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Dumplin Starring Jennifer Aniston – Teen Models

Dumplin Starring Jennifer Aniston – Teen ModelsDo you want to work with a major movie star? Jennifer Aniston is filming her next flick and you have the chance to be in it! There is a 2017 movie casting call for “Dumplin”. Casting directors are looking for females who are at least 18 years old but who look younger. These roles are to portray pageant girls! This is a marvelous opportunity because actresses and models will work for several days! Filming is taking place in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dumplin is based on the acclaimed Julie Murphy YA novel. The heroine is Willowdean, a confident, plus-sized, teen who is obsessed with all things Dolly Parton. To spite her mom (Aniston), Willowdean enlists some friends to join the local pageant – and what starts as an impulsive one-day protest snowballs as Will inadvertently becomes the inspiration for a ragtag group of teenage outcasts joining the pageant. Given her “insider” perspective on her mother’s pageant world she had long scorned, Will gains new respect for her mom who, in turn, comes to admire a daughter she’s finally able to see, and love, for who she really is, according to Deadline.

Movie auditions are being held on Monday, August 14th. The exact shoot dates are unknown but selected actors will work for several days throughout August and September. Sign up for the casting call for your chance to be selected!

Jennifer Aniston Movie Casting Call

Pay Rate: $100/8
Work Dates: Interview Monday 8/14 and SEVERAL Work dates through August and September!
Texas based film starring Jennifer Aniston
18tly Pageant Girls: A legal 18yrs old to look younger, beautiful, model types. Seeking all ethnicities but ESPECIALLY hispanic looking, and asian looking girls!

**These will be HIGHLY featured roles with MULTIPLE work dates***

Please submit a full length photo in your best pageant/model look with good lighting that will be submitted to the director to dumplin@centralcasting.com subject line “PAGEANT”

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  1. Hi I am Milly Corbett and I wondered what the age was you required to audition for a part in this opportunity, thank you!!

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