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Shake It Up! – Disney Channel

Disney's Shake It Up!
Shake It Up! Auditions

Shake It Up! Disney’s hit sitcom is coming soon with its all new dance and comedy filled season. Casting calls are being organized now for a number of fantastic supporting roles and you can submit yourself today. You could be a part of the fun and excitement of one of televisions most popular productions.

Shake It Up! is a female buddy comedy set against the backdrop of a fast paced Chicago dance program Shake It Up Chicago! Starring Bella Thorne and Zendaya, this Disney favorite follows in the footsteps of such popular show within a show’s classics as Sonny With a Chance and The Famous Jett Jackson.  The casting directors and producers of this fabulous series are constantly searching for new stars to add to their stable of amazing talents and this could be the opportunity for you.

Each week millions of adoring fans tune in to watch these two talented young ladies try to juggle their skyrocketing entertainment careers and their normal everyday lives filled with school, family and friends. You never know what kind of mischief Rocky and CeCe will find themselves in and that’s what makes this show such a classic – well, that and the amazing dancing. The girls stories always involve their group of close fronds and classmates and new characters are always being introduced. This is where you come in. If you have ever had the dream of performing for a captive audience on one of your favorite Disney shows, now is your chance! Auditions for the highly anticipated new season will be starting soon and you can apply today via email here backgroundservices@centralcasting.com for consideration for available roles throughout the season. Be sure to leave a comment in the space below and tell us why you want to be cast and stay tuned for more details on how and when you can show the world how to Shake It Up!

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  1. Hi Disney Chanel! My name is Brooke Pearsoll and I am 11 years old I am a dedicated dancer and hard worker I would be so happy to be part of the amazing Disney Chanel team! And the wonderful shake it up show❤️ I dance at Evolution dance studio and I have won many awards I would love to be any character in this show because I’d love to continue my dream of being a famous dancer! Thank you so much for your time.

  2. Hey I would want to be in the new shake it up series. I'm 13 and I am 5'7 I know I'm really tall. I'm African American and people always mistake me from being mixed. Which is good because it makes me more look like rocky. This is my dream no matter how you look like zendaya or not your beautiful and if You believe in god you can get the roll. I believe that I can get the roll I love dancing and singing . I'm good at dancing and singing this is The PERFECT opportunity for me.

  3. Hey! I am Megha Singh from Greater Noida, India. I am tall, beautiful, well built and punctual. I am only 15 years old but can act very well. I would be honoured to work with Disney.

  4. I am Hamza and I am 14 years old I'm a bad thing since I was a baby I love dancing it's my part of part of my life and I want to be a shake it up shake it up after I want to be because I love acting and I think that you that I can we select for shake it up because I love love love and please please please please please please please select me if you want you can contact me and my name is Hamza I stage near Andheri west dad dhake Colony near Apna Bazar dargha lane room no.1 you want to contact me my number is 9892477071 please please please select me I want to do and make my mark in my life it's a short Life Sahi want to make my life A Remarkable life please select me I will be a very thankful fan

    1. I am 14 I am a mumbaikar and am the world s biggest fan of shake it up 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘please please please please please please select me as an actor for shake it up and if you want I have a best time friend In the world our life is same like Neel and Yash please please please please please please please please please select me I will be a great thank full for u 😎😎😎I am a very good actor a very good dancer please please please please please please select me please 😂😂😂😂and if u want to call me my address is adheri (w) Mumbai near apna Bazar near Azad nagar dargha lane house number ( 1)my phone number 9892477071 please please please call me for audition it's my passion and my life

  5. Hi I am 14 years of age and a girl. I am from the UK but it is my dream to act and present. I absolutely loved this show when I was younger so to be in it would be awesome! 🙂

  6. hiii …. sir my name is shraddha
    my age is 15
    and i love shake it up show and specially yash and neel freinship and mujhe sabhi kehte hai ki mai bilkul neel tarah hi hu and mujhe dance aata bhii hai and i love dance ….. sir mai unki tarh acting bhi kr leti hu and comedy is my favourite sir plz rply zaroor dena ok thank u soooo much sir for shake it up second season i wish ap mujhe select karoge ok byy sir and thanxxx again……

  7. I am saif raza .i wanted to act in disney shows because i always see all episodes of disney shows and i want to act on disney channel

  8. Hey I'm Jessie, Im 19 years old and im from South Africa, Durban. I would love to be on your show for 2017, cause im a huge fan of Bella Thorne and Zendaya Colman they are amazing dancers, and i also love to dance. It will be awesome if i could be part of the show with Bella and Zendaya . Please let me know if I could be in the show.

    Thank you

  9. Hey i am hamza rashid i live in pakistan and am 10 years old i was sad that shake it up ended but a friend of mine said it might start again so please select me. I am a boy and please reply on email

  10. Height:4.8

    Hair color:dark brown

    Eye color:brown

    Dream: to make people laugh

    Goal: hope to be picked



    I hope to get picked I really like to sing and dance and I love love to make people laugh and happy I also like to act

  11. My name is jasteny and I'm 11 years old and I will like to audition for shake it up I really love to act and I hope I get that part❤️

  12. My name is Bryan Murphy I'm 14 years old and I really want to audition for shake it up I'm a big fan of the show also it was sad the show ended however their going to be a new series and I really want to join I really like dancing because I'm a street dancer myself I have the agility and the ability to shake it up like I can swag out my moves also I really want to be famous so everyone will say the name Bryan Murphy is awesome at street dancing also I'm good at acting even though I don't do GCSE drama also I'm okay at rapping because I'm really creative and ambitious if your looking for extra because I'm in I would really like if I was in the new series of shake it up.

  13. I would really like to audience because dance is my thing also I got all the swag all the moves and the agility my phone number so contact me where the audition is thank you for reading and listening to my messages.

  14. My name is Jheel gehlot .i am a indian .so want to be a member in shake it up india season 2 i am A great dancer i can perform in both Hollywood and Bollywood i am 13years old and i was born in 03 ~05~2002 plz select me i can choreographed my own steps plzz

  15. Hi I love the show shake it up I'm sad it ended but I heard that you may start it up I'm really excited I really won't to be on that show if there looking for extras then that's me thanks bye

  16. I am an 11 year old male and my mom says I'm super cute, a ladies man of sorts. I love to dress for success! I am fun and energetic and love to dance! I can also play a bit of piano. Please pick me!!! 🙂

  17. My name is Hunter Dawson and I am a 22 year old senior in college majoring in marketing/professional selling. First of all to describe how I look, I would say I'm 6'0" 175 lbs, slender but with an athletic look. I have thick brown hair with a jcrew style haircut, with bluish, sometimes green eyes that are bestowed upon a slender baby face. Now I know you're thinking to yourself "Wow, we found our guy!" but the best is yet to come so just calm down and wait until you hear about my personality! My only claim to fame right now is that I have 2,700 followers on vine and you can check them out @hunterrlane. I know this isn't amazing or anything and I completely understand but it does show the goofy side of me. Now let's talk about my personality characteristics. I am a pretty confident guy with an absolutely witty and charming aspect to me. Along with that I can be one of the goofiest people you know. One adjective people use to describe me is "weird", the kind of weird where you want to be around me because I'm infectious and love to laugh so I'll do what I can to make you happy. I can dance and sometimes "carry a tune in a bucket" but I'm no JT. Although I misspelled "field" in the 5th grade spelling bee, I would say I am an intelligent being with a great work ethic. With all of this said, I would be grateful for an opportunity to be on Shake It Up! and I think I would be a great member to the team with my fun ambitious personality!

    Thank you,

    Hunter Dawson

  18. Hi my names darcey and I'm 11 years old and I live in Perth. I love to dance and sing. I would love to be on shake it up it would be a dream come true and I would get get to meet Zendaya who is my favourite actor. Please consider me for an acting career and dance career. Thanks for reading and please reply.

  19. Hello, I am a 20 year old Puerto Rican from Indiana, and I would love to be part of the show for 2015. I have been quite a big fan of the show since it came out, and would love to be part of the cast. I can speak spanish, and english, and am very social, and not shy at all. It would be great if you were to consider me for a spot on the show.


    Kevin Diaz

  20. Hi okay im Victoria, Tori For short. So i'd like to audition for Shake it up 2015. I'm 15 and in 9th Grade and i live in the Philippines. It would be an honor to be on this show and it would help us financially so much. So please pick me. This is my facebook link because my twitter is a fan account:) This would be a dream come true. and i promise i wont disappoint. Im very open to criticism. And i could say that im a fast learner. If you want more of my background just contact me on facebook and i promise to reply immediately. I really hope you see this Thank you Very much

  21. My name is Cianna and i'm African american, I'm five foot one and i'm 11 years old. I like to dance and sing. I also get inspired by dancing a lot. Shake it up Chicago is mine and my friends favorite TV show. I've always wanted to to be on your show. It's basically my dream. My friends always tell me i'm very dramatic and i should try acting. so her I am and ready. Also i have done acting before and I have preformed many times, and I really liked it. I would really love to be on your show

  22. Hello, I am Der and i'm 18 years old. I am asian, with dark brown hair and eyes, and I am 4'9. I would love to be on Shake it Up Chicago because I love dancing. Whenever I have free time, I would dance around my house. I've been dancing for almost 7 years and have performed in front of audiences many times as well. It will be my dream to be on this show because i love dancing, and i'm trying my best to follow my number one career that i've always wanted. Even if it's just a background dancer, I would give it my all. Thank You. ((:

  23. Hi,I know it is too late but i would love to still try to be on your show, Thank you a have a grate day you can reach me at my Email or my number

  24. Hi my name is chasiti Allen. I want to be in shake it up because i love to dance I grew up dancing with my sisters. Also I love zendaya.

  25. Hi my name is earnesha heckard and I have been a fan since the first premiere of shake it up and would love to been of the casting this year to I tell you q little about myself
    Name:Earnesha heckard
    Ethnicity:native american descent and african american
    And I delicate 24/7 in what I do and. I will delicate what I love to do for you guys

    Thank You!!!

  26. My Name Is Darius and i want to be on shake it up so bad because my life long is to be a dancer/actor and i love watching shake it up and i always wanted to be on the show if i get to be on it it will be so happy please consider i will work REALLY REALLY hard!

  27. Hi my name is Jennifer Kemp, I'm 13 years old . I have waist length blond hair and blue greenish eyes . I want to be on the show because I love it and it would be my big opportunity to show my wonderful talent to the world. I have been doing tap,jazz,and ballet for 8 years and have been doing pointe for 3 years . Dance is so important to me because when I dance it feels like that's what I should be doing . I'm a Junior Beta member and and also I'm on the Junior High Basketball Team.

  28. hey,my name is danayshia sanders and i love to sing and dance and if i go on this show it will one in lifetime experience i never did before because im from i small town where u never have famous people come to preform and it like we never have a famous person from my town so if u pick me it will change my life forever because i always work hard,love clothes,sing and dance so plz let me be on da show im want to make a change in my town so in da first time ill be the first person in my town famous.

  29. i want to be on shake it up because i always wanted to be an uprising star and always wanted to be like you guys my dreams of being on the show is so high that i take free shake it up dance moves and never miss a show of shake it up so i can learn to shake it up like u guys i am a really great dancer$singer please put me on your show i know i wont let you down ^~^

    vote victoria

  30. hi my name is nashira and I'm 15 years old I'm a great actress i can sing and I'm smart this is a great opportunity to show that of

  31. Hi! I would lie to be in this show!! I believe I would be a great addition to he show!! This is my idea of who I would be on the show! An orphan who is on shake it up the dance tv show and rocky and Cece find out I'm an orphan and try to help me and Cece or Rockys parents adopt me!! I'm already a dancer too!! I can do a Bakchand spring a side aerial a front areal and I'm working on my back tuck!! It is my biggest dream to be on the show!! If you are reading this ease give me a chance on the show. I promise you won't regret it!!!

  32. Hi, I'm Billy and I'm 15 years old and 6ft.I would love to be a part of this show and I can dance and act well. Check out my YouTube video of me dancing hope you guys would think its suitable enoght. I can play as any character I hope you get In touch, thank you!

  33. Hello,my name is Hannah Pickens I am 12 years old about to be 13 I truly love dancing and acting I LOVE Shake It Up!! I have red hair and was hoping to be Bella Thorne well I hope I can be on the show and u will not regret choosing me at all and thank you for your time:)!!

  34. Hi my name is Jamie lee I am 11 years old I do street dance ,modern,tap and acro I love acting and dancing and my dream is to become a actress I would love to have the chance to come and act in shake it up I would dedicate all my time and I get on with everyone thank you for your time ..

  35. My name is mariana im 10 years old and i would love to act in disney channel, my hair color is dark brown and have brown eyes I love to act my 3 favorite colors are Blue , purpule, pink, light green or neon colors

  36. hi my name is Madison and I am a big fan of shake it up I am 10 years old and 5 ft. tall I have blond hair and you can call me

  37. My name is Amber Vang. I'm 17 and 4'11. I'm a Cheerleader and my passion is acting. I love to act it shows me in a different character in the roles I portray. And as a Cheerleader we all work together on cheers and dances.

  38. Name: Kennedi Christina Chastine
    Siblings: Aaryn Jerrod Chastine
    Hobbiies: swimming, singing, and dancing
    Why I should be picked: I think I should be picked because I am not afraid to be myself. I'm not afraid to express myself and do what I think is right. I also have anawesome voice(trust me im not just talkin junk). I can dancereally good, too. I even won 2nd place at my church talent show for singing and dancing. I am also very energetic and outgoing. I am always the life of the party. If I'm not there, there's no fun. That's what my friends always tell me. I also get a little tired when I type alot soooooooo……see ya……..remember pick KENNEDI CHRISTINA CHASTINE<3<3<3<3<3

  39. I'm Kennedi, I'm 11 years old, and I love to sing and dance like anyone else. I think I stand out from the rest because I have a different personality. I am very energetic and love to hang out with my friends. I also learn lines really quickly. I am currenty on the YMCA swimteam so I just wanted to try something different. I got 2nd place in my church talent show for singing anddancing with my friend Lauren. I like Hip hop and choreography dances. I would love it if I could be on an episode.<3!!!!

  40. i,d love this I was in my school plays as a dancer and i learn really fast I,m a huge fan of shake it up please choose me

  41. My daughter, Reese Caroline is a HUGE fan of all the Disney shows! She loves Shake IT Up, Austin and Ally, Good Luck Charlie, and the list continues. She is turning 8 next month and is in her SIXTH year of jazz at SOUTHERN DANCE CONNECTION here in Greer, SC. Beautiful, photogenic and awesome at picking up choreography. Reese has been making up dances for years and is very dramatic. You will LOVE her!!!!

  42. I want to audition for Shake it up Chicago because I am very talented and know all the dances. I dance great.I have your super biggest fan.I watch Shake it up Chicago everyday!Your the most sweet and talented girls that I know on this planet!If I had a choice to dance with anyone in the whole entire world it would be you!
    Love: Devante'

  43. Hey my aman is Aman Douglas m a dancer and a actor I would l would love to be in the Disney channel cast I'm 12 years old i love the show shake it up I have a lot of acting experiences I've been to Alabama state to audition for a play and got in I feel that I need to go the whole 120 and push my self to the farthest amount shake it up would be my big break thank you gmfor taking your time to read this I really hope I get the audition

  44. My name is shaquanna Harris and I Love to dance i would love to be on shake it up I am 13 and is 5ft please consider me and thank you people would love me

  45. Well I'm Timothy Hugine, I live in Del City, Oklahoma. I am African-american, French, Cherokee Indian, and Mexican. I am 16 years old, black haired, brown-eyed, and medium toned.
    I love the show Shake It Up. I hate dancing but I know a thing or two about it. Character wise I'm more of a Deuce kind of guy, you know need something I've got it watch, earphones, breathmints. Ever since I saw the series I'm like hey! I can do that you know? I'm an outgoing fellow, I like meeting new people. I have not auditioned for an television show at all, because I thought since I live in Oklahoma never been outside it before , that producers woukd never come out to a place like this you know. But I love this show, its my most favorite one on Disney Channel and If you do pick me you won't regret this I swear on my entire being, please please accept me?

  46. hi iam so happy because I am going to make my mark I want to be on the shake it up tv show it have been my dreams so pick me iam a good dsancer thank you CECE AND ROCKY AND TY AND TINKA YOU GUYS ROCK

  47. Hay my name Andreious,I'm a good dancer and I'm 12 years old,it's my dream to dance on shake it up,I want to show everybody in my school that I got talent and the world, I want to be famous like u guys,be a cool dancer like bella and zendaya

  48. Hello, I'm Derrick, I'm 13. I want to be on this show so bad I love this show and it would be an honor to do your work. I want to meet my dream girl zendaya she is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I'm praying that u pick me and if you do you will not regret it I promise. Please pick me so I can do your work, and meet the angel I've been wanting to , meet.

  49. Hey 😀 My Name is Rümeysa and I would love and appreciate to be apart of Shake It Up. It is truly my passion. Im just 18 and a hard worker. Many People said to me "you are really talented" . I would give everything for my dream to be a actress.

  50. Hello there I am 12 years old and I love to dance sing and act. I am very passionate about my singing acting and dancing. I want to make my dream come true and I think Disney channel is the perfect to get my career going. There is more I would like u to know about me.


    WEIGHT:112 pounds


  51. hi my name is alissa i really love to dance i take hip hop class and i love watching shake it up my dream is to become like cece and rockie im 10 years old if you guys choose it will be a dream come true!by the way i love any kinda dance all i want to do id DANCE!!

  52. Hi, my name is Madison and I dance. I would like to be on Shake it up, I am 8 years old and I am 4'3. Please let me know as fast as you can.

  53. Hello my name is Ayanna and I have been dancing since I was three and when shake it up came out I knew that I had to be on there show. I always wanted to be a dancer and an actress and shake it up seems like a great place to start

  54. Hey im ezariyah i want to be rockys step sister because i like cece and rocky and to dance on shake it up. and im rocky skin im 10 ys and want to be on be on shake it up chicago. And love to dance and got dance moves.i hope to be on shake it up chicago. Lovr you bella throne and zedaya coleman.

  55. Hi, my name is Mickayla Adams and i would love to be on Shake It Up Chicago, because i have a passion for dancing. i dance all day everyday. Making up my own Dances moves, on hoping to be noticed for my dancing. I have been in cheer leading for 6 years and Hip Hop dancing for 2 years. It would be a dream come true if i got picked.

  56. Hello, My Name is Nancy and I would love and appreciate to be apart of Shake It Up. I love to dance and it is truly my passion, I am 16 years old and currently in my high schools dance team. We are a 14 time national champions. I learn choreography quickly and love every style of dance. I'm a ball of joy who is dedicated and a hard worker. You will have no regret I promise thank you for you time(:

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