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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition
ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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  1. Hello to you all with the BIG hearts! I would like to recommend some very dear friends to me, Larry & Lisa Mancil. They have one daughter, Courtney, whom is handicapped from birth. Lisa actually gave birth to a two-headed baby…Miss Courtney was born with her brain (in a sac) outside her head..needless to say she is a walking miracle to be alive, but she has needs that this family cannot meet. They are constantly helping others by working on their homes & do without in their very small, cramped space in their home. They really need a home that has plenty of space for Miss Courtney to move better instead of worrying about her falling or hurting the shunt in her head..not very many mothers could do what Lisa does to deal with an autistic child…her love for Courtney is tremendous & she goes beyond the call of duty..out of all families nominated for this program, I know this is one of the families who needs your help the most! A new home would provide them with a safe environment & take a burden off their shoulders. On their behalf I ask that you please consider this request..they would never ask for themselves…I appreciate your time…You guys are doing an awesome work in the lives of people who are suffering the most! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  2. Good day

    My name is eureka i am a mother of 2 kids i work as a sales consultant and my husband he is unemployed, we stay in a two bedroom house. currently i am the bread winner of the family i support both my family,sister and brothers. And the salary that i get it is not enough to accommodate everyone.I will be happy if you reach out for me as it will be an honor for me fully knowing that god is on my site

  3. Hello this is extremly important i am a cna i have a client that needs some help asap the man is bed bound but is in good shape mind and body they live in a basement him and his wife the basement is in horrible condition my name is martha m chavias pleas please help my number

  4. Hello I'm a 24 year old single mother of a four year old. We are originally from Detroit Michigan, we moved to Alabama because o was offered a full ride scholarship to complete my nursing program, upon moving here our house caught on fire and we lost everything a few days later my car broke down and I was missing work and unfortunately school which caused me to lose my scholarship, however I got another car and started from scratch it's been a struggle but I am back in school after months of sleeping in my car I was given a home by my boss to rent out as long as I need it. It's a good house I mean anything is better than sleeping in my car with my four year old but it need work that's beyond my pay grade. After sitting here wondering how I'd make this happen I prayed and this is what came to mind. This is just a long story cut short, hopeful my son and I get considered the house is ours as long as we live and need to be here, I just want it suitable to raise him up in. Thank you for the consideration hope to hear back soon.

  5. Hi. I want to nominate my family. Were from Wichita KS.
    I'm not sure where to begin. My dad had lost his job (got laid off) close to the time I was about to have my daughter which was back in 2012. He has since then got called back. Has the only one working. My mom is disabled. She has to get 2 of her toes on one foot removed cause of an infection. Her health isn't that great. My dad isn't in very good health as it is but he's a good man. He does what he can to help out. He helps me with as much as he can cause I don't have a job. I'm in the process of trying to get a job. Its really hard cause I don't have anyone to watch my daughter so it makes it a bit difficult to get a job. My dad has helped out my other sister and her husband but they seemed to take advantage of him. Hes a very caring person/guy Hes says Hes not but clearly you can tell he is. Our house is not in the greatest condition. The felling is leaking from water. You can see it in the bathroom and the laundry room. We own our house. Hes tried to work on the house and tried to fix things that need fixed but everytime we turn around something else needs fixed. We were in the process of fixing the bathroom and couldn't get the rest of the materials We needed. So Its not finished. I have to rely on my parents to get to and from apointments cause I don't have my own transportation that works or is safe to drive, espically if my 3 year old daughter is with me. So of you guys could help is out that would be greatly appericated. Ps my parents don't know that I'm doing this. If i get picked if like to surprise them with it. Thank you sop much and God bless!!

  6. I'm writing for my mother. She is 68 And recently we lost my farther on March 13,2016 to a curageuos 8 month battle of stage 4 lung cancer with metastasis to his liver and lymph nodes. The house she lives in is the house they purchased 33 years ago and raised us four girls in. My father was also a first class drill Sargent in the army retiring in 1994 after 24 years. My mother is ill as well and has COPD AND recently had a heart attack. She remains in the two story home since my farther has passed. Code enforcement is trying to kick her out because she has lost her electric service because she couldn't party three bill and three home its in bad shape the flour of us girls would love more than anything for our mother to have a nice home to live in, one that doesn't affect her breathing. My mom had worked hard all her life and raised us the best she could and now its our turn to help her. Thank you for your time. Sincerely The Orso girls

  7. My request is for my 100year old grandpa. He now has Dementia. He continues to live as if he was in the fifties. Recently he fell and ended up bed ridden. He has this home since the 50's and never wanted to leave. I was born and raised their as when my mother got Gillian Barer and was paralyzed from the neck down he continue to raise me. It was years before she was able to walk and now just walks about 5ft and needs to sit down. My father died recently and so did my brother. My grandfather is the only one left and now it is my turn to take care of him. I would love for his home to be made over. Recently both side neighbors redid their houses and now his looks totally out of place. We just tented it as the termites were completely eating through his floor. He does not want to leave from his home as this is where he has built his life. I would love to help him and continue to live or have my children live where I grew up once he passes. Investors try to buy us out all the time but we love our small cottage. Please come take a look. Thank you.

  8. Hi my name is alejandra martinez. I been living with my grandparents since last year. I been watching your guys show simce I was about 5 anyways I don't know where to start.. I don't have a mom or dad that really cares to much to take care of me so my grandparents stepped up and took me in without them I would probably be dead or living in a foster care because me and my mom don't get along after what she has done to me and put my whole family through.. me and my grandparents live in a small house with two bed rooms hey its still a home but I just wish I could do something for them to show how much i love and appreciate everything they have done for me without them i wouldn't be here and I would pay to redo the whole house but I'm only a sixteen year old with little income trying to save up for a car and college and with my job its kinda hard. I just want the best for them I love them with all my heart and there all I have left. Theres more to this story.

  9. Hello my name is Julie I am asking and needing your help. My mother is 79 years old she has been staying in the same two bed room home over forty five years which she worked very hard to pay off. With her Social Security she has not been able to afford to keep the upkeep on her home. Now her homes needs a lot of work it's going down. I would love to see my mom happy again. I am asking and praying for Extreme Makeover on her home. I can not afford to make repair on her home and my sister has a disable son, My mother does not have to have everything new just some things repaired. She spends a lot of her time outside in her back yard planting flowers which she calls paradise on earth. My mother enjoys her flowers. I just wish she could say the same about the inside and outside of her home. She is the most caring giving and loving person I know. Thank you Extreme Makeover.

  10. Hello extreme makeover my name is Brittney slade.recently my moms house just burnt down an we lost everything.im asking you guys to help out..im believing in god to totally provide my family of four a new WONDERFUL place to live.right now we are staying everywhere we can but i know eventually we all need to be stable.i have two younger sisters (18)(19) that is working hard to help provide and a brother(14) my mom has been through so much i could go on for days!she is the neighborhood mom everyone loves because of her loving heart and im praying you guys can help her she deserves it.

  11. Hello, my name is Elizabeth I live with Daniel Hart who now has full custody of his four year old daughter, Jaiden Hart she has Asthma and was at her moms where she wasn't taken care of she was smoked in front of and ended up in the hospital where she almost didn't make it and after was a week she was sent to her dads with legal custody papers. I moved in with Daniel to take care of Jaiden because she now has to have Ashtma breathing treatment when she wakes and inhailer every two hours she can't stay outside often at all because of pollen and being four it hurts just watching her cry seeing other kids playing outside while she has to wait inside. It makes me and her dad cry watching her. We are having to go through Daniel's trailer taking up carpet and are fnding Mold problems that's hurting her. Her dad Daniel Hart tries as hard as he can to take care of her, it hurts watching him cry while he thinks about her. He's with Springhill Louisiana and Cullen Louisiana Fire Departments and is used to helping and saving others Its time for him and his sweet four year old daughter Jaiden Hart for help!! I love them both and always will!!

  12. We are putting this in for our parents, Bill and Danna Pickell. On March 1, 2015 we lost our sister, their daughter, unexpectedly from community acquired Pneumonia, Overwhelming Septic Shock, Hypoxic Respiratory Failure and Influenza B. She was taken to MCH Hospital there different times in two days, had one x-ray done and without an x-ray tech onsite was told it showed nothing. By the third visit she was fighting to breathe and her skin was turning an ashy grey. It took the hospital quite a long time to get her into and emergency room and just as long for someone to notice how bad her situation was. Once a nurse saw her she was put on oxygen and Life Flight was called to transport her. She was Life Flighted to Nebraska Medicine around midnight, in Omaha NE and coded in route. She was on a respirator and trying to move and looking at everyone. By 6am that Saturday she coded again and things went downhill from there. Late in the evening we were told she had passed and we needed to make the decision to shut off the respirator. Our beautiful sister and daughter left behind and adult daughter and three sons, ages 14, 13 & 12. The youngest of the three boys went to live with his dad. The older two didn't want to leave the last place their mother was and didn't want to go with their dad that was barely around to begin with. Our parents have done everything possible for the two boys. They are getting legal custody/guardianship of them. They live in my parents home, a two bedroom house with a small office room and one bathroom. The two teenage boys have to share a small bedroom that just fits two beds and two dressers snug in the room. Of course, we all know having teenagers share a room is a chore in itself, but put a teen with ADHD in the mix and you can imagine how the days go. Our parents are very proud people and would take their last breath if it meant it could save someone else. They will do whatever it takes to make things a little easier for these boys. My sister and I think they should be helped the same way they have helped others. (They've helped me since I was 5 and had a marker thrown in my eye and went into debt to help me get to where I'm at now with my vision.) If we could afford to give them the house with enough rooms they need it would already be done! Growing up, my parents were always referred to as mom & dad from all our friends and neighborhood kids. Now, they are called G-ma and G-pa to the 12 grand kids and all their friends. It would be awesome if they got picked for this because we think they deserve to have this done for them and the boys. Thank you for taking the time to read our application.

  13. Hi my name is Kara I have a friend his name Pat his entire lived in this house his mother father and brother all passed away from poor health. The House is in very poor conditions pat has had nemeruos heart attacks at the age 38 due to the home. These ppl are the nicest ppl do anything for anyone kind known by many for their kindness sewer is just draining out the back of the house there's mold the house needs tore down but this is their home and have no means to repair or move,rebuild due to taking care of his mother and father for years and now his health is declining and my heart says it's from the condition of the House. This man would give u the shirt off his back he deserves to live his life with no worries anymore after devoting his life to his taking care of his mother. They don't know we are doing this so please consider them for this u have no clue the impact u would make on this mans life and health and everyone they've helped would be forever greatly his mother only cared about helping others. The first day I meet her she made me sit down and eat dinner w them I was pregnant. Please home maker over help these wonderful ppl live their lives worry free after all they've done to make sure others haven't had to. Lots of love Kara and Jason from pa

  14. Hello, my name is Katlyn i am 15 years old i have 7 brothers and sisters and 1 nephew however only 1 of my brothers and sisters and my nephew live with us. Im a freshman in Holland High school.My family and I are having to leave our home in Holland Texas we cant afford a home of our own that will hold everyone in my house so my mom and dad have invested to fix a old bar and turn it into a house for everyone. However, this bar is on very bad shape the ceiling has caved in and the wals are molded. We financially cant afford to destroy it all and start new but we cant live in this condition because my sister has a 4 month old baby boy and my 60 year old grandma is living with us my mom is allergic to mold on the walls so she is health wise not fit to live in the fixer-upper. I only want whats best for my family. please help us. I would be blessed to have the help from you for my family and our health.

  15. Hi, I am a single mother of 4 boys that are all born in june exactly 8 days apart apparently my oldest son Jordan was born profound deaf and autistic. When i purchased our home a year ago Jordan immediately moved his bedroom in the basement and will throw fits i try to move him upstairs, the basement is partially finished and is need of more work like shower and bathroom that was taken away years ago. I begun some repairs in kitchen but everything became too expensive and with their allergies the mildew and mold im seeing from moisture is not safe. PLEASE HELP US and thank you for your time i greatly appreciate it. Have a wonderful day.

  16. Hello, my name is Jennifer, wife and Momma of 3 from Ohio. My husband is on disability do to seizures and type one diabetes, and I am on disability due to bi polar and server anxiety. Our daughter has Mosaic Turner Syndrome. Our two boys are health and old enough that they are no longer living at home. We was lucky enough to be able to sale everything we had and use what little we had saved up to buy a fixer upper house just out side of town that had fire damage. We have been fixing it up slowly, we are now able to live in it. However since we are living in it money is tight. The home needs so much, there is no insulation, no drywall, no heating or duck work, no siding, and half the roof has been changed. We are living in one room of the house. My daughter sleeps on a love seat and me and my husband sleep on a air mattress on the floor. I'm begging for help to finish my house, to give my children a place to always call home, a place to feel safe. We need help!

  17. my name is keith, and about 6 years ago i met my wife lola, this is the beginning of our story. our story starts like any fairy tail that you can imagine. we met in march of 2010 was pregnant by april of 2010 and married by august of 2010, no one believed that our marriage would last for 6 years because we had nothing to start with. neither of us had no jobs i couldn't find one at all. and my wife because of her disability could not find work either. in august of 2010 we had lost our first place just 9 days after we got married to a fire which you can find in the atlantic city press about the fire 30 displace after rooming house catch fire from hotplate. i should know on that night i had almost giving my life to save as many people as I could from the fire. my wife lola has told me about smelling fire in the room that we were in. I said it probalby was someone smoking or having a BBQ, then a few minutes later I smell the smoke so I looked out the window and below us there was smoke pouring out of the window below us. so I yelled to my wife to get out. so my 4 month pregnant wife lola got out of the house and I took her down the fire escape then I ran back into the building to get our cat who was hiding under some cloths. then I ran our cat down the fire escape to my wife. then I kiss lola and told her I loved here before running back into the building to bang on my neighbors doors to get them out. you can read about this in that report as well. so this started our long years of homelessness. we went from hotel to having a home to leaving because of an infestation of roaches which was making my wife and kids sick. to being seperated for 4 months to this time now. now our kids are in baltimore city with my mom, while we are sitting in the hospital. this year has been a really bad one for our family. my wife is now in the hospital diagnose with MDS which is a bone disease that is causing her body to not make healthy blood cells. if you ask anyone here they will tell you how we are as people and if you ask anyone in atlantic city about me. I have always help as many people as I can. and yet we just keep having these hard times. the reason why I am writing is my kids need there mom and dad and we need a stable home to put them in. we have been trying to move to baltimore where we can get our kids the medical treatment they need for their dis abilties as well as help for my wife now. so we are just asking if anyone can help us our only income is our kids social security. but I want to work. and our plans is one day help to feed the homeless. as well as open up an organization that really helps people find work. as well as families to find stabled housing like ourselves.

  18. Hi my name is echo. I recently moved away from my family with my significant other. My dad used to work on the railroad with the Union Pacific company until he got diabetes and is living off of his disability checks. He lives on the Navajo reservation. We have built 4 houses within the time that he was working. He lives at least 30 mins from the nearest town. And there is a wash that seperates the main road to his house. All the houses were started but not finished. Because of no money he doesn't have a ride. His brother is lending him one for the moment so he can haul water. He has lived without electricity for over 21 years and has to make trips to town and purchase propane for our stove just so he can cook. And make daily trips to get groceries. So it won't get bad. There is more but it just makes me so emotional just to explain how he has lived like this for so long. He has been there for me through everything. And I don't have the money to give him the life he deserves. This would mean the world to me. I just want to surprise him and to know that i love him dearly

  19. Hi, my name is stephanie and I have 2 boys 11 & 9. My 11 year old has adhd and odd. My youngest has ataxia and me as mom tring to do what I can as a sinle parent that has ataxic-cerebral palsy. I can do so much 24-7 and do the best I can. My youngest has his walker and a wheel chair and need a ramp for me and my son. It's getting hard on me and him, as my back is not helping. It hurts and I also have to help bath my son and it hurt my muscles. I would love if my son can have a bath/shower to help himself more with out keep steping over and may hrt ourselves and I would be able to halp with a necessity of railing for me to help him as well for himself. I live in my house 6 years now, that was built in the 40 and im guessing nothing got up grades and I have electical problems that scare me as well, I also havnt really got to paint all that much. I want to. I have mold in my bathroom that I try to clean but it keeps coming back and my pipes keeps cloging. Im looking for help please and with my ssi and what I want to do but with limitations, I just have a hard time I try to go beyond my limits at times but then I really hurt. Please help me and my kids so I dont to worry about health issues and falling issues or etc. I would be so appreciative. If you need picture s, I would be happy to send thank you. Stephanie Dargusch

  20. my name is Thembekazi April from South Africa we live in a 4 room house .we are 13 in this house .Aduĺts are 6 and 7children .3 children are studying so they do not have enough space they love reading .please help us we need a bigger house.

  21. Hello there, my name is Nondumiso Rasi from South Africa. in the Eastern Cape province.

    I had to give up my children because I can't give them the life they deserve and I didn't want them to suffer because of me. I have a Degree of Bachelor of Social Science in Human Resource Management, a VIP Payroll Certificate, Stocktake Certificate and Security Certificates Grades E, D and C.

    I have tried to get employment for so many years. My mother who is turning 75 years this year bought a house for me and tried to renovate it but could not finish it because of money problems. Now I am left with an unfinished house and I could finish it if I had employment. So when it's raining the house rains, when it's windy, there's dust all over the house, the toilet I use is not finished and the plumbing is very bad. And everything in the house is not done properly and half done. But I am very grateful to my mother for getting me a house no matter how it is. I love it. But I really need your help to renovate it and make it a home, something I can leave for my three children a boy 11, a girl 9 and a boy 5 years.

    My other wish is to get employment so I can be able to stay with my children and be able to get a drivers license and just live a normal life and be a mother to my kids.

    Please help me achieve my dreams.

    Yours sincerely
    Nondumiso F. Rasi

  22. This is actually for my mother and not me. The last year has been rough for her. Starting the day after my Dad's birthday in June of 2015 when he had a stroke. Shortly after her oldest brother went into the hospital and passed away. Then a couple of months later my 16 year old niece Justice was taken from us in a car accident and now just last week my father passed away. In less than a year she has lost 3 of her treasured family members. The whole time she hasn't complained just endured and has kept talking about how she would like to redo her house so that when she goes we wont be saddled with a house we can't sell. She deserves this and more and I wish as a family we could afford to just do it for her. She is going to use the money my father left her to do what little she can but I am afraid she is going to blow through it all trying to fix that crumbling house up and not have anything to save for herself for the future.

  23. My name is Bonita Rivera and I grew up in a little rural town called Aliceville Alabama.I was raised by two very strong women. My grandmother the late Mrs Anna Mae Hinton retired from the Pickens County school District as a head cook. She never owned a car because she didn't drive so she walked the five miles daily to work and sometimes back. Ocassionally,people in the community would pick her up.Her motivation was family and paying for her four bedroom brick home that housed her mother who was in her eighties at the time, my mother, my aunt,my uncle and two of her grandchildren.My grandmother retired and became a volunteer care giver for her elderly uncle (who was a WWII veteran) and her sister who was bed riden. April 28,1991 my grandmother passed away on her seventy-first birthday. The torch for paying off this property fell into my mother's hand. My mother Denise Hinton has always worked and took very good care of me Bonita and my brother Lorenzo. In 2001, Denise first born Lorenzo Hinton was diagnosed with HIV and soon Denise had to leave her job and home to go to Birmingham to take care of him in hospice. In order to keep from losing the home due to no income, I took a contractor job in Kuwait to help support my mom,brother, daughter and my brother's only child. I was able to payoff the remainder balance on the house and support my family. In July 2007, i transferred into Iraq ,my brother passed in September 2007 after battling AIDS. Due to medical issues my mom has not been able to return to work. Living on a fixed income, remodeling is impossible but needed desperately. The house has withstood many adverse weather outbreaks (tornadoes and floods). Some of those storms made history. The house is literally falling apart. Blown off shingles from the storm left the roof exposed creating ceiling damage. The old eletrical reseptacles are failing. The paneling is very dark and drab . The closets are falling apart. The windows are outdated. The AC unit pulls too much power which kicks off the breakers. The heating unit malfunctioned years ago and she have to use ele trical heaters to warm the house and they trigger the breaker box. The kitchen cabinets are completely demolished . My mom received her income tax one year and hired a local minister and supposedly cabinet maker to redo her cabinets. She unfortunately, bought all the supplies and paid the labor. The contractor ruined the supplies butchered the cabinets and filed bankruptcy to avoid being sued. My mother lost everything and he had already removed the original cabinets leaving that area exposed. My mom always wish for money to remodel her home and I wish I could give it to her. I'm a disabled veteran struggling in my own home financially due to employment, I assumed the responsibility of raising my niece after the death of my brother. I am unable to finance this for her ,she deserves it. She watches your show all the time and often wishes she can be the recipient of your generosity, it will make her graciously happy.Im working hard to give her this wish while she is able to enjoy it,my mother will be sixty-five September 12. Please help me make this dream come true for her,she has taken the matriarch responsibilities that my grandmother once held and she care for the elder disable family and friends in the community.Please do a makeover for

  24. Me and my fiancé and are 1 year old little boy are homeless and living in a motel right now we can not seem to find any place to rent to us due to the fact that we have made mistakes in our past from years ago we now don't know what else to do I have physical and mental health disability and I'm currently waiting for a court date for my disability my fiance is having a hard time finding work right now and he also has some physical disability we feel hopeless and scared we would appreciate any help god bless

  25. My little cousin was in an ATV accident and is now paralyzed from the waist down my uncle and my aunt live in a trailer and they don't have enough room he needs a new home that is Will chair accessible and they need more space we are trying to find any help possible we have 3 to 4 months to try to find a new place for my cousin my aunt my uncle to live

  26. Hey as you know my name is Jarvis. Growing up i had to wacth my mama fake like everything is alright and to this day she still is she dont say it but i can see it. Shes a single parent of 4 kids and still taking care of her mother because my grandfather passed last year. This is a three bed room home and we have 5 people staying here we cant afford to fix the repairs that need to be down so we are asking God to touch your heart that you may see that we are in need and come and bless us with a new home. I believe it in Jesus name. God bless

  27. I am a mother of 4 who put 5 years in a company for 24 hr a day 12 on 2 off I ran this mand business in every aspect and was told I was locked in until in March he proceeded to cuss at me and stand over me in the office like he was going to hit me, when I took up for myself he fired me.I have since gotten help from my ex husband starting up a business he has tried hard to help as he raised my 4 kids when their dad wouldnt, My kids dad walked out their life years ago is currently in prison and owes 35000$ in child supprt.My oldest son Mikie 17 works and goes to school I have an 13 yo Jacob and twins Katie and Charles 12 yo I bought a doublewide a year ago with hopes of fixing it up but the more we try the more mold and costly things we find I was hoping to do more with a settlement from a bad car wreck the twins and I where in that flipped my new car 3 times and ai didn't even get enough to pay all my hospital bills. My driveway floods the dogs and pigs don't have a dry yard I need drywall and carpet and floors put in and have no clue of how bad the mold is which can make my kids deathly ill, but my hands are tied I bought a 2300 sf mold hole. Please help.

  28. My wife encouraged me to reach out on behalf of my parents Pam and Rick. My parents have been married 35 years and raised 6 children, they are both completely selfless and choose to help others before themselves. My mother Pam ran a daycare watching over and caring for anywhere from 6 to 12 children at a time and she did this for 28 years which can really do a number on your nerves:). My father served in the US military for 20 years and retired which does pay him however it is a modest paycheck each month. My parents both worked hard to give us kids exactly what we needed to sustain our own lives and 3 of my siblings dont show any appreciation for the lengths my parents went to be there for us. I am reaching out to ask for the opportunity to see my mom and dad finally have a completed home. You see they live in their cabin in Utah full time and they are both 67 years old which makes enduring the harsh winters very difficult, this past winter the snow completely destroyed a portion of their roof and deck and along with that their roof is failing so they have times throughout the winter when they have buckets to keep the dripping water inside the house at bay. My dad has servived cancer twice and had HEP C for nearly 30 year before finally having the most recent treatments done to cure him. Also he has deteriorating discs in his back and he recently fell and broke his femur, he and my mom spend a great deal of their time improving their cabin but it seems to never end and unfortunately my dad is not as capable as he once was. My brothers and i help when we can, however they live nearly 2 hours away so it is difficult to find the time to drive up there and really dig in to help. They live off of their social security and retirement from the Military so they do not have alot of money left over each month. Of course i am not sure what the requirements are to be on your show, nor do i believe that my parents are in a worse circumstance than many of the stories that i have read, i just believe that in my opinion my mother and father are truly deserving of a break and i can think of nothing that would warm their hearts more than being able to have a home that is completed so they can enjoy their remaining years without constantly having to fix leaks and replace the deck or the roof ect. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read these stories, and i know you will find a family which is truly deserving of this once in a lifetime opporunity and of course my hope is that my parents are chosen. Thanks you again.
    Clint McIntosh

  29. Hi Ty & Makers of Extreme Home Makeover.
    I am writing not for myself, but for a very good friend. My friend John lives in Herndon VA. He comes from a long line of family that has served our country. John himself a Major in the US Army served in Afganistan. John is tough on the outside, but a generous man by nature. He would do anything for anyone.
    John has been continually helping other fallen soldiers, by providing them with a place to stay till they get back on their feet. John himself went through a bad divorce right after his deployment. When he came home he had his two boys to raise also. John has been doing this for about 7yrs now.
    The reason why I am writing you is because John is now finding himself drowning, literally. John bought his house after coming home from Afganistan. He & his boys live in the basement of his home, since he provides shelter to other soldiers in need of help. This has taken its toll on his house from all the wear & tear. John has been sinking all funds into his house to keep it liveable. I have always kept in touch with John. We met about 6yrs ago online. He of course lives in VA & I in PA. So because of the distance we became pretty much cell pals. Recently John called me late & sounded so depressed. When talking with him, he started to cry on the phone & said he was soon to give up. He went on to tell me that his house which is on the end of a caldesac keeps flooding because it sits at a lower level then all the other houses. He said he has fixed the gutters & has tried to fix the base of his house to no resolvement. He doesn't have a sump pump, or flood insurance because it's not in a flood zone. John says that there is black mold, mud & standing water in the basement & he is constantly trying to clean it up each time it rains hard. He is depressed also because his boys can't stay with him when this happens, so they stay with their mom. John also does a lot of his work at home in the basement. So when the downpours of rain happens, he can't even do his job at home for trying to keep the water from coming in & then the mess of cleanup.
    John does not know that I am contacting you. I feel that if anyone & I am sure they're many whom out there that need your help, but I feel that he desperately needs your help. John is a man whom deserves something good given back to him.

  30. My name is Fransisca and I am a single mother raising 6 six kids. 2 who are my nephews and 2 who are my grandkids and 2 of my own. I also take care of my mother who is 85 years old. We are currently living in our own house that we own but in the past we rented it and now it's destroyed and old. We've been trying to fix it but we don't have enough money to remodel the whole house and we are planning on selling it. But in the condition that it is, it's not valuable enough. We need to sell it by July. We need your help, to keep my kids in a good and warm house until we sell it and hand it to the next family who deserves a nice home. Please contact me and I hope to hear from you guys. Thank you!

  31. Joyce Miller is a lovely lady that I’ve had the pleasure to have as a patient for over a year. I am her nurse.
    Joyce has blessed me and touched my heart in so many ways. She is a lady of immense strength and character who has fallen into very hard times. Over a year ago, she became deathly ill and was told she needed a heart and double lung transplants. She spent months in the hospital and was sent home on IV heart medicine 24/7 to wait on a heart transplant. On evaluation for the transplant they told her she didn’t qualify because she had too much money- a burial plot and a small life insurance policy! She had no money and unable to work for a YEAR, and became DEEP in debt. For the first time in her life she took out credit cards, only so she could eat, buy gas, go to the doctor and just survive. Joyce has a disabled sister up north, but no one else. She is 59 years old. Her mom and dad have both passed away. Her brother who always helped her around the house died with cancer in 2006. Since that time, alone, broken, her home has become very much in disrepair. Her disability doesn't pay her bills. Presently, she even has no running water due to a problem with her well. Her electrical system in her home is to the point of her home being condemned. Her pipes are clogged with sand from the mal-functioning well. Her brother had been replacing her floors before he died, and they never got finished. There is only the base wood floor with no covering and in some places you can see the ground. Because she was in the hospital so much, her only companions who were left alone, her cats, ruined the place and she is living in deplorable conditons. She has broken windows. She has no place to go and physically can't yet help herself. She has more than $10,000 of medical debt alone and rising, a vehicle that won’t last, and repairs she can’t pay for. She needs flooring, and new pipes and wiring. She needs a home. Nothing plush or fancy, just a simple home.
    As she approached death one day, I prayed. I assured her God would provide ALL of her needs if she would turn them over to him and trust him. She has. Little by little, small miracles started happening. Her health improved. So, she started walking, trying to get better. By God’s grace, she no longer needs lung transplants! So, a neighbor gave her a bike and she started riding. Now, she can ride, better than walk, and can go 5 miles. Because of that and trying to eat and live healthy, praise God she no longer needs a heart transplant! She is still on the heart medicine IV, 24/7, but is starting to be weaned off. She is very limited as to what she can do physically, but is improving and has started working a little from her home! I appeal to you to come along side of Joyce and help her. She is trying to help herself, but it is hard to see the way. Yet, she believes! She has hope now! She always has a smile and tries so hard to be independent, though there is so much she can’t do. She is a broken woman with a heart of gold and the will to live, work, gain independence, and wants to get to the point she can help others. Please help my friend, my patient. My heart simply breaks for her!

  32. The reason I would love to be considered is I want to do this for my husband. He works so hard for our family he took on me and my two kids 7 years ago we were both single parents. My kids and I moved in next door our kids started hanging out with each other one thing lead to another and we got married. I appriciate him so much he took on a lot when he married me. I have a lot of health problems that keep me from working so he has all of the burden of taking care of the financial expenses. Our house is I guess a 3 bed two bath the room my husband and I share is the laundry room as well, our roof leaks in our room so much that we have no roof on the inside of our room we have plastic hanging up. My daughter either has to sleep in the front room or the makeshift room we made for her off the kitchen but it's barely big enough for a bed. Our house just isn't big enough for is and our 4 teenage children. Please help. Thank you!

  33. Hi, I am writing this letter for someone special and close to my heart my dear husband , see my son and I have severe asthma and my husband who works so very hard has fixed up almost every room in our 1942 home by himself except the kitchen and a few other areas that are essentially to help with my severe breathing issue . After seeing my husband sacrifice over and over again trying to save doing everything a little bit at a time put us first even with his own medical problems this is a true father and husband , please help me make our family's dream come true by surprising him by giving him the surprise of his life and a dream come true and then he won't ever have to worry again cause the love he has for his family is the love I have for him as his wife he truly is my inspiration and has made me a better healthier person and has helped me and our son when we were both so very sick at times because no matter what you do for a living when you have medical issues there is never enough money so by helping me show him how much we love and appreciate him this would be bestest way ever … Lots of love … Aimee Austin

  34. I would like to nominate my sister Melanie Merrill . About five years ago my sister was hit by a car while walking on the side of the road with her children and like most mothers she was walking on the outside and her children were walking on the inside in a effort to keep them safe. A car hit her going 60 miles an hour she was ripped to pieces every bone in her body was broke, she lost part of her skull.

    Her two little girls witnessed this horrific events! The first responders first labeled this accident a fatality. My sister was Airvac over two hours away to the trauma hospital in Tucson Arizona. The race began to try to save her life! She died a few times that day! But by the grace of God it wasn't her time! Thus beginning of a long painful journey of learning everything all over again.

    My sister is my best friend and my other half!! I'm amazed every day at her strength and her will to survive for her babies.
    She's a single mom of three with one child that has a disability.
    After my sisters accident she lost everything her home, her car, health insurance and all stability. Even with all her injuries and in a body cast she single-handedly still manage to take care of her kids. It's been a long and painful journey and my heart breaks for her.
    Barely being able to walk and in excruciating pain, she's makes great sacrifices! She has had walk miles in a 100 plus temp just to make sure her kids have food.
    Aside from dealing with their own ailments she's also dealt with extreme emotional trauma as a mother her eldest son that is living in Washington with me was hit by a nearly died.
    All this is just a little bit of what shes had to overcome. My wish for my sister is that she has the opportunity to get a makeover.I'd give her the world if I could.
    riting this letter in hopes that I can find a way to get my sister makeover. About five years ago my sister was hit by a car while walking on the side of the road with her children and like most mothers she was walking on the outside and her children were walking on the inside in a effort to keep them safe. A car hit her going 60 miles an hour she was ripped to pieces every bone in her body was broke, she lost part of her skull.

    Her two little girls witnessed this horrific events! The first responders first labeled this accident a fatality. My sister was Airvac over two hours away to the trauma hospital in Tucson Arizona. The race began to try to save her life! She died a few times that day! But by the grace of God it wasn't her time! Thus beginning of a long painful journey of learning everything all over again.

    My sister is my best friend and my other half!! I'm amazed every day at her strength and her will to survive for her babies.
    She's a single mom of three with one child that has a disability.
    After my sisters accident she lost everything her home, her car, health insurance and all stability. Even with all her injuries and in a body cast she single-handedly still manage to take care of her kids. It's been a long and painful journey and my heart breaks for her.
    Barely being able to walk and in excruciating pain, she's makes great sacrifices! She has had walk miles in a 100 plus temp just to make sure her kids have food.
    Aside from dealing with their own ailments she's also dealt with extreme emotional trauma as a mother her eldest son that is living in Washington with me was hit by a nearly died.
    All this is just a little bit of what shes had to overcome. My wish for my sister is that she has the opportunity to get a makeover.I'd give her the world if I could.

  35. I'd like to enter this for my family and I. My wife and I got married at 18 & 19 years old. We had a three bedroom trailer that seemed like the best home in the world when we moved in. We were married for a little over a year when we got temporary custody of four of her cousins children (January 2012). They were in a terrible situation and needed a home and love. We then got pregnant with our daughter and spent the last two months of the pregnancy in the hospital until the baby was born. During our hospital stay we were granted permanent custody of the children. The baby was born and we went home to begin our lives as a family of seven. (March 2013)
    Twenty four days after her birth we lost our home to a house fire. It was very early on Easter morning. Thankfully she and the kids were all at the sunrise service at our church when it started. Her brother noticed the fire and came in and got me out as I was asleep, but our little dog didn't make it out.
    We lost everything! We had just had a nursery built into our little home for the baby and lost it all.
    We are living in a three bedroom double wide now.
    She's pregnant again we are thinking about trying to add a room like we did before but it's going to be really hard financially. We would love to have a nice home so that our children could have there own rooms or have more space than they do now.
    We have five soon to be six amazing children that would love this amazing opportunity. The four older children have been through so much and are thriving to do good in school and get over there past. we became parents at a very young age but wouldn't change a thing about either one of our children. They have sure been a blessing to us. Thanks so much for the consideration. God bless all who are entering.

  36. Well where do i start my mom has been through so much in her life she has always been a loving and caring mother to all of her children all her life she always gave to others when she barley had for herself even till this day she is still the same in the last twenty years or so she has suffered alto of grief first she lost her son our brother that was back in nineteen ninety seven that really took a tool on her fiziqually and financially she has always paid rent all her life even if she hardly has any money left she always thinks of others now in two thousand five she lost her life partner our father seconding solano these two were inseparable as our father got older he started developing signs of alzymers and parkensens disease that left my mother taking care of our father until he passed but by gods grace our mother still kept up with her children no matter what now in two thousand fourteen her granddaughter my daughter Christian passed away aswell she had a blood disease that took her life at twenty six we all took it very hard but our mother took it the worst because she loves her grandchildren with all her heart and soul well it got to the point where our mother became very sick aswell in two thousand ten she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer we as her children would have never thought that mom would get sick on us she went through so much kimo that damaged her lungs now she is on oxygen four litters and that's alot but by the grace of god she had the strength to beat this disease although she had to loose her left breast she is still living and still doing for her family and we r so thankful to god that we still have her with us us brother and sisters have always prayed that god would give her a house of her own Cruz like I said she has for forty five years has been paying rent we her children would love to see her in her own house before she leaves this world and financially it has taken a big toll on her so we all pitch in to try to help her with all her bills by the time she pays all her bills she lucky to b able to at least buy her some clothes so please ty it would b the greatest gift to our mom that she would have her own house for once in her beautiful life and live the rest of her life happy she is a loving and giving mother we r truly blessed with her she is our foundation she keeps this family together

  37. Hi my name is shelby foster. I live in vinton la. Im a young mom of 2. I have a 1 year old beautiful son and one on the way. Everyday is a struggle for us. I got diagnosed with epilepsy and possibly have a brain tumor. So with this being said my fiancé is out of work to take care of me and our son. We are in disparate need of a home. As of now we are living in a run down efficiency apartment. This isn't a sob story just a cry for help. It would be a miracle from God to have y'alls help. I just want a forever home for my kids to grow up in. Thank y'all so very much for doing this for people.

  38. Hi my mother is in a desperate need of a home makeover. She lives in the town of Conshohocken Pennslyvania. About 2 months ago my mom found my father dead in their room. He died of a heart attack. We want to keep my mom in the house but money is tight since my sister and I have our own families and bills. The whole place needs to be redone. My mom just doesnt have the money since my dads life insurance didnt kick in until a month after he died and my moms insurance didnt cover because it was a cardiac arrest not a heart attack. We dont want my mother to sell the house because of the 27 years of memories we had there. Wish you could help us out. Thank you Carl Nase

  39. Oh also is making it on one job as a DES worker WIT 2 sons of her own 3 more which are her sisters that pasted away 2 yrs ago now in her hands also 4 autism that are her brothers too

  40. Please help me I'm so tired of seen a very hard young lady I call FREAK my sister from another mother oh annoying sister she deserves it

  41. I am 61 I went through a bad chapter13 because of a spouse who could not manage money of 25 years of marriage.Then she filed for divorce ,followING came my lose of my job.I spent 9 months looking for a job 6 months on unemployment then 3 months out of what little savings I had.To find a job at my age I took a 10.00 an hour cut in pay.Everything here at my home is falling apart and my mortgage was sold to another finance company.Now I am trying to get a modification to the loan so I don't loose my home.Thanks for your concern in advance.

  42. Hi my name is Ethaina Torres,
    My Pastor Raul Fuentez and his Wife Mary Fuentez are two of the most amazing people I have ever met they have changed the lives of so many through the word of God. They brought us from the lowest point of our lives and showed us a new way of living in peace love joy hope. Please help us build a bigger church. Our church is so small and so many people are starting to come please help us build a bigger church it will be a dream come true for the community our Pator and wife are so amazing please help..
    Love Always,
    Ethaina Torres

  43. Hi my name is Ethaina Torres and my Pastor Raul Fuentez and his wife Mary Fuentez are two of the most amazing people I ever met. They have reached out to many people's lives our church is super small and so many people are coming sometimes there is standing room only he has change many lives through the word of God its so amazing we have a wonderful ministry that has been to the lowest point anyone could come to and he has managed to bring the word of God forward to change our lives. We all would help can you please help us build u bigger church …

    Love Always,
    Ethaina Torres

  44. Hi my name is Jonathan my parents Ralph & Paula lost there house to a fire may 10th 2016 lost everything inside there home they adopted 6 siblings they range from 3 yrs of age to 17 there gonna rebuild there home I would really like to see them back in there home my father is an over the road truck driver n my mother is a stay at home mother.they also have 3 grown children 34,33,30 I would really love to see my parents back living in there home of 22 yrs. If anyone deserves anything in this world it them they have a huge heart for children and to open there doors thank you for letting me take this time to recognize my parents in this hard time of there life's.

  45. Well hello, my name is Bonnie R. Lindgren, I'm 23 years old and live with my parents and two younger brothers, in Weed Ca. Since I was 3 years old, my family had been homeless. Living in some places for no longer than a year and a half. Then a small miracle happened, an apartment complex allowed a family of five to live in a two bedroom apartment. Things were going great! Then, my mom fell… six years ago my mom was making dinner in the kitchen when she suddenly fell. She had broke her hip is such a way that she needed what the doctors called the 'Straight pin and wonky screw”. Now for most people recovering from a broken limb should be easy. But with her existing illnesses such as PTSD, Brittle type 1 Diabetes, plus undiagnosed osteoporosis, an some old injuries from when she was young began to snowball. Her muscles began to atrafee quickly and now she can't walk. The apartment we live in isn't conducive for a wheel chair. We can't even get my mom into the bathroom to shower, we need to sponge bath her. She's has renal kidney failer, OPD, and heart problems to top the cake. After he heart attack a year and a half ago she began to go down to Redding 3 times a week for dialysis to filter off the water weight she retains. When a person on dialysis stops being able to urinate, that means that the their time is running out. It could be a month from now or a couple years, but its soon enough to scare my father. Speaking of my dad, he's always been the pillar of strength, but with my mom's heart attack, he just doesn't know what he'll do when she's gone. His health in the last two years have gotten worse. He can't walk down the parking lot to pick up my Autistic littlest brother. He has gout, OPD, and a plethora of injuries he didn't go to the doctor about back when he was younger coming back to haunt him. Sadly this isn't the only things that have been the cause of my father new hair color. Zackary is my 16 year old Autistic littlest brother. He can't communicate very well and basically the only way to communicate with him is yes or no questions or to figure out what he means when he echos something. Zack can't tack care of himself like a normal 16 year can, so my 57-year-old father does. Luke, my recently 18 2nd oldest brother has been a help to, with being a pseudo messenger and gofer. Though I have given up a lot to help take care of my family, such as collage and work, my parents have done so much more, in mine and my brother's childhood to make sure that even thought we were homeless or hotel hopping, that we were happy and healthy kids. Now at 23, I want to give back to my parents. I have been saving up for a small piece of property in our county, but with the financial trouble and the only jobs I can get are babysitting is tough. I know this is a shot in the dark, but in the 1% chance that I could be chosen, please, help me, help my family, just so my mother will be a little more comfortable before she goes.

  46. My foster mother is a woman who is fighting bone cancer and has been for over a decade. Before she was diagnosed she owned and operated a group home for troubled teens on the White Earth reservation here in Minnesota. Hard to say, she had to close the group home because of funding.
    She later applied for a foster license and has been taking children into her own home until a fire forced her to buy a trailer house out on a lake just outside the town of White Earth.
    Needless to say,the house isn't efficient enough for to continue to help the children on the Reservation. Howevet,she still takes care of her grandson-Avery.
    The trailer has an addition but wasn't butted up correctly so she has a leaky roof and most of the three bedrooms are unfinished. The floor is totally sinking on one side due to water run off from the hill behind the house. We keep trying to make repairs,but due to the poor economic growth on the reservation we aren't able to afford the proper materials to keep the house up to code.
    I've watched your show since 2004 and I've seen the incredible work you guys can do. I've always dreamed of being able to get your show up to Minnesota and on the Reservation to help a deserving woman who has given so much of herself to the Native children on the Reservation. PLEASE come give her the house of her dreams! Migwitch.(thanks) in Ojibwa.

  47. Hi my name is marlene Smith can yall please help us likely asap I am 26 yrs old I have a 7 months old and were living a hotel with my grandparents me my mom sister n brother here 101 West 7th St bay city tx 77414 we have a house on property it's not liveable for us to stay in and we don't have the money to afford it or fix it's at all can you plzzz help us my mom n granny are the only two working

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