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Celebrity Name Game – Game Show

Celebrity Name Game
Celebrity Name Game

Do you love celebrities? Do you love celebrity trivia? What if there was a TV game show where you could use your knowledge of celebrities to earn cash prizes and have a fabulous celebrity as a teammate? Now you can. Contestants are being sought for all new episodes of the incredible game show series Celebrity Name Game and submissions are being accepted today.

Hosted by Emmy Award nominee Craig Ferguson (The Drew Carey Show, How to Train Your Dragon 2, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson), Celebrity Name Game is the fabulous show that pairs fantastic stars with everyday people in the most exciting game on television. 2 two person teams are face off against each other as they attempt to identify celebrity and fictional character names. These contestants are joined by two guest celebrities who

assist them as one team member gives clues for ten names and the other tries to guess them to win money for each correct guess. This is your chance to win fabulous cash and prizes all while meeting some of the biggest celebs in entertainment. Courteney Cox and David Arquette are the producers of this whip smart, fan-favorite which is based on the board game Identity Crisis. The time for you to meet your favorite stars and show millions of viewers your trivia skills is now!

If you are interested in being a contestant on new episodes of this star-studded game show series you can find a list of open casting calls here casting.celebnamegame.com/Celeb-Name-Game-Open-Casting-Calls, fill out an online form here casting.celebnamegame.com/web/apply or send email submissions with your name, email address, phone number, city you live in and tow current photos to cng2casting@gmail.com. Stay tuned for more casting call updates and leave a comment below and tell us what you think of the show and why you think you would be a perfect contestant for Celebrity Name Game.



6 thoughts on “Celebrity Name Game – Game Show

  1. I think i would be a great contestant because I'm pretty good at faces and celebrities. I love music, reality TV, game shows and some talk shows. I am a good team player and I also work well alone. I like to have fun and I most definitely love to laugh and joke around. I guess you can say I'm a kid at heart. I feel there is nothing wrong with having fun and what's more fun than being on a game show.

  2. My hubs & I will be AWESOME contestants because we have been together for so long we can read each other's mind! We are a crazy, fun-loving, positive duo that will remind you of a happy meal in a tornado 😉
    We are ready to PLAY!

  3. It would it would be great to be on the show. I love celebrities and it would be great to share stage with them, would love the opportunity.

  4. Very adept at impersonations, great sense of humor. Have been through several deaths past sev. yrs., and yet husb. & I after 35 yrs. still going strong (mostly because of my Katherine Hepburn imitations, LOL). I could not be a better contestant if given the chance I will make you laugh too! Thanks.

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