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“I Am Frankie” – Nickelodeon

“I Am Frankie” - Nickelodeon AuditionDo you want to be the next Nickelodeon star? Your chance could be here! Nickelodeon auditions will soon be held for their new TV show “I Am Frankie”! Child and teen actor submissions are now being accepted. The new series will be filming in Miami, Florida where many Nickelodeon shows are shot. Adult actors also have the opportunity to appear on the show. Exact shoot dates are not yet know but filming will be during the summer. If you are looking for a child or teen Nickelodeon audition or casting call for 2017, this is what you have been waiting for! Apply to the Nick audition notice below for this marvelous opportunity.

Nickelodeon TV Show I Am Frankie Casting Call

Hi, Families, we are starting on a new project for Nickelodeon soon,
we’d like to have all kids and teens on file with all info possible, please send at least four pics of the kids, their names, ages, their sizes, etc…

Any experience they have in sports, or other things like horseback riding, cooking, dancing, skating, etc.


Also very important, include your phone number.

The pictures do not have to be professional ones; they can be selfies, or photos taken randomly while doing somethig they like, please include a whoe body shot and a headshot among those.

If you have several kids, please send the emails separate by kid, not in the same email.

Thanks so much, looking forward to a great summer booking lots of great kids and teens !!!

To be considered email miamitalentcasting@gmail.com. You should include your full name, parent name if submitting for a minor, phone number, measurements, age and the photos requested above.

13 thoughts on ““I Am Frankie” – Nickelodeon

  1. I am 5' 5" tall, I have brown hair and eyes, and am 12 years old. I really want this, because I have never been on television, but have starred in multiple plays, I do not have stage fright, nor am afraid of being humiliated on-screen. Thank you.

  2. Hello, my name is Michelle. I am 12 years young and I would love to be in a nickelodeom show. I always watch them and dream of being in one. I live in Cali and love acting even though I don't have much experience, I would love to. Well thank you for reading this and wasting your time on this. I one day hope to become a successful actress 🙂

  3. Hi,my name is Andrea,im 5,5 ft and i have brown hair and eyes.Im 14 years old.
    My dream is to become an actress,i love to act.
    My idol is Anne Hathaway,so i want to become an actress just like her <3 <3 <3

  4. Hi. I have always wanted to be an actress l'very experiencedo a lot of acting in nickelodeon like will make sure l will get this audition please give me this part and you won't regret.. There is only one problem l live in Kenya but l will come to Miami in May 4 2017

  5. Hello my name Is Michael harris im mixed and 11years old born october2 2005 i have Gold hair And Brown Eyes And i like to act.

  6. Hi!
    My name is Mireya Vargas and I am 8 years old. I have brown hair and big brown eyes. I love to act and my parents always say that I'm a little drama queen. I am also a good dancer. I would love the opportunity to show you my talents.

  7. My name is Nicholas Belen, I am a mixed (White & Black) 5'10 male who is trying to start his acting career! I am 20 years old and have great acting skills. My goal is to star in a movie one day and share my love and compassion with acting to the world! I will impress!

  8. Hi I am 11 years old.I have brown hair in braids I am about 5'3.Yes tall for my age .I can't wait to see you all!

  9. hi there I have brown and a tip of blond hair. I'm 9 year old I been wanted to be an acting from when I was 4 cant wait to see you.

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