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The Originals Season 5 – The CW

The Originals Season 5 – The CWThe hit “Vampire Diaries” spinoff series “The Originals” is filming its last season. You still have a chance to be an extra on the television series. A TV show casting call for season 5 is here for you to apply to. Casting directors are searching for models and actors to portray regulars for Rousseau’s. This is a bar scene. Filming will be in Conyers, Georgia on Thursday, September 14th, 2017. Pay for chosen talent is $64.00 for 8 hours. The team is looking for fresh faces and accepting anyone who has worked in one of the New Orleans scenes.

The show is described as Family is power. The Original Vampire family swore it to each other a thousand years ago. They pledged to remain together, always and forever. Now, centuries have passed, and the bonds of family are broken. Time, tragedy and hunger for power have torn the Original Family apart. ‘The Originals’ revolves around the Mikaelson siblings, the world’s original vampires. The show stars Joseph Morgan (Klaus), Claire Holt (Rebekah) and Daniel Gillies (Elijah).

If you are interested in participating, sign up for the TV show casting call right away!

TV Show Casting Call

Thursday September 14th
Location: Conyers, GA
Rate: $64/8
Men & Women
Ages 18 and older

This applies to Fresh Faces and anyone who has worked in one of our New Orleans scenes, including our regular witches, wolves, & vampires.

To apply to be an extra on the television show email mhc.originals@gmail.com. Use the subject line NOLA Bar. Include your Name, Number, Email,Age (Must be over 18), Height / Weight, All Clothing Sizes. Current City (Distance to Conyers) and Photos (Face & Full Length). If you have experience, include your stand-in/ acting resume. If you have a car that can be used include the color, make, model and year. Please include if you have any bartending experience.

4 thoughts on “The Originals Season 5 – The CW

  1. When I saw the originals my heart jumped I clicked on it imediatly but saw it was people 18+ and I'm only twelve. I dreamed of being on the originals I thought MY CHANCE but nope I'm only 12.

  2. Hi my name is emily and i live in boston and though i wont be able to atend because my familly cant aford it i just want to say i live all of the cahracters and binge watch the tv show all the time. So if your ever filming in boston or somewhere else in new england and you guys can hook me up with transportation im your girl. By the way im 12, dark hair, around 5'1, caucation (colse to really pale), and would litteraly be willing to do anything to be on the show evwn as an extra at half pay or no pay. I just need transportation. I love you all os much!!!!!!!😙😚

  3. i have been through so much i dont have a acting coach how much is a acting coach also i dont mind doing this

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