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“Paradise Run” on Nickelodeon Looking For Kids

"Paradise Run" Nickelodeon Auditions For Kids The Nickelodeon game show that became a hit is now back for a second season!  Here is your chance to take a shot at Nickelodeon’s Paradise Run!  MysticArt Pictures is seeking kid teams of 2 who are between the ages of 11 and 14 to compete on the show.  They are looking to audition fun, competitive and intelligent besties, siblings, cousins, neighbors, twins or kids who know each other very well.  If chosen, kids will get to compete in amazing physical and mental challenges with a chance to win the ultimate vacation experience.

On Paradise Run, contestants team up and throw down for the ultimate grand prize on Paradise Run. Each team will be faced with a series of challenges that put their physical, mental and teamwork skills to the test. Who will finish first, and who will watch their tropical dreams sail off into the sunset is the question? If your child fits the requirements and would like a chance to appear on the show, then here is your chance! Parents, if you are interested in sending in an application for your kids fill out the form on MysticArts Pictures at www.mysticartpictures.com/new-look/login.php you can also email kidgameshow@gmail.com.  Here is your chance to compete on an awesome show and appear on Nickelodeon!

Kids, if you would like to be considered, your legal guardians must apply for the show under their own profile for contestants.  Contestants must be a citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States or Canada.  In order to be considered, kids must be between 11 and 14 years old at the time of filming.  Contestants must have not appeared on a game or reality show in the last year.  Contestants must be available for up to 48 hours to film in Hawaii between May 1st – June 10th and all selected contestants must be accompanied by one parent or legal guardian.


369 thoughts on ““Paradise Run” on Nickelodeon Looking For Kids

  1. Hey,im hakeem, im thirteen, one of my bestfriends, jordan brown is who im trying to team up with in this game show. Right now he is twelve,his birthday will be on january 2 , which will make him thirteen as well. The both of us are pretty athletic, as well as we keep our grades on peak level, i think this challenge will be a great experience for the both of us.

  2. Hi, I am Kathryn and I am in 6th grade and my birthday is coming up on November 2. This is my first year at a new school and I miss my friend Savannah. I will not see her till high school,maybe!! Can you please put us in your show for us to meet agian it's been awhile since I saw her!! She is my age which is 11. We would like to be on team Ahi or team Nalu!!I am watching right now!!😀

  3. Hi this is Jackuiz Brown and my and my big brother Jonathan was wonder could we play together on your show we are 13 and 16

  4. Hi my name is Joelle I'm 13 years old my brother Michael is 10 and we love your show and would love to be on it I play football and my brother plays soccer and we would like to audition for paradise run

  5. Hey my name is jaydyn I was wondering does getting on Paradise run cost money?Also how do I get there and does the company pay for it all?

  6. Hi my name is Austin and I watch your show all the time. I haven't seen my best friend in over 3 years after he moved. I think this would be a great chance to see him again, because my parents say the plane ticket is too much. We both love challenges, and would love to be on paradise run. Please look at this comment and consider putting me on the show.

  7. HI my name is Jamya Tyson so I just went through the rough time of my life hurricane irma am 12 years old and my sister name is jakeymia Tyson she 10 years old we watch this show through the storm to make us happy

  8. I'm finally 11! I've been waiting to apply since watching the show for the first time. My friend and I are both 11 years old. We think we can win! Please give us a chance!
    Thank you!

  9. Hi my name is Brianna Oliver and I'm 11 and so is my bestfriend Bella Alexander and I am a cheer leader and she plays baseball and we both are obsessed with paradise run and would love to be on it!!:)!!!

  10. My name is Brianna Oliver and me and my bestfriend Bella Alexander are both 11 and we would lovvvveeee to be on paradise run because it is our favorite show ever and we both are very smart and athletic:)!

  11. My cousin (grace) and i (roniyah) would love to be apart of this show we watch it all the time and we love it

  12. Hi my name is Vivian and me and my friend Emma would love be on the show. We are both 11 years old and we love obstacle courses. Please let us be in your show.

  13. Hi my name is Phillip Anthony Collier J.r and I would like to go on paradise run with my best friend Jesse he's 8 and I'm 11 n we are both very good swimmers

  14. Me and my sister Megan would like to go on paradise run. It looks really fun and we would both love to be apart of it. We are ages 13 and 15

  15. Daniella Monet my name is Hallelluyah it's my dream to be on Paradise run I want to be on Paradise run I wish you will send a mail inviting me to run please make my dream come true I am nine years old my sister and I will like you to invite us her name is kossy

  16. I would like to audition for paridie run with my 9 year old friend Riley my name Rio I'm 9 I would love to go to Hawaii it will be for fun I live in the UK in England plymouth

  17. I would like to audition for paridie run with my 9 year old friend Riley my name Rio I'm 9 I would love to go to Hawaii it will be for fun I live in the UK

  18. Hi my name is Hallelluyah it's not only you that wants to be on Paradise run I want to be on Paradise run I wish they will invite me

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