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Cedric’s Barber Battle – The CW

Cedric's Barber Battle
Cedric’s Barber Battle

Attention all hair enthusiasts! Entertainment superstar Cedric The Entertainer (The Soul Man, The Steve Harvey Show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire) is partnering with The CW to bring a groundbreaking new reality series to the airwaves and casting for spots in this exciting production are happening now. Cedric’s Barber Battle will be starting production shortly and the producers and casting directors are looking for several aspiring performers to be a part of the series that promises to change the face and head of reality TV programming.

Cedric’s Barber Battle is being described as the America’s Next Top Model of hair styling. The competition series will pit the top barbers in the country against each other in a test of skill and will. A group of the most talented stylists from all over will be chosen to compete in weekly challenges of head cutting skills with the winner walking away with a host of cash and prizes, the title of Barber Battle champion and kick start to a fabulous career as a high profile hair cutter. This fantastic new series is poised to bring attention to the most incredible hair creations in the country and the men and women behind them and who better to do that than the star of Barbershop and Barbershop 2: Back In Business himself, the hilarious Cedric The Entertainer.

Casting calls for head cutting artists and for hair models are being held now and men and women interested being a part of the show in either capacity can send emails here barberbattle2014@gmail.com with your name, age, contact info and picture. We will have more casting updates posted as soon as they are known so stay tuned for more details and leave a comment below and tell us what you think of this show concept and why you want to be cast in the all new CW reality series Cedric’s Barber Battle starring Cedric The Entertainer.

4 thoughts on “Cedric’s Barber Battle – The CW

  1. I am going to be nominating an awesome ATL Barber: Chill Blades. Not your basic hair cutter; but he comes with style, coolness, freshness, designs that are truly show worthy and would have the whole shop laughing.

  2. My name is Jamal Grant aka 'Mac Mal' aka 'Da barber' and I am owner of Da Shop in Toledo, Ohio. I grew up with a mother addicted to heroin and my father who died due to cancer. I was determined to become successful in the industry I love and opened a barber shop, which has been a successful and growing business for over 7yrs now! I cut all grades of hair from thin fine textured to extreme coarse grades. I cover all areas from bald fade, razor cuts, high tops, superior designs, YOU NAME IT! My occupation inspires me and I have a love and passion for it, couldn't see me making a living no other way 1I love the atmosphere and the ART of the barber lifestyle!

  3. Hi, I'm Taylor Lanick. An 18 year old college student from Pennsylvania. I've been acting since I was little and I truly love it. I can take on any role very easily and get into character in seconds. Acting is my dream and passion. I can do anything that I out my mind to, and once I do there's no stopping me. I want to be one of those people on the small screen, even just in the background would be fun. I won't be cocky and say "Yeah, choose me. I'll be the best!" No. That's not who I am. I'll try everything and anything once and try my best and fight my hardest. I'm a determined, smart, edgy girl. I'm an open book, I've had a lot of unpleasant things happen in my past, and I'm ready to start fresh and be happy again. This is my life, and I'll make what I want of it! Thank you for considering me!

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