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“Lizzie Borden” Starring Kristen Stewart

Lizzie Borden Starring Kristen StewartAre you looking for an acting audition? Casting directors are now hiring actors to work on the upcoming Kristen Stewart and Chloe Sevigny film “Lizzie Borden”. If you have ever wanted to work with the Twilight star or are just looking for a paid acting job, this is a great opportunity for you!

According to Variety, “The gothic thriller is about the Borden family being brutally murdered in 1892. Chloe Sevigny will play Lizzie Borden, an ordinary woman who longed for freedom from her father’s cold, domineering control. She was acquitted for murdering her father and stepmother with an ax. Kristen Stewart will assume the role of Bridget Sullivan, the Bordens’ live-in maid who testified at the trial as she was home when the murders were committed”.

Chad Damell Casting is now seeking background actors to work on the upcoming film. The movie that is being directed by Craig William Macneil, is now casting men and women. He is specifically seeking men with mustaches and beards and women who have shoulder length hair or longer. Women must have natural hair colors and styles, nothing contemporary. Lizze Borden will be filming in Savannah, Georgia in mid-November through mid-December. All models and actors who would like to work on the film must be willing to work as a local hire in Savannah. This means if you aren’t in the area and would like to work on the movie, you must have transportation and a place to stay as production will not be paying for anyone’s accommodations.

Lizzie Borden Casting Call

Chad Darnell Casting seeks Background Actors for LIZZIE.

Chad Darnell Casting is currently accepting applications for extras for the upcoming feature film, LIZZIE. The feature film is directed by Craig William Macneill (THE BOY) and produced by Naomi Despres and Elizabeth Destro.

Casting Director Chad Darnell seeks men and women ages 18 and older to play townspeople.
Specifically looking for men with beards and mustaches and women with shoulder length hair or longer. (No unnatural hair colors or contemporary hair styles.)

Production will begin filming mid-November in Savannah and wrap in mid-December. MUST BE WILLING TO WORK AS A LOCAL IN SAVANNAH, GA.

To apply, please email three recent photographs with the following information to CDCExtrasCasting@gmail.com : name, email phone numbers, city you currently live in, all of your clothing sizes including your coat and waist as well as your height and weight.

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  1. Hi my name is Jodie Marie. I am 15 years old and from Ireland. I have light blue eyes and pale skin and brown/blonde hair. I am 115 pounds and 5"2. I am size 8 in most clothes. I would love to have a role in this film.

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