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Child Actors Needed for Disney Movie

Child Actors Needed for Disney MovieDo you have a child actor who is waiting for their chance to be the next Disney star? Disney movie auditions in 2017 are being held for kids! A new movie is searching for male children ages 8 to 12 years old. Casting directors are focusing on children who are local to Georgia but are open to kids in surrounding states. Boys of all acting levels are being considered. Whether you child has a lot of experience or they are just starting out, they want to see them! Details surrounding the movie and the plot have not been released. This is an incredible opportunity for kids so don’t miss out on the chance and sign up for the Disney casting call today!

Disney Movie Casting Call

Feldstein Paris Casting is looking for 9-11 year old boys for an upcoming Disney Feature.

Our main focus is kids based in Georgia, but if there are any great ideas in nearby states we’re open to those submissions as well.

SHARE THIS POST! HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! We’d love to find some real kids or unrepresented kids that may have not been considered in earlier searches for this project.

[Boy] 8-12 years old, unconventional looks, incredibly intelligent, pre-pubescent. He sees himself as “the most interesting boy in the world”. Everyone else in school sees him as “the weird kids”. He sees life through his own lens and will happily tell you what he believes to be true. We are not looking for a kid to play quirky but instead a boy who naturally marches to the beat of his own drum. Please submit all ethnicities

Open to all levels of acting experience

Parents can submit their children by emailing chase.paris@disneympp.com and tara.feldsteinbennett@disneympp.com. Include your full name, parent name, phone number, email address and current photos. The deadline to submit is June 9th, 2017.

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  1. Hi my name is earllaya I'm from adelanto California I'm 12 years old I watch Disney channel everyday but at one point I was homeless in 2015 we didn't have a house for 3 months I have always inspired by people like Skai Jackson Jesse is like my favorite show and I've always wanted to act four person to go so high from being so low would be the dream I couldn't take showers I couldn't eat and I didn't have a warm bed to sleep in but if my dream comes true I wouldn't have to worry about being homeless ever again I hope you guys understand that my dream is to become an actress I hope you guys can help poor girl's dream like mine become true if your dreams can come true then maybe mine can take this is no lie true story

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