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Child Actors Needed for Disney Movie

Child Actors Needed for Disney MovieDo you have a child actor who is waiting for their chance to be the next Disney star? Disney movie auditions in 2017 are being held for kids! A new movie is searching for male children ages 8 to 12 years old. Casting directors are focusing on children who are local to Georgia but are open to kids in surrounding states. Boys of all acting levels are being considered. Whether you child has a lot of experience or they are just starting out, they want to see them! Details surrounding the movie and the plot have not been released. This is an incredible opportunity for kids so don’t miss out on the chance and sign up for the Disney casting call today!

Disney Movie Casting Call

Feldstein Paris Casting is looking for 9-11 year old boys for an upcoming Disney Feature.

Our main focus is kids based in Georgia, but if there are any great ideas in nearby states we’re open to those submissions as well.

SHARE THIS POST! HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! We’d love to find some real kids or unrepresented kids that may have not been considered in earlier searches for this project.

[Boy] 8-12 years old, unconventional looks, incredibly intelligent, pre-pubescent. He sees himself as “the most interesting boy in the world”. Everyone else in school sees him as “the weird kids”. He sees life through his own lens and will happily tell you what he believes to be true. We are not looking for a kid to play quirky but instead a boy who naturally marches to the beat of his own drum. Please submit all ethnicities

Open to all levels of acting experience

Parents can submit their children by emailing chase.paris@disneympp.com and tara.feldsteinbennett@disneympp.com. Include your full name, parent name, phone number, email address and current photos. The deadline to submit is June 9th, 2017.

29 thoughts on “Child Actors Needed for Disney Movie

  1. I would like to audition as well. I have brown eyes and dirty blond hair and my dream has to become a child actor. The only problem is… I live in South Dakota. I'm ten and I'd Love a spot. Email me if other movie spots are open!!!!!

  2. My name is Treveon I can dance have a great sense of humor can act very good always wanted to be on Disney channel age 16 and really would like if u contact me I think it’s time for a big break and I think this is my chance to prove that I can be on tv

  3. I am a 14 year old boy from Texas and here are a few things about me and my acting career. I have acted in a few plays acting as olaf from frozen, I was a walnut, and I was Peter in our Anne Frank play. I was a double in the movie "It." I was also a background character in the iconic Netflix series "Stranger Things." I feel as I could be an important factor to the Disney association. You need me as much as I need you. Trust me you won't be disappointed.

  4. Hello, I am Joshua! I love comedy, even at such a young age! Alot say I am funny and I would love to act on a comical, drama tv sitcom! I love to act and pretend and I have a little experience! Please just give me a chance!

  5. Hi my name is brianna I live in Louisville ky I take art and drama in middle school……I love practicing lines and I would be great for for acting I go to a school of the arts…..disney is life….

  6. I'm 135 -140 pounds my height is 4'10 I have been inspired since I was 2 and my mom is a song writer and I just want to be like her,her name is Sarah Joe stephens😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀👑💄👠📚

  7. I'm 135 -140 pounds my height is 4'10 I have been inspired since I was 2 and my mom is a song writer and I just want to be like her,her name is Sarah Joe stephens

  8. I am 11 years old,I have blue eyes,blond hair,I am athletic,I love to sing i like to dance,I've always wanted to be famous,and I am so excited to get the part,few more facts i am weird,I am hiper,I am nice,and I more thing and I love to watch cartoons and,traveling because I get homesick

  9. Hi my name is Angel I live in Jacksonville Florida and I can go to others cities so I can audition for roles I'm 10 going to 11 I play roles in plays like a mean sister and a mom I can play any roles my talents is singing , dancing , and acting those are my talents and I also want to be in musicals and thank you for reading.

  10. Sry confused nvm I thought this was for boys. I would love to be an actress but please let me know if there are auditions for Disney in New Mexico and if not can I audition on line?

  11. Hi my name is Lucy I'm 12 and live in New Mexico and I have always loved acting . My concern is that I won't be able to audition because I live in New Mexico.please let me know if I can audition in New Mexico.

  12. my name is mizaiya i am 10 years old going on 11. i would really like to be on a movie im good at dancing singing and acting i would love to be wanted

  13. My Name is Bailey Whitt. Ive always looked up to actors and hoped to be one. I have many friends, and love them all. I hope you can give me an email for the role. I hope every dream I've ever had can come true. Thank you.

  14. My name is Jayleeah Marie green I am a 11 year old singer , dancer at least family and friends think that but it would be very great if I could get a chance to audition for Disney I grew up on Disney my favorite Disney movie includes princess and the frog because I am very much like tiana we are both very determined and from New Orleans I will be willing to work with who ever when ever thank you for your time

  15. hello my name is marco i live florida,i have brown eyes and black hair,i also speak English and Spanish.

  16. hello, i am marco and i am 10 years old,i have brown hair,and my eyes are brown . at school kids say to me,you supposed to be on 8 grade but no.my hight is 5.7. i like disney channel and i watch it every time.im a boy.and i like acting.i also speak 2 laugueges,english and spanish.reply if you are intrsted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I am Kenneth Reid from Fayetteville North Carolina and its been my dream to act. I once even passed into an acting school called 321 shine. But was unable to attend auditions because of low lack on money. Which I hope won't be a problem. Depending on how for away the audition is I am unsure if I'll bw able to make auditions for this role.

  18. I need more info. I would love for my 8 ut. Old daughter to audition. I'm new to this..what's the process?

  19. Hi my name is Anjelina Harp and I am in need of a acting gig. .I am 10 and very popular at my school please contact me soon.(:

  20. pls contact me for an audition b/c since I was little all my dream was to be two things a vet and an actress and I live in ohio so it is hard to find auditions for me especially since my parents don't live with echother and my mom works alot there is ussally no time to find any and all I want is an audition and I have always been inspired by everyone on tv and all I could say is that I want that and I am still looking and I always see the new freind ships made because of shows and I want that I want to create freind ships and make them and yeah I hope my dream will be acheived and that this site can help me I m trusting it and I hope it wont let me down bye and have a great day.

  21. Hi my name is earllaya I'm from adelanto California I'm 12 years old I watch Disney channel everyday but at one point I was homeless in 2015 we didn't have a house for 3 months I have always inspired by people like Skai Jackson Jesse is like my favorite show and I've always wanted to act four person to go so high from being so low would be the dream I couldn't take showers I couldn't eat and I didn't have a warm bed to sleep in but if my dream comes true I wouldn't have to worry about being homeless ever again I hope you guys understand that my dream is to become an actress I hope you guys can help poor girl's dream like mine become true if your dreams can come true then maybe mine can take this is no lie true story

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