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Motorola Ad Commercial Models

Motorola Ad Commercial ModelsDo you want to be a hand model? A Motorola casting call for hand models is here for you to apply to in 2017! The model audition is searching for fair skin men and women to appear in the upcoming Motorola ad video. The advertisement will be shooting in New York City. Motorola created the mobile communications industry. According to the company, they invented most of the protocols and technologies that make mobile communications possible.  This includes the first mobile phone, the first base station, and most everything in between!

Casting directors are hiring 2 male and 2 female models who are ages 25 to 35 years old. The paid modeling job will compensate those selected $500.00 for 12 hours of filming.  Those who have an agent will also get  a 20% agent fee. Models must have fair skin and no tattoos or scars. Women should have nice nails that are slightly longer than fingertips. Men should have masculine but not overly hairy or knuckle-y hands. An experienced makeup artist will be on set. They will paint the hand models with fun graphic visuals. The ad will be used for worldwide for one year digital, online, in-store, industrial and print.  This is a great opportunity if you are looking to start or further your hand modeling career.

Motorola Model Casting Call

Seeking -non-union hand models – I need fair skin men and women for a Motorola ad video – avail March 29 in a studio in NY, pays $500 for 12 hours plus 20% agent fee

2 male (25-35), 2 female (25-35) – fair skin, no tattoos or scars, female nice nails slightly longer than fingertips, male hands masculine but not overly hairy or knuckle-y

We will be painting these hand models by an experienced makeup artist on set, fun graphic visuals.

Usage: Worldwide, 1 year, Digital/Online, In-store, Industrial, Print

Models who are interested should email amerifilmcasting@yahoo.com. Send in hand modeling shots to amerifilmcasting@yahoo.com with HAND MODEL as the subject line. Be sure to also include your full name and contact information.

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