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Glamor Camping & Boat Tours Commercial

Glamor Camping & Boat Tours Commercial

Big Idea Productions is looking for an actress and actor for an upcoming Glamor Camping & Boat Tours commercial. It is a network of film & video professionals based in Las Vegas, NV. Glamour Camping and Boat Tours is an all-inclusive camping experience designed for couples, families, or group excursions.

The footage that will be shot is for a web commercial on the rivers/lakes around Sanford, Florida. The commercial will be taking place this Saturday from 8am to 3pm. The Casting team needs one actor and one actress between the ages of 30 and 45 years old to play a couple that is on their tour with their kids. The children have already been cast and are Caucasian, so actors and actresses should have a light complexion.

The filming will be about five to six hours of getting footage of scenes enjoying the cruise on the rivers, stopping for a picnic, seeing the sights around Central Florida, etc. The “couple” will not need to be any more romantic than hugging or hand holding, although if they can cast a real life couple – even better!

This footage will be edited into a spot for the company’s website and social media, and will run approximately 2 minutes in length. There is no pay for the shoot, but food will provided as well as a copy of the spot for your reel, and gas money will be reimbursed for those for those traveling more than 20 miles. The shoot will be taking place in Sanford, Florida.

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