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Coca-Cola Commercial Seeking Real People

Coca-Cola Commercial Seeking Real PeopleThe most popular and biggest selling soft drink in history wants you to be in their next commercial! Coca-Cola has put out a casting call for models, actors and everyday people. The notice is searching for several men and women who are real family members as well as teams. A mom and adult son or daughter, a dad and daughter, a Murderball team, professional level surfers, a military group, Hispanic family and gay couple are just some of the available roles. Because filming will be in Miami, Florida only local people are being considered. The paid acting job will compensate those chosen $3500.00 for one day of working! This is a chance you don’t want to miss out on. If you’re an aspiring model or actor or you’re interested in making some extra cash, this is a spectacular opportunity! Review the commercial casting call information below.

2018 Coca-Cola Commercial Casting Call

Now seeking real people for a commercial. Those chosen will be paid up to $3500.00 for one day of work.

SCENE ONE: Real Mom and Her Son/Daugher
Mom- 60-75 years old; any ethnicity
Son/Daughter- 20-50 years old; any ethnicity

SCENE TWO: Real Dad and His Daugher
Dad- 35-55; any ethnicity
Daughter – 18-28 years old; any ethnicity

SCENE THREE: Real Murderball team w/ some of their Wives
Players – any age; male; any ethnicity
Wives- any age; any ethnicity

SCENE 4: Pro-Level Surfers
Surfers – 18 to 40 years old; any ethnicity. Weather beaten faces from surfing a good thing

SCENE 5: Real Military Group Led by Female Drill Sergeant
Drill Sergeant – female; any ethnicity; ex or current military or reserves
Military Group- male/female; any ethnicity; ex or current military or reserves

SCENE 6: Real Hispanic Family
Family Members – 9-78 years old; men, women, boys, girls

SCENE 6a: Real Young Gay Couple
Gay Couple- Guys or girls; 18-39 years old; mixed race or Hispanic

SCENE 7: Real Beach Clean Up Volunteers
Beach Volunteers- 18 to 70 years old; male and female; any ethnicity

SCENE 8: Real People Forming Human Chain
Storm Volunteers – 18 to 50 years old; male and female; any ethnicity

If you fit any of the above roles and would like to submit, email mark@millencasting.com. You must apply before Saturday, February 3rd to be considered.

17 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Commercial Seeking Real People

  1. Hello!
    I am interested. I live in the area, I have great acting experience for a youbg actor and we are a hispanic family.

  2. Hello my name is saja I am interested in the daughter role for your upcoming commercial! I’m 20 years old black/ mixed race female. Please email me for more information

  3. My name is Devhashae Dever
    I would love to be informed of any casting calls
    For modeling, and/or acting.

  4. Hello my name is Isabel, I fit your description, I am hispanic and would love to be part of your coca-cola ad. Thank you!

  5. hello my name is marco garvich,i live in jacksonville fl, my mom and dad are from south and central america,my dad is 6,4 my mom is 5,4 im 5,11.im a youtuber,my brother is 6 years old and i will apply for a coco-cola ad.

    1. Hello my name is Isabel I would love to be part of your coca-cola ad. I'm hispanic and fit the description. Thank You!

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