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Last Train To Memphis – Movie

Last Train To Memphis
Last Train To Memphis

Get ready all of you talented, up and coming young actors because the audition of the year is coming and this one just may make history. The producers and casting directors for the all new feature film biography Last Train To Memphis are on the lookout for a lead actor to tackle the role of none other than Elvis Presley himself and you can apply online today. This is the kind of role that performers talk about when they say “role of a lifetime” and the final casting will be happening soon. Don’t delay, submit yourself today for your shot at portraying one of the most incredible figures in history on the big screen!

Last Train To Memphis will tell the story of a young Elvis, specifically focusing on the fascinating time leading up to his meteoric rise to worldwide fame and legend. This fabulous film will showcase the “King Of Rock And Roll’s” unbelievable talent, drive and determination as he created the indelible music of not only a generation but an entire lifetime the world over. This 20th Century Fox project will be constructed as a more time specific take on such past award winning music artists tales such as Ray starring Oscar Winner Jaime Foxx, The Buddy Holly Story featuring Academy Award nominee Gary Busey and La Bamba which included an iconic performance by Lou Diamond Phillips. This is a role that will have all of Hollywood swooning and will surely be a career-maker for whomever is lucky to land it.

The open casting call for Last Train To Memphis is being held online and is looking for a performer to portray the legend from ages 18-22. Interested performers can apply today by heading here youngelviscasting.com for all of the audition instructions. More details will be coming soon and more roles will be announced so stay tuned for more updates on this outstanding project and leave a comment below and tell us why you want to audition for the iconic role of Mr. Elvis Presley in Last Train To Memphis.

41 thoughts on “Last Train To Memphis – Movie

  1. Hello, my name is Phillip Holder. I'm 18 years old and have loved elvis since i first heard his voice. I am very confident in my ability to act as the king himself. I can sing young elvis songs flawlessly.

  2. Hey my name is Jonathan dino and I would love to be in this movie. I was an original actor for
    Ravenswood being shot in mem near ridgemont created by Adrian Dent. But we got sold out. And a fellow team member sold our idea last min. Either way I would love to play Elvis but the role I get wount matter. I'm just a guy who wants to start a acting carear by any way possible. So plz let me know if y'all have any positions for any other music artist that can be in this film like a Jonny cash or a jerry ray lewis. Please let me know something and help me with my dream. Or I will make a deal with someone who can make my dreams possible. is my cell. Hope y'all make an amazing film god bless.

  3. Hi, I am the Marketing Manager for Brycen Katolinsky who is currently playing the role of Elvis Presley in the Million Dollar Quartet for Norwegian Cruise Lines. Brycen is interested in auditioning for the role of Elvis Presley. Please email my Marketing Manager for my resume that has embedded videos and my reel. Many Thanks.

  4. Hi, I am the Marketing Manager for Brycen Katolinsky who is currently playing the role of Elvis Presley in the Million Dollar Quartet for Norwegian Cruise Lines. I am interested in auditioning for the role of Elvis Presley. Please email my Marketing Manager for my resume that has embedded videos and my reel. Many Thanks.

  5. Im a small town guy who never has had a whole lot but plenty of love and compassion has followed me threw my years in much relation to Elvis Aaron Presley, im 5'8 dirty blonde hair and deep blue eyes just like the king. I have a pompadour and rock it with pride because elvis is an inspiration to me and im never getting rid of this hair! I would love to play the role in this movie. I have a passion for this man and would have no choice but to portray him as he really was. Cant find any where to submit any videos but if interested please email me asap and i will get back to immediately with an audition video. Thank you very much
    Chase Austin Dixon

  6. Hello my name is Jenny! I'm a native of Mississippi but I live downtown Memphis very close to filming. I'm a African with Native American background. My grand parents were Cherokee. I'm slender build, 5'4, brown eyes, and shoulder length nature dark black straight hair. I grew up in Mississippi watching old Elvis movies. I would love to be considered for role as a extra in this movie.

  7. Hi I'm Dave Laman and I would love to play the part of Elvis Presley. I've been acting and singing since I was 12 years old. I was born in Nashville, Tennessee so I know a lot about growing up there. I have dark brown hair, parted and wavy and I'm willing to die it black. I have blue eyes, white skin, I'm 160 pounds and 5'7 and age 18 If I got a any part in this movie, I would give it all I've got and follow all the instructions of the director. Please email my mom if you have any questions. Thanks

  8. I am 12 years old and love ELVIS, my room theme is ELVIS and I have an Elvis monopoly…

    So I would love to play a younger version of ELVIS!!!

    I am a tall going into 7th grader that is 105 lb.

    I am really hoping you can let me in I would DIE FOR THIS ROLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hello, I am Titilayo and I'm 15 years old. I have always loved the history behind Memphis and Elvis Presley. I would die for the opportunity to be apart of your cast. I'm not afraid to be optimistic and get out of my comfort zone . I'm driven with ambition and fulfilled with a thriving passion for the performing arts.I would love to be apart of this experience

  10. Hold up! Wait a minute! Let me put some Memphis in it! I'm 19 years old with a heart full of soul.I'm a soul man,a cross cutting saw,and a smooth opperater.I have been singing every since elementary, from" kids in blues" to "STAX Music Academy".I don't know how to read music, maybe because it's in me,all around me.Oooyess its evening in the people I see.You can say I read music with my ears.I am an Afro american with an afro.There's so much Memphis has to offer that I want to share,but it first starts with me.I know that there's a seat for me on the Memphis train,I you can hear me Now!

  11. Hi My name is Carlyn Malone, I'm 12 years old, 100lbs and would love a role in this film. I am not a experienced actor but would love to get my start here. I acted in local school plays but that's the only way I can get known for acting.
    Singing is my passion and I'm in love with my talent.

    I am a African American female. I have Dark brown hair-looks black a little.
    Have a light brown skin tone and a petite figure. I also have dark brown eyes.
    Please email me if you could give me any further information. By the way , also a Memphian. Thank you

  12. My name is Tatum. I love acting! I take acting classes at my school and church. I live in Memphis,TN. My dad was Elvis for Halloween. I even know that Elvis loved peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I'm 9 years old, 70 pounds and I am 4'5". I'm athletic and love life. If I get a role in this movie I will work really hard to capture the vision of the character. I will also be so happy! I look forward to hearing from you!! Thank you!

  13. Hi. I'm just a girl looking to become an actress. My name is Rachel. I'm 14 years old, I am a brunette, I have either light blue, light green, or light gray eyes. I am 5'3" with and athletic build. I'm a white American with European backgrounds. I would really love to become am actress, and I would be just about any part, plus if I ever got a part in something, I would completely dedicate myself to being the best that I could ever do at being that character. I would love to be in The Last Train to Memphis. Thank you so much for your time.

  14. Hello my name is Avery Roland. I am 16 years old, 5'9, and 135 lbs. I have brown hair, and dark brown eyes, and I have tan skin. I am athletic and love to act. I have been in plays with my high school and my cousin is a film director. I love the story of Elvis Presley and would love to be in this movie. I am from Tennessee, so I have a good southern accent. I love acting and would give it my all. Email me if you have any questions. Thank you 🙂

  15. My name is Seth Pleasant. I am 8 years old. I have already worked in a filmed called Comatose as little boy. I liked working with the cast and crew and enjoy acting. I also model and take dance classes in ballet and tap. My family loves Elvis. My great-great aunt has down syndrome and all her life she has "been married" to Elvis and she has collection of everything Elvis. I would love to be in Elvis history. I even hAve a slight southern drawl.

  16. My name is josh kisner and I am 5' 9". I live close by to Graceland and Elvis's ranch is a block from my house. When I grow my hair out people tell me all the time I look like Elvis Presley and I can impersonate him great. I love his music and story and history and would love to audition for a role in the movie. I am 22 years old and a great actor with no experience but a lot of feedback from doing small impersonation roles throughout years. Please get with me and give me a chance I'm a hard and motivated worker.

  17. Hello, my name is Mariah and I'm 17 years old (18 in October.) I have brown eyes, black hair that goes down my back, and I have an olive skin tone. I am 5'6, 140 pounds and acting is my life. I have been in numerous plays in middle school continuing into high school. I've also taken theatre classes outside of plays, and I can sing. I am fun to be around and I work well with others. I can also take direction and learn quickly. I have never seen myself doing anything else with my life except acting. This is 100 percent my passion and it would be a great honor to be given a chance to audition for any role in the movie. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me with questions or concerns. Thank you!

  18. Hello, I'm Sofija Heintzleman. I am 5 foot 7, 130 pounds, have long dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and a bit on the curvy side. I am 15, and have been doing productions at schools and at my theatre company as long as I can remember. I've often been told that I have a 1950's look, and usually get cast in good-girl roles, or the complete opposite. I would love to be considered for a part in this show, so please give me a chance. Thank you.

  19. I trained at john casablancas modeling and acting center . I take my work very seriously . I have personility , passion & more . 🙂 i am 1ther an extra in the back or more . I just wanna expeirence it ., and i live in memphis also !

  20. It's good to see a future movie with the word "Memphis" in it considering that Elvis Presley will be the star role! I am interested in trying out for the audition of Priscilla Presley if any auditions will be available for her part. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. (In which city will you be filming this movie?) Caucasian, 5'8 Brown Hair Hazel Green Eyes


  21. My name is Chasity Duckett. I'm from Memphis,TN and I'm 18 years of age.
    I'm 5'0
    I'm 118 lbs
    Caramel chocolate like skin-toned
    I'm African American with light brown eyes
    With long hair
    I would like to audition for this movie because I'm a Elvis fan of course and I have what it takes to play a role in this movie. I will use my hard work and determination to focus and get the job done. I always wanted to start someone that's associated my hometown and I think this movie is so perfect.
    Please contact me anytime, thanks so much!

  22. Hello my name is Holly Hamilton and I am 37 years old however I look younger than that. I have dark brown/black hair and dark brown eyes. I am 5'4" and weigh 130 pounds. I would love to be considered for the role of Priscilla Presley. I was born and raised in East Tennessee and I have loved Elvis' music since I was a baby. I can send a photograph if needed. Thank you for your time and consideration for a role in a movie portraying the greatest music artist of all time. Thank you, Holly Hamilton.

  23. Hello my name is Trever Reed and I was born and raised in East Tennessee. I have grown up listening to Elvis' music my whole life and would love the opportunity to act in this iconic film. I am 15 years old however will turn 16 in October and I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5'8". I can send photo if needed. I enclosed my mothers email address for now as mine is bring changed and I did not want to miss out on any return emails. Thank you for your time and the chance to be considered for a role portraying one of the greatest music artists the world has ever seen. Thank you, Trever Reed.

  24. I can so look like Pricilla if you are looking for a young version. I am half indian, half english, nearly 19, live in London, able to learn accents very quickly.Would love to be invovled in this great movie to be, my mum is a life long fan of Elvis and this would make her so happy if I was offered and audition. Willing to travel. Please see my cv and pic on the following link: spotlight.com/0215-0193-9929 Looking forward to hearing from you and will hold my breath till I do :). LaurenH

  25. I have lived and breathed Elvis since age 2 when I heard my first Elvis song. I am a graduate of American Academy of Dramatic Arts and a Sag union member I was born to play a role in this movie. I believe that the greatest gift Elvis left us was his ability to break the barrier that existed between white and black music he is a true hero of his time. Without him look at what great music might have been lost to all of us!!

  26. Hi my name is Shaun Wigington and I also go by Bones. I am a 36 year old male with short brown hair and hazel eyes.

    I'm 5'10 and 175 pounds.

    I am looking to be a movie extra in this movie. I'm a Memphian and I have a Memphian southern accent if there's a speaking part. Please email me if you have any questions. Thank you.

  27. Hello from the Birthplace of Elvis. My name is Abby and I am a proud 13 almost 14 year old that is proud to live in the area where Elvis was born and grew up. I have been to Elvis' Birthplace several times and I have also visited Graceland. I am in Memphis frequently and love that city and it's history. I would love for you to consider me for any part or extra. I love to Sing,Act, and Dance. Abby H. Thank you for your consideration. I am hardworking and would love to be a part of this opportunity.

  28. Hello. My name is Ashley Beckley. I would love to be considered for any part in this movie. I graduated from college with an Associates degree in Theatre. I have been acting for a long time and I love doing it. I am really hopeing to get a part in a big movie real soon, and I'd love for it to be this movie. I believe this movie will be a classic one day. I am a hard worker and I will hard hard for you if I'm selected for a part. All I'm looking for is that one person who is willing to give me a shot to show the world what I can do. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  29. Greetings,
    I live New Jersey, am 15 years old, am approx. 5'7-5'8 in height, weigh approx. 115 lbs, have dirty blond hair, and blue eyes.

    I have been devoted to my choir as a tenor for 5 or so years. For auditioning for my first play in the eighth grade, I received the lead role. I am a HUGE 'King' fan and would love to contribute. I am adaptable, very charismatic and enjoy working with others. I hope you may consider me for a smaller role as you guys probably figured out your leads. If given an opportunity I will give it my all. Feel free to contact me at my email. Good luck!

  30. Hi my name is Ciara Flynn. I am 16 and from Ireland. I love to sing and act. I take part in musicals and any other things that involve music in my school. I was involved in drama classes for three years. Obviously I cannot go for the part of Elvis himself, but I would love to audition for any other part needed.

  31. Grew up with Elvis adn would love to work background extra work in this film in any way just to be apart of the project
    thank you

  32. Hi I'm kaleigh. I'm 11, 5'2 and I can sing dance and act. I've always wanted to be know for something and I think acting is where I wanna start. I would like to play ether a extra in the back or someone's kid or just be hanging around where ever Elvis goes in here and like run in to him I really want this I know your probably getting a lot of these but please consider mine you won't regret it!

  33. Hi my name is Lizzy, I'm 19 years old and i would like to be a part of this movie. for starters i LOVE Elvis Presley, i grew up listening to him, I'm a big fan. i have been acting since i was 3 years old, acting is my passion and to be apart this movie would be incredible, and the most amazing experience ever.

    im 5'7
    weigh- 135 lbs
    light eyes
    and I'm from miami florida.

    thank you

  34. Hi I'm Angie! I'm 24 years old and I'm originally from Peru but I have lived in the states for about 22yrs. I would love to be part of this movie. I study acting, dancing, and singing so I'm definitely all about this industry. I would love the opportunity to be part of such a great project and I can assure you that I will be the best at it. Some stats about myself: 5' 3" weight: 130 age: 24 Hispanic. If I've been compared to any known movie star, it's Roselyn Sanchez. I actually audition a couple of times before and I was told that I could be her daughter or younger version of her. I would love a chance to make it big. Please please please, pick me! Thank you.

  35. hi my name is angela im an african american i know you are looking for Elvis Presley impersonator but i would love to be apart of the last train to memphis im not from memphis but i was just in a movie that was film n memphis. im from lamar mississippi. i was n still is a fan of Elvis Presley. i would love to b a part of this movie as a house keeper or nanny cook or something.

  36. Please send me information on the upcoming audition for Last Train to Memphis as I am very interested to learn more. Thank you so very much.

  37. my name is ryan I can and have done the southern accent in shows before and I have a great southern look as well so email me if you can. thank you

  38. Hello, my name is Micah and I have loved Elvis Presley all my life. My favorite love song is Wise Men Say, and my favorite rock song is Blue Suede Shoes. It would be an honor to play Elvis.

  39. Hi my name is Emily I am 14 years old from Manchester UK.I have Brown hair,Green eyes and I am around 5'3.I've wanted to be an actress ever since I was little it is my dream and I would love the opportunity to be in this movie.Please email me it would be amazing -Thank you

  40. My Name is Rie and I want to be a part of the Elvis story. I am a huge Elvis fan. I am 21 a natural blond girl who is 5'4 and I love acting its really all I live for and I would like to audition for this movie

  41. Hi, my name is Catalina, but everyone calls me Cat. I have:

    really dark brown hair, long and straight (Willing to dye hair)
    Dark brown eyes
    Tan skin

    I'm 160 pounds and 5'2
    Age 15

    I have been in all of my local plays since 1st grade. I have devoted my whole life to acting. Singing is another talent of mine. I am currently working towards attending Juilliard school of performing arts in New York City. If I got a part in this movie, I would give 110%. Email me if you have any questions. Thank you

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