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Let's Ask America
Let’s Ask America

Television’s hottest new game show is coming and you don’t even have to leave your computer to be a part of it! Let’s Ask America is the latest groundbreaking, heart pounding and cash bestowing  game show from ABC, the network behind the mega hit Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire and could just be the next game show giant.Casting calls will be held soon and submissions are being accepted now for the game show that may just change the game.

Let’s Ask America is a quiz show like nothing that television has ever seen. Each episode four contestants will be chosen to answer a series of poling questions on a variety of entertaining topics. With every question you answer correctly you get one step closer to walking away with a cash prize of up to $25,000 dollars. When we say walking away we mean that in the loosest of terms because when you play Let’s Ask America you don’t need to walk away – you’re already home. The contestants chosen for this amazing new daily game show will play via web chat from the comforts of their own homes, offices, parks, wherever they have an internet connection. There has simple never been a more original, exciting or lucrative game show ever on TV. Hosted by the hilarious and charming Kevin Pereira (G4’s Attack of the Show) Let’s Ask America is set to get America talking and Skype-ing all the way to the bank. Auditions for this fantastic new production are happening now. For more information about the show or to apply to be a contestant you can head here letsaskamerica.tv or send your submission with your name, contact information, age, location, photo and a short description of who you are via email here letsaskamerica@gmail.com. Leave a comment for us below and tell us why you would be a perfect contestant for this fabulous new game show and stay tuned for all of the up to the minute casting updates for Let’s Ask America.

Your time to be the next great game show contestant is here. Be the envy of all of your friends and the hero to your bank account by winning the newsest sensation on tv. Submit yourself today and you could become the $25,000 winner of Let’s Ask America.

17 thoughts on “Let’s Ask America – ABC

  1. Hello there 🙂
    My name is Nikki and I've been watching game shows with my grandma ever since I was a wee little kid. It has been one of my dreams to be on a game show and what better show then Let's Ask America!! Love the show especially because it's funny and super spontanious. You never now what the contestant will say. I'm getting married in October & would love to be able to win some money to surprise my fiancé with a honeymoon! Especially since he works so hard for our family.
    Ppplease!! Pick me and I sure I'll add a fun, exciting, and thrilling edge to your show!!

  2. Well lets see I have 3 daughters (twins + 1) and 2 grandkids…so far anyway, I have a great sense of humor, I am outgoing, very personable, have had many ups and downs in life but have always kept a smile on my face. I would give anything to be on this game show and prove to my kids that I can get do this….I am unemployed at this time to stay at home and help my daughter by watching my granddaughter so of course winning anything would be a miracle that I need and am praying for…PLEASE CHOOSE ME!!

  3. hi , well lets see…i'm 63 years old ,been married 34 years, 2 kids , 3 grandkids. been self employed for 36 years restoring furniture and antiques. i'm lucky with experiences.. i've met Mohammad Ali twice, got pushed into Bobby Kennedys limo, and removed by the secret service, got drunk with Jimmy Conners,caught a baseball at Tiger stadium, a puck at Joe Louis, and a football at the BIG HOUSE.. found $800 in a dresser,(returned to the owner),got a hole in one. swam naked in 3 oceans.my teachers said i couldn't get by on good looks and wit, but i did! love people, but i seem to be a freak magnet..love the show, makes me laugh…when it comes to life…….i'm all in!

  4. Most game shows have to grow on me. The very first time I laid eyes on "Lets Ask America". I knew I wanted to try it out. In the beginning of 2013 I purchased a new Gateway computer. There was a lot to learn. I went from using Windows XP to windows 8. Now I Skype and use the cam. And I never had a cam either. I am originally from Bklyn, NY. I remember all the soaps and The View, Jerry and Steve Wilko. I recently went to a taping of the Wendy Williams show. Just think I could play this game from home. Outstanding, because when I lived in NY I often took for granted the convenience of going to the shows taped from there.

  5. I actually applied the first year. I received a call from casting before I was able to get a webcam.I would love to have another chance.I would like to show America that I can win. I am 60 years old and would be an excellent contestant because I am competitive, smart, and most of all fun.

  6. Why not me,I am 45 and lived a hard life. I think I might know A thing or two. I have watched the show and beleave I would be good at it. Thanks for your time.

  7. I love game shows! Everytime I try to watch a game show, my wife either turns the channel or goes into the other room. If you put me on the show, my wife will get interested and I'll be able to to enjoy more quality time with my wife and family!

  8. I would love to be on your show, I've been watching from the beginning, and think it would be a blast. My husband loves the show too.Great concept! Thank you.
    Melanie Rapps Perri.

  9. I would love to part of a great game show like lets ask America.Hope I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!a great opportunity anyway.

  10. My husband would be the perfect contestant for this show, I'll tell you why. His wealth of knowledge in many things is incredible, and he would get other's interested because he is so likeable, everyone likes this guy! Choose Ted, please, he wont disappoint. I believe in him wholeheartedly,and he deserves a break in life.

  11. All knowing guy about anything and everything. Love playing and winning at trivia games. This sounds right up my alley. Not to mention I can be a real wise guy.

  12. I am bored, broke and ready for action especially with my bank account. I am ready to do something that is fun, exciting and challenging. I am an interpreter who has been unemployed since November, 2011, without prospects of finding a job real soon in this economy. I am a 65 years, vivacious woman, who is enjoys taking risks, otherwise I wouldn't have written this note.

    Caroline Donkin


  13. I believe I would be a good contestant because I love game shows I watch almost every show that come on television. Some of my favorites are wheel if fortunes and who wants to be a millionaire. Im very good with trivia questions. Ive applied for different shows but I havent had any luck landing a spot yet I hooe you pick me I would love to have a chance to be one if the first people to be a contestant on a new game show.

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