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Luxury Fashion Brand Video Adults & Kids

Luxury Fashion Brand Video Adults & KidsA luxury fashion company is looking for models, actors, kids and everyday people! Casting directors are searching to fill several roles. They are seeking chefs, dancers, artists, mechanics, young fashionistas and fashion designers, vintage enthusiasts, wardrobe stylists, explorers, creative children, parents and more! The kids casting call is looking for boys and girls who are between the ages of 5 and 10. Ages vary for the adult roles.  Pay for selected talent will be $1000.00 per person! The shoot will take place on August 27th or August 28th and August 30th or August 31st. This will be in New York City so all applicants must be based in the area. If you are interested in appearing in the brand video sign up for the casting call! This is a fabulous opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on!

Fashion Brand Video Casting Call

Updated: August 6th, 2017
Luxury Fashion Company – Brand Video for Internet Use
Rate: $1000/ per person. Rate includes 2 days (Day 1) 1 hr audio session in studio and (Day 2) filming at your location
Shoots: Aug 27th or 28th (for 1 hr. interview in audio studio) & Aug 30th or 31st (filming in your work, studio, environment, etc)


Available Roles

1 – Gourmand: Chef – likes to experiment with food and enjoys the artistry of cooking.

2 – Dancer – who is also a parent and finds joy in teaching their child to dance. (Please include your child if applicable).

3 – Sculptor/Artist – Artist whose work is easily viewed in NYC – either in a public space or widely shown.

4 – Motorcycle Builders or Mechanics –Male or Female.

5 – Young Fashion Designer / Student

6 – Young Fashionista / Fashion Influencer / Social Media Maven

7 – Vintage enthusiast – Collects and / or sells vintage clothing.

8 – Explorer – Finds joy in exploring the world/writing/ telling stories of their adventures (i.e. travel writer).

9 – Wardrobe Stylist

10 -Fashion Iconoclast (60’s to 80’s) – someone who pushes boundaries in their own personal style.

11 – Creative Child – 5 – 10 year old child who exudes creativity in any visual realm – wardrobe, art, etc.

12 – Parent – finds joy in a hobby (examples include a skateboarder, woodworker, baker, etc.).

13 – The Creative Couple – 40’s to 50’s (i.e. photographers, painters – any creative work in the visual spectrum).

14 – STEM – A Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math professional or teacher.

To apply send a video audition to jenhalperncasting@gmail.com and include your name, occupation, and favorite hobby/pastimes. Tell us what your joy is, where you find it and about your own personal journey to get to your joy!

Please film your video submission in the space that’s relevant to your story/joy (if possible).

Submissions due by August 11th.

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