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The Fosters Season 3 Auditions – ABC Family

The Fosters - ABC Family
The Fosters Season 3 – ABC Family Auditions

ABC Family, the home of some of the most moving family programming on television today has found it’s next high quality drama series and a number of exciting roles in it’s highly anticipated 3rd season will be up for grabs soon. From producer Jennifer Lopez comes The Fosters, a groundbreaking series that is taking TV by storm. Auditions submissions are being accepted today for this outstanding production.

The Fosters showcases what could be considered a new version of the traditional family dynamic. The series follows the titular family, a multi-ethnic brood with a mixture of biological and foster children being raised by two loving mothers. This series tackles the pitfalls that every family deals with in day to day life as the family lives, grows and learns from each other and society around them. The Fosters has taken the traditional family drama and turned it on its head for millions of loyal ABC Family viewers. Like all of their exceptional series, the network and Ms. Lopez has lined up an impressive cast that includes the talents of Teri Polo (Meet The Parents, The West Wing, Domestic Disturbance), Sherri Saum (Rescue Me, In Treatment, Sunset Beach), Jake T. Austin (Wizards of Waverly Place, New Year’s Eve, Hotel for Dogs), Cierra Ramirez (The Secret Life of the American Teenager, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Girl in Progress) and Madisen Beaty (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Miss Behave, The Master). There is still plenty of room to add several aspiring performers to the all new season of this project and submissions are being accepted today for supporting, day player and extras roles. If you would like to apply for consideration for the upcoming casting calls you can send an email here backgroundservices@centralcasting.com. More details will be posted as soon as they are released so keep checking back and leave a comment telling us why you want to audition for the all new episodes of the ABC Family drama The Fosters.

ABC Family has a found breakout hit and you may have found your big break casting call opportunity.  Apply today for a chance at a role in the Jennifer Lopez production, The Fosters.

412 thoughts on “The Fosters Season 3 Auditions – ABC Family

  1. Hi my name is Ash *Shorter and rather be called that*. I am 13 years old, dyed hair back to brown for natural look and i have blue/green eyes. I weigh between 110-120 pounds. and I am from Canada. My dream has always been for me to be an actor. I get bullied a lot for it but I don't care. I have a cool acting talent where I can cry without even being sad. I just focus on crying. I currently am trying to make my photography career happen and modeling to. I always thought acting was cool too! I really enjoy the show it caught my attention!!

  2. Hello, My name is E. Fang and I am 19 years old. I am Chinese and ftm. I've done a lot of musicals and dramas during my high school years. I'm currently majoring in psychology, but acting has always been what I love and enjoy. The Fosters is an amazing TV show that represents the LGBTQ community and I would love to be a part of the cast and crew.

  3. I'm in search with being on a television show. My name is Amya. I'm black and Puerto Rican . I want more female with Latina and black to be in the spot light. I'm a strong female and very out going. I'm light skin curly hair. I'm short and motivated. Hopefully this is the real thing and hope someone response.

  4. Hello, my name is Cecilia. Am full Mexican and proud!
    Height: 5'5
    Weight:117kinda been struggling with weight but is Ight.
    AI don't have an experience acting but I am funny (that doesn't really help but…) Um so I love acting and I would like to give it a shot because I just looks fun and because I am just doing to for fun if I get it I get and if I don't I don't! Please give me a shot I would love to be in the fosters!

  5. My name is Yanelis Caballero, I'm 15 years old, I live in Miami Florida, I'm 5'1, I know every scene on the fosters by memory.

    1. I am a 14 year old girl. I love the forsters and I have a lot of the lines memorized. Since I was young I loved to act and I still find it really fun. I am5'3. I have suffered through a lot and I think that this opportunity will give me a chance to forget about the bad things. It has always been a dream to act, or be on tv. It will also be really cool to meet all the crew! This show has been so insipiring to me in so many different ways. I re-watch it alot.

  6. Hi, my name is Shay. I'm 16 almost 17 years old.
    Eye Color-Blue
    Hair Color-dirty blonde
    Fair Skinned
    No experience at the moment but I believe my future is in front of the camera! I believe this could help me start a career. I completely understand if I'm not right for the show but I would love to be considered. I love to act and sing. I have taken choir classes and maybe it is useful.

  7. My name is Rachel I am 15 years old I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am 4'11 . I am half white half Mexican but trust me I look white. I have never really acted on anything before and I know that isn't necessarily good but I would love to try. I auditioned for Disney when I was about 12 and I got into the 2nd addition. But it was held in Disney world and I couldn't make it due to school and money. I do hope you will consider me. Thank you.

  8. Hi, my name is Kaitlyn Fawcett. I am 16 years old and I live in Duluth, Minnesota. I am a sophomore in highschools. I am 5 foot with blue eyes and blonde hair. I don't have any acting experience, but I would love to start!

  9. Hi my name is Alexis Sierra, I am 18 years old and I'm 5ft. I have brown hair and green eyes and light colored skin. I am a scuba diver, 3rd degree black belt in Jiujitsu, tuba player, and I have some acting experience. I love the fosters so much and would really like to be apart of it. Please consider, my acceptance I would be thrilled and pleased to act with you. Thankyou.

  10. I love the fosters I am a 15 year old male turning 16 in may and I would love to be on my favorite TV show and I think what u guys is doing is amazing and would love to be apart of it

  11. Hey im Miguel,I'm 14 yo.I want to partecipate to"the fosters" because i want my dream come true,please contact me.I live in Italy

  12. Hey,my name is miguel,i'm 14 years old.
    I live in italy,I want to be in "the fosters" because i really like the argoment,and i really like to be an actor becuase i love it.And if i have the opportunity to be in,I will come immediately.

  13. Hi I am Isabelle (Belle preferred). I speak Vietnamese and English. I am not experienced with acting much, but I'd love to act for The Fosters, because I'm addicted.

    Age: 13
    Height: 5'2
    Weight: 130
    Hair color: Dark brown/naturally staight
    Eye color: dark brown

    I dance, sing, cheer, and run track.
    Taught myself how to play piano. And I play violin as well.
    Live in Georgia!

  14. Hello my name is Michael, I'm in love with this show, Its my dream to star in the fosters tv show, I have done school plays in the past and acting is my dream….. I don't care how big or small the part I get if u guys pick me for a part on the show because I would be happy either way…. Hope to hear back from u all xoxoxoxoxo

  15. Hello, my name is Nick I've been watching the show The Fosters for a while now the reason behind me wanting to be on the show is because I have been admiring the way th show is put together and casted ect. I feel like I would be a great addition because I watch the Fosters and the way the kids live I feel as if I live the exact same way! So the way I'm thinking of things is that I would be a perfect fit for the Foster family or any other role you give me if you choose to thank you for your consideration.

  16. The names Phillip, 17 years of age, live in Sydney, Australia, I can sing, kinda dance. Not much to say, but am willing to be a part of an American show, for the experience and to step out of my comfort zone, too much? ?? ✌?️?

  17. Hi I'm Nayzeth I am 13 years old and I'm 5'3. I have brown hair. I'm from Arizona and I do speak Spanish because I'm Mexican. I like acting because you can expirence a whole different world from what your expirencing. I don't have any acting expirencing. I feel I'm a fit for this tv show because this show is passionate and it means a lot to me because I love how a show comes all together of the real world and what's happening and I would love to expirence that. I feel I'm good for any role on the fosters because I'm very confident and passionate of what I'm doing.

  18. What's up,
    My name is Christina Vincent and, after reading other people's comments, I just thought I'd admit that I'm inexperienced, I do get nervous a lot, and I'm not perfect. You might as well compare me to lump a coal if you want. But unlike the coal, that's probably getting burned to fuel the lights you probably have turned on right now, I'll grow to be a diamond. Because after all, "a diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure."
    Oh and do I forgot to mention I have dimples

  19. I have been born and raised in Lubbock tx but moved to San angelo for my mom and step father where I am going to college with an English major. I do not have experience in acting but always dreamed to. I find the fosters an interesting story line with each character having seperate outlooks of there life. The show has given a new look to life because most of what I have seen on it I have not even seen or experienced in my life.

    Others people giving there physical information so here is mine.
    21 years old, dirty blond hair and hazel eyes, about 5.6 in height, 120 in weight.

  20. Hey there! My name is Kenndra, and I am a 20 year old woman.
    I'm commenting, for the chance to have a change in my life. A possible opprotinity to spread my wings and grow even more! Now I know, maybe the auditions are over or maybe they are going on as we speak! Who knows, it's hard looking stuff up on my phone(I'm a little dumb when it comes to technology). Though there are hundreds of comments on here, I thought I'd give it a shot.
    I know you probably think I'm going to go on, about how the fosters changed my life or how I relate to it and I'm not going to lie, I do relate to The Fosters just as much as the average person would. I've been lied too, cheated on, betrayed, the whole nine yards. Who hasn't? It's a part of life, its how we can grow as a person.
    But I love acting, and being on a stage. I feel like in front of a camera would be no different!
    Id love to have this opportunity to try something different, and try something that might scare me a little, challenge myself to become more.

    If I don't hear anything back, that's alright, at least I can say that I tried! 🙂 it would be amazing to see how I can get involved and at least try!

  21. Hi My Name Is Victoria, I Am 16 And I've Been Watching The Fosters Since It Had First Came Out. I'd Love To Be Apart Of The Cast Because I Could Relate To A lot Of Things And Its Really Something Amazing I Could Do.

  22. Hi, my name is Isaac Perales and I'm 13 about to be turning 14 this summer, entering high school. I want to be an actor in this show called The Fosters because I been watching and I been attached to it as well. I have no experience with acting but if I get selected I will give it my all. I'm 5'3 and have black/brown hair and my eye color is brown, DOB: July 28,2002. I weigh 99 pounds and my race is Mexican/American. I would be okay with what ever part of what you would like me to do like become Jude's boyfriend or something. Please if I were get this role I would truly work really hard and you have my word. So please select me to be in this amazing show.

  23. I grew up loving JLo and a dream to become an actress. I would love to participate in such a good show! I want to get my foot in the door because I want to be a positive role model for young people all around the world. Just like Jennifer Lopez was for me. It would be such an honor to be chosen for this show!

  24. hello, my name is jorge Montañez, and I would love to participate in a special series for me, I I identify much with her, that is my dream! my great longing! just m Venezuela and not if there is any chance?? I have 15 years of age, singing, dance a little, and and acted before in plays, not I have a manager or producer, therefore I hope your answer!

  25. Why should I be part of The Fosters? Ever since the show first started, I have loved it! It's my dream to be part of my favorite TV show. I hope you will take me into consideration. Thank you.

  26. Hello there, my name is Dilyla, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Malaysia. I have no experience in acting. Since the show is diverse in ethnicity, i would be a great addition to this show as a Malay girl. I can speak English, Malay and Spanish. I hope to be given the opportunity to join the cast on this amazing show.. Thank you


  27. Hi my name is Kelsey. I am 19 years old, and I'm from Chicago, IL. I have become so attached to 'The Fosters' and love how one family can be so ethnically different, yet so attached. This show has shown multiple types of scenarios, and proves no matter how hard the times get, you will be able to get through it. That is what I find the most outstanding about this show. Givin the opportunity to become apart of 'The Foster Family' I feel with few connections I do have to the show, it could really help not just my life, but everyone else's life who also have similar situations to the series. Thank you for your consideration!

  28. Hello! My name is Araya Lash, and I am very interested in being apart of "The Fosters" cast! This is one of m favorite shows and I am addicted! Being given the opportunity to leave a comment and be one of the few that may be selected to be casted is amazing. I am 15 years old, I'm 6 feet tall, I have brown hair, blue/green eyes, and I live in Colorado. If I were givin this opportunity to be casted on "The Fosters", I would be the happiest person in the world. Please consider me as a cast member! Thank you so much!

  29. Hi my name is Kristen Berard, I am 21, turning 22 in August. The fosters is one of my favorite series and I have the same background as some of the characters since I was adopted at age 9. I grew up doing some light acting in a local theater and would love to expand my knowledge about acting and pursue a a career goal as an actress 🙂

  30. Hi, my names Aniaya and I'm 15 years old. The reason why I would like to be on The Fosters is because it helped me with my problem. I had a moment were being curious was in my mind. But again, it was curiosity and as the saying goes "curiosity killed the cat". This show is absolutely one of my utmost favorite series. To me it doesn't while from anything… It brings actual life on television which not a lot of shows do these days especially with lesbian moms. This show is a game changer and a sigh of relief for a lot of people in this world and I would absolutely love to be on it to show that even at 15, I still listen to the people who are LGBT and that their stories are amazing. I really hope you give me a chance to show you how much I am willing to be on this show as an extra or a regular. I look forward to hearing from you.

  31. The Fosters relates too many people, that is the reason it makes a difference for people. I only just started watching it recently (thanks netflix!). I immediately felt connected in many ways, every episode was heart racing excitement or heart aching tears! Even if it's just a show, it makes me believe that I can do anything possible, that I can change the world or somehow make the world better. Even if its wanting to try something, that i've never done, acting in a role, that some people work for a long time to do. But i've learned from binge watching this show, that if you don't take a chance, you'll miss out on an opportunity. Even a little chance is better then no chance at all.

  32. Hi i'm alexis. im thirteen years old. i want to be on the fosters because i want to be an actress and i think the fosters is a good show to be on. ive always wanted to be an actress but my parents dont know. most of my family puts me down and says im never going to be anything in life and i want to prove them wrong. i know im not gonna get an auditon for the fosters but its worth a try. it would mean the world to be if i got to be on the fosters or even get to be an actress on a diffrent show. i dont think my dream to become an actress will happen. nobody thinks im pretty or anything. i hope one of the people who do the adutions will read this and give me a shot. i really would love to be apart of the fosters. i never miss an episode. please just give me a shot

  33. I know I am great fit for this show, merely because I have experienced the foster care system in the state of Oregon numerous times growing up. I graduated with my high school class on time and am currently attending college. I have experienced good and bad families and would love to show America real emotions that occur when in this lifestyle. I love acting a lot, this is the first show I am applying for an acting position. You should know that I can pick up new things quickly and have been infront of the camera before regarding law making for Oregon along with traveling to Washington D.C to discuss child welfare matters with congress and their staff. I am not afraid of changing character if anything it has strengthened me over the years moving through foster homes. I know I am a strong candidate for any acting positions coming up for this program. Thank you for reading a short overview of why I think I would be a good fit for your program. Please consider my application and contact me when a position opens.

    Age: 19
    Height: 5' 8
    Weight: 150lb
    Hair color: Golden brown
    Eye color: blue
    Body type: Fit

    Thank you, Joshua Ashbaugh

  34. Hi. I am Erik Rychlewski. I am 14 years old. I am 5'10 and 147 pounds. I have blue eyes and brown hair. I speak English and Spanish and was adopted. I live in Chicago, IL. I would love to be on the Fosters if possible.

  35. Hi I'm Meredith. I'm 12 years old and I would love to be part of The Fosters. Ever since I started watching the show I fell in love with it. The show really made me fell like I could be a part of it and I would really like to be. The reason why I wanted to be part of the show was because of the characters Jude and Connor. I felt what they felt while watching the show and I couldn't help but wonder what's going to be happening during the third season. The show is very heart warming and caring and its just wonderful how they actors aren't just friends on set but off set they are just as caring and loving. I've always loved acting and this would be a big opportunity if I got to be in the show. Most of the time I can be funny but if it's a seriously matter then I'll stop and listen. My birthday is coming up soon and if I got a call or text or email saying that I got a part in The Fosters it would mean the world to me. If anyone actually reads this please think about having me on the show. Thank you again. Much love, Meredith.

  36. Hello, My name is Josie Thomas. I am almost 15 years old and during these years I have pursue a career in modeling. I have a passion for modeling, and it has given me great opportunities, but I have also expressed a love for acting. The Fosters is one of my favorite series and I have been dying for it to come on again. It would be amazing if I was given the opportunity to not only live out a dream, but to be able to with such an amazing cast & crew!

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