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Prank My Mom – Lifetime

Prank My Mom - LIfetime
Prank My Mom – LIfetime Auditions

We all love our mothers. They do so much for us in our lives and their constant live and support is so important to who we are and what we become, so Lifetime wants to help kids everywhere the chance to pay them back – with the most hilarious pranks on television! Prank My Mom has become one of the most popular shows on TV and now you and your mom can be a part of the fun. Casting calls for all new episodes of this hysterical reality series are happening soon and submissions are being accepted now from sons and daughters of all ages who would like nothing more than to Prank My Mom.

Prank My Mom is the most outrageous hidden camera show on the air and now Lifetime is giving you the opportunity to pull amazing tricks on your loving mother. PMM will go to any lengths to help you fool good ol’ mom – from goofs involving psychics  blind dates, credit card fraud, even shoplifting – anything and everything is up for grabs on this incredible new comedy. Hosted by the fabulous Vivica A. Fox (Independence Day, Kill Bill Vols.1 & 2, Curb Your Enthusiasm), Prank My Mom and their team of inventive pranksters are ready to help you bond with your dear mother while giving her the surprise of her life. The producers and casting directors of this one of a kind series will work with a group of lucky sons and daughters and tailor the perfect prank that your mom will never expect. Be a part of the most fun show on TV by submitting yourself for upcoming auditions today.

To apply for casting consideration for all new episodes you can send emails with your name and information and why you want to Prank Your Mom here prankmymomcasting@gmail.com. We will keep you up to date on all audition news as it becomes available so stay tuned and leave a comment for us in the space below and tell us about your mom and why you want to prank her on national television.

Nothing says “I love you mom” like pranking her in front of millions of viewers. Apply today for your chance to star on Lifetime‘s Prank My Mom.

40 thoughts on “Prank My Mom – Lifetime

  1. Hello my name is Seiarrah, I am 21 years old and I would like a chance to have us on your show and prank my mom. My mom is literally my best friend but it hasnt always been that way. I was not comfortable enough to confide in her with certain things, but after one huge argument and time we are now inseparable. I love having my mom around and I love it when she comes with me to work. My mother's name is Joya and she goes hard for her cubs which are my little brothers E.J and Joshua and myself. She plays no games but my mother's expressions and reactions are hilarious! I would love to see her reactions if she was on your show.

  2. I truly think that I would be great in this movie!!! I am twelve years old and is quite experienced on pranking my mother.I also have starred in other musicals and plays that my school has casted. It has been my dream to star on television,so everday I go to my acting classes. Please!!! Choice me for any part and. I guarantee you that you will never regret it!!

  3. Hi I'm Mikayla. I'm 16, and live my mother to death.
    My mother and I have a bond that mothers and daughters should. We share laughs and mess around with each other. But lately, she seems to be pranking me and I can't seem to figure out a good prank to get her back with. With the help of you guys and pranking her on TV would just be the best thing a daughter could do to her mother, I honestly don't see any other way of her ever getting me back!

  4. Hi my name is Gabrielle , others call me Gabe! I thank god for my mother and I love her to death, but we just dont have that kind of bond that we should have. I loved laughing with my mother when we would crack jokes on each other, and I hate we dont laugh anymore. My mom struggles to make ends meet and that even stresses her out along with other things going on in life. I just want a opprotunity for us to laugh together again and what better way to do it than pranking her at the same time!!!!

  5. Hello my name is Evelyn and my mom always believe everything i say and its time to teach her a lesson, to not be so gollibel . My mom loves to prank and say things to me so I think its time to give her a little bit of her own medicine. She would never expected it. Her reactions are so hilarious to everything!!!!!!

  6. you should prank my mom. she works all the time now cleaning yucky houses to make them nice again. i'm 9 years old and my brother is 1. she is my mom and my dad becuse me and bubby dont have dads. she is 30 so she is not too old i think to get pranked. we would all laugh so hard and she would which i want to see her smile becuse she is too tired to smile much and she is really pretty when she smiles. thank you.

  7. Hi! I really love Disney and acting too. This is my first time and I am glad I chose this show only. I could also choose many other shows but I chose this one especially because my mom always pranks on me and I never get a chance back so I want to show my mom that I can also win, I can also prank on her. This is my golden chance.

  8. Hey! I would love to prank my mom, Lynette. At least once a day, i get pranked by her, mostly when I walk upstairs. I always want to prank her back, but when I try it never works. I would try and prank her everyday, but she usually finds out about it. This is my one chance to get her back. Thank you for your time and please put this message into consideration. I would love to hear back when you get the opportunity.

  9. I would love to prank my mom because she really has the most unexpected and hilarious reactions to everything! She would not expect this and would be laughing for the rest of her life!

  10. I have a good one for you!

    I'm caretaker for my mother. She can't do stairs, we are looking into moving into a bigger place because me and my son have moved her in with us and there is just not enough room. I want to send her to see my brother, then move all our stuff into a very small, ugly home with ALL stairs in a real bad area, then when she comes home take her their!! She would kill me!
    Really just need a home we can all live in and have our privacy, hence; mother in law apartment. The real home would be what she would die for! Thanks! Shell

  11. Hi my name is Shariah Lee, im fourteen years old and I will love to be on prank my mom because my mom always prank me so I want revenge.

  12. Hi my name is Deyanira Valentin I'm 19 years old I will be 20 in December. Let me start out by saying that as soon as I found this show Prank My Mom on the list of categories I was like yes I have to try and put my mom on this show. Me and my mom has always been so close. And I think it would be so fun to prank my mom on national television because I love her and she would never see it coming. I think this would be something she will always remember. Just a little practical prank om her that she will be able to laugh about in the future, this would make a great story to tell my husband and kids in the future, I'm very serious about wanting to do this and I know it will be hilerious because she would never suspect I would do something like this. Please give me an oportunity to prank my mom. I won't disappoint you, this is always something I've wanted to do on my mom that I thought I would never get a chance to do. This could be something we can all have a good laugh about.

  13. Hiya everyone I'm Yury and I'm an actress. I'm Chinese and I'm the prankster in my family so I absolutely find your show hilarious and great! I think my mom is perfect for the "role" because she can make anything turn funny and she can't fall for anything easily so it'll really make a good show.

  14. Hi my name is Jennifer and I am 19 years old and I think my mother and I would be a great candidate for this show. My mother is brazilian, extremely gullible and hilarious. I would love to prank her because she takes life to seriously and I think she needs a little lightening up lol. Please pick me!!!

  15. LOOK NO FURTHER!! My mom is by far the most gullible person people know! When faced with a crazy situation or confrontation, she can get crazy! We watch this all the time at home but I know she would NEVER suspect this!! We've been a little stressed at home and I know that this will break the tension! Shes funny, crazy, nutty, but has a great sense of humor!! I am always pulling pranks on her but yhis is the ULTIMATE prank! She will be a hoot to watch on your show! You and your viewers will NOT be disappointed! Im 20 & my moms 43! Thank you!

    -Gina Lewandowski

  16. Hi, I'm Mia and I would love to prank my mom. My mom is awesome and she likes to prank me and my brother Jordan and I'm tired of being pranked. It is her turn to get it back in her face.

  17. hi my name is shelby,and i love my mom to death but she just got this new jod with mary kay and she is freaking out about it be cause she thinks that she will embarrass herselfif she talks about it to anyone i would love to prank her it will be amazing to see the look on her face

  18. Hi- My name is Contessa Ganske. I would love to prank my mom because she is so loving and caring to my dad, brother, and I. She works almost 24/7 so I would love to get her out of work for awhile and have some fun! She has always been the best mom in the world and I want to show her that.

  19. Hi my name is Summer. I really want to prank my mom.She's a very hard working woman andshe had lot on spunk lol. No matter how old i get she always treats me like her little girl. When she's not working she spends her tine taking care of my sister. So pretty much i just want to prank her to show her a good time and let her know life doesn't always have to be do serious. So please give me the chance to prank my Mom

  20. my nephew and i would love to prank my sister she is always trying to mold us and protect us we feel its time that she she get just a dose of her own medicine

  21. Hi my name is shelby smith and I would love to prank my mom. She is a know it all and thinks she is never wrong. If it is not by her standards its not right. She always trying to make it out like Im always wrong or Im doing something Im not supposed to. I want to get her back so bad and show her how devilish her daughter can really be.

  22. My mom is so open minded, she has been retired so she takes care of her mom and works part time as a care giver I really would enjoy having her planked! She really needs a huge surprise like this. Alabama needs some exposure to reality tv I can't wait to be part of it.

  23. I want to prank my mom because she works EVERYDAY and plays jokes on me to. so that is why I want to prank my mom!!

  24. I love my mom so much but she is always making fun of me and pulling pranks on me but whenever I try to pull one on her it never works because she always finds out so I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To do this!!!!

  25. Name: Kenneth Causey
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'8"
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair: Longer, Black (Can be cut if needed)
    Eyes: Brown
    Hello, I have been in a few major films so far. I have only been bettering myself as I learn more or more with experience. I can easily bring any character given to me a realistic feel and bring it to life. I love to travel and can pack up in a minute and fly wherever. Nothing holds me back. I have worked both in front of and behind camera numerous times. I have worked with James Camerons' movie partner for many years, on his recent film "Black Sky." In one scene, when I finished the take, he gave me the thumbs up and said "Great work!" Please give me the chance to show my skills and how fun and in character I can be. Thank you for your time!

  26. Hello My name is Capal Beasley and I'm one of your hugest fans!! I currently have a lead role in a independent film called Why Men Cheat, which is under production. This is the first film that I have every done, and now I have the BUG! The onle thing I want to do is Act, I find myself critiquing the actors on T.V and trying to memorize their lines. T,V doesn't seem the same to me now because I see all the hard work that goes into your craft, and into making a film. I know that you have heard this many times before, but I would LOVE to have the chane to learn from one of TV's biggest star,. I'm so serious about my craft and I love to laugh and make people around me laugh and make them better. "Man I bet you are saying this cat is going to tell me he likes walks on the beach next" lol, but Mr. Perry I won't let you down, and all I need is a chance to do something that I have always been told that I would never do. I love being the underdog.
    Age: 34
    Height : 5'10
    Nationality: American
    Hair Color : Black
    Skin Color : Dark Brown
    Eye color : Brown
    Experiences : 2 yr
    Singing Can hold a note
    Details : Very Creative, Great with Memory,
    Picks up things fast , has great speech ability, Funny

  27. you don't know how bad i wanna prank my mom.I will do anything to get back at a woman who think she right about eveything,when she just an old lady tryin to get a coupon to heaven.But i love her.

  28. I Should Be Part Of Prank My Mom Because My Mom Seriously Love This Show And While We Was Watching It The Other Day She Said That She Would Love To Be Pranked. I Love My Mom She Always Working To Get What All My Siblings Want And She Should Get A Break. I Know This Would Be Something She Would'nt Forget.
    P.S. Love You Guys

  29. Hi, my name is zaakirah smith im 15 years old and I think it'll be very fun to prank my mom on national television because i appreciate her soo much im willing to put some laughter in her heart thank you!

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