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Plus Size Teens – ABC Family Series

Plus Size Teens - ABC Family
Welcome all Plus Size Teen Models!

Bizzy Blondes, an Entertainment company will bee holding new auditions for a cool scripted TV drama series for ABC Family. This new series will be based on the hot popular teen novel, “HUGE” by Sasha Paley, Teleplay by Winnie Holzman (“My So Called Life”).

They will need PLUS SIZE TEEN GUYS AND GIRLS that can play a high school age (most 18-24 year old actors can play High School on Television.) There are seven plus size lead roles as well as many recurring and guest star parts throughout the series. We are open to actors and non-actor/newcomers as well!



632 thoughts on “Plus Size Teens – ABC Family Series

  1. Hi! I'm Angelique, I'm 15, 280 pounds and am 5'4. Brown hair, brown eyes, Italian. I'm definitely not perfect, and I have done very small time acting for school but have done practicing with myself, and with friends. It has been a dream of mine to be an actress for a while, and I feel as though I'd be an amazing fit because I would know how the character feels, and am very good at getting "emotional" on the spot. If you'd like to get in touch with me please do! Thank you so much.

  2. Hi, my name is Rayven. I am 19 I currently live in Michigan. I have never acted before but I have always had the drive and passion for it. Taking up acting classes was never a priorty to my family. I am African American and over weight. I enjoy making people smile and laugh and I feel that tv shows and movies are ways to do just that. Im also tired in general of how the plus size community is displayed. This show being on this show I can show that being over weight does not make you any less than anyone.

  3. Hello! My name is Tori, I'm 18 years old and will be 19 in October 2016. I've been overweight all of my life and have experience in theatre, and I was also an extra in a movie. I can portray the perfect overweight high school girl because I am one!

  4. Hello 🙂 my name is Jasmin. I am 23 years old. I'm 5'9 around 250 pounds. I would this role because I want to play this role because I want to show young girls and women that no matter what you like, you CAN do anything. I want to make people happy. I want make them smile. I want to entertain them because I love seeing life without pain. Thank you so much for the chance to possibly change someone's life for the better. 🙂

  5. Hey there! My name is Haley, i'm 24 years old and I LOVE my curves. I recently just fell in love with my body after hating it for all the wrong reasons. I think its amazing that ABC is showing the world a show about big people. I have never acted, but there is nothing that I cant do when I put my mind to it.

  6. I never liked being plus until I've reach the age of 18 years old. I'm currently 21 306 pounds of beauty and I would love it if everyone feels the same thing about themselves. Please cast me . It would be an honor

  7. Hi! My name is Chesney and I am a confident 22 year old plus size woman who has always wanted to act! I have hard determination and am not defined by my size in the least. I embrace my beauty inside and out and would love to show the world my versatile talent! I am 5' 5" 290 pound Caucasian young lady just waiting for the perfect fit in acting! Thank you for taking time to consider me it would be an honor to work with such a prestigious network as Free Form!

  8. I am 20 years old and I've been overweight all my life. I was born in Belize . I'm very familiar with the social stigma and struggles of being overweigh, however I believe that should never stop you from followin your dreams a plus size person can do just as much as a skinny person can. I dance I sing and am just as talented. I think this would be an awesome show and would be excited to have the opportunity to be apart of this

  9. Hello, my name is Mariel, I'm 19 and I weight 250 pounds and I'm 5'7!. I am a Junior Film Major! so I know how the set works, but I'm very interested in acting! So please contact me.

  10. Hi there, I'm Alyssa. I've always been on the heavier side, currently weighing a little over 200 pounds at 5'6". I'm also a little stocky from playing water polo and marching band. I'm 16 years old and currently a sophomore in high school. I've always wanted to do something in the entertainment business, but I have never seemed to figure out where to start. I feel like I'm more mature than most My age, and my smart-alec and creative personality has gotten me some pretty close friends. The only acting I've done before is earnings the lead role in the sixth grade play. I hope I am considered to play a role in the upcoming show. If not, then no sweat 🙂 good luck to everyone out there!

  11. Hey! I'm Danyelle, 25, live in NJ. I'm 4'10" size 20, Puerto Rican, long blonde hair (dyed of course with the dark brows to prove it). I wear glasses and I have a beautiful smile. I should be in this series because I work hard and play hard. I want to get my acting career rolling. ABC features shows that entertain and bring a message. Please let me know when I can set up an audition. xx Danyelle

  12. Hello! I saw above your information about this new tv series and I went along hoping to find an email to email you my information at but as seeing I can't find it I will post here 🙂 please read all of this and bear with me here. My name is destinee but all of my friends call me desee. I come from a small town in Oregon and have been acting for as long as I can rememeber. I am 5'6.2" and I am chubby although my friends try to make feel better and tell me I am curvy even though I know I am not. I have long brown hair and brown eyes that people always compliment. I have always struggled with my weight and finding roles that suit me because of my weight. I know that this little comment won't do much but if we were to get into contact it would be much easier to show you myself and my acting skills. I can also sing a little and I dance. I am 16 and will be 17 in august. I can look either younger or older depending on how I do my makeup. I get along with others and have many different acting talents. I also enjoy writing. I've had a few things published. I think I would be a great match for this show as seeing I could fit many different roles. My weight has always held me back from being in the things I want to be in but I feel as if this is a role I was meant to be in. I hope to hear back from you, and hopefully you will let me send you in a short audition clip or something of that sort. 🙂

  13. Hello, my name is Emma. I'm just an average girl from Texas with a dream. Not only have I been acting in school theatre since I was 11, but I myself know the hardships of being overweight. I am 5ft 11in and 200lbs. I am also 15yrs old. (Yet I look much older). Ever since I was younger, I have always been taunted for being overweight. It got to the point where I got depressed about it and then, I joined theatre. Not only did I find out that acting was my passion, but I also became more confident in myself and my body. Getting cast for a role that is to help someone like I was, would be my dream.

  14. Hello, my name is Hailey. I'm am 5'7 1/2,mixed (black and white). I am 15 going on 16 in two months. I wear a size 18 pants and a 2X shirt.I have dark hard and eyes.I have never acted before but it is something I would love to do. I was in some school plays when I was younger. People say that I have a bubbly personality and that my heart is as big as me. When I a get to know someone there is never a dull moment. I love making people happy, doing so makes me happy. When the it is needed I am very mature but I'm a very lax person. I am hard working at something I want/love to do. You would not be disappointed in choosing me. I think I would be great for this show.

  15. Hello,my name is Hailey and I am 15 soon to be 16 in two months. I am over weight. I wear a size 18 pants and 2X shirt. I am 5'7 1/2 and I am mixed (black and white). I have dark hair and eyes. I have been over weight my whole life but still I am a bubbly person and love being around people. Yes, I am a teenager but who better to play the part of an over weight teen than an over weight teen living through overweight teen problems. I have never acted but it is something I would love to do. People say I leave impressions because of my funny persona and that my heart is as big as I am. My personality is interesting once I get to know someone there is never a dull moment. I would love to have the opportunity to be part of the show. Thank You for you time.

  16. Hi im jeanette and I would really like to be apart of this show. This alone would help change TV and Hollywood on how they think an actor should look like. I would be honored to be apart of this. I'm 18 turning 19 this year. I'm a Mexican(born in the u.s.) brown hair light skin and I'm 240 pounds. Being an actor has been a dream of mine for a long time.I don't have experience but I know I'll be great for this.

  17. Hello, my name is Veronica. I am a 17 year old female that will be turning 18 on the 6th of October. I am 5'4 and 240 pounds. I have struggled with my weight for quite some time and always told myself "I'll audition when I get thin" but I have recently decided that I am not going to hole myself back any longer. I have wanted to be an actress for as long as I can remember, and I truly believe I would be a good fir for this show. Thank you for your consideration.

  18. My name is Jaye-Anne and I am and overweight twenty year old. I have been overweight all my life and I am very familiar with being a high school student with a weight issue. I've acted in a few minor roles in and out of high school. I am looking forward to this kind of opportunity. E-mail me if you are interested.
    Thank you.

  19. I am a plus sized 21 year old. I have been plus size my entire life. I have always wanted to be an actress and this is a perfect opportunity to gain a new experience as an actress as well as using my weight to an advantage.

  20. I want to be a part of this because I think it's seen everyday people think if they look a certain way they can't have their dreams come true. I myself have been a prisoner of this awful thought. I think with this show it will help boys and girls all over this world to realize and understand they can pursue their dreams being how they are. And it would help me understand my dreams can come true as well

  21. Hi, my name is Sarah and I've been plus size my whole life. I'm 18 years old. I believe that I would be the most fitted for the role because I just graduated from high school so i would easily be able to portray a high schooler.

  22. Hi my name is Zainab I'm 19 years old and I'm from Ireland. Ever since I was in junior infants I loved doing plays in school I was always the class clown that made everyone laugh. I also love singing and dancing. Acting has always being a dream of mine but there aren't many oppurtunities where I live. It would be a dream come true if I get chosen for this wonderful opportunity.

  23. Hello, my name is juliana, i am 19 years old, and i am hispanic. i can speak english and spanish fluently. I am currently learning french, german and arabic. I am overweight and i weigh 250 pounds. It is something i have struggled with my whole life. Growing up, i was always told that i could never act or follow my dreams because i was big. For a long time, i believed that it was true. I have had my own struggles in the past, but im not letting any of those struggles stop me from where i want to go in life. I believe that i would be a good fit for the show because i want to show other girls that it doesnt matter what your size is, and it doesnt matter what anyone thinks about you, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. I want girls to embrace the body they were given and be happy with who they are inside and out.

  24. I think this is a great move for ABC and coming out with a sho that so many girls can relate to. My name is Jasmine I am 22 years old and an aspiring plus size model/activist. I love the arts and feel like I can be a great addition. There needs to be more body diversity in social media and break society's ideal of what a women should look like.

  25. Hello, my name is aurora I am an over weight 20 year old. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and have always had personal body image problems. I am very interested in an acting career, however, there are not a lot of roles for women whom are not the "perfect" size and height. Personally I think a show about over weight individuals in high school would help stop the stigma associated with being over weight. I would love to be a character that makes a difference and this could be my shot.

  26. I think that this is a good opportunity to give society a wake call and let them know that size does not matter ! I always feel insecure about my weight and height, because I feel like I'm not accepted. That is society's fault, they make it seem that being skinny is the only beautiful that there ever is. This show is a good oppurtunity go show them that curvy is beautiful out there. This will give teens a little more confidence in there body. I loooove this idea, and if you will have, I promise I will be a good match. Although I'm a little inexperienced.

  27. hello, my name is Louise. I am 15 going on 16. I am overweight. My height is 5'4. Im a lightskinned girl with medium brown hair. To be honest with you if i get this part it will be my first time acting proffessionaly. i love ABC family and ive been bigger my whole life so i might as well do something with it. I really like acting I want to be an actress. I am living in the Uk

  28. I'm the Big girl. The girl with the hips, the killer smile take a double take *wink*. I'm not a diva/Hollywood 'whatever that means'- but I love life as a big girl. I'm the short stuff, the thick girl with the smile. I've never acted- well except in church plays but my life is a movie. So, that works right? My name is Michcar(Misheka). I am 24- probably to bold for my own good but it suits me well. I figured I would fit the role simply because I can put in the work, dedicate myself and broaden / not mock views of what a being a big girl really is.

  29. hello, my name is Atalia. I am 15 going on 16. I am overweight. My height is 5'5. Im a lightskin african american with long curly hair. To be honest with you if i get this part it will be my first time acting proffessionaly. i love ABC family and ive been fat my whole life so i might as well do something with it. i think everyone is beautiful in there own way so they should always set their goals high. i want this position cause from my teachers, family members, friends etc they all say you need to be in theatre cause tour always acting out something and tour always happy and wverything so here i am

  30. My name is Tyesha and I'm 16 going on 17 . I'm perfect for this role because I'm a real teen going through the real thing of being a bigger girl . I have a pretty face I'm mixed with white and black and I have hacked eyes . If this role means I have to use my money to fly out anywhere then I guess don't bother to message me because I can't affords anything like that . Please no I am a human that has a dream and I would love to reach it .

  31. Hello there! I am 22 years old, blue eyes, blonde hair, 5'6", dress size 24. I have been involved in theatre consistently since I was seven years old. In high school I won State and National theatre competitions with contrasting monologues, duet scene and one act (in which I was the lead). I was also the captain of our high school's competitive improv team. I have a larger than life personality that complements my larger than life size. I would be a great addition to this cast.

  32. I am who you're looking for. I've been told my entire life,*"you are drop dead gorgeous totally stunning…for a big girl." I am rare. My personality is rare. I have no acting experience and, my hunch is I won't need it. My life experience is a stage, my role played well, I understand human beings deeply- it has made me humbly and softly mesmerizing. Gifted with the ability to impact someone quickly in ANY age group. Beaming positive energy, love of life and LAUGHING, radiating innocence and incredible beauty only found in the soul to compliment incredibly easy on the eyes outward features. Meet me once. I was made for this. 5'3 – obviously curvy- rosy cheeked- brunette- with *those* eyes.

  33. Hi there!!

    I am a 20 years young and loving life! Like all of the other messages here as well with every other person there was a time in which I was uncomfortable with myself. As I got older and matured I realized that as long as I am healthy, happy and surrounded by people who love me for me. I have taken drama all throughout high school and was an extra in movies when I was a wee baby ( I think they were alternative movies not even sure so long ago!) I have been told I am easily coachable and take instructions well. 🙂 Good luck to all those who want this part, and I hope you are doing it for your own happiness and not to be accepted by others. Cheers!

  34. Hello, My name is Laila Jones. I am 14 years old. I am African American, and i would love to be apart of the Plus Size Teen Series. I would say I've been through all of the hardships of being overweight, especially at the age I am now. I feel my weight has made me the outgoing person I am today. I went from getting picked on throughout my life, not having many friends in elementary, to being the girl that everyone loves in high school because she has such a great personality. I've never had anything handed to me, I've always had to prove to everyone that I the "big girl" was good enough. Although I am 14 (almost fifteen) I can pass to be at least 17 (depending on what I'm wearing). I feel as though I have the spunk and charisma that would be a perfect match for this show. Thank you for your time.

  35. Hi! My name is Kayla and I will be 14 in June. I weigh about 215 pounds and I am about 5'2. I have always wanted to be an actress. Even though I will only be 14 in June, many people say I look older. I have never acted before, but I have always been inspired to act. I am a half Indian half white mix. I have shoulder length brown hair with some blode highlights and light brown eyes. It has always been my dream to act and portray a different character. I have always struggled with my weight, but am currently trying to embrace it and not let it get to my head. I have only participated in one musical even though I didn't have a lead role. If I were to get this role, it would be a dream come true. I am also a hard worker and when my mind is set I don't back down. Thank you for the consideration.

  36. Hi my name is KarlA , I'm from Miami Florida . I'm 5'0ft and weigh about 189 , I've always loved acting and my friends and family always tell me that I would be a great actress so this is the first time I do something like this and I hope it turns out good

  37. Hello, my name is Nafiah Smith. I am 22 years old and I am overweight. I'm African American and Dominican. I'm a little dark skinned and I have short brown hair. I wont bore you with the story of being overweight all my life and how depressing it was having to be in a family with everyone being average weight or thin. I came along way with accepting my weight from being so hurt by the word "FAT", to being comfortable looking in the mirror and saying God made me this way (acceptance). I've auditioned for Tyler Perry and didn't make the final cut. I'm a theatre major but my heart is on film (TV). I also auditioned for a commercial for an upcoming roller coaster. The director said he loved me but I needed more work so I got acting lessons. I think that I would be a good fit for this show, because like everyone else I'm overweight and struggled in my own way with it, I also came out on top of the bulling of being overweight. I hope you consider me and give me call. Thank You

  38. Hello! My name is Kerisha Singh and I am over weight. I am 18 years old and I am Nepali. I have absolutely no acting experience however I do have experience in struggling through life as a "fat" girl. On a day to day basis, I have to remind myself that I am beautiful. I make sure to defy stereotypes that average people have of a "fat" person. I walk with my held head high, dressing how I want to and highlighting my greatest assets; my body and face. I deserve to be on Plus Size Teens because I am motivated to show viewers that even if you are not the average 120 pound girl, you are still beautiful and should live life without being self conscious of your weight. We only have one life and our weight should not be a factor into bringing us down. I know I can portray a plus size teen since I am very passionate about the beauty in plus sized people everywhere. Thank you!

  39. Hello, my name is Andrea Chapman never acted professionally, but it's something that keeps me awake at night to one day see my name in lights. I am 22 years old & 300 pounds 5'10 African American been overweight my entire life. Really feel ABC family and participating in this show "Huge" is my chance to show you& the world my talent. "PRETTY PLEASE PICK ME"!!

  40. Hi I'm Sara I'm 18 I am white and weight 150 lbs and a size 8-13 5"5 I have acted in high school plays I'm trying to egg into acting more and more and this would be a great way too

  41. Hello My Name is Sierra and I am an Actress. I love acting. It has been the only safe place for a girl like me in a world where my weight allowed people to judge and minimize my worth. Its a world where anything can happen and the rule never apply to you. I became an actress to give back, proving to the world that you can have it all just as you are and along the way giving viewers the same memories and value that amazing women like Maye West, Queen Latifah and Melissa McCarthy have given me. Its time for a change and I would be honored to be apart of it.

  42. Hiii I'm Sayra, I am Hispanic 20 years old I weigh 200 pounds. I have hazel eyes and an outgoing bubbly personality. Honestly i have some acting experience but only in high school plays and in social media (not really acting but broadcasting and stuff like that). I should be apart of the show because finally there is going to be a show of something I really wish to be apart of and would be showing awareness to people who arnt skinny about other body types and really would actually enjoy doing It. I have always said it doesn't matter how you look and if you feel comfortable you do you. Also because I don't really care what negative people say about me so negativity about the way I look won't really bother me as much. I really hope I get the opportunity to be apart of this mostly because it's related to being plus size and to help bring awareness that you don't have to look a certain way to be able to make it.

  43. Hello my name is Mollie Strickland and I am 18 years old. I weigh 180 pounds and I am also 5'3. I am curvy yet beautiful and filled with a bubbly personality. I am a brunette sometimes a ditzy blonde and a girly diva at heart. My weight does not get in my way. I have my own style and everything should sparkle with glitter. I truly believe that your weight should not matter because that's just more to love.

  44. Sarai Alvarez, 17, 5'2, 190lbs. Have performed very well in high school plays, and would like to pursue a career in the acting business. You will not be dissapointed.

  45. Hello! My name is Tanya, and I am not size -200 to say the least! I am 20 year old Hispanic. I have thick, short dark brown hair with a warm to tanned complexion and dark brown eyes. I have been been overweight for all of my life. I weigh 190, but I'd say my body weight is evenly distributed

  46. My name is Caroline I am a mature 17 year old. I am large than life, to say the least. I love preforming and I feel that I have so much over looked potential just because of me weight.

  47. My name is Briana, I am 18 years old and I have been told many times I leave a lasting impression. I am very mature for my age, I have more confidence than a VS model, and you will not be disappointed in choosing me.

  48. Hi! I am Harley Cheyenne and I am 16! I am overweight around 300 pounds but I am also about 5'11 so it doesn't look like I weigh that much. I am going to be straightforward. I have not acted professionally yet. I am looking for somewhere to start and I love ABC Family so much that I thought it would be perfect. I want to be able to show people that you can do ANYTHING no matter what your size or how you look that doesn't matter as long as you are comfortable with yourself. Well that is my opinion anyway. Thanks for the consideration.

  49. Hello, my name is Leah. I am 22 years old and I am overweight. I am mixed race (African American and Caucasian). Light skinned with black hair and dark brown eyea. I have been over weight my whole life. It is something that I have definitely struggled with, but was not something that had held my life back. I have been able to do everything and anything I have put my mind to and have achieved it with little to no problems. I have never acted, but it has always been something that I have thought about doing. I think that I would be a good fit for this show.

  50. Hello,

    I'm Jasmine, I'm 18 years old, I'm a size 14-16, 5',9", mixed with Mexican, Filipino and black. I wear my hair short and blonde, with the sides shaved off. Right now it's purple. I am very comfortable with being a plus size young person. I celebrate my body and accept and love myself completely.
    I grew up with a single mom who always taught me what it means to be beautiful is to be confident, intelligent and to use your gifts and talents.
    I attend a performing arts high school where I take dance.
    I'm a very shy and introverted person, but the thought of acting and being a part of the plus size movement is like being a part of a big shift in the standards of beauty and self acceptance.

    Thank you,
    Jasmine Rose

  51. Hello,
    I am Chelsie Mann. I am 23 years old and look like I am 16 due to my cute but chubby cheeks. I am 5'4" – 253lbs- Brown hair brown eyes. I am from a mixed family in the fact that I have 6 sisters (2 whole, 2 half, 2 step) and 1 half brother. All of us are super close but I am the only one who is plus sized. I grew up in a very "look oriented" environment with girls who were size 12's at the largest and I was always a size 18-22. I went through a lot of ridicule, embarrassment, and self hate. It took a lot of soul searching to love myself and to exert self confidence. Now that I like myself and my body I would love to help younger girls and guys love theirs. I hope that I can bring what you are looking for to a character that may inspire a teenager to love themselves.

  52. Hello, I'm Jordan. I've been in my school acting class for about 3 years and I'm quite adaptable. I'm 5'9 and plus size, I have VERY curly hair and and older looking face. I'm of mixed race, however I'm very light. I have brown eyes and a great smile. I'm a very bubbly person and I love meeting new people. I learn scripts fast and I love having fun and acting them out. Please consider me.

  53. Hi, my name is Kailey. I'm 19, have blue eyes , 5'6, and have long brown hair. I've been plus size all my life so I'm sure I can connect with the characters. I was in a performing arts program in high school and it was really fun. I feel like this role would be prefect for me because of how I am and look. Acting helped me be the person I am today. It helped me get over my shyness. Again I would love to be part of this and hope to hear back soon.

  54. Hi my name is Dolcey Cudd and I am 17 I am 5'2 and have brown hair with brown eyes when I was younger I used to be skinny but gained a lot of weight because of stress in my life and just not taking care of myself people give me grief about my weight all the time and I just want to show them I'm okay with it and I think I could just show people who I am and what I can do for this show

  55. Hi my name is Taylor Hardin I am 17 5'4 I have birth blonde hair and light blue eyes I'm from Beaver Oklahoma and I have been over weight my whole life constantly struggling with my weight. I believe I could connect with an over weight character and really bring emotion and life to a role

  56. Hi, My name is Jenna Camryn im 16. I am Pacific Islander and caucasian. I have hazel green eyes. Naturally brow (but currently dyed purple) hair. My hair is short. I have always been interested in acting and film making since I was young. I'm 5"2 almost 5"3. I am currently 280 pounds. It would be easy for me to connect with the character because my weight has been a struggle and I was bullied for it. I am strong, a little sassy, and am not afraid to tell someone the truth. I would loved to be considered. Thank you!

  57. Hello,My name is Diamond Neal and I'm 14 years old and I'm 5'9,even though I'm young for the part I truly think that I can play this role. As a big girl I have lots of confidents and a great personality .I love making people laugh and smile .Im a sweat hearted person who can act their butt off . I've always wanted to be in front of a camera ,I always felt that I could play any part or be any part. Also I have a little diva in me ,I don't care what anyone says about me I'm big and beautiful and to me that's all that matters as long as I know who I am .

  58. Hey guys, my name is Courtney Hockett and I would love to be apart of the Plus Size Teens ABC-Family Series. I am currently 15 years of age and a sophomore in high school. I weigh approximately 250 lbs., I am 5'7 1/2",and I am African American and Native American. Here's the thing about me; I am a very weird person. Seriously. One day I had my friends to go around and ask people what they thought of me. The one answer that kept reappearing was 'she is very unique'. I'm that girl who wears glitter on my lips and diamonds for eyeliner (its actually really cool looking). I love every part of myself, and nowadays so many girls my size and smaller hate their appearance. Its actually heartbreaking when you think about it. If some people would just stop and think ' yeah they may be large but that's none of my business how they look' then I think there would be a lot more confidence out there. I believe that I should be apart of this series because, for one, I'm plus sized, I'm really different, so that may bring a more diverse atmosphere to the set and three, I love who I am.

  59. Hello! My name is Ashtyn Tucker, I'm a 22 y/o plus sized woman with mid-length curly auburn hair. I've been told by many people that I still look 17. I'm charismatic, funny, and I love to perform! I think I would be a great addition to any cast and would love to be a part of this experience. Thank you for your consideration!

  60. My name is Nicole Jones I been plus size all my life I'm 18 I just graduated from high school I do believe I would be perfect for this show I can relate. I always like acting being someone other then Myself. Growing up I never had an full figure woman on TV I want to be the big girl on television I want to be that girl for the next Big girl coming along. Please pick me

  61. I would deffinitley want to be a part of the show iam 20 years old and acting is one of my biggest dreams. i feel i can be a great asset to the show.

  62. Hi,
    My name is Renee Gaddis. I am 25 years old, but I often get asked if I'm still in high school. I work at a children's shelter and often people think I'm one of the kids. I've been plus sized my whole life. I am incredibly outgoing with a bubbly personality. In high school I was active in theater. My roles include Sally the secretary from It's A Wonderful Life and Lt. Rooney in Arsenic and Old Lace. I was also in band and flag line, Spanish club, and on the bowling team. I have always loved acting and would love to continue and expand my career. I would love more information on this audition.

  63. I would love to apart of this show. I myself just finished high school. I am 18 years old. I have always been plus sized since I was born. Even in High School. So I know what it feels like. I feel like I would be an amazing person to put as for one of these roles.

  64. I don't know if this actually works but I am very interested in being a part of this TV show. I am 18 years old and a plus size girl who can't fulfill my dream of being on an actress because I am plus size and majority roles don't want plus size. I use to act but I gained weight and was told to stop or loose weight and I'm currently trying but it's very hard.

  65. I think I should get to audition for you because I love your network and getting to be apart of a show like this would be amazing. I know what it's like to be a plus size teen in high school and I'm a cheerleader so I'm great at performing. Even if I don't get to try out for this show I can't wait to see it!!

  66. I also forgot to add that i am 19 thick i weight 190, latina light skin and beautiful well what woman or human being isnt beautiful right.

  67. Hello my name is Sammantha of course but everyone calls me Samm i am 5'4 black short hair but I almost always have extentions on. I have brown eyes im no experianced but I have had drama class in high school I dont know if that help but i am a quick learner and very jolly.

  68. Hi my name is Courtney and I think I should be considered for any of these roles because…well I'm not your average actress. I was Tracy in hairspray at my high school and have enjoyed the cooky crazy roles like that. I've been told I'm funny but I just like to be myself and I'm not afraid to tell you how the cookie crumbles sometimes. I'm also not afraid to show that a plus sized girl can have it going on too!!! I love to work with people who understand that life isn't always serious and you can have Amazing time dancing in the street… Just for get hit!!! I'm 5'4" short but can still reach the top shelf at supermarkets yeah!! And I'm a beautiful BBW(big booty women). I am white with long brown hair. Just remember when considering me for a role I'm a whole lotta woman with a whole lotta "tude" to strut!!

  69. hi im latisha and im 17 im not sure how i ended up on this site but im glad i did ive always wanted to break into television i find it interesting to be able to leave my life and become someone else if you can give me a chance if this call is still open i promise ill do my best to make it into the show thank you 🙂

  70. Info:
    Ethnicity- African American

    My name is Marcellus Sawyer. I am proud to be an openly gay, plus-sized, African American teenager. If that doesn't scream diversity than I don't know what does? I have always wanted to pursue acting since childhood. Movies were and still presently my escape from reality. I tend to call myself the "Vicarious King" because cinematic presentations offer a better life than actual reality. I have never had any acting classes or any form of training, but what I do possess is raw talent. I am constantly being told by friends and teachers, that I should be on the "big screen” entertaining millions of people with my humor. If I am blessed enough to be selected, I promise to you that I will give my all and make everyone that has given me a chance proud.

    PS: Other people at their best is equivalent to a quarter percentage of me at my best

  71. Hi, my name is Bailey. I'm 15 I am "plus sized",
    I am Caucasian. I have chestnut colored hair, I have brown eyes with a hint of green, I'm 5'7 1/2". I look older than I am. I've always wanted to be an actress. I still to this day, recite my favourite lines from my favourite movies and TV shows (such a teenwolf). I can cry at the drop of a hat. I just have to think about something sad. I can get mad with the snap of your fingers, just by thinking of something that made me mad before and calm down with in seconds. I have great control over my emotions when necessary. I always dreamed about being an actress or a model. I would love to hear back.

    Bailey C. Grant

  72. I've done a couple auditions, but I have no experience. I think having no experience can be an asset, because that would allow me to be myself. Which people say is funny, sassy,sarcastic, and sweet. I love laughing. I'm 5"3 and of course not no size 2. I am 19 years of age. I would love to show people what I could do. Thank you.

  73. Hi my name is brianna im 18 and from texas im about 5'4 & ofcourse overweight lol .. i think it would be fun to get into acting & its something im very intrested in & willing to put my everything into . i have done some acting at my church before but nothing major .

  74. Hi, I'm Cherish! I'm 14, and yes I'm a plus size. I'm around 190. I've loved acting and singing my whole life. I get parts as soloist and lead roles in plays. I know I'm 14, but I look a lot older for my age. I've been asked if I was 16 or 17 before. Performing is my favorite thing, and it's a huge aspiration for me. I love it! And I've read the book, and I really connect with the characters myself.

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