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Pampers Print Ad Campaign Seeking Babies

Pampers Print Ad Campaign Seeking BabiesCould your baby be in a print ad for Pampers? A new opportunity for babies to be in an upcoming Pampers Print Ad Campaign is here! Pampers diapers and pants are made from soft, breathable materials that move with your baby as he plays and sleeps each day. Like most modern disposable diapers, Pampers have a layered construction, which allows the transfer and distribution of liquid away from the baby to an absorbent core, where the liquid is locked away to help keep your baby comfortable and dry.

Auditions for the print ad are set for Monday, August 8th. The audition will be short and sweet with casting directors snapping a few pics of your baby. Those who are booked for the ad will be flown to Los Angeles, all expenses paid, with their mom. Hotel will be paid for (if you prefer to drive, driving expenses will be picked up) and will receive per diem travel expenses along with babies to receive $500 for the shoot day and an additional $3,000 if photos are used in the ad. Mom will receive an additional $200 for being on set with baby.

Casting directors are looking to cast East Indian babies for the upcoming shoot. It is shooting in Los Angeles, California, however auditions are being held in San Francisco and the casting team is looking for Bay Area babies. Shooting will be scheduled for one day between 8/15-8/26 (leaning toward 8/21-8/26 again just one day). The team is only seeking babies who are within 13.2 to 26.5 pounds to wear medium diapers and 37 pounds and up, who still wear diapers to wear a XXL diaper. Babies must fall within these weight categories to be considered. The photo shoot will be one day between August 15th and August 26th. They are leaning toward sometime between 8/21 and 8/26.

Parents who would like their babies to be considered for an audition should send the following information to beaubonneaucasting@gmail.com: Subject line: Diaper Last Name of Family, First Names for Mom and baby/child, Cell # and home # if you have one, Full names, height, weight (exact weight of baby), Birth date/age for baby/child, Gender, Preference to drive or fly to LA, Availability for shoot (any conflicts)*2 Photos of baby/child wearing a diaper only (close up, full body). Your baby’s photos will be reviewed and casting directors will reach out if they would like you to come in for the quick audition. You must be available for both the casting and shoot dates (again only working one day) in order to submit.

43 thoughts on “Pampers Print Ad Campaign Seeking Babies

  1. My 9 month old baby has a great smile with cute dimples. His ethnicity is African American, Native American and Puerto Rican. I would love to get him started. We are excited to hear you. Thank you.

  2. Hiii
    My baby boy so so intelligent boy. He is 9th months old. He is looking smart, cutest, always happy baby.

  3. Hello sir /Madam I have a 9month old baby.. His so cute and charming.his eye or smile is too cute and attractive..and very fair colour. And his activities are too much Cute.. You are interested.. So please email me.. Thanks

  4. I have a baby 2.5 month old.he is cute and smiling baby boy.
    I would like to participate him in ad.
    Please suggest.
    We reside in Tanzania

  5. My daughter is eight months and I'd love for her to be part of the pamper brand, commercials and or being on the products

  6. Hi, I am interested in entering my 7 month old baby boy to the Pampers Contest. Could you please provide me with more information? Thank ou!

  7. My baby girl is 7 months old and I'm interested in entering her in one of these photoshoots… Can someone please get back to me on how to go about with this? For 7 months my daughter has a bunch of attitude and sass she makes the most cutest facial expressions ever

  8. My cute baby is 7 months old. He is active and always smile on his face. Also he gets dimples and when he smiles. He is healthy and nice looking kid. Also he has nice hair style with lots of hair. I want to enter my baby in ad.

  9. my sister vidhi is of 13 months and I wish she could be in advertisment.for more details please reply .she is really cute

  10. my baby is 9month old and he is soo cute and healthy. Looks like kareena Kapoor, s son. he hot two dimples.

    plz want to get chance in advertisements.

    Plz reply in below mail id

  11. My name is Marife Stutz
    My baby boy is Heinz Miccel Stutz Cornejo I would like to enter him here for any activities.
    He is cute and adorable kid.He is half swiss.

    Thank you

  12. My baby is looking awesome in 15 months of age and very active in all kinds of activities. I wish to make my baby a part of your add

  13. myname is aishwarya maru …my little cute and very active below 2 yrs sis i wanted to enter in ur baby advertisement in tv ..plzzreply me….

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