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Family Game Night – HUB

Family Game Night
Family Game Night – HUB

Television’s most unbelievable game show is coming back with an all new season and the search is on for contestants to compete on Family Game Night. Auditions will be happening soon for the most amazing family game show experience ever.

Family Game Night takes a normal family game night to the next level. The producers of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader and Hasbro have put an exciting spin on traditional game shows and millions of fans around the world can’t get enough. Two families compete each week in a series of life sized editions of classic Hasbro family games such as  Connect 4 Basketball, Sorry! Sliders, Yahtzee Bowling, Cranium, Operation Sam Dunk, Trouble Pop Quiz and many more for cash and prizes and a grand prize of an fabulous family vacation. For every game a family wins they get to choose a Monopoly Crazy Cash Card from the Crazy Cash Corner, each valued between $200 and $25,000 dollars! At the end of each episode the families take their chosen cards to the Crazy Cash Machine to find out how much they won – even if your family doesn’t win the grand prize they get to keep the cash. This is a fantastic opportunity to spend some awesome time with your family playing games and winning prizes while millions of fans watch at home. Families must consist of at least one child and one parent or guardian but your whole gang is welcome to participate in all of the fun. If you are interested in submitting your family for the all new season you can go here familygamenightcasting.com/?page_id=62 or send an email with your family info to casting@venertainment.com. More information will be coming soon so leave a comment for us below and keep checking in for all of the casting updates for Family Game Night.

The family event of a lifetime is coming. It’s time to take your family fun from the living room to HUB as you star on the all new season of Family Game Night.

64 thoughts on “Family Game Night – HUB

  1. Are they bringing back Family Game Night? My son has been watching it since he was 3, now 7. Most have been reruns, as the last original one was in 2014. He loves this show, that I have to DVR it so we can watch it. Would love to know if they will bring it back…I would do sign us up for this.

  2. We love your show and would love to be on it. We absolutely love Todd Newton and my 8 yr old son Hayden really wants to meet him. Our family watches Family game night together and talk about how much fun we would have on it together. Thank you so much and hope to hear from you.

  3. My 11yo and 6yo daughters Lily and Nataley love watching the show and as a family we LOVE playing all of the different games at home. It would be an amazing experience if we were selected to participate in this super sized family game night!

  4. Every morning before school (when the kids should be getting ready) we all watch your show as we are eating breakfast! It would be such an exciting and memorable experience for our family to be a part of Family Game Night!!

  5. My 8 yr old daughter Chloe and 7 year old son Christian love to watch this show. It would really be fun if we'll be selected to participate in this exciting game show.

  6. We'd love to be part of your show! Our 11yo dtr and 9 yo son are good kids, competitive and active in sports, church, and community. Myself and my wife are also heavily involved in the same areas and would love the opportunity to be a positive part of your show. Please contact us if you have interest in involving us. Thank you!!!!

  7. My two sons, ages 9 and 13, love this show because they were raised on board games. We play all the old classics as well as the newer ones. We would love to participate on a live show to pool all our knowledge together and be on the same team!

  8. Our family loves this show and love playing board games. We are a competitive, fun, energetic family of 4, Mom, Dad, and 2 CRAZY boys!!! We'd love to bring east coast to west coast and show you how it's done!
    P.S. Evans family: GO FIGHT WIN!!!

  9. My family and I LOVE THIS SHOW! We are an extremely competitive, outgoing, energetic, and fun family who would absolutely love to be a part of something like this. We are a family of 4 including my mom, dad, and twin brother. You won't regret putting us on your show! Family game night is something that brings us together and it would be awesome to show America exactly that! Please consider us!

  10. My 8 year old son loves this show! He wants to have a family game night every weekend which is quite challenging to get 7 kids to sit down and play one game, especially since their ages range from 2 years old to 20.

  11. My daughter Jordyn Rose and I have been watching this show for 2 years and we would love to be participate in the fun games. We anticipate your response to this e-mail. Thank you, Jordyn and Kimberly Rex (Las Vegas) NV

  12. My sister is in love with the show an shes been beggin my mom to go an i think it would be realy great if she got this as a surprise gift it would be a great experience for her because she watches yall all the time on the hub network

  13. My family has been thru a lot of change recently and despite this, my oldest son 6, has been the rock to keep us upbeat. We also have handsome identical twin boys age 3… every Friday night, since divorce.. my family gathers in the family room together to Watch Family Game Night! This will make my 6 year olds birthday wish come true!!

  14. A family game night is what my family could use to bring us all together and have some fun. I am always trying to think of new ideas and this has been something I always wanted to participate in. Now that I have my own children and this too sparks their interest. I hope that we could make a dream an realty.

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