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Halt & Catch Fire – AMC

Halt & Catch Fire - AMC
Halt & Catch Fire – AMC

AMC is preparing it’s next high profile dramatic series to follow in the tradition of the network’s mega-hits The Walking Dead, Mad Men and Breaking Bad and casting calls are being held now. Halt & Catch Fire comes from a creative team that includes two producers from the legendary Breaking Bad and will feature one of the strongest casts of the new TV year. This sure to be hit drama is set to begin casting soon and interested actors can submit themselves today for a host of exciting roles.

Halt & Catch Fire (a term for a computing code specifically designed to destroy a machine’s CPU) will be set in the early 1980’s and tell the story of the heady first days of the personal computing boom. Told through the eyes of an idea man, a groundbreaking engineer and young prodigy, this event series will follow the personal and professional lives of the men and women that changed the world with innovations that contradicted everything that the country’s big corporations believed in. This fascinating tale will feature an incredible up and coming cast that includes the immense talents of 2-time Golden Globe nominee Lee Pace (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Pushing Daisies, Lincoln), Independent Spirit Award winner Scoot McNairy (12 Years a Slave, Promised Land, Killing Them Softly), Screen Actors Guild Award winner Kerry Bishé (Argo, Scrubs, The Fitzgerald Family Christmas), Mackenzie Davis (That Awkward Moment, I Just Want My Pants Back, Smashed), and veteran character actor Toby Huss (King of the Hill, Cowboys & Aliens, 42). More outstanding roles of all sizes are still available for aspiring performers of all ages and applications are being accepted now.

Auditions for AMC’s Halt & Catch Fire will be taking place very soon and interested talent can submit themselves for consideration today by sending emails with their background and past experience (if any) to hcfextras@gmail.com. More details will be posted upon release so stay tuned for updates and leave a message and tell us why you would like to be considered for the upcoming auditions for Halt & Catch Fire.

34 thoughts on “Halt & Catch Fire – AMC

  1. Hello, My name is Sierra Collins and I am 13 years old, I am currently in grade 8. I would love to be in this movie because of the following reasons, first of all I can dance, I have been dancing just over 5 years. Secondly I am extremely enthusiastic and am always smiling. Thirdly I have always had a passion for acting and would love to prove to my family I can do it.
    I have long brown/blonde (dirty blonde) hair and brown eyes.
    I am 5' 7 tall.
    I am thin (skinny).

  2. 53 y/o/m retired fire Captain. Back round work on Young riders, Tombstone, Young Guns Tin Cup, character actor. If your looking for a biker tattooed looking type with shaved stubble head and facial hair goatee or mob guy look no further. Tucson Az, area thanks.

  3. Hello, I live in Fort COllins CO and am a huge fan of the walking Dead, might I say it's so well done. I'm 17 and 5'7' I've taken 4 acting classes in high school and have attended a drama club for two years. I dye my hair a lot and it is currently a bright orange pink I'd have no problem changing to any color. My eyes are hazel and my skin is very pale however I have freckles, please contact me i would love a place to start and grasping the idea of rejections and putting myself out there early I am already trying.

  4. Im a 22 year old female wih an skinny/athletic build, bright blue eyes, olive skin, brunette hair, standing at 5'7". I truly believe i could bring a whole new audience and extra viewers to your new series and would be privileged to take part. Please contact me with any questions. You won't regret bringing me on.

    Hali Groninger

  5. My name is Amanda I live in littleton Colorado. My experiences I am going to be in bloom tv show created and directed by David-Matthew Barnes. I play Darlene Thurmond. in high school I was in a couple of plays.
    I maybe obese lot of people turn down people like me but give me a chance.
    DOB: 03/07/1992 (22 years old)
    Height: 5 ft 4 in
    eye color: blue/gray
    hair: blond and long
    Ethnicity: white

  6. Hello,
    My name is David. I am 46 years old at 5'8" and at this point in my life I do believe I would flourish in acting. The world has always been a stage and my life skills have given me the ability to become a Chameleon in anything that comes my way. I am also very hard working and dedicated which I think is necessary in any acting environment. I look forward to hearing from you.

  7. Hello My Name Is Alex Garcia, My Dream Career Is To Become An Actor As Well As Later On Becoming A Film Director In The Film Industry. I Go To The Art Institute Of Colorado On Video Production Major Where Im Learning Everything There Is About The Industry So I Would Be More Than Happy To Get A Step Closer To My Future Career. I Am Also Interested In Learning New Stories Of Sequels, Novels, Or Series Along The Way. Thank You!
    Name: Alex Garcia
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 150
    Ethnicity: Latino
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Age: 19

  8. My full name is Madison but most people call me Madie, I'm 16 years old, 4'11, blue eyes, brown hair, I live in Arizona and my talents are acting, modeling, singing and writing. Ever since I was about 4 I remember putting on plays and skits with my siblings and cousins for the rest of our family. Its my passion and dream to become an actress and I would absolutely love it if I had a chance to audition for a role doing anything. Thank you.

  9. Age:14
    Weight:71 lbs.
    Height : 4ft 2inches
    Ethnicity: Asian- American
    Hair:brown long
    Body: slim small
    Skin: med light, but tan to be practical ( going off my
    foundation color hahaha LAUGH*)
    Experience : little( unless lying counted as acting)
    Charisma :infinite
    Special features: um… I feel my nose is pretty nice if I do say so myself….. Full lips
    Lives: Denver CO
    I'm not any thing super special, I have very little experience a couple of drama and improve classes and school plays. The odds don't seem to be in my favor, but though I have had little experience with acting I'm quite a good at lying(nothing to be proud of) so I know how to convince a crowd when I need to. I will not disappoint and I'm a determined hard worker. THANK YOU

  10. 6'0 ft
    180 pounds
    brown hair, brown eyes, dark complected.

    It has been my dream to get into this field and I would be very grateful for the opp. I am extremely fit and driven with an over the top personaility. I hope to hear from you soon.

  11. Hi, I'm Annie Engler, I'm with MTM Denver, and I'm currently nonunion. I am 5"9' with long brown hair and I weigh about 140. I love entertaining people. I love making people laugh and smile and knowing that I can bring people to different emotions is the best feeling ever. Thank you!

  12. Hello my name is Cindy. I am 15 years old and acting is my passion. I have been dreaming of being an actress since I was little and lately I have been making that a reality. I have done most of my work on stage but I would love to expand outside of my comfort zone; as in on camera. My Drama instructor says that I have very good focus, nice depth of character, and great facial expression. I am dedicated, eager to try new challenges, and I work with all ethnic backgrounds.

    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Body Type: Average
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Style: Long
    Dress Size: 10
    Chest/Bust: 36"
    Hips: 39"
    Waist: 34"
    Shirt: 14

  13. hi,im amanda from norway, and would love to be in a disney show, i can dancce, sing and act, and i`ve been actressing in many plays in norway, and i can 3 languages, so if any directers or any produsers can recocnize me it would be very very awesome, and i can be in any movie, just take me in and i`ll show you what i got 😉 i wont let you down, i promise 😉 oh, and im 14 btw 😉

  14. I want to recommend an actor his name is Kairon John he would be a great addition to this project. Check out his real at KaironJohn.com

  15. hi, my name is Seleste,i am African American and Mexican American mixed 17 year old female who is also 5'0. and weighs about 160 lbs.i am just starting out in acting, i am self taught. i would love to be and actress or maybe a important extra. i try very hard to be in character. when i was younger i was chosen to be lead role for a play that we performed for family. i rocked it.
    but i would love to be in this show
    thank you

  16. I am 51 years young and was in college in the 80's. I lived thru the period of time in which the show is about. We had to use correction tape when we were typing our papers for class.
    I was a teacher for 23 years and a paralegal for 5. I am now part time self employed and partially retired, always looking for the next exciting opportunity.
    My acting experience includes high school plays some 30 years ago.

  17. Hello, I am 15yrs old,Female Caucasian. I have light brown hair with blue/green eyes.I am 5'4" and weigh 120Ibs. Although I don't have a lot of experience, just from the experience I've had from school, I absolutely love acting! (We did a filming/ theater class for the last 2 weeks of school) I loved working with other people, and just acting as if I was someone else for while. I enjoy acting so much honestly wouldn't care if I got to be a paid actor or not. I also love AMC! It would be an honor to be able to work with AMC.

  18. Hi I am 17years old, 5' 7.5", and 125 pounds. I have been acting and singing, mostly in school plays, since elementary school. I won an acting competition several years ago. I am currently a member of the International Thespian society. I am looking to become more serious now that I am older. This is my passion and I am ready to work hard.

  19. I'm 16 years old, I'd love to be an actor, and I think this will be a great start. I'm 5'10 and around 160lbs. In good shape. And I think this would be perfect for me.

  20. Hello my name is Holly Hamilton I am 37 years old weigh 130 and I am 5'4". I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I was born and raised in East Tennessee where I still reside. I love to watch anything on AMC and would love to act in anything they direct. Thank you for your time and consideration. Thank you, Holly Hamilton.

  21. Hello I would love to be part of this production my name is luisa Im spanish, 5'3 feet im 23 years old . I attended to some acting classes before, I have always been interested in this industry.

  22. Hei! I am from Norway, I don't have a lot of experience, but I am a fun and dedicated person. I would love to hear from you and I'll gladly send pictures.
    Hight 5,3
    Eyes: green/hazel
    Age 39

  23. Hi, im Nora i am 14 and i have been acting since i was little. I have a big presonality and a big smile. In Norway i go to acting school and I take high school english. And i've been told i have a big talent in acting.
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 100pounds
    Haircolor: brown
    Eyecolor: Green/brown
    Spechial futures: Dimples
    Live: Norway/Scotland

  24. Hello I am a 14 year old male, have taken many acting classes and been in school plays. Would love to audition for this show. I am 5'4" dark brown hair, olive skin. 100 lbsEasy to work with, take direction well. Hardworking!

  25. I am a male, 19 years old, stand at 5'7", have long blonde hair and a slim build, and weigh 136lb. I have been training in acting for 6 years and am currently studying for my degree in acting. I am currently expected to star in 3 film productions, 2 of which are paid productions. I have a good knowledge and skill of the naturalistic technique and can use this to portray any character designated to me with realistic detail and dignity (or the lack of, if the character requires so.

  26. Hair: Curly Brown-Black

    Height: 5'0

    Body: Skinny

    Skin colour: Brown-white

    Background: Caucasian

    Weight: 85pounds

    Hello, my name is Jacob and I am a male, I would love to be in this movie. I live in Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver and I am 12 and a half years old just finishing grade 7. I have been in a 5 day acting course with 1 hour a day and I have also been in a play in middle school as one of the biggest roles, this play was amazing because we were all serious and the acting teachers taught us as if it was a professional show, it turned out great. I have not taken any other courses of acting becuase I know that I am a good enough actor, and I know how to show and express my emotions well. I am a really great actor at a young age and a fresh young actor I am also a very serious actor and would love a role even if its a little one.

    Parenthood Kenny (Co-Star) NBC
    HEROES Lonny James (Recurring) NBC
    Lie to Me Tevon (Co- Star) 20th Century Fox
    The Young & the Restless Squirly prisoner (Recurring) CBS
    Jay Leno (Tonight Show) Host NBC
    MOONLIGHT David (Recurring) ABC
    My Name is Earl Prison Guard/ Principal NBC
    America’s Most Wanted Derrick Holmes FOX
    Ugly Betty Street Vendor/ Principal ABC
    Prank My Mom Bounty Hunter Life Time
    Blind Justice Derrick Hodge Fox Studios
    Weeds U-Turn Posse (Recurring) Show Time
    Alpha Dog Countrified/Rapper Capitol Films
    The Date Movie West Coast Custom worker 20th Century Fox
    Robin N Da Hood Slappy Quake
    Ghetto Legend Redd Man Ortheus Entertainment
    Who’s Making the Rules Countrified Bonita Entertainment
    Black Rose Rapper/ Friend Brandi Dir
    Deceptions London Robin Hortin

  28. I loved Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, It would be an honour to land an audition for something like this.

    I am 19 years of age, light brown skin, somewhat muscular, about 5'10-5'11, brown eyes and about 180 lbs. I am a rookie Canadian actor looking for any leads, I work really well with others and try to not only play the character but live the character as well. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much.

  29. My name is Abrar Rahman, I am nineteen years old, 5'11", 180 lbs, somewhat muscular, black hair and brown eyes. I have been in many talent shows, hosting and acting in many plays at my school. I don't have much experience in taking acting classes but I was always told I belonged on a television show. I can work very well with people and act at any profile. It would be an honour to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  30. Big fan of AMC with Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead, I would absolutely love to audition for something like this.

    Age 22, 5'10", brown hair and eyes, average build. In Toronto looking for work either in front or behind the camera. Even just auditioned for 2 student films using one of Jesse Pinkmans monologues from Breaking Bad. Would love the opportunity to try out at least.

  31. My name is Larry. I would like to be known and meet lots of new people. I have always wanted to be a actor or to play in the NFL. I think I can have this role because I have a excellent memory and get good grades. I am in 7th grade. I also wana be on this show because I think all your other shows are good to, especially walking dead. I watch it every Sunday night with my grandpa. I will do a very good job if you pick me so please do. Thank you.

    Name-Larry Ayers
    DOB-May 2nd,2001

  32. I have all ways wanted to be in a roll on tv ii have some experience in acting,I have blue eyes,I'm 5/10" I'm 13 years old turning 14 this year,2014, I hope you bring into the cast.

  33. Hi. I am very interested in acting. I have had a little training at Acting and modeling. My mother put me into modeling to boost my self esteem due to being teased growing up because I have red hair very pale skin and freckles. I have not had any success yet in the industry but am hoping to get my foot in somehow. Please consider me and allow my dreams to come true.
    I am 5'61/2
    depending on the light, my hair varies from red to strawberry blonde.
    I am 17 years old.
    I weigh 123lbs.
    Thank you!

  34. Hello,

    My name is Autumn Lynn, I am sixteen years old, 5'5", 135 lbs, dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I have been in several plays since I was little, I am in the International Thespian Society, and I am taking acting workshops with Gage Talent Agency. I would be good for this show because the simple fact that I can play above and below my age. I am very easy to work with and I try my hardest at a character that I am given. I put my all into a show and plan to do so if you give me a chance. I would love to hear from you soon. Thank you.

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