess i would love to join the Marines so please give me a Second chance

  19. I'm writing for my daughter. she is a clothing designer. she interned with betsy johnson right after college. day of graduation she got a job with calvin klein (men's division) in n. y. after about 6 months her best friend died in a car accident and she fell to pieces. she ended up coming home to florida. she has been designing on her own ever since. she did a phenomenal bathing suit line and when 9/11 hit all the stores that gave her orders cancelled. she quit for a while and went back, but this time designing women's clothing. she just hasn't gotten the right break yet. just look at her clothing line and you will see that she
    deserves a break. being on this show may give her the opportunity she needs to make it. just go to camelle miami website and you will see some of her clothing.


  21. I want to be a producer/director in moves. I was on my way there. I started a website with a producer friend that took off. But on May 9 my sister got sick and she was pregnant they saved the baby but not my sister. I had to take care of the children and give my dream of making movies. I would love to do it again please help me out!!

  22. Hi,
    I have 3 Children all in a country band. They are trying to make it, but just can't get in front of a record producer. They all three have been going to school, working, and playing any gig they get a chance too. They are very talented and have wonderful three part harmonies.

    It is their dream and they are very diligent hard working young people.
    Thank you,
    Leah (mom)

  23. Ever since I was a little girl, I had dreamed of being a professional dancer. I would jump in front of any crowd and perform to whoever would watch. Years later, and now I am 16, I find myself still wanting to be a professional dancer, but I feel as if my time is up.

    College auditions are next year and I've never been so scared for anything in my life. The previous times I have auditioned for anything I was always rejected. Summer Intensives, Jobs, and especially the High School Program.

    Being a dancer, I have often received many negative comments regarding my weight. When I was thirteen years old and I auditioning, a scarring memory was formed. I was standing in the room in my leotard and tights, ready to partake in my group class. All of the dancers were surrounding me, observing, whispering comments about the fat girl auditioning. A stick thin ballet trained girl came over to me and asked, to my face, “aren’t you too overweight to be a dancer?” I was broken.

    You don't forget standing onstage at a dance competition, dancing on stage while girls in the wings are snickering "look at the fat girl in the back, why is she even bothering taking dance."

    I started to believe I was incapable of achieving my dance dreams due to my astounding weight of 175 lbs; however, I was not going to give up. I had always been overweight and had always been an average dancer. Through clean eating and exercise I was able to go from a size 12/14 to a size 4/6 and through extensive practice I was able to advance my dance skill. But not enough.

    My dance studio is small. In fact I don't even have enough room to dance full out. My teachers don't acknowledge me.

    I feel like I've been cheated of a dance education. My teachers never taught me, never corrected me, and never gave me a chance. I wasn't naturally talented, and I wasn't a favorite. The teachers don't acknowledge my existence. They stick me in the back corner and still don't take me seriously as a dancer.

    I would go to another school, but they are too far and too expensive. Unfortunately, the price to practice extra is astoundingly high and my family was unable to afford private lessons.

    I can't afford to go to a new school, I can't afford private lessons, and I can't get the type of education required. Essentially, its too late. But it doesn't have to be.

    If I could take my senior year in another studio, dancing as much as possible, with private instructors or just in a class big enough for me to dance in, then I can improve. I need to be ready for college. I don't want to give up. I still wish to, want to, and need to be a professional dancer. Dance is the only thing that matters to me in life. I was able to lose all the weight, and I will be able to bring myself to the appropriate level.

    The time is now and please consider me, I need a second chance.

    Thank You

  24. hi my name is james i am 23 years old and i would like to have another shot at my dream of playing football. In high school i was 6'5" and 255 pounds and played football and basketball but i never gave it my all. I was too busy running around with friends and not thinking about my future. now im 23 and have 2 kids and work full time to support them and i dont have the money or time to go to college. i often wonder what i could have been if i would have just tried and gave it my all. since getting out of high school ive slimmed down to 205 pounds but im still 6'5". i feel like i've let my parents and family down because i feel that they expected so much more from me. I would just like to have 1 more shot at it so i can give it my all.

  25. my son Charlie put his dream on hold when his father passed away in 2007 to help me raise his little brother that was 13 at the time.his passion has always been special effects.for as long as I can remember he always wanted to go to the school in PA that was run by the best tom spafinie.he works on people during holloween I love Charlie to get that chance

  26. I remember I was 7 when I attended my first air show. Watching the Blue Angels' two solo pilots do their act really captured my soul. Aircraft screaming thru the air, seemingly made to do impossible things that made crowds gasp. Right then and there, I knew I wanted to be an aerobatic pilot, and one day do what those men did. Loop, roll, and make a plane really dance in the skies, wowing the crowds and maybe inspiring some of them to follow their path and become aviators.

    Fast forward 34 years later. Life went by as fast as those jets I watched as a child. I eventually managed to get my pilot's license, but the need to support my wife and I kept it at more a hobby-level. It was last year when I finally had enough – I saved up enough to take up a true aerobatic airplane and, with an instructor keeping me safe, put it they it's proper paces. Feeling the G's crush at me was exhilarating to say the least, as was the sense of accomplishment at pushing an airplane to it's maneuvering limits.

    The only thing missing was a crowd.

    I may one day be rated to loop and roll and make a plane dance thru the skies all by myself, but like my flying now, it would be just recreational. To be able to do so at an air show is that dream of mine that remains just out of reach. I'd love to pass onto the current generation of youngsters that bit of magic I felt when I was their age.

  27. hello my name is brandon Bond i'm a single father of one son who is about to turn 11 in june.his mother passed away back in 2010.i never got a chance to do what i really wanted to do and thats flying heilcopters.i'm haveing a hard time with the cost of jus obtaining a piolets License.i'm in search of help to fufill this dream that i'v had for so long now. thank you for your time.. and for helping others live there dreams.

  28. Dear Mr. Warner,
    I found out that my mom contacted this site about her dream. I wanted to tell you about it as well. She gave up her dream twice. Once to be a mom to me and a second time, fourteen years later when she was diagnosed with cancer. My mom teamropes and when she thought I was old enough for her to start roping again, the worst things happended. My dad moved out and she found out she had cancer that same week. It was a really bad time for her but she is very strong and gave her trust to God and she handled all that happened with courage and grace. When my parents divorced that year, she worked two jobs to raise me. Her dream of roping again never happened. She sold her horse to move us back to her home town where she could be near her family. She is an amazingly unselfish person and an inspiration to everyone that knows her. She never had a real shot at roping and competing for a living but I have no doubt that even today, she could do it. She hasn't roped in many years but I know if you gave her an opportuniy, she would be an inspiration to so many people. She is kind and has a heart of gold and she truly deserves a chance to make her dream come true.
    Thank you,

  29. Hello,
    My name is Susie and my heart has always belonged to horses. I was married in 1988 and started team roping…loved it. I became a mom in 1993 and stopped ropig because being a mom took up all my time and I never regret making that decision. When my daughter became a teenager, I began to team rope again. I trained a horse that was given to me and I after he was seasoned I started winning small ropings and jackpots. That same year my husband left me and our daughter on a Monday afternoon and I found out I had cancer that next Tuesday morning. That year was the toughest of my life but I recovered emotionally and physically. My daughter and I were living in Abilene Texas at the time and decided to move back to my home town of Corpus Christi, Texas. I sold everything I had to make a fresh start…including my horse that I trained and loved. I work hard everyday but still dream of roping and competiting again.

  30. good morning, mr. kurt warner. My name is glenn dhont.Ihave watched your show, and you seem like you are a good man, and care about people's feelings.I am writing to you today in hopes that i can accomplish my dream; to become a movie actor. I am doing this for my mom too. You see mr. warner, She has alzheimer's disease as well as benign leukemia.I HAVE DONE ACTING IN THE PAST, I CO-STARRED IN A MOTION PICTURE CALLED THE'4TH BEAST' . I EVEN HAVE IT ON DVD, WHERE MY NAME IS ON THE BACK AS ONE OF THE CO-STARS.bUT, I AM STRUGGLING, WITH NO MONEY, AND NO AGENT. I lost my full-time job last year so, i could'nt help my mom pay some of her bills. I always wanted to buy her things she never had, and i cry sometimes about it.I am doing the acting for myself and her. I don;t know how long she will live.I also did commercials, and was a model for sports illustrated working for renee kilmer johnson at randhurst mall in mt.prospect,illinois.I also worked for antwione and kelly labrock forsalon egocentric. I was the only white male model to work at his ebony agency.I also worked for dominick morella at nexus, chris montoya at lightworks, and xenon.Acting is the only thing i want to accomplish in my life,but i had difficulty finding jobs and without a agent.I cant afford it ,because i am trying to help my mother instead.IF YOU EVER READ THIS AND YOU DON'T CONSIDER ME, IWANT TO THANK YOU FOR READING THIS,AND ALSO TRYING TO HELP ME. yOU ARE A GOOD MAN .THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU. I HOPE WHATEVER YOU WISH FOR. IT COMES YOUR WAY.MR.WARNER ONE MORE THING YOU ARE ALSO HELPING MY MOM TOO.iSAVED HER LIFE TWICE AND SHE IS THE ONLY THING I HAVE THAT IS WORTH SOMETHING TO A BUM LIKE ME.tHIS IS WHY WHEN I HAVE TO WORK HARD AND WHEN I THINK OF GIVING UP, I THINK OF MY MOM. tAKE CARE, AND THANK YOU.

  31. I Wrestled in the 80′s for Saturday morning TV for the WWF. Then got hurt in an auto accident to end my wrestling career. I was the Manager for the Tag team champs “The Kings of Pain” in 1998-2000. I then went back to work as an Electrician because I needed to put my children through college. I wish that I could have had a Second Chance at working for the now, WWE in the office, or as a Manager. I know that with my experience on the Executive Board of my union, and Paul-Central Corp. that I could be an asset to them if I only had a shot. PEZ.

  32. Thank you for reading my post. I am asking for an opportunity for my husband to coach college football or basketball or announce for one of the ESPN channels. We became parents while he was in college. Since then his focus has been being there for other children who don't have fathers and being great for our own 2 children as well. Our son was born 2 months premature and he was with him everyday in the hospital ensuring that he was going to be fine. He's a great dad, father, son, brother, husband and friend who never does anything for himself including taking days off. For over the 10 years he has worked 7 days a week 14-15 hour days holding 5 yes I said 5 jobs at once (still to this day) and volunteers. He won't take the time to focus on himself or even just hang out with the guys. He knows that athletes need a mentor. He works even when he is sick and does not even take a personal days. I know everyone has a story and mine is not to make you feel sorry, but to ask you to consider this wonderful man that I love and has been blessed to be married to for this opportunity of a lifetime. Our son is doing fine now and our daughter who is a 9th grader volunteers in the community w successfully collected and distributing backpacks and school supplies for to kids in need in our community (over 700 to-date)which was inspired by her father's involvement in her life.

  33. Hey My Mothers dream has always been to have a career in music, she is super talented and never really got a shot at it, she has three c.d.'s out and 3 daughters one of which passed away when my mom was just 27, i feellike she is so selfless everyday is about us and our family, she was a single mom who put food on our table, she looks and plays the part of a great and talented musician, she has bright Red and and an awesome band, we live in maine on the coast its beautiful here but no oppurtunity for her to exspress what i know deeply she wants to please help us make her dreamcome true i know she wont dissapoint, p.s we have videoes ext…

  34. Hello Mr. Warmer my name is Michael calkins I'm 21 and want to join the U.S Army I don't have any problems with the law I'm just to big I'm over 100+ lbs over weight this has been my dream since i was little and need help i can't stand it its so hard to do it alone please help me realize my dream.

  35. hi my name is darla I'm 22 yrs old with a 3 yr old daughter I have a fiance his name is zachary he's 23 yrs old he always wanting to be a football player he had a chance after graduating in high school top of the class he got a scholarship to play football at college he didn't have the money now he's working two jobs everyday and bills are still piling up he feels like he has no chance in playing football that It's over I want him to get another chance I would love to see my fiance fulfill he's dream

  36. Hi I'm a 50 year old divorced mother of 2 young men.I've been a singer over25 years,I've done radio jingles,sang in church,done the national anthem at rodeos and motor cross competitions,weddings,funerals,my health went downhill with pain and depression that nearly paralyzed me.I'm scraping my way out this but keep getting knocked down.I'm a born again christian but my dream slipped thru my fingers.I feel defeated and gave up till I saw Kurt warner on christian 700 club and I knew I had to at least try and tell my story.may the lord willing.thank you for your time.Cindy Gervais Ivey.

  37. Hello Mr. Warner,
    My name is Tammy Nelson. I have lived in Nashville, Tn. over 15 years. I am a Wife,Mother and new Grandma at 53. I love the lord and sing in choir.
    My dream has always been to sing at Carnegie Hall and Grand Ole Opry. Please help me with the exposure. I have written a song "Beautiful Baby" on utube under my name.
    I sing at weddings, kentucky Opry and retirement homes. Would also like to sing National Anthems at any Football or Baseball games. I sang when Micheal Jordan came here with minor leagues. My talent is Natural, GOD given.

    Have a vocal instructor too.
    Thank You
    God Bless,
    Tammy Nelson

  38. My name is G. Thomas, I am now 45 yrs. old. At age 15 I start my dream using a keyboard and drums. I upgraded to a professional studio in NY in 1990. I was able to get into the Warehouse studio here in Philly in 1995. Because the almost impossible difficulty with Philly artist breaking into the industry, I started a record company in 1996. My then wife made my life a living hell with constant accusations of cheating which caused me to come down with heart failure in 2002. In 2004 I had a heart transplant, a year later she divorced me to be with another man. After a downward spiral, my disability was stopped and I was homeless in 2010. I am now slowly able to get on my feet, I still work on music on the chance that I will one day get to live the dream I waited my entire life for.

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