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Holly Hobbie TV Show – Kids & Teens

Holly Hobbie TV Show – Kids & TeensThe upcoming kids TV show “Holly Hobbie” is still searching for one of their stars! If you have dreamed of starring on a Disney Channel TV show then this is a casting call you don’t want to miss out on! The 2018 kids audition is looking for a girl ages 12 to 14 years old. Casting directors still need a girl to play the role of Amy Epperson. They are on a Canada wide search for this actress. Acting auditions are being accepted by video until this Sunday. This is going to be a heartwarming and fun series to watch and be a part of!

Each half-hour episode follows Holly trying to make the world a better place, while tackling the everyday challenges of growing up – from bullies to breakouts, and crushes to curfews – in a funny and emotional way. Malala wouldn’t let a pimple stop her from trying to achieve world peace, right? This is a show about growing up. That time in your life when you have one foot in the kid world and the other in the adult one. When you love your parents even though you don’t always agree with them. And your best friend is the most important person on the planet. It’s when you figure out who you are and who you want to be.

All of the kids and teen audition information can be found below!

2018 Kids TV Show Casting Call

Amy Epperson: First Nations Female. Age 13. Series Lead
Note: We are seeking Canada wide for this role

[AMY EPPERSON] FIRST NATIONS. FEMALE. AGE 13. Holly’s BFF is usually the smartest person in the room, but doesn’t make a habit of pointing it out. Amy’s not embarrassed by her brains; she’s just intelligent enough to know that no one likes a know-it-all. Amy loves science and math. She dreams about becoming an astronaut someday, but is also interested in regular teen girl stuff. She craves new ideas and experiences – whether it’s a new song (she’s a bit of an audiophile), a new app, or her first high school party. This dry wit is usually the voice of reason during Holly’s daring schemes. SERIES LEAD

Please note that if you have already auditioned for this role, you are still being considered. We are just doing a final search!!!

All the details can be found in the casting notice (attached), and all self-tape instructions can be found on our website (www.larissamaircasting.com)
All questions can be sent to hollyhobbiecasting@gmail.com

22 thoughts on “Holly Hobbie TV Show – Kids & Teens

  1. Hi, I'm 13 years old and I absolutely love Disney. Name a Disney Channel show and I've probably watched it. I've been told by many people that I'm a very good actor and I really do have a passion for it. I was wondering if I could still audition for this?

  2. Hello, my name is Ginny (pronounce like Jenny) I'm 13 years old and I was wondering if you could still addition for this role

  3. Hi, my name is Abigail and I always wanted to be an actor. I'm 12 almost 13 and I think I would be amazing on your show🙂. Hope you respond back.

  4. Hi my name is Victoria (13 years old) and I love singing and performing in big crowds so I think I would fit in for the role of Amy Epperson. I am not afraid or nervous to act in front of people and put on a good show. My mom and I just came across this and hope we are not too late to audition. Good luck to everyone!

  5. Hello my name is Madeline (Maddy) Urbankiewicz I am 13 yrs. old and from Hamilton Ontario. And is it still possible to audition for Amy. I am not experienced but very willing to learn.

  6. Hi my names Eva and I’m almost 13. I dream to be an actor and do plenty of dance on stage and acting with my friends. I would love to audition for the role and will ask my parents please reply and tell me if the audition is still available!
    Ps. I’m really smart!

  7. Hello!
    My name is Tehya Armstrong.
    I am from Canada.
    I am 13 years old and I am First Nations.
    I would love to play Amy!
    Feel free to send me an email if you want more information on me.
    Thank you.

  8. Yes… I am very very late.. I just want to get some acting experiences. My name is Christine and I’m a First Nations. On 11, almost 12. I’m slightly tall for my age. I’m mature and I think I would fit perfectly for her

  9. Hello, my name is Hannah.I am 9 years olds. I have auditioned and past the first evalution of the primere. I also love to sing, dance and play the piano.It has always been my dream to become an actress and it will be a fantastic opertunity to be in this role!!!!!

    Thank you.

  10. Hello my name is Kelly, I am 15 years old and I would love to play the role of Amy. I have recently been the lead role in two plays; one is Alice in wonderland and the other is Once On This Island Jr.. I am a outgoing person and would love to be apart of this show! Thanks!

  11. Hello!
    I am Kate, (almost 13) and I have been searching for a role for months. I am hoping that it is still not too late to apply and audition?

  12. Hi I am only 12 but I feel like I'm good for this part , I have been bullied before and is middle school i love to act and is pretty good at it I love to make the world a better place by marking every smile so please can I have this part

  13. Hey, my name is nicole. I have been looking forever for a good acting audition and i finally thought i found it when i saw this but i saw that it was already due. Is there any way i can still send my video in for the roll of Amy? please let me know!

  14. Is it too late to audition for the roleof Hollie? I just saw this today and am going to talk it over with my family.


  15. Hello!
    My name is Teal (13 years old) and I'm an actress from Melbourne, Australia. I have been in front of the camera all my life and recently been lead in the musical Alice in wonderland. I am a bright bubbly funny person and I feel like I would be just right for this role and would be honoured to be a part of this experience and start my career.

  16. hello me and my parents have been looking forward to these roles I cant wait to audition and maybe do my dream as an actor cant wait TO GET UPDATED ON THESE ROLES AND THANK YOU VERRY MUCH FOR ALLOWING MEE TO COMMENT!!!!!!

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