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PBS’s “The Odd Squad” Kids for Lead Roles

PBS’s The Odd Squad Kids for Lead RolesDo you have a child star that is just waiting for a role to show the world their talent? Lead role child and teen auditions for the PBS TV show “The Odd Squad” are now being held. Casting directors are now casting two new agents.

Agent Opaganda is one of the roles they are looking to fill. For this character they are seeking a male or female who is between the ages of ten and thirteen years old. They are open to actors of all ethnicities. This role calls for a child who uses a wheelchair. Production would like to cast someone who actually uses a wheelchair. Only send in a self tape submission if you match those specs. Agent Opaganda is a super serious agent who will sometimes say things in a way that sounds like he or she is trying to be friendly and helpful, but when you listen closely they’re not very helpful at all. Unlike Opaganda’s more deadpan partner, Opaganda is enthusiastic about his or her work and thinks that busting people on rules can be very enjoyable. This is a principal role.

Agent Oke is the second role that is being filled. This role calls for an African, Canadian male or female who is ages 10 to 13 years old. Agent Oke is a super serious agent who is dry, blunt and a stickler for the rules. Oke is not mean, he or she is just doing their job, and just isn’t that interested in your feelings. Oke doesn’t really get jokes, but does sometimes laugh at things that aren’t funny. His or her social skills aren’t the greatest. This is also a principal role.

Actors can find full character descriptions and audition materials at larissamaircasting.com. The production company for the series is Sinking Ship Entertainment. The outside filming dates will be December 6th through December 16th. The series is shooting until March 2017. The pay rate for the show is New Media ACTRA Scale. Filming will be in the Toronto area so actors must be Toronto locals. If you fit one of the roles and want your shot to have a role on the series you can send in a video audition! To submit visit www.larissamaircasting.com to find the character description, audition materials and all the instructions for you video submission. If you have any questions you can email oddsquadagentcasting@gmail.com. The team asks you real all of the instructions on the website carefully before sending an email to make sure the question you have isn’t already answered on the site. You don’t need to email for permission to submit, just send in your video. The deadline to self submit is Friday, October 21st at 3:30 pm so start filming today!

4 thoughts on “PBS’s “The Odd Squad” Kids for Lead Roles

  1. Sometimes my child would love this show more if there were 8 year olds in this show and were able to audition since she is 8 and really wants to audition for a long time.

  2. My name is Jessica, and I'd love to be on the show, I've watched all the episodes, even though I'm too old for the lessons, I haven't been to acting school, but I'd like to give it a shot. How do I audition?

  3. Hi, my name is Syonna. I would love to be on this show! I've watched all of their episodes! I've been in acting school for about 3 years, and they say i'm the best n the class.

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