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Sibling Superstars – MTV

Sibling Superstars
Sibling Superstars

Do you and your brother or sister love music? Do you perform in a musical act with members of your family? Would you love to become the next great family band? MTV and American Idol’s Randy Jackson are on the hunt for talented family performers for their all new show Sibling Superstars. Mr. Jackson along with the producers and casting directors for this all new reality singing competition are searching the country now for the next great singing sensation and casting call submissions are currently being accepted. This is your chance to combine your love of music with your love of family for the Sibling Superstars grand prize.

Randy Jackson is bringing his keen eye for talent and musical mentorship that he has displayed on the mega hits American Idol and America’s Best Dance Crew to make Sibling Superstars the next huge musical competition phenomenon. Sibling Superstars are looking for any and all unsigned family bands with at least two sibling members to compete for the title and an exciting multi platform entertainment opportunity. This could be your acts big break that leads to stardom on stage, in the recording studio and on movie screens everywhere. Now is the time for you and your sibling to show your talents to millions of viewers all over the world as you attempt to follow in the footsteps of such family super groups as The Jackson Five, Jonas Brothers or Kings of Leon. If you have a sibling led group and a dream of superstardom the producers of Sibling Superstars are asking you to submit the names, locations and relationships of your groups members, a summary of your groups story and background and why you think your group is the next big thing, photographs of your groups members, links to any performance videos or tracks and a phone number where you can be reached to siblingsuperstarscasting@gmail.com. Family members and friends can also nominate a group for consideration so submit today. Be sure to keep checking back for all of the exciting updates on auditions for this amazing show and leave a comment for us below with your thoughts on MTV’s Sibling Superstars.

40 thoughts on “Sibling Superstars – MTV

  1. i would love this opportunity to do this with my brother we fight a lot but I hope this would bring us closer together

  2. My sister and I would be good for siblings that sing.
    I am 14 and my sister is 7.
    We both sing together all the time and would be perfect!

  3. The Cains Trio is a group of country music siblings from Alabama that live to make music together. We would love to be a part of this! We have been singing and playing together our whole lives and have been full-time musicians since the beginning of this year! We just finished our first independent album and are hard at work to gain a major label deal. We are singers, musicians, and songwriters. Please visit TheCainsTrio.com for all our information!

  4. please pick me I have 3 brothers and 1 sister and me and my middle aged brother have been performing since I was 6 and we would love to do this we will not disappoint you.

  5. Ashley & Ty Mauro would be perfect for this show. This brother and sister duo have a passion and love for music. The article published in the local Metro describes their sound the best:
    Mauro have really distilled soul and R&B to their most basic elements. Ty Mauro plays the acoustic guitar, and both Ty and his sister, Ashley, sing. And that's it. Their soulful melodies and spot-on harmonies shine in a magical way. They've gotten down to the bone to the marrow of soul music with literally no bells and whistles. Part of me wants them to never add another instrument to their act, but the other part of me is curious what they could do with a full band.

  6. Got all the way through the last round if auditions for this show the the show contacts fell off the face of the earth. 3 sisters and one brother have been touring, writing and recording for over 5 years now. 17 -24 years old we just need a break in the business.
    Alden, Auguste, Georgia and Gabrielle.

  7. My sister, Lauren, and I have been performing in a band, 3D Rock Band, for the last four years or so. We are part of a singer/songwriting core, along with our Dad, Jerry. Lauren, whose original intent was to try out for American Idol, has been singing since she was in diapers, and has all the makings of a superstar. Expressing her desire to audition for American Idol, my Dad began working with her in preparation for the show. After her and my Dad began working together, I picked up the guitar and joined them as we formed our band. Ever since then, our lives have been revolving around Music. An audition and a chance of being on the show, Sibling Superstars, would mean a lot to us, and really get us the exposure that we desire!

  8. My daughter Sierra is an absolute stunner behind the microphone and on the stage… I am a college basketball coach, who sings too. Together, we sound like the Judd's. We are not siblings, but family and we would love to sing for Randy and his crew… Who knows? We just might bring home the gold? We believe!!!

  9. Me and my three sisters would love to be part of this opportunity can't wait for the auditions!! Singing is a large part of our life, performing for friends and family and at weddings. We are called lase (it spells our names) Laura, Alex, Sarah, Emma. We really want to show people our talent and grow as artists and feel this would be the perfect opportunity for us.

  10. me and my sister is the talent in this house and our competitive ways drives our love for music she is a powerful singer and I'm the one who hits the extreme high notes. we would be glad and honored to be on this show. ..please pick us! !

  11. me and my little sister india would kill to be on this show and just to have the opportunity to sing for some one and maybe be discovered!!

  12. My brother and I got extremely excited when we saw this. This is perfect. We love to sing and it's what we dream about. To have an opportunity like this would be amazing.

  13. i really want to be foumos i will love to meeet justin bieber and selena gomez if i become super star and dance and love my fans and just have fun i won lots of talents shows at school and other places tianaslaughter i all ready have fans in my hometown cloumbus ohio eastgate

  14. I'm talented I was in BIH studios I have been in 4 plays but i especially love singing so does my brother and mom is in victory worked for kirk franklin

  15. we would love to be on your show. We are aspiring Gospel musicians. We perform hip hop, and r&b. we travel all over from California to Seattle, we love what we do, and we would like to broadcast our talents to the whole of America to see.

  16. Sam&Nate would be perfect for this show! They are two incredible guys with amazing talents. They bring something new and refreshing to music. Their lyrics are relatable and sweet, not to mention the songs are upbeat. On top of their talent and love for music, they're also really great guys who would turn into great influences and huge heartthrobs! I've already seen them capture the hearts of so many fans in their hometown and in towns that they've toured in. Girls love that they are two cuties,guys enjoy the messages of their songs, and parents and adults appreciate their pure language and intentions. They would bring a much needed breath of fresh air to the music industry.

  17. Not only are Sam & Nate extremely talented artists who write and perform incredibly catchy songs, but they are great at interacting with fans and other artists. They are supportive and encouraging to others, and their positive attitudes shine through. In addition, they are positive role models who mom's don't mind their kids listening to and looking up to. It's obvious they have a sincere passion for music and will always give it their all. For all these reasons & more, I believe Sam & Nate are the best choice for "Sibling Superstars".

  18. Sam&Nate should be on your show 'cause they are amazing, I got to meet them, and they were really, really nice. They have got so much talent it's incredible!!

  19. I met Sam and Nate on the Disney cruise.. The Disney cruise had a talent show which they performed beautiful girls. They were amazing and had the crowd going! I can tell how serious they are about their music career. They should definately be chosen!

  20. Sam&Nate should be on the MTV show with Randy Jackson because they have a spunky energetic attitude, lots of talent, and some great original songs as well as the ability to rock covers. These brothers are awesome.

  21. Sam&Nate should be the next sibling stars because they are awesome…they love to perform and get the crowd going…family friendly too…singer/songwriters….back flips, choreographed dancing! Acoustic, electric! Very entertaining shows! Kids love em!

  22. Sound wicked awesome!! My family is more of a listening love music family though. Ha anyways good luck families world wide for this amazing contest opportunity!!!!!<3<3 ^_*

  23. My name is Kathryn. I'm 14 years old. I can sing. I'll put it at that. I love to sing, and I'm pretty good at it. I've been in chorus since 3rd grade. I've been in school musicals and I've had multiple solos. My dream is to be an singer/actress. In a town about 10mins away from where I live, they have a singing competition called Perry Idol. I auditioned last year and I made it. Although I didn't win, nothing won't stop me from trying out again next year. Earlier this year I was in Georgia's All State Chorus. Now I haven't forgotten that this is about SIBLING acts. I, infact am the oldest of 4 girls. My oldest sister is 12 and her name is Jessi. She also loves to sing and we would be so grateful to be on your show. You have my email 🙂

  24. Hey . This Is Awesome . My sister and I would love to be on this . We sing together . It would be awesome if they came to Boston to look for people cause there is alot of people that have talent over here . Hope to get a chance . thank you .

  25. Secret Passion would like to audition for MTV because we have talent that no one sees.No were not sidling but we are bestfriend. Its only two of us but we've bedn tryinv to do this for a very lonv time. Please give us a shot.

  26. The reason why I should be on here is because I love music, I love making music, I love rapping,and dancing and, I have a lot of talented family members who are fabulous singers, dancers,and rappers and this would be a great opportunity for all of us to get noticed.

  27. Hello, my name is jessica w, and i think my sister and i would be perfect for this show! We love music and we have been singing together forever! We love to sing and our passion is singing!

  28. OMG!! my sisters and I always wanted to do this! We gave written some songs together also. We did a talent show and the people loved it!! We are triplets by the way:) but this would be a good experience for all three of us and exciting!!!

  29. Hey there, my name is Lizzy and I just turned 16. I have two sisters: Emma who is 19 and Ali who is 12. We all love music; we've all been in school choirs, church choir, honors choirs, we sing in the car, at home, with friends, and in musicals. So singing and music in general plays a huge role in our lives. I've talked to my sisters before about doing something together that involves singing and preforming; my younger sister loves the idea, however, Emma thinks it's unrealistic because she's the kind of person that's concerned about the future and having everything secure and planned out. But Ali and myself are dreamers; always thinking about getting a big break and living our dreams. And with an oppertunity like this it could give us that chance, and could convince Emma that dreams do come true. I would be extremely greatful to participate in this. It's the oppertunity that I have been looking for. So all I'm asking for is a chance, or atleast some consideration. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. Thank you.

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