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Extraction Starring Bruce Willis – Movie

Extraction Starring Bruce Willis
Extraction Starring Bruce Willis

Die Hard, The Fifth Element, Looper – the list of mold-breaking action classics that Bruce Willis has starred in goes on and on and now he is about to star in yet another edge of your seat thriller with Extraction. Shooting on this rock ’em, sock ’em feature is set to begin soon and the project’s producers and casting directors are on the lookout for fresh faced talent of all ages to fill a number of outstanding roles. This could be your chance to work alongside a true Hollywood legend in what could be his next great box office smash hit. Interested performers can apply today for consideration.

Extraction will star Golden Globe winner Willis as a retired CIA operative whose life has changed forever following the murder of his wife. His time has been consumed by developing a super-weapon with his son who has followed his father into the CIA business. When Willis is kidnapped by a rogue terrorist group the CIA disavows

any knowledge of him and his son must mount his own rescue mission that will affect both of the men in ways that they never imagined. Extraction is set to be directed by Stephen C. Miller (Submerged, The Aggression Scale, Silent Night) with a script by Max Adams (Bus 657, The Risk Agent) and Umair Aleem. It will be produced by the team of Randall Emmett (Rambo, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Lone Survivor), George Furla (End of Watch, Broken City, Righteous Kill), Adam Goldworm (The Last Witch Hunter, The Prince, Vice) and Mark Stewart (The Frozen Ground, Empire State, Absence of War).

Auditions for several supporting roles in Extraction are being organized now and interested actors can submit themselves today by sending emails to extractionextras@gmail.com. We will be posting all casting and production information to this page as soon as they become available so be sure to stay tuned for more update and leave a comment in the box below and tell us what you think of this new action thriller nad why you would like to audition for Extraction starring Bruce Willis.

10 thoughts on “Extraction Starring Bruce Willis – Movie

  1. My name is Carly Suhm, and I have been trying to find a role in any type of T.V series, or movie, and I saw that you were taking teens of any shapes and sizes, and I thought that this could be an amazing oppirtunity!

    I've had some experience with acting-obviously not professional-,by being in a school play, and drama class. I am absolutely infatuated with action roles!

    I am not the smallest person, but I saw it said "any shapes and sizes" and I think that it would be amazing to have a lead role with a girl of my physique! I feel like it would give girls- and maybe even boys- the confidence to strive for something in this business.

    I am 14, and will be turning fifteen this November, I have strawberry blonde hair, I stand at around five feet six inches, and I am around 194 pounds. I know my weight may seem over the average for a fourteen year old girl, but I am trying to lose that weight healthily! I have played soccer, basketball, baseball, cheerleading, dance, (I can throw a football), and I am currently playing softball.

    I'm sorry if that information seems too detailed, but I am trying to start my acting career, and I think this could be the one thing to set my career in motion.

    If there is any possible information that could be sent to me, I would greatly appreciate it! I can promise you that I would never take the job for granted, and it would be an honor to work with you!

  2. I'm a 1/2 Germanic 1/2 Slav 37 year old once athletic now flabby male 5'9" 210 with brown eyes and brown hair with a few grey on a sparsely covered head.

    I'm looking for extra work as I have no acting experience.

  3. Hello, I would love for a chance to audition for this movie. I can be reached through Baker & Rowley Talent in chicago.

  4. Hey, I would love to be apart if this movie. I have had training at John Robert Powers. Am 24 but looks 19-21. I am had working, determine, and talented.

  5. Love Bruce Willis! Looks like a great action pic! I would like to bring my energy and life experinces to this project in my third act of my life! I would appreciate your consideration!

  6. My name is John Rogers and I am 27 years old. I am looking to start a career in film acting. I have attended SUNY Purchase college music conservatory for vocal performance/opera and have taken acting classes. I am able to memorize lines with ease and I am able to travel for work. Please email me with any questions or for more details.

  7. I'm a very dedicated actor I really feel role and would be a great choice for a role. Also is one of the actors that gave the inspection to be an actor and would be a dream to be in a movie with him no matter the role.

  8. I'm actually not thinking this is going to get me into acting but "what the hell", I'm not busy anyway. I'm lounging in an old thrift chair internet browsing & convincing myself that acting would provide the purpose in life that I desire. So naively I search Movie Auditions,(ignoring any training or acting class links) looking for actual Hollywood roles to star in. I found your link and here I am. I can act, by the way, also I have the ability to absorb and exhibit personalities and languages that I've come across in my life. Give me a shot like I'm giving this desperate link a shot! Thanks.

  9. I would like to have a chance to get a role in this move because i think it really suits me and it would be a great opportunity 🙂

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