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Kids Needed for Commercial – Disney

Kids Needed for Commercial - DisneyA 2017 Disney casting call for kids is here! The company that brings us inspirational movies and magical theme parks is searching for children for a new commercial! Disney auditions are being held in Chicago, Illinois. They are scheduled for Monday, September 11th. This will be a super fun shoot. The commercial casting call is searching for girls ages 4 through 8 years old. All ethnicities are being accepted. Children should be fun, spirited and outgoing. It will film in Toronto, Canada so all children must have current valid passports.

Exact shoot dates are still being determined, however, it will film for 5 to 6 days including travel. Talent will be needed between Tuesday, September 19th and Wednesday, September 27th. All travel will be compensated. Those selected will also be paid $250.00 per travel day and $500.00 per shoot day with addition pay for usage! This is a fantastic opportunity to work with Disney, gain a ton of experience and exposure and get paid for it! If your child model or actress is perfect for this shoot, sign up today!

2017 Disney Channel Casting Call

We’re looking for fun, spirited and outgoing Chicago land area girls with great personalities to be featured in a PAID Disney commercial.

We are looking for:
– Girls who are currently 4 – 8 years old.
– Who have a current and valid Passport.
– Girls with a parent or guardian who will travel with them who also Currently has a Valid Passport.
This project shoots in Toronto, Ontario Canada so if both do not have a current and valid U.S. Passport, please do not apply. There will not be time to get one expedited.

Shoot Information:

AUDITION DATE: Mon. 9/11 at our West Loop Office. If you meet the requirements, we will reach out to you to schedule your child for a specific time slot.

Travel & Shoot Dates: Child and accompanying parent/guardian will be needed for roughly 5-6 consective days sometime in this timeframe: Tues. 9/19 – Wed. 9/27. Most likely 1 wardobe day, 2 travel days, and 2 shoot days.
Shoot Location: This project shoots in Toronto, Ontario Canada so if the child applicant and parent/guardian who will be accompanying them on the trip do not have a current and valid Passport, please do not apply.


THIS IS A NONUNION PROJECT. If chosen, the child will receive:
Travel Days: $250.00 per day (Covering all transportation costs, hotel, per diems).
Shoot Days: $500.00 per day
There will be additional compensation for usage.

Parents can submit their children by following this link http://oconnorcasting.tv/disney-commercial-casting/ . Fill out all of the information. Submissions are being accepted until Friday, September 8th at 1:00pm.

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  1. I am 11 years old and I really love singing and acting but I don't know if my singing is good enough so I really just want this opportunity for me and my family. I live in Tucson, Arizona and which I'm very good at school so pretty please pick me I know I'm older but I'll be very good! Thanks!

  2. I really want a part I like singing dancing and I am very good at actting I have all my family which they know English we live in London and this will be a big oppoutunit for me and my family

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