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Knock Knock Live – Fox Reality TV

Knock Knock Live
Knock Knock Live

The producers of the beloved hits American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance are ready to take the reality TV genre and change it forever, all while changing people’s lives forever. This hybrid game show, wish fulfillment experience hosted by the one and only Ryan Seacrest is headed to television’s everywhere and it may just head to your front door. Online submissions for the TV event of the year are being accepted now.

Knock Knock Live will be unlike anything that audiences have ever seen. The show will take interactive television to an incredible new level – the audience will never know when, who or what is coming! Each episode contestants will be selected from a online submissions submitted and will be surprised by one of Mr. Seacrest’s (who will be overlooking the proceedings from Los Angeles control room) co-hosts who will knock on their door with a once in a lifetime experience. Will it be a huge celebrity to greet you? Maybe you’ll play an exciting game to win the money to pay off your mortgage… The possibilities are endless and absolutely fabulous.

Men and women, boys and girls across the nation can apply today to be a part of this one of a kind reality TV series. Knock Knock Live is accepting submissions now from interested contestants aged 14 and over (if under 18, permission from a parent or guardian will be needed). To fill out the official show application (for which you will need to attach a photo of yourself or the person you are nominating) and upload or record your required video submission you can head to knockknocklive.com/apply-nominate/. More audition information for this amazing new series will surely be on it’s way and will be posted here as it is received. Stay tuned for casting information and updates and leave a message in the box below and tell us what you think of the production, what your dream Knock Knock would be and why you would like to be considered to be a part of Fox’s Knock Knock Live.

Knock Knock Live could be coming right to your doorstep, are you ready to answer? Apply today for your shot at being a part of this unbelievable reality TV series.

18 thoughts on “Knock Knock Live – Fox Reality TV

  1. Knock, knock, what would my family and or myself be completely surprised to see on the other side? Well, I would have to say that for my son it would have to be anything WWE related. He's 8 years old and his world consists of matches, figures and the stories of the "good guys". I would give about anything to be able to take him to a live event where he has the opportunity to meet his favorite role models! Now for my daughter (maybe a very small choice for me as well ) it would have to be Disneyland. She is 5 and truly believes that there is a prince waiting for her to have as his own someday, as well as a prince looking for her mommy, to never make her cry a tear. She has never been a child of a 2 part mother father family. We separated when she was 4 months old. She becomes very sad while looking at her brothers baby pictures which include family vacations, parties..ect. And she becomes very emotional over her lack there of the life moments her brother was given. She holds on to the Disney Fairy tail that dreams do come true and I want more that anything for her to never lose hope, imagination or abiliy to believe. And I long to only have the amazing memories that my children will hold onto and cherish of time spent together for days and years to come. Thank you, and I cross my fingers and pink painted toes to be part of this.

  2. Hello, I would love to be a part of the show "Knock Knock" I have been a single mother of two working 4 jobs while putting myself through college only to be downsized and laid off once once I earned my degree. When laid off thee country was in recession and I could not find a job in my field leaving me to take a grueling job that pays very little. I am approaching retirement age quickly and need to put back money for retirement but my mortgage takes everything I make leaving me nothing to save for my future. I love reality TV and how it has encompassed the general public and changed lives. I believe reality TV gives the average person HOPE.

  3. I am honestly so tired of being pent up in my house, I am looking for some awesome experiences and the ability to start a career in the arts.

  4. My wife and I would love this great chance to win and pay off our home, purchase a second car and maybe get some health insurance…. This would be so awesome to get the opportunity to make a change in our lives!!

  5. My link will explain it all…..I am highly motivated and extremely dedicated

    Ever seen a right leg amputee wheelchair dancer..give it up on the dance floor?

    My dream would be to get a team of Lawyers to pursue my civil rights, disability rights, human rights and constitutional rights in repossessing my lifesavings of 400k plus from a group of attorneys, conservators and an executor that illegally had me as a deceased ward on paper to rob an alleged dead man. I am alive and well and dance to bring awareness to the injustices in this World…I know I am not the only victim of this type of fraud. This is my therapy and I share the energy with a smile…struggling when I've already paid my sacrifice to live without the daily struggle…I need a vehicle for
    wheelchair…WELL Time to TURN UP you…I bet I put a smile on your face ..Enjoy!!!

  6. Hi I'm perrell I love the show will love to be on I make straight a 'an b's perfect school attends. I just love the show.

  7. I am a single mother of two teen girls who are amazing and have overcome so much. My youngest had aspbergers and my oldest tries to take care of us all because I have heart problems, fibromyalgi,lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. I would love for more than anything t do something special for my girls who make good grades particpate in church and love with everything they have.I work hard but as a single mom I can't take them to places like disney. My youngest daughter wants to me the cast of girl meets world because they did an episode about autism and acceptance. My oldest has a beautiful voice and would love to meet Taylor swift. My entire world is about providing for my girls. Thank you for your consideration.

  8. I work in a hospital ,manager,& advocate,problem solver,mother and ear to listen . Helping and listening to cancer patient with helping them by talking ,scheduling procedure which would make there life easier dealing with lymphadema after surgeryand getting thru a most difficult time in there life.,co-worker with a ear to listen and a single mother of three for 25 year .recently married 5 years . Also finically struggled all my life as a child &adult.. 2010 had under gone a bilateral mastectomy.my self. Which makes me understand the difficult process these patient dealing with breast cancer deal with day by day.. I have such a rewarding job. Just like to make life easier for my family and give back to these patient

  9. My name is Ashley and where do I begin? I had my son when I was 17 years old. His father left us so it was just him and I. I am 30 years old now. I have managed to become a nurse but I have drowned myself in student loan debt. Being a single mother hasn't been easy as I wanted to be like other kids my age when I had my son. I chose extracurricular activities instead of my son. I didn't care about loans and chose to continue taking out student loans to help out. I'm currently living paycheck to paycheck with a lot of my check towards paying off the debt. There's no end in sight.

  10. Knock and who there fun fabulous me.Give Us a try we will not disappoint you or the viewers 🙂

  11. I would love for knock knock live to knock on my door my husband is the only one who works we have 3 kids I have an older car I need a new one that won't break down we don't have the funds to keep fixing it we have bills to pay and I can't work cause I have a bad back we can't afford a new car it would be a blessing to get a new car please make our dreams come true and knock on our door.

  12. My student loans are overwhelming and I worry about my future. I am a child of incarcerated parent attempting to get past my father's incarceration and show my brother's that life isn't too bad. After nine years, I am finally going to graduate with a bachelor's degree. My life was completely different when the loans were accepted. Not to mention, I had no idea what a loan actually contains at 18. This is a problem for many people my age and I would like the story to be told.

  13. Proud Navy spouse of 21 years, and mom to 10 year old son. Husband finally retired from Navy and we have settled in Denver after having moved all around country and overseas.I am looking for new career and some excitement in my life during the job search. Have a strong passion for the performing arts…love to be onstage to sing and dance! After surviving health problems during past 4 years, I no longer have any fear in life! I now love to try new things. I even went skydiving! Thank you, Lauren

  14. I am a 35 year old husband to my beautiful wife Veronica, and a dad of 4 children, 2 boys (Zach and JJ)and 2 girls (Mia and Annabelle), that I all love so much. My dream would be to be able to take all of my entire family of 6, on an unforgettable vacation like Hawaii or something like that. Something truly amazing like that.Unfortunately I battle with a circumstance that sometimes makes it difficult for this to happen. I was diagnosed as a teenager with TYPE 1 Diabetes and therefore I am insulin dependent. Up to today I have approximately taken 21,000 + injections of insulin. The injections aren't the difficult part, it's the ups and downs of the effects of my illness that cause me to fall sick or in the hospital. Over the years the side effects of my illness are more and more present and my struggles are beginning to be more recurring. My illness is permanent and potentially life threatening, which only makes me feel like I have to enjoy every opportunity I can with them, together as a family, while I still am able to. This constant juggling of ups and downs has caused me to struggle financially to where I just can't seem to make a trip like this happen. This along with all the other family expenses of having a large family- this has always caused me to fall short. I would like KNOCK KNOCK Live to allow me an opportunity of making this happen for them. I will do anything. I'm the guy that loves excitement, likes to take risks and does not shy away from anything! So please consider me as a candidate for KKL. My family and I are ready for a little splash of extra joy and excitement.

  15. Hi there my name is Nate I'm a hard workin plumber ,and a lifetime struggling artist. I have 5 kids and I love them as I love my family I need to do something absolutely life changing to make a better chance at making dreams come true .seems that life has gotten stagnant,and mundane so something so completely wild like having a chance to be a contestant in a game show ,I have always wanted have a career in television maybe it could be a start.i am wildly animated and that just a start to what I could offer .i would be a good choice and if considered I would not fail you so thanks and hope to see or hear from you soon I am the unknown entertainer Nate .

  16. I could use something positive in my life about now. Last year I lost my mom to kidney failure. I haven't talked to my son since January and my grand daughter will be 1 yr old in June and we aren't allowed to see her due to the girlfriend. My other son I havnt seen in many years after a ugly divorce. Too top everything off, I was laid off from my job in April this year. My husband and I own our acreage and work like crazy every weekend to get the yard looking nice, but we have animals to tend to and recently we discovered black mold in our basement and suspect it in our ceiling in the front entry. We know we need to take care of it right away as it could be the cause of our constant illnesses but unfortunately financially we are not able to do it properly. Its been a very rough couple of years. Some good news would defiantly lift our spirits.

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