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Monster In-Laws
Monster In-Laws

Are you in a loving, committed relationship that has just one slight problem – you in-laws? If so the producing team behind Monster In-Laws is looking for you. The leading cable network for quality reality television is casting now for their all new docu-series and if chosen you could receive $10,000!

The A&E Network is looking to bring the same fair and honest approach that they have used on such award winning hit programs as Intervention and The First 48 to shine a light on the delicate and sometimes antagonistic relationships between couples and their in-laws. Monster In-Laws will document the day to day interactions of these families and will utilize a no nonsense relationship expert to try and repair their frayed connections for the good of all involved. Every family can have their problems, it shows true strength to accept them and to seek help. If you are going through these problems and are willing and open to receive help A&E wants to hear from you. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with a talented and dedicated relationship expert who will be there to mend your broken family bonds. Along with this professional counseling, families chosen will receive $10,000 as a thank you from A&E for their time and dedication to healing their situations. If you would like to apply for this amazing new program you can email your name, contact information, a brief description of your current in-law situation and a family photo to Meghan Griffin at INLAWCASTING(AT) GMAIL.COM or MEGHAN.GRIFFIN(AT)LEFTFIELDPICTURES.COM. You can also leave a comment about this program below and stay tuned for new details as they become available.

Not every family is perfect and the combining of two can be extremely difficult. A&E is here to help. Start on your path to healing by applying to be a part of the all new reality series Monster In-Laws today.

19 thoughts on “Monster In-Laws – A&E

  1. 15 years old
    5 4'
    brown hair
    green eyes
    the most attractive person you will meet

    My name is Nicole R. I come from a loud NJ family who enjoys camping in our free time. My interests include eating peanut butter and listening to Michael Jackson. My friends say Im funny and outgoing. I have been making films ever since I was little and would love to participate in your show!

  2. Hi I'm Tonya I am in a happy marriage with my high school sweet heart together we have 7 kids and one grandchild with another on the way. Our problem is with my mother who try's to control our life while hers is completely messed up she lives with my sister and is always putting in her two cents in. Whether it be how we take care of the children how we keep our house cleaned. It never fails she is always there to nag about it. I have even caught her stealing money from the kids which is why she no longer has access to my house.

  3. Hello my name is matthew fixel and im married to the the most loving woman on the planet. However the problem is my mom, she is constinatily telling me to leave my wife, saying i could do better and stuff, she also trys to control me by telling me where to put my money, when to be home by etc. I would love to be on this program and my wife and i would love to be chosen

  4. My husband and I are having serious issues with my mother in law. We got married in April and shes always hated my guts. I am sick and tired of her attitude with me and we are living seperated because of mental issues she has caused him!
    Myself: 21 years old
    Husband: 24 years old

  5. Age:13
    Hair Color:black
    i am lovable i can act i live in england i belive i can. you may not choose me but at least i tried

  6. Hi, i would love to be part of this production, i would be so exited, i love to act since i was little i did, i was born with it, please just give me this chance you wont regret me, for more info please contact me, i have a lot of inspiration for this since always belive me
    this would be a big step for me to start my career as an actress.

    Age: 16 look like 14-15
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 108 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: American,Latin.
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Acting Experience: Since always i act, and i can do everything, any kind of paper.
    Pd. i hope you respond 🙂
    It would be an honor to act in this production really it would be so wonderful
    Please consider me 😀 and also to act with these beautiful actresses.

  7. Hello!
    My name is Katarina.
    I'm from Serbia…. I would really like to play some role…. I speak english very goood even though I from Serbia… Please give me a chance and contact me….. Please…
    age: 14
    hair: brunette
    height: 5'9

  8. I am 15 years old and I love acting. Ive been acting since i was 10.
    Ive been in 3 plays, One with a lead role
    Height: 5"5
    Weight:11 lb
    Ethnicity:White and Black

  9. First Name: Michael

    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Height: 5,11
    Weight: 150lbs
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color:Brown
    Ethnicity: Mixed
    Talents: Acting/Modeling/Ballroom Dance
    About: This sounds lie a terrific project that I would love to become a part of. I have both experience in modeling and acting. This sound like a awesome project to meet new people and gain exposure. Please keep me in mind thank you for your time, Mike.

  10. Name: George
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'8
    Body Type: Athlete
    Hi, I am very athletic and a very talented actor. I pour my heart out when I have to become the character on set and I would love this opportunity to be apart of the project.

  11. Hi, I really would love to audition! I will do anything to be in this movie! I am 16 and would love to act for my career! Please email me I live in Nashville Tennessee. Thanks again

  12. Hello..My name is Rebecca M..I am 5'0 ft..and i weigh 108.5…I am a twenty one year old female from South eastern Pennsylvania ..who is looking for many oppritunities in life..I am always willing to work and try new things..The reason why i want to become known is because i want to inspire people to chase after their dreams and achieve them without stopping ..I also think that modeling/acting/sing..is a way other people and I can express ourselves in a way nobody has seen before.My biggest goal is to reach to the top of success and i will do anything in my power to do so. and like I said I love to try new things..I am random..so my style varies …Anyone hmu! 🙂 i will accept almost any audition 🙂

  13. Name: Harleen

    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Birthday: 1993
    Weight: 130 lb
    Height: 5"7 1/2
    Body Type: Athletic/Tone
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Hair Type: Long, Straight
    Eyes Color: Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: East Indian
    Country: Canada
    Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi
    Hi my name is Harleen, I'm from Vancouver, BC
    I've been dancing since I was 10, done a couple of roles in school plays and have just current started modelling. I've always had a passion for acting. Outgoing, Funny , Love to make new friends. Feel free to email me with info about casting.

  14. Name: Harleen

    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Birthday: 1993
    Weight: 130 lb
    Height: 5'7
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eyes Color: Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: East Indian
    Country: Canada
    Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi
    Hi my name is Harleen, I'm from Vancouver, BC
    I've been dancing since I was 10, done a couple of roles in school plays and have just current started modelling. I've always had a passion for acting. Outgoing, Funny , Love to make new friends. Feel free to email me with info about casting.

  15. Name: Christina S
    Age: 14 years old (1998 )
    Weight: 51kg
    Height: 153cm
    Nationality: Malaysian ( Chinese )
    Hair: Long ( Dark brown + Red Pink )
    Eyes: Black
    Skin: White
    Language: English , Chinese, Malay, Thai
    I hope it's not too late if I submit now
    ( Is there still any roles available, please ? )
    I live far away but my parents are wiling to bring me anywhere for auditions ( that's why I post now )
    I've dreamin' to play a role in movies.
    I play for school netball & handball team for 3 years ( till now )
    I've been taking part in few school drama & singin' activites too.
    Thanks 😉

  16. I'm 13yrs.old eager to start my career with an amazing crew. Signed up with interface agency and all my information can be obtained if interested. Thank you for your consideration.

  17. i am very friendly and love working in a team im very good at acting and modeling im willing to make a hudge effort to be in this movies casting , if you would message me back i would be happy thanks .

  18. Name: Margrét I
    Age: 15 year old
    Date of Birth: 1997
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blonde
    body: Slim
    height: 5'5 in.
    Experience: I've already played in two plays
    Talent: Act,Dance,Karate,soccer and kickbox
    Hobbies:I Love To Dance,Sing,Swim,playing soccer,kickboxing and karate
    I speak English,Icelandic,Danish,Spanish and French
    Thank You

  19. OMG ! My name is Anne-Marie G. My nickame is Anne . I'm born on March 13 1995 . i'm a 17 year old senior high student . I finish high school in a month . When I was 8 years old I made a decision:I promised myself that I would become a big actress in Hollywood . Well ..now im trying my best and yes ! I still want to be in this career because acting is in m blood and God did'nt give me a talent like this to waste it . i hope I recieve an e-mail from your company because i wouldnt want to be anything else in life !!! I want to be an actress and I promise you that I would never let you down if you picked me ! Plz e-mail me for my cell phone number and we can discuss everything ..Thankyou for reading

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