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Being Mary Jane – BET

Being Mary Jane - BET
Being Mary Jane – BET

Gabrielle Union has always been known for some time in the entertainment industry as a phenomenal talent and now she has finally landed a project to match her impressive skills. BET’s Being Mary Jane, top-lined by a tour de force performance by Union and featuring some of the smartest and most engaging writing on television today, is rolling now on an all new batch of episodes and casting calls for fantastic roles are being held now.

Being Mary Jane follows talk show host  Mary Jane Paul as she tries to balance her stresses (and joys) of her job, her family and her always in flux romantic life. Following fan favorites The Game and Real Husbands of Hollywood, this is the third scripted series offering from BET and it has quickly become the cream of the networks productions. Created by Mara Brock Akil (The Game), this moving, entertaining and empowering drama stars Union

(Bad Boys II, Think Like a Man Too, Running with Scissors) alongside Lisa Vidal (American Horror Story, Star Trek, Chasing Papi), Aaron D. Spears (The X-Files, Engagement, I Love You, Man), Margaret Avery (Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins, White Man’s Burden, The Jacksons: An American Dream), Richard Brooks (Officer Down, In Too Deep, Teen Wolf)and Golden Globe nominee Richard Roundtree (Seven, Chicago Fire, Speed Racer).

The producers and casting directors for this BET hit are looking for fresh faces to fill a number of outstanding roles in upcoming episodes and actors who are interested in landing a part on Being Mary Jane can submit themselves for consideration today. Performers can head here hyltoncasting.com/submissions/extras/ to fill oout the officlal submission forms. More BMJ audition updates will be posted throughout the season so stay tuned for more information and leave a comment and tell us what you think of the show and why you would like to land a part on BET’s Being Mary jane starring the fabulous Gabrielle Union.

29 thoughts on “Being Mary Jane – BET

  1. Hi my name is destiny Crump I am 21 years old and have been acting and singing since about the fourth grade the last 3 years I had to put my dream on hold to graduate highschool and have my 2 daughters if you give me a chance I promise not to disappoint you

  2. hello
    i am a girl who wishes this world coild be better. i was a foster kid i have been molested. and raped and grew up with no father no mother.. i am a great actress. feom what i been threw i am beautiful and strong and have alota of wisdom i always been told i shoild be a model or actress. i would like to see whats on the othwr side of life. im a leader and if i ould change the world.i.would. i am also a single mother who works hard and dont play hard i love my babie and she loves.me.and ahe wants. the best. for both of us she also could act theres so much more to our family we are great fun loving people

  3. Hello my name is Felicia and I am very talented. I am twenty years old and I live in Kenya. BMJ is my favourite series and I admire the casting of the show. I think I should be a part of the cast because I am an authentic lady with great ability to showcase anything to perfection if given the chance.

  4. Well I have been wanting to be an actor for years. I'm a good singer, artist, and actor and i am very capable of doing any and everything i need to do to succeed and follow my dream. Singing and acting always been m life and everything i wanted to do and be and i know i have what it takes to be the best i can be. Thank You!

  5. Hello my name is Rebecca And ever sense a little girl I always wanted to be a actress. I'm 22 year old young and fun I believe you have to start somewhere to become successful and I believe here I can get my big break

  6. Good evening, my name is Shavonda A. Johnson. To be cast on Being Mary Jane would be an absolutely amazing opportunity to me. Im young women that has been waiting to act all my life. I was just looking for someone to give me a big chance. I love how the character Mary Jane is a strong black women that stands up for herself, her family and the other characters as well. I feel like I will fit in with the other cast member because Im a hard working, determined person. I put my all into everything that I do. I do not give up easily.

  7. First and foremost, I'd have to say that I lovvvve this show. Secondly, I feel like Mary Jane's show reminds me so much of several ladies that I know. And I could definitely relate to her in several different aspects. Would love to be on her show. Would love to have a shot at it.

  8. I am interested in representing people of color. I have a great personality, the ability to work under pressure and adapt to change. My passion for acting comes from me being a social butterfly and always having to sell my skills talents to potential clients. My personality is infectious as well as my smile.

  9. Hi my name is Shaleesa, I think this would be an opportunity of a life time. I am going to college for theater and i would love to build my resume and have a better look on my future as an actor after college.

  10. I am the story line for Being Mary Jane. I totally connect to a lot of the characters in the series. So I feel this series would be a natural fit for me. I would be a great addition to this cast.

  11. I want to start my acting career. I've been singing since age 8 and started modeling at the age of 11. My parents always supported me in everything I did but when I graduated high school, all of the coaching and training went out of the window and was forced into collage. Now I'm not saying that I wasn't going its just, at the time I had been entertaining so long that I really did not know what I wanted to do with my life. An according, to my parents entertaining was not a career(then why did they train me to be this if it was unacceptable). Years later, while living my parents dream, in limbo and unhappy the same passion that I at 8 has become so overwhelming! I guess its safe to say you can fake it for so long until the real person that you are destined to be resurfaces. All I need is a shot at an audition not looking for a handout just the opportunity.

  12. Hello, I belive I should be picked because I am patient about any and everything I choose to do! I am very energetic and know how to make anybody smile. I love pushing people to do better and I always show my best. I am a very outgoing person and I will do whatever I need to do to get the job done. I have always pushed to be the best I can be and work as hard as I can to be the best and do the best! I will figure out the way to get the job done. I am determined! I have vision and I will not quit until it is met and most of all I absolutely love "Being Mary Jane"!! I am the one for you.

  13. I'M a 20 year old single mother,student, and worker. i was born in haiti i am mixed with haitian dominican and french. i speak creole and english. i think i will be a good fit for a role on being on Mary Jane because i have the courage and ability to become the character i am suppose to be. i am easy to work with and willing to try and do new things.

  14. Good Day, you should pick me because I'm determined, eager, and faithful to be true to this. I have only done one stage play which I'm sure it's nothing like doing TV from what I've heard. And you need sum one who can fit right into what you have now and I can assure you I'm her. So with that being said I would love to have the opportunity to become apart of your cast

  15. Hi My Name is Asia Reed AKA Symphoni and i'm twenty-one years old. I been watching this show since it premiere and i love every minute of it. I would love to be apart of this show, i have alot potential if you can give me a chance to show you that i'm serious and a hard worker.

  16. Only thing its missing is me! : ) I would love to audition if opportunity is granted. My name is Paris, I'm located in Los Angeles, CA and I would love to audition,its a huge passion along with music.

  17. Hello my name is Victoria Bedford and I am interested in auditioning for a role on this series. Feel free to contact me anytime, thank you for time.

  18. I'm Thalia and I'm 19 years old and i would just love to start a adventure. I love watching this show and I would be happy if I was apart of it

  19. My name is Kyle and I'm a 36yrs byracial person. I'm mixed with black, white, Indian. And I'm a Professional Fighter. That is getting outta boxing soon. I'm looking for a new career. I love the spot light and think I would love to be a acter also. I know I can do any thing I put my mind to. If I can Be a Boxer, than I believe I can do anything. Plus I believe I'm not a bad looking man either. Would love to talk to you soon. Thanks alot

  20. Why ? What a question. Acting is my passion. I believe in good energy I believe in spiritual connections I believe that is your spirit is that of a lover of arts…then when you find and meet you you will find your match and we will connect that is more than why !

  21. Hay my name is shaquana and i can act i kno how to cry nd get mad by using my acting skills i am dedicated to this job …

  22. Hi, my name is Jack McAfams, I'm a young 48 articulate and realistic character. I have strong features, a natural presents, that draws people to me. I have a YouTube video you could watch. Jack McAdams shark tank audition. I am available now and can travel. Thank you.

  23. I am a fledgling actor I am hungry and according to people who know I am good!I am a "natural" I attend a workshop under Scott Columby (Caddyshack,One Day at a Time, Porkys)and he is a fantastic teacher!I have done live theatre, background, and improve work. I am a recoverd alcoholic and I am 54 years old tempered in the fire and not to hard to look at:)

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