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Cable Series Seeking American Families – Reality TV

Cable Series Seeking American Families - Reality TVDo you wish you had more savings and less credit card debt? Are you and your family living paycheck to paycheck?Is your financial situation stressful? There is a new reality TV show casting call for you! A major cable network is looking for middle-class American families to share what they are doing to make ends meet. Times are better for some people but we know that money is still the number one stressor in people’s lives. This series will follow families from across the country to show what they do to support themselves.

Reality TV Show Casting Call

Do you have interesting ways to save money?

Did someone in your family recently lose their job? Or take a second one to help with money?

Do you think more money would make your problems go away?

If you and your family have always thought you’d make an amazing reality show — and are not afraid to share your opinions with each other — then we’d love to hear from you.

Please email casting@lucky8.tv with:
Email Address
Phone # and best time to reach you
Current job / profession
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY … Tell us why you and your family are PERFECT for this series!

4 thoughts on “Cable Series Seeking American Families – Reality TV

  1. hello I have an interesting predicament I am poor but I don't know how poor I am because I don't have custody of my two children. my daughter lives with my aunt Cynthia who abuses my daughter and my son lives with my two cousins who talk viciously towards him I don't know what to do but im thinking about growing my family and making it larger. I live in a group home in dc and I think that my show should be on tv my group home is very poor but we don't know how poor we are because many of us never had a home because. I think that I would like to be on a show my name is sharika powell

  2. Hey, my name is Natalie (NickName) and I am a 13 year old s. My family…my family is crazy! I have 3 other siblings younger than me and I have a Mom thats 32 and a dad that's 33, you will love our family and we would love you to meet up with us!! Make sure you Email me!! (P.s ai already told my parents!)

  3. Hey, im natalie (Nickname) and i am the first child of four ( Btw im 13), my mom is a teacher and my dad is a photographer. And alot of my friends said my family should a reality because of the Drama we have, daily life, and more!! My brother plays baseball and my little sister plays Tee-ball. So the best way you can contact me is Email me

  4. Hi , I’m Elijah the First child of the family . I am almost 14. My mom has 6 kids total . The sad thing about it is she has all boys so it’s like a mad-house everyday . My mom is 36 and my step Dad is 35 . If your looking for a crazy yet loving family that would totally be us . It be best if you contact my mother #

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