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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – NBC

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

You know it. You watch it. You love it. Now you could be a part of it. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is in the midst of yet another incredibly entertaining and incredibly successful season and there are no signs of this long running drama slowing down. Casting directors of this series that has millions tuning in each week are on the lookout for fresh faces to fill a number of roles in upcoming episodes and submissions from performers are being accepted now. This could be your shot at landing a part in one of television’s most gripping dramas.

Created by Dick Wolf, the man behind such past and current NBC hits Law & Order, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D., this powerful police procedural showcases the men and women who make up a task force that handles various sexually related crimes in New York City. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ripped from the headlines storytelling

along with the it’s sense of immediacy and rich characters has struck a chord with audiences the world over since 1999 putting it in truly rare air for TV productions. Led by the Mariska Hargitay (ER), the beloved cast of this spectacular crime serial also includes Ice-T (New Jack City), Tamara Tunie (Devil’s Advocate), Danny Pino (Cold Case), Kelli Giddish (Breathless) and Robert John Burke (Rescue Me).

Auditions for all new episodes of NBC’s legendary series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit are taking place now and will continue to be held throughout the season. Actors interested in submitting themselves for open roles in upcoming episodes of this hit NBC drama can head to centralcasting.com/NY/actors/index.html for more casting call information. Stay tuned to this post for every audition update on this production and leave a comment with us below and tell us why you love the show and why you would like to score a role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit starring Mariska Hargitay. One of TV’s most watched series is still going strong and soon you could be a part of it. Apply today.

45 thoughts on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – NBC

  1. I would love to work with the cast i am with a fire department now and i would love to be on the show with you guys.i would love to also be firefighter or paramedic working with one of the cops or the victim

  2. Hey. My name is Charles. I am a gigantic fan of Law and Order SVU. I would love it if I could have that chance to be casted on the show. I watch SVU religiously day and night, re-runs through re-runs. This newest season I love the cast as always and also love the newbies. Olivia you are the best, Detective Finn you are the man, Dr. Huang I adore your intelligence, I’m studying to be a forensic psychologist actually. This show has made me want to study this because of your inspiration. A.D.A Barba you are soo talented and a great lawyer. Detective Munch you are so witty, wise, and a interesting character

  3. I love this show n the whole cast. Everyone calls me Mariksa cause everywhere I go people tell me I look like her n I work for a police department. The show is real n that's what makes u drawn to it Maybe u can cast me as her sister. Lol

  4. Hi my name is Sasha I am 13 years old 14 in may I love law and order svu its my favorite thing to watch I've always wanted to be an actor on this show my favorite character on this show is Amanda Rollins (Kelli giddish) I have dark brown hair,brown eyes,tall,and chubby .
    I've acted in school productions before I can act sing and dance
    And I would love to be on this show it would be like a dream come true
    Please email me back to find out more
    Thank you.

  5. I would love to act on a law and order a svu episode. Everything that goes on in the world and the sad things that happen to people break my heart. This show shows how the world is and what people go through. I want the best for everyone. Mariska Hargitay is my favorite actor and think does a tremendous job at showing that people don’t have to go through it alone. I have seen every single episode. Sometimes I can’t watch it because it makes me cry, but this show is something. It would be my dream to be a part of a show that I look up too. I’m also a dancer and have been a dancer seance I was about 3 years old.

  6. God afternoon my Name is Shawnā (Shaw nay)Elkins, I am a Libra and I say that because I am such a true representative of the sign I was born under. I am outgoing yet shy, I am fearful yet fearless, I am I am front and center yet can fade into the background I believe I am balanced such as the scales of my zodiac sign.

    I have never acted before on a stage, but it is in my bones. I would love to have an opportunity to audition for this amazing cast, even if it didn't result in an actual appearance on the show. To have an audition would be astonishing honor.

  7. Hi my name is Elisha Gill. I'm 18 years old. I have dark brown eyes. My favorite color is blue. I'm from New York City born and raised. I like basketball, football and music. I also watch Law And Order all the time and it would be very exciting to have an opportunity to be apart of something new on tv.

  8. Hi guys,
    I will be 50 this year and would like to start my bucket list. At the top of that is acting and what better show to act in than the great Law and Order SVU? I have no acting experience but I have always been told I have a gift for it.

  9. Hello I should be apart of this show I been wanting to be on this show for the longest,and I'm an aspiring actress I live this show. I current
    Live in NYC so I'm not far from Manhattan.

  10. I am 13, 5'3, blue eyes, brown hair with a bit of green and purple, 144 pounds. I would be a great actor on this show because I have practice and play the victim. I was told that I would do great in this show as a victim because I am good at drama and acting. I have seen every show of SVU and I would love working with Mariska Hargitay. Can we do auditions with Skype then fly me there?

  11. I have no experience with a TV show, it's my dream to do this and work with Mariska Hargitay!

  12. I am 13 years old and in January 23 I will be 14. I have brown hair, I am 5'3 with blue eyes. Some of my hair is dyed purple and green. That can be changed though. I am really good at acting and drama, I can play a serious part or a lying part. Even a super dramatic part in which I am the victim. I have always been told someday I will be an actor. I don't have an agent or anything, I practice at home. I re-act shows or make up my own. I am great with drama and acting. I act this show a lot. I've seen just about every episode. I'd be perfect as a victim! By the way, my email says gymnast, I am not a gymnast anymore!

  13. I love this show and would love to be considered for an Audition. I am 30 years old but I look younger. I can play characters anywhere from ages late twenties to late teens. I have a headshot and a resume and would love to be considered.
    Thank you

  14. My name is Francesca and I am 20 yrs. I am English and speak fluent Spanish also. I would very much love to have a role in L&O SVU and to start my career as an actress. It would be great to hear back from you!

  15. I have watched almost every episode of SVU. I wouldn't even care if i was cast as a dead body it would just be cool in it self.

  16. I believe i should be a part of the show because i watch the show all the time and know it like the back of my hand. I really think i have what it takes to be on the show and help aware people of the beauties of justice. I know the show is about bringing justice to those who have been wronged and creating awareness of the evil in the world. I would absolutley love to be a part of the ground breaking series Law and Order SVU and would be honored if you would give me a chance to be part of justice.

  17. I'm currently watching SVU which is my usual go to show when I just want to chill. SVU is my favorite series on television and I've always wanted to be on the show as like the psycho; had a mental break down type of suspect lol. I think I can pull it off! I respect this show for it's continuous entertainment and understanding of (depicting) real life situations. I'm ready for this opportunity!

  18. I should be apart of law and order special victims unit because I am a great actor and would love this opportunity. you can check me out on youtube faysongs!!! I'm outgoing and can change my look very quickly. I hope to hear from the producers soon.

  19. My name is Paula, I'm a 40 yof born in the Azore Islands, I speak fluent Portuguese and some Spanish. I have always loved to act (in front of friends and family) SVU is one of the best written dramas and it would be an honor to hold if even only a 10 second spot on the show.

  20. Hello, I am a 44 year old female, 5-7", 135lbs. No modeling or acting experience. Would love an opportunity to explore television and work with a great leading lady like Mariska.

  21. Hi my name is Earricka Farmer. I would love to be in Law in Order SVU it my favorite Law and Order series and I know I would do my part well at any part that you give me because I'll try my best. I'm 19 years old and really won't to act. So please give me a chance!

  22. I'm a 1/2 Germanic 1/2 Slav 37 year old once athletic now flabby male 5'9" 210 with brown eyes and brown hair with a few grey on a sparsely covered head.

    I'm looking for extra work as I have no acting experience.

  23. Im Emmanda im 14 from houston but live in tampa something diffrent about me is i dont really look my age people say i look older. Ill be 15 november 16. I sing and act. Im black and im kinda tall. I honeslty have great ideas for new episodes if you can email me ill tell you everything. Love Emmanda

  24. Hello, my name is Alyssa Bird, and I go by Ally. I would love to audition for a role on TV. This show is brilliantly written, and I'd cherish the opportunity to showcase my skills.

  25. I'd love to audition for a small role or even an extra. I want an opportunity to gain some sort of experience doing anything.
    Gender: female
    Age:18 although I look younger
    Hair: brown
    Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino can pass as Native American
    Location:from Nee Jersey but can travel to NY.
    Please contact me vas soon as possible.
    Thank you so much for the consideration.

  26. I am a 15 year old African American boy with a great smile and personality. Although I have no prior acting experience I know I can do this ,I get told by people all the time. I am willing to work and I want to be on a show. Please give me a chance. Amd I really love this show, I watched every episode and have ideas for new ones.

  27. My name is Jasmine.I'm 21 years old. Black Hispanic. Want to land a role of extra or better. Really confident that I will make a nice fit. Hope to be contacted.

  28. I am absolutely in love with this show and it would be a pleasure to be a part of it in any way that i can. I am 5'4, slim, brown eyes, brown hair, caucasian and am 20 years old. I speak Russian and live in Brooklyn, NY. If I had to choose anywhere to start my acting career it would be on Law & Order. It would be a dream come true if I ever got the opportunity.

  29. I have watched Law and Order: SVU since I can remember. This show is amazing! I love the reason behind the SVU Bureau- be the voice of the voiceless. It's an incredible show!

  30. I should be part of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – NBC Audition in 2015, I believe with the right directors my hidden talents can be unveiled.

  31. Hello! I'm 14 years old and I'm Rwandan-American. I wear glasses and right now my hair is styled in long black extension braids, but my hairstyle changes pretty often. I'm about 5'2 or 5'3 and I weigh about 145 pounds, yeah I'm kind of on the chubbier side, but I would absolutely love to be considered for any kind of role on one of the greatest shows that's ever blessed this country. I watch reruns on USA Network almost every day and I just love the show and find the story lines interesting and unique. Now, my acting experience is very low, considering my lack of opportunity. I have tried out for a whole bunch of school theatre productions but I guess theatre's not really my thing, maybe television could be. Even being an extra at a school or something would be fine but you have my contact information. So I'll leave it at that.

  32. I TOTALLY LOVE LAW AND ORDER!!! I believe I've watched every episode. It is so thrilling to try to play detective from my sofa. The cast is awesome! I would love to be a part of the cast of Law and Order. Currently, I teach middle science and ELA in Cleveland, Ohio. I have an eye-catching appearance and I know I will add a different flavor to this drama. How awesome would that be to become a part of a tv series that you so faithfully watch. I am beautiful and innovative. I've always wanted to appear on television . This would be a grand experience!

  33. Hey iam a junior at university of Memphis and I am taking up criminal justice. All my life I have watched law and order.When I get out of school I plan on moving to new york to work for the SVU.That why I think I would be great for the show because that's what I would like to make my career out of.

  34. I have been watching the show for years. There's times I see the tapping when scene are being shot, hoping to at least get in on the action by being at the right place at the right time. Being in the show would definitely be a great blessing. I would love to pay a role interacting with Mariska! Even if it was for only 5 seconds. The whole cast looks like they have a lot of fun with shooting the scenes.

  35. Hello, I would love to act on Law & Order SVU. I've never had any acting experience, and I would love to start. I'm fifteen years old and I've loved acting, singing, and dancing from ever since I can remember. I can learn quickly and it's very easy for me to pick up new things.
    Chalece Major

  36. I would like to be a part of Law & Order SVU because I love this show it's so exciting and full of drama it would be a adventure to be on the show.

  37. I would like to be apart of law&order because it would be something new for me to try and see how it goes. Even if you don't pick me it would be fine because life is all about taking risks and holding it all by chance. Hope your talent search goes well. Good Luck
    Makenna Watkins

  38. I am a 24 year old female. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5' 2" and have previous acting experience. I also sing and am able to learn quickly. I would love to be a part of Law & Order: SVU. Theatre is a large part of my life and I would like to continute to grow in this field of study.

    Thank you,

  39. I would like to be noticed for acting, or being an extra. TV sound really great to be a part of it. Very exciting to be on tv. To start a new career.

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