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Law & Order: True Crime Season 1 – NBC

Law & Order: True Crime Season 1 - NBCAre you looking for a Law & Order casting call? If you have been looking for your chance to audition for Law & Order in 2017, it is here! The long running series is adding yet another spin-off and you could be on it! “Law & Order: True Crime” is following in the footsteps of several other shows that are recreating famous crimes. The first season will be portraying The Menendez Murders. The NBC TV show casting call is looking for SAG-AFTRA male actors. Caucasian men who are in their 20’s through 60’s and who have 1989 hair are needed. They are only looking for guys who have not yet worked on the series. Filming will be on Thursday, August 3rd, in Glendale, California.

According to NBC, Edie Falco will star in the new show. The “Law & Order” franchise delivers a gripping in-depth dramatization of the notorious murder case that changed America forever. When the Menendez brothers were tried on national TV for brutally killing their parents in Beverly Hills, their story became a national obsession. Now, the first edition of this anthology series delves into the players, the crime and the media circus, detailing the day-to-day battles of the trial and unveiling the shocking truth of what really went down when the cameras stopped rolling”.

If you fit the criteria and want to work on the series, sign up for the casting call for your chance to be chosen!

Law & Order: True Crime TV Show Casting Call


Shoots on Law & Order True Crime – The Menendez Murders on THURSDAY 8/3/17. You cannot have EVER worked this show. This scene is in a totally different state in the script.

Men with 1989 hair to portray age 20’s to 60’s: Hair must be long enough to part on side and comb over into a conservative style. It cannot be shaved on sides or super short. It should go barely past the collar in the back. NO FACIAL HAIR UNLESS IT’S A MUSTACHE.

This works Thursday 8/3 in Glendale
o submit please send a photo, taken today to:Guyysubmissions@centralcasting.com
The subject line of your email should say 8/3
Must be registered with Central Casting.

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  1. My name is shara-kaye Patterson . I am 18 years of age and from Jamaica . I am a great actor and all I need is the opportunity to shine .

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