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“Shameless” – Showtime

Shameless - ShowtimeAre you looking for a new acting job? Showtime is now casting men to play military passengers. Clean cut, sharp, fit men who are ages 18 to 24 are now being cast. Filming is in Chicago, Illinois so the casting directors are looking local actors or models. This is a paid job.

Showtime describes their show as “Oscar-nominated William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum star in this fiercely engaging and fearlessly twisted series. Chicagoan Frank Gallagher is the proud single dad of six smart, industrious, independent kids, who without him would be…perhaps better off. When Frank’s not at the bar spending what little money they have, he’s passed out on the floor. But the kids have found ways to grow up in spite of him. They may not be like any family you know, but they make no apologies for being exactly who they are”.

Showtime Audition Notice

We are looking for sharp, fit, clean cut, gentlemen for our MILITARY PASSENGERS (18-24 AGE RANGE). Please submit a photo, stats, and contact info to SHAMELESS.EXTRAS@GMAIL.COM.


Please make sure you’re registering first to only theextrascasting@gmail.com email first. Then completing the military submission. Make sure you’re registered (see our notes) The subject line of your email should be “military”. Make sure you have filled out the availability form.

3 thoughts on ““Shameless” – Showtime

  1. I'm 5'6 1/2
    Body thick
    Eyes hazel
    I dye my hair often
    I am white
    Currently 160 lbs
    I grew up in pretty much Meth City almost everyone here is on something almost everyone poor a lot of people here lost virginity at 11 and I know a lot of people who started smoking at 6 or 8
    About 2 or three times a month we got a stay inside there's a stabbing or shooting
    People r constantly going missing or overdoseing
    I figured growing up in that background be kinda good for trying to gey on show lol

  2. I would like to audition for a cast position on shameless or just an extra on the show.

    I am 19, 5'7, and my body is average.

  3. Will there be any more auditions for Shameless? If yes, will there be auditions hopefully partaking in New York?

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