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Kids Wanted For TV Fashion Commercial

Casting Kids For Television Commercial
Casting Kids For Television Commercial

The search is on for boys and girls ages 9-13 with talents in modeling, dancing or gymnastics for an all new television commercial. A major international fashion label is looking to cast fresh new faces for their latest campaign and one of those faces could be yours.

This casting call is being held by the renowned commercial and music video casting company Marie De Luca Casting. This is a paying job including travel expenses for you and a travel companion (parent, guardian). This is an amazing opportunity for any young performer looking to make their break in the entertainment industry. Commercial acting is some of the most fun and exciting work out there and the place that many of Hollywood’s biggest stars got their start.

If you are interested please send an email to musicvideocasting@ymail.com with your name, age, size, location, contact email and 3-6 pictures (face and full size). If you have a video where you dancing, do gymnastics or modeling, send us that too.
Also send us your contact from you and your parents and be sure to leave a comment below.

Since 2004, I have been a successful casting director for more than 150 music videos, 250 shows and 70 commercials.
Web: wix.com/musicvideocasting/musicvideocasting // http://about.me/musicvideo
references: paris hilton, flow rida, lady gaga, ginuwine, playboy, fhm, shakira, beyonce, audi, porsche, 50cent, ema`s, gramm`s, rihanna, katy perry, kelis, lmfao, david guetta, usher, pitbull, cris brown, snoop dog, madonna, kylie minogue, atlantic records, universal, abc, rtl germany, dancing with the stars, jlo, mc donalds, pepsi, jc tv russia, channel one russia, tv5 france, fox us,…a.m.m.

Marie de Luca
Music Video Casting
Casting Director
eMail: musicvideocasting@ymail.com
New York, LA, Paris, Hamburg, , London

341 thoughts on “Kids Wanted For TV Fashion Commercial

  1. Hello,i am ethan from kenya and i am 3…i like swimming,finger painting,dancing and when mommy takes photos of me.

  2. Hi, my name is Gionnae clark and i am 13 years old and I am in the 7th grade. I have always had a passion for modelling. Ever since I was a kid I used to love watching modelling shows I even before designed a dress for myself to model at my schools assembly. it would be such an honor if i got to model for you guys!

  3. Hi, my name is Gionnae clark and i am 13 years old. I have always had a passion for modelling. Ever since I was a kid I used to love watching modelling shows I even before designed a dress for myself to model at my schools assembly. it would be such an honor if i got to model for you guys!

  4. Hello! My name is Rachel Drake, and I'm 13 years old. Since I was 3 I have always had a passion for acting and modeling. I live in Mesa AZ, but would be able to travel around but to only certain areas. I play volleyball, softball, and dance. Also, my parents Monica and Tim Drake are very supportive on this plan of me starting my career. I enjoy hanging out with friends, and playing in my softball and volleyball games. When I was about 8-9 I was modeling in runways. If you would like to ask me questions please email me and please consider me 🙂

  5. Hello
    My daughter,s name is KANEGO MANGENA she is beautiful not perfect when it comes to body structure she goes to the gym every day cause she realy loves modeling and wanna be in all kinds of agencies i think my daughter might be the perfect for the job

  6. Hi, my name is Nina Grizzle and I am 12. I have a lot of experience with dancing. I do Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop. I would love to do this if you would consider me. I just have 2 questions. Where is it? And, when is the deadline? I didn't see that info. Thank You so much!

  7. Hi my daughter is 11years old. She's extremely beautiful and talented. Please let me know if you could provide any opportunity to us for tv advertisements or kids modelling assignments.

  8. hi my name is Deauijah lumpkin my nickname is dede I'm 12 years old my birthday is October 23 2003 I'm 5'1 I'm African American I got to Cunningham middle school in Houston texas I'm on the dance team at my school were called Sapphires I was in dance class from 10-11 when I was 6 I was a cheerleader for the panthers up until I was 8 I really love what I do its a passion I'm not really the model type well the Victoria secret type I wanna start off with a good career so that means commericals then I would like to got to tv shows to movies I don't want to do it for the money I see the way people watch some of the famous actress and actors and singer in there happy and I know from experience and I just want to be that person to the person whos a big inspiration to me is the one and only ms. Zendaya Colmen because shes herself another woman who inspires me is Alessia Cara I love her song scars to your beautiful I listen to it almost everday a few facts about me is my favorite colors blue my favorite food are nachos I like puppys and kittens my favorite flowers a rose my favorite movie is the legend of tarzan my favorite cartoon is spongebob I'm love challenges I'm very stong and independent I love shopping my celebrity crush right now is shawn mendes my musicaly is yazzthebestest my snapchat is yazzthebestest theres a lot more to know about me but don't wanna give everything away do I if u wanna know more well just have to wait till we meet in your office for that wont we

  9. Hi my name is Naomi and I am 11 years old. I do advanced gymnastics and love to dance. I live in Canada and have golden brown hair and hazel eyes. I am also very social, friendly and my dream is to become an actress.

  10. hi, my name is Sarah i am a 12 year old girl and i have a passion for modeling. i have light brown hair and eyes and i love to dance and gymnastics.i also have experience with gymnastics dancing and cheer leading. i am an out going person with a great sense of humor. The answer is yes i have been in a tv commercial before and i would love to be on the commercial you have or any other productions.

  11. Hi. My name is Alexis, I am 13 year old girl from New York, I have brown hair, brown eyes and have been doing gymnastics since I was 2. I have been a competitive gymnast since I was seven, I have competed at State and National levels. My skills include front and back hand springs and flips, side aerials, splits and can walk on my hands. I would like to someday be a stunt girl in either commercials or film. Please consider me for any parts.
    Thank you, Alexis

  12. Hi my name is Kaitlyn. I am 13 years old and I have dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I weigh 105 lbs and 5 foot 3. I enjoy writing, playing soccer. I would love to be an actor and make other people laugh. I'm outgoing and love to sing, no matter where I am. I love meeting new people. This will be my first commercial acting job and I know I can do a great job for you if considered. Thank you.

  13. Hi am amoya people call me ammi i am 13 and i want to be a model or a actress,i always sign up for these things but i dint get any call back,and i hope u guys do.thanxbye

  14. Hi,I have always wanted to be a model and u am a very tall young light skin girl and slim.i wanted to do this from 3grade but i have always been disgrace by other people that i am very much ugly and i want to show them that i can be fit for modeling or acting.i sign up for a lot of these things but i always get turn down.and god bless?

  15. Hello! My daughter Mckayla is definitely interested in becoming a child actor in television and film. Mckayla is very outgoing and loves to act, sing, and dance. I have seen a very strong passion, and dedication for acting in my daughter and I am a very supportive parent.

  16. Hi I'm Valerie I'm 14 yrs old Girl from Philippines I want to be a fashion model and actress. I hope someday a discover me.. To be a fashion model or artists …bu also so I dance…..
    I love Fashion model
    I hope discover me..

  17. Hi I'm an 11 year old girl who loves gymnastics, dance, and acting. (I do have experience with all of them) I would like to get picked because I would like to share my talent with others? Please consider me.

  18. Hey,I'm Jasmine. I'm 11.African American. Ok very hard working.I have no experience NOT YET.If I can make it in a show or commercial I could've have experience.Im fully of laughter and smiles.I wear glasses because I'm nearsighted,but I can get contacts. I want to be an actress badly.You will love working with me.Thanks.

  19. Hello my name is Ashlynn Marie and I am 10 years old. I am
    An aspiring Actress/model and singer. I love music,dancing and what I'm the best at is gymnastics. I wanna learn more and more. I would love to do some work with you it would be such an honor.

    Thank you

  20. My name is LaMyah I'm 13 years old and in looking to express my talents with others I have always been interested in fashion and I think this is the perfect job for me

  21. Hi my name is Jabari. I am 11 years old African American kid who wants to start a career in acting and modeling and i would love to be in your comercial. I write, direct, edited and produce my own YouTube channel. I was an extra on a PrimeTime TV Series. And my smile just lights up the room. Please consider me.

  22. Hi, my name is Zef i am 2 years old but I will be 3 in September. I have always wanted to be in a commercial I have always wanted to make people happy. I am obsessed with fashion it is my life I design a lot of my clothes and room decor so please contact me for anything. Thank you and God Bless

    Its mhee,


  23. hi my name is giselle but people call me gigi am 11 in a half i have experience with Hip-Hop ,tap , dancing singing and acrobatics ballet and jazz. there is more things i want to be like a model actress and i would like to be in a commerical so plz consider me thxs XD

  24. HI I`m Anna! I am 11 years old and I am a girl. I am about 5"4 in height. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am a cheerleader. I hope to start dance this fall. I can do a cartwheel, standing backbend, front roll, back roll, I can do a front walkover but I am working on coming up from it. I am also currently working on my back walkover. I did gymnastics from 2-4. I am currently teaching myself gymnastics. My cheer coach (also my older sister) teaches me as well I can also do many dance moves. I think I would be perfect for this commercial. Thank you!

  25. I would love for my 12 year old daughter to be in some type of films. I want her to go to college and this would be a good way to earn college funds. Thanks


  27. Hi ! My name is Anthony I am 9 yrs old boy . I have light brown hair and green eyes ,Caucasian and I love to dance and I love meeting new people. I have an not afraid to get on stage and preform in front of any size audience. I am sweet and get along with every one I meet. I would love to be in a commercial and show you what I can bring to the stage .


  29. I have a 6 year old beautiful bright eyed girl who loves people and loves to entertain she is long legged slim and pretty.

  30. HI I'm elissa and me and my friend zoe are both 11!! we would love to be in a modeling commercial we both love to pose!!! it would be soo fun… please pick us

    -Zoe and elissa

  31. Hi! I'm 11 year old girl. i have experience in modelling,singing,and dance. I have dark brown hair 5 foot 2 tall. 135lbs i live in Tennessee I've done a commercial and over 20,000 people liked the commercial. Please consider me for this role.

  32. Hi, my name is Macy i am 12 years old but I will be 13 in June. I hae always wanted to be in a commercial I have always wanted to make people happy. I have been in gymnastics for 4 years, tumbling for a year but i have been in cheerleading since the first grade. (I am in seventh grade now) i am about 5'5 and I am about 100 lbs I am obsessed with fashion it is my life I design a lot of my clothes and room decor so please contact me for anything. Thank you

  33. Hi. I am an 11 year old girl and will be turning 12 on the 3rd of July 2015. I enjoy entertaining people. I weigh 40 KG and I am 1.6 feet tall. I have dark brown hair and I have a talent in modelling. I don't have stage fright and I am outgoing and bold. I hope my request can be acknowledged as I have a passion for acting, modelling and singing.I live in South Africa but I wouldn't mind travelling.

    Kind regards

  34. Hai! xD My name is Juliette. I am 12 and half, and I have been in the musical Big in 5th grade. I was one of the kid extras in the backround. So anyway I have been looking for an audition for a small part in a commercial. A lot of people have been discovered that way. Oh btw, I am 5,3
    , 130lbs, caucasian, and a Brunette, I have been in acro classes for a year, and ALOT more. It would mean a lot if i made it into this commercial, anything would be gladly appreciated!

    Sincerely, Juliette

  35. Hi I'm a 10 year old boy I have experience with Hip-hop tap dancing and singing I am 4 foot 10 tall and I have dirty blonde hair and LOVE acting If I make it will be my first commercial acting job please consider me

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