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Halloween Movie Seeking High School Teen Actors

Halloween Movie Seeking High School Teen ActorsAn upcoming movie is looking for teen actors to play high school students! If you have always wanted to be in a movie, this is a fabulous way to begin. The film will be shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. The extras casting call is seeking males and females to play high school students. Models and actors who are a little older than high school age are welcome to submit if they can pass as such. Extras could be used for several days. The scene will be a typical high school setting. Teenagers of all races, types, shapes and sizes are needed for these roles. If you are currently in high school or can truly pass as a student, apply to the 2018 acting audition below!

Movie Extras Casting Call

CHARLESTON MOVIE…..We are going to be needing plenty of HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS (or those a little older but can still pass as such).

Many of these will be needed numerous days.


If you have already submitted for this film.. do NOT resubmit. However ..if you have yet to do such, please do ASAP. We will begin filming a week or so after the New Year,
Submissions should include 2 CURRENT Photos (one full length and one close up).

No hats or sunglasses in photos please. These pictures can be taken with your cell phone…we just want them to be current.

Also included should be your NAME, also include your Parents Name if you are a under 18 years of age. Phone #, Age, Grade in High School, Height/Weight, Clothing Sizes, Color/Make/Year/Model Vehicle you drive if you have a license, City/State you reside.

Submissions should be sent to charlestonmovieextras@gmail.comwith heading weigh HIGH SCHOOL, Your age, Ethnicity, Gender,City/State.

Example-HIGH SCHOOL -18, Asian Female, Charleston, SC.

16 thoughts on “Halloween Movie Seeking High School Teen Actors

  1. My name is Shakira Martin but everyone calls me kira. I'm 19 and just graduated high school, however I'm on the short side, 4"11 that is so I can easily pass for a high school student. Love to make people laugh and very musically inclined. I'm right here in South Carolina as well.

  2. Hello my name is Aliyahh brooks I’m 26 years old I’m a senior I’m 5’8 as u can see I’m very tall i way around 129 I’m African America and i hope u pick me to work with your cast

  3. My names Daeja I'm black and white I'm 12 and a half almost 13 years old for all my life I've been told I look waaaay older than I am I'm heavier but I'm working out everyday, and trying to make life changes for me and for the better. I always loved to act and Im really good at it I want to make a living out of being an actress and paid. I'm really trying to get into acting please contact me.

  4. I am twelve years old, but I can pass as a ninth grader. Acting is my passion. I love theater and I have been in a couple of performances! I would love to have the opportunity to audition!!

  5. I am very interested in this film. I am a freshmen in high school but I could pass as a Junior or even Senior. I feel like I would be great for this film because of my dramatic passion for acting.

  6. I am a 16 year old who can pass off as a junior and senior and have experience, contact me. You wont regret it, and this would be a great movie for a great Holiday!! contact me soon.

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