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Shadowhunters – ABC Family

Shadowhunters - ABC Family
Shadowhunters – ABC Family

The Mortal Instruments novel series has sold millions of copies around the world and has been adapted into one feature film and now the version that audiences have been waiting for is here. ABC Family’s Shadowhunters will be rolling in front of cameras and auditions for roles in this outstanding production are set to take place soon.


Shadowhunters will tell the phenomenal supernatural stories of Clary Fray, an 18 year old who discovers that she comes from a long line of human/angel hybrids who hunt down demons, from the debut novel City of Bones through the most recent City of Heavenly Fire and beyond. The series will follow Clary as she learns more about her power and how to harness it as she battles a host of vampires, werewolves and other creatures of the dark.

Katherine McNamara (R.L. Stine’s Monsterville: The Cabinet of Souls, The Fosters, New Year’s Eve) will lead the series as Clary Fray alongside Dominic Sherwood (Mayday, Take Down, Taylor Swift: Style) in the role and Jace Wayland and they will be backed up by an impressive ensemble of supporting players that includes Maxim Roy (19-2, Heartland, WarGames: The Dead Code), Alberto Rosende (The Swing of Things), Emeraude Toubia (Model Latina), Isaiah Mustafa (Anger Management, Madea’s Big Happy Family, NCIS: Los Angeles), Matthew Daddario (36 Saints, Breathe In, When the Game Stands Tall), Harry Shum, Jr. (Revenge of the Green Dragons, Step Up 2: The Streets, Mortal Kombat) and Alan Van Sprang (The Tudors, Beauty and the Beast, Immortals). The series is produced by a creative team that includes celebrated filmmaker McG (The O.C., Chuck, Terminator Salvation) and Ed Decter (Unforgettable, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Helix).

The adaptation that fans everywhere have been waiting for is finally here. Shadowhunters is coming and so are many fantastic chances for performers of all ages to be a part of it. Audition announcements for this sure to be hit ABC Family series will be coming very soon and all news and information for them will be posted right here as soon as they are released. Stay tuned for all of the exciting casting details and leave a message in the space below and tell us your thoughts on the show and why you would like to be a part of upcoming auditions for the television adaptation of the Mortal Instruments novels, Shadowhunters.

44 thoughts on “Shadowhunters – ABC Family

  1. I've seen every episode so far my name's dakota mcclain I'm 19 I'm 6 foot brown hair blue eyes I'm athletic I wrestled for Ben Davis and boxed for house of champions my trainer was professional boxer George honeyboy blaze I think I would be a great candidate for the show

  2. I have been a fan of this show since the first episode and I would like to be a part of the team because that is my world. Being a shadowhunter or an downworlder describes me. I know more about the shadow world than I do my own. I'll admit I have not read the books but I did see the movie.
    I have been involved in Acting, Modeling, Dance since I was 12 years old.
    I feel that this would be a great opportunity to do what I love, and meet the talented cast and crew. Please allow me this chance to make my dream come true, no matter how small the role would be.

    Zahra, 15 years old, brown-green eyes, brown hair, 1.60cm, I'm from Switzerland and my parents are from Turkey.

  3. Hi I'm Sophia-May but I prefer Sophia. I have bronze hair and blue eyes. I'm 13 nearly 14 and I live the series. I'm rellativly short for my age but not tiny. I belive I would make a good Emma Castaire even though I have brown hair. I live in England and have not yet discussed this topic with anyone. I would love to be Emma as I see myself in her. I have had no experience in TV series bit I have been in on stage performances. I also have participated in a cosplay series. Please can you get back to me.
    Thank you

  4. Age: 19
    Gender: female
    Height: 5'3"
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    I would love to be a part of this show not only because I am a fan but because I think I would be a perfect actor to play Tessa Gray if she was to come into the show. I would love any role however. I am also a singer and dancer so I would to be on Shadowhunters!

  5. I also have green eyes and my family is from German but my mom had me in Canada and I lived here my whole life I want to be on the show because ever since I picked up the first book city of bones I been in love my passion for the shadow world will necer end I love everything about it. I also want to be part of the cast because the books changed the way I saw myself and others they taught me not to judge and to be kind to everyone because one day they might return the favor when you need it most!!!

  6. Hi my name is Hope I understand that your looking for actors who have stared in plays or been in films already… I haven't been but if you give me a chance I know you wouldn't regret it!!! I'm turning 16 in june and I have short red hair (not dyed) with a bit of blonde I'm about five and a half feet tall and am 110 pounds I love the show and the books I know more about the shadow world than I do my own and I would love and find myself to be lucky and honored to even be given a chance to be on the show thank you for taking the time to read my comment please email me if you have any questions!!!

  7. I'm leaving a post for my teen (Lex–14 years old). She and I both loved the shadow hunter books! She is a natural actress, a beautiful bad ass! We live in San Antonio Texas and are ready for her to get into bigger acting roles. I'm military so she has been able to act in and out of school in Germany, Georgia and here. This girl can do ANYTHING exceptionally well. You will absolutely love her. Please email if you need photos or video.

  8. I'm 14 years old and I live in London. I've read the books and I love them, and to be apart of the show would be the best. I have long brown hair and blue/grey eyes. I love acting, and would like that to be my future career. Shadowhunters would be a great opportunity 🙂

  9. I have been involved in Acting,Modeling, Dance since I was 8 years old.
    I have appeared in numerous plays and a few films directed by Point Park University film students. I am a fan of the show and the books. I feel that this would be a great opportunity to do what I love, and meet the talented cast and crew.
    Please feel free to submit any questions you may have to the email address provided for a full resume and head shots.

    Auburn Hair
    Brown Eyes
    Age: 17
    Weight: 115 pounds Clothing Size: 8 in junior paints, small shirt size Height: 5 feet 2 inches Shoe Size: 8 women
    I live in Pittsburgh PA

  10. I LOVE the books, and the show is AMAZING. It would be a dream come true to be apart of this work of art. I'm willing to do anything about my physical appearance to make this dream come true. Whether it be something with my hair, weight, or anything I am asked to do. Please allow me this chance to make my dream come true

  11. Hi i'm Giulia from Italy. I'm 20 years old and i would like to act for shadowhunter! I love all the clare's books and i really want to join the big shadowhunter family please contact me and give me this huge opportunity.

  12. I am a 17 year old female who will be turning 18 in October of this year. I am about 5'4 – 5'5 and 240 pounds. I have brown hair and grey/ blue eyes. I have had a passion for acting for as long as I can remember and an audition for this film would be such an honour. Thank you for your time.

  13. Age- 17
    Height- 6’2 1/2
    Eyes- Brown
    Hair- Light Brown
    Weight (lbs)- 136
    Gender- Male
    Skin Tone- White
    Build- Athletic Slim
    State – Puerto Rico
    Personality -charismatic, cheerful, simpatico, friendly .

    This is a good opportunity for anyone and I would like to go to the casting because I think I have the tools and requirements necessary to focus at full capacity and be an actor and would be a great honor if I was given this opportunity to be an actor is not just pretend to be else but move to another person and the audience feel that feeling that you give , is to know how to call public attention and have that escanto that pleases others I believe I have the necessary tools and really wanted to give me the opportunity may not be easy but nothing in life is easy .

    I got acting classes for a year and I love the theater and everything that has to do with acting veoa famous actors and wonder that how they got up there and is pure dedication and effort that would be what I would give for the company working on some day I am responsible and committed would be a good opportunity to have a role in Shadowhunters I love the series and the actors are very charismatic and especially cute.

  14. I'm from Latin America. Let's be honest, it won't be easy to act here, keep contact with my family there and my studies, seeing as I'm not a legal adult. But, it is what I want to do, and what I feel like I should do. Never been the most popular girl, the most pretty girl, and I'm always outshined. I don't want to be outshined. I'm willing to be more than the outsider in my own life.

  15. Hi! I'm Sophie, I'm currently taking a drama GCSE and recently finished a feature film. I'm dedicated, sociable and just genuinely love acting. I'm 5"4 with brunette hair and hazel eyes, I am 16 years old and The mortal instruments series got me through a lot so any chance to work on this project would be a huge opportunity. Thank you

  16. Age :15
    Gender : female
    Hair colour : black
    Eye colour: really dark brown (almost matches hair)
    Hight :5ft 2in
    I love acting. It's always been a passion of mine .im from london in england and i take GCSE drama . Our school doesnt do as many plays unless it the real gsce course work but i do take part in all play in class. Im a hard working students who love to make things fun.

  17. Height : 5'9

    Hello,I am a 13 year old girl from New York I have been a fan of this show since the first episode and it will be an honor to be apart of the shadowhunter family.

  18. Age:30 looks 18-21
    Height: 5'5"
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Hazel
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    I would love the chance to be apart of a show that has totally won me over. I'll admit I have not read the books but I did see the movie and I prefer the Shadowhunters-Freeform 100 times over. I've always wanted to be an actress, its been my dream! I know if givin the chance I can do great things on AND off the set. I can show other people out there that no matter your situation/upbringing anything is possible if you want it bad enough and I would be a great role model for any woman. I would love nothing more then to add to the list of strong women on the fabulous show!

  19. Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5′ 6″
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Weight: 120
    I would like be part of this new show because it sounds awesome and I know I can do a great job

  20. I really want to become an actor. Especially for this show, I don't care what part I play.
    hair: dark blonde
    Eyes: green

  21. Name: Paige
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 130
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Brown
    Age: 16
    I'm from Virginia, USA

    I've read The Mortal Instruments more times than I can count. I started reading them when I was about 11 or 12.
    I've always wanted them to turn into a TV show and now here you are! I would love to audition and be a part of this.

  22. I would really love it if you gave me a shot to be on the show and my mom always told be I could be an actor so this would be a dream come true please get back to me if you can.

  23. I am a huge fan of Shadowhunters. It really made a difference in my life. Would you be willing to accept people to work on tech crew, interns, assistants, actors, extras, or anything? I have worked on multiple shows, I have even programmed moving lights. I have many talents, and I'm a fast learner. I'm sure that I could excel at anything you threw at me, and I'd be an excellent asset.

  24. Hi, I'm an spanish actor, and I would love to be part of the Shadowhunters TV show.
    I'm a fan of the books and I'm seeing the first season of the show.
    I love acting and that would be an amazing way to do what i like.

    Thanks for this oportunity 🙂

  25. I'm a young teenage girl, so I know I'm not eligible to portray Maia, or Tessa when the time comes. But I would like to play Maureen Brown. We are the same age and this could be my shot at acting.I'm in love with the idea of pretending to be someone else, and to get lost in there world.Though I have a family who doesn't support me in my dreams, and may of crushed them a bit, but I still pursue them. I'm fun, outgoing and would be honored to be chosen and participate in a phenomenon such as this. I have experienced the magic of the books written by the talented Cassandra Clare, and I would be esteemed to help bring it to life.

  26. Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'3"
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Weight: 120 lbs.

    Hi! I would absolutely love to join the Shadowhunters family. I have read all the books in the entire series and have been in love with them since the very first word.
    I have been acting since preschool, and have been the lead in the past three high school plays. I absolutely love acting and would love to do it for the rest of my life. I would be honored to have the chance to audition for Shadowhunters.
    I take directions extremely well and am hard working. I love trying new things, and I love acting.

  27. I'm 14 years old, and have read all of the shadowhunters series so far! I love acting, and have been in many plays around my community and at my school. I've enjoyed so much watching shadowhunters on freeform and would love to be a part of it!

  28. I would lovvvve to be apart of this tv show shadow hunters I'm in love with this show and watch it every Tuesday its the only thing I look fwd to every week and to be apart of the show idk what I'll do it would be a dream come true!!!

  29. Never been on stage or infront of a camera but I am a huge fan of sci fi TV shows! It would really be a dream come true to be part of the cast to have a role as a shadowhunter‚ werewolf‚ or warlock.

  30. Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Height: 5′ 1″
    Eye Color: Brown

    I feel that I, Jasmine Miller, should audition for shadowhunters on free-form because every show on free-form has drama in it including shadowhunters. drama brings teenagers around my age. teenagers relate to more to other teens better then relating to young adults. growing up I have been acting or everything I can. Acting make me happy and smile and that is the most important reason to me. I think that it would be cool adding different age group to shadowhunters.

  31. HI, I'm spanish actress actually starring a Tv series in Spain.
    Looking forward to move on, and work in USA. I like this Tv show because I'm also a stunt woman, so I love action.
    I'M AVAILABLE FOR AUDITIONS. Right Now I'm in Spain shooting season 2 of my tv show, but I can travel or do an internet audition without problem.
    Thank you for your attention,

    Hoping for your news.
    Júlia C.

  32. I have been stage-acting since I was five years old and I've always fellt that acting is my talent. The reason to why I want to join the Shadowhunters- Abc family is because I would be honored to play a part in telling this amazing story written by Cassandra Clare. I'm dedicated and hard-working and when I comitte to something I always follow true and do my very best.

  33. This would be a dream come true to be apart of this phenomenon. I would love to be a shadow hunter. I fully believe in the supernatural world. I would make a great addition to the cast. I'm athletic and have done some karate, so I would be able to do my own stunts. which would make it more real. please give me a chance and I might surprise you. Thanks for listening.

  34. I would like to be apart of this T.V show to get my name and face out in the world. I love to be in front of the camera and take directions very well. I can be funny as well as serious. The kind of show you guys produce is the kind of show I would like to be apart of. It's entertaining, mysterious, and thrill seeking. I've seen the movie mortal instruments and read the book and just fell in love, I am now starting to watch your show shadow hunters and just can't get enough. I would love to be apart of the series show to have someone else in the world feel the way I feel when watching.

  35. Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5′ 6″
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Weight: 120

    I want to audition for Freeform – Shadowhunters because I read all of the books in The Mortal Instrument series. I believe I can offer a lot of value and knowledge as well as insight to the series. I am actor of highly quality been acting my whole life. I am openly gay there are times where I wish I could have audition for Alec Lightwood, because I understand Alec Lightwood better than anyone, but glad they already have such an awesome actor playing as Alec. I can sing, dance, and I have a passion for reading novels. If I can be a part of help in anyway no matter how small the role would be would make my dreams come true.

  36. I've followed the books so intensely and for so long, and I love the entire universe of the Mortal Instruments. It would give me a chance to break out of my shell and show the world what I'm truly made of.

  37. I grew up reading the books and i love acting. Being apart of the Shadow world is my dream and i would love to going the cast.

  38. I have read the books and I love them. I would like to be a part of something I love. I also want to be able to get out of my comfort zone and do things that I want to do. I want to be able to experience new things.

  39. I Am A Perfect Fit For ShadowHunters. I Am Super Into The Show Which Makes Me Want To Do My Absolute Best With Any Role Given To Me. I Have Decent Experience And Know I Can Kill This Role.

  40. Hi I would love to be apart of this show. I have read all of the books and love them so much. It would be a dream come true to be apart of something like this. This is a true opportunity to do what I would love to do. There are truly two characters that I would love to play and that would be Tessa Gray or Emma Carstairs. But any charcater would be great.
    My name is Isabella.
    Age: 14 years old
    Gender: Female
    Height: around 5' or 5'1"
    Eye Color: brown
    Hair: brown below shoulder length
    Weight: 115-120

  41. The reason why you should pick me. Or deicide to is because I have been in the acting experience forever since I was I'm headstart and went through my whole school year and got college theater acting experience as well I cherish and enjoy the TV show shadow hunters. I watch it everyday. It s on and haven't miss an episode. I love. The prospect of the whole. TV show with the human angels that hunts down demons which is pretty much from the novel. City of bones. I also like how clare has foundnt out that she has a power. And she learns about it and harness it on how to use it. It has action and I love action.keep the episodes coming

  42. Oh my god,to be a actor is my dream. Please let me have a audition. When I was four years old, my dream it was to be an actress. An I like so much the book of Cassandra Clare. To be a shadowhunter, a werewolf, vampire or anything else will be so cool.

    Brown eyes, brown hair.
    Full name: Mélodie Desloges
    I have an accent in English and I speak perfectly French.
    I live in Canada
    I can post a photo of me but only in the email.

  43. Because i know i'm doing something that love, and that is sing and acting. Love acting, and now i have the chance to do that i love. Because i think it's an an opportunity to do what i love. I because i love Shadowhunters and i like to act, i have to do think that i love to do. It is a good opportunity for me.

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