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Rescue Dogs to Super Dogs – Reality TV Show

Rescue Dogs to Super Dogs – Reality TV ShowDo you want to be on a major network television series?  Are you disabled and could use some help from a furry companion?  There is a new series that will benefit you and homeless dogs.  The heartwarming reality TV show casting call is seeking disabled participants for “Rescue Dogs to Super Dogs.” Do you know someone with a disability who can benefit from the help of a service dog? Have you wanted a service dog but had difficulties finding the right dog and/or trainer? Do you believe a service dog can improve your life? If so, we want you!

Plimsoll Productions and a Major Network are teaming up to produce a docuseries that will see abandoned dogs trained to become high functioning super-pets, able to enrich the lives of people in need. The show will pair homeless dogs with people who have physical, psychological or neurological challenges or conditions. With the help of expert dog trainers these dogs will not only find a home and a purpose but will change their new owner’s lives for the better.

Casting participants of all ages, ethniticies, orientations and idenities in Los Angeles. Must have an emotional and/or physical disability (i.e. obese, type-1 diabetes, cancer, narcolepy, PTSD, bipolar, amputee, etc). If you’re interested in finding out more about this life changing opportunity please email Valencia at Superdogscasting@gmail.com which city you live in and how a service dog can change your life!

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  1. I was diagnosed with Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis in 2000 at the age of 29. My disability has progressed to the need for stair lifts, scooters, rollators, wheelcharis etc almost constantly. We rescued a yellow lab mix in January 2016 and as smart as he is, we cannot get him to support my daily activities such as picking something up for me, not barking at the smallest sound, retrieving items, etc. We would like him to be able to assist me in the day to day activities. He is my constant companion but a little help from him would be great! We are located in La Plata, MD (South of Washington DC)

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