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Big Brother

An all new season of the smash hit CBS reality television show Big Brother is now accepting online applications and video submissions, best of all – the casting calls and auditions will be coming to a town near you!

This reality show is based on a challenge of a group of complete strangers living in one house.

The show is based for around 100 days in complete isolation, they are all cut off from the real world; cameras will catch every move this group of individuals makes, 24 hours a day. The best part is that after this grueling, exhilarating,life-changing journey the winner walks away with the huge grand prize of $500,000!

Open casting calls for the exciting 14th season of Big Brother are going on now. This is your chance to be featured on one of the longest running and entertaining reality shows in television history. Apply today and realize your dream of becoming a star.

For more information and for online applications you can head here bigbrothercasting.tv/ or here bigbrothercasting.tv/Big-Brother-Open-Casting-Calls and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us why you should be the next contestant on Big Brother!


Open Audition Information for Big Brother:



Saturday, March 14, 2015 [ 2pm – 5pm ]
5655 West Valencia Road
Tucson, AZ 85757


Saturday, March 21, 2015 [ 10am – 1pm ]
37 West 20th Street ( between 5th & 6th Aves )
New York, NY 10011


Saturday, March 21, 2015 [ 11am – 2pm ]
6350 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028


Saturday, March 21, 2015 [ 2pm – 5pm ]
404 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139


Tuesday, March 24, 2015 [ 3pm – 7pm ]
2828 34th. Street
Lubbock, TX


Thursday, March 26, 2015 [ 11am – 2pm ]
TWIN RIVER CASINO ( west entrance )
100 Twin River Road
Providence, RI 02865


Saturday, March 28, 2015 [ 11am – 2pm ]
145 Ipswich Street
Boston, MA 02215


Saturday, March 28, 2015 [ 2pm – 5pm ]
7777 North Highway 81
Concho, OK 73011


Saturday, March 28, 2015 [ 1pm – 4pm ]
525 Sutter Street @ Powell
San Francisco, CA 94108


Saturday, March 28, 2015 [ 12pm – 3pm ]
27 Barnard Street
Savannah, GA 31401


Saturday, April 11, 2015 [ 10am – 2pm ]
BLOCK 37 ( 3rd Floor )
107 North Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60602


Saturday, April 11, 2015 [ 12pm – 3pm ]
2505 Pacific Avenue
Dallas, TX 75226


Saturday, April 11, 2015 [ 11am – 2pm ]
2331 South Avenue B
Yuma, AZ 85364


Sunday, April 12, 2015 [ 10am – 1pm ]
141 Park at North Hills St.
Suite 120
Raleigh, NC 27609


Saturday, April 18, 2015 [ 10am – 2pm ]
7999 West Colfax Avenue.
Lakewood, CO 80214


Sunday, April 19, 2015 [ 11am – 2pm ]
314 11th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203


Sunday, April 19, 2015 [ 1pm – 4pm ]
NITTANY MALL ( near PENN State )
2901 East College Avenue
State College, PA


Sunday, April 26, 2015 [ 10am – 5pm ]
180 Christopher Columbus Drive
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920



286 thoughts on “Big Brother – CBS

  1. Hello there my name is Anamarie and Im 21 yrs old. IM Puerto Rican, fluent in English and Spanish and would love to be part of the awesome show BIG BROTHER. I would be a perfect housemate because im very straight up and don't care about what people may think of me. I am also very creative and get along with everyone as long as they get along with me too. I am very competitive and always get what i whan NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! Hope i can here from you guys. Thank you for reading

  2. Sup errybody my name is Keem but you can call me Kizz. Why I think I should be on Big Brother is for the fact that regaurdless of what anybody say or believe I know I have star quality!!! But i'm yet to be discovered. I'm not at all cocky but I am confident, I'm not one to gloat but I know my worth. Plus if I was on the show you'll see how devious I really can be, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Yes-siry-bob) I'm a lot of fun too, plus I can sing, dance, and I've got nothin but SWAGG, haha. You betta check me out, lol. No, but really i'm a good guy and need a breakthrough!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am 28 years old and trangender. I get along with any and everyone that gets along with me. I am very fun and outgoing but at the same time I keep it real with what comes out of my mouth. I am very passible for a female. I can be a bit of a diva so the "housemates might want to stand clear of me at times. I feel that I and my life choice would be great for the show because it 2012 and she (me) is taking over!!!! Pictures available upon request.

    AGE: 17
    HEIGHT: 5'6
    WEIGHT: 120
    BACKGROUND: French, English, Scottish, German, Native American.
    DESCRIPTION OF PHYSICAL TRAITS: light brown hair, light brown almond-shaped eyes, evenly tanned skin tone, curvy but slim body (decently big chest, small waist and toned legs), high cheek bones, plump lips, small nose. I have an oval shaped face and I can pull off many looks.

    Acting has been my dream ever since I was a little girl. I am very competitive and I am not the type to give up. I am smart – I catch on very quickly and learn easily- I am fit, coordinated, flexible and have a lot of balance, and I can easily control my emotions and facial expressions to be very believable given the situation. Acting is a natural talent for me, and I can also sing. I am versatile, I have a charming and fun personality, I am adventurous and I love travelling. I will not disappoint you, so I would greatly appreciate it if you could consider me for any future roles in this amazing show.
    Thank you for your time.
    I hope to hear back from you,
    please email me

  5. Whoa!!!!! My name is Danielle from Columbus, Indiana. I am 21 years old and have longed for so long at a chance to prove my excellent skills, and game plans to the world. Yes i am a blonde but dont let it fool you, i'm smarter than you may think:)

  6. F YOU WANT THE NEXT CHAMP IM YOUR GUY!!!!! PIC ME AND YOU WOULD HAVE MADE THE BEST CHOICE OF YOUR LIFEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Hello, my Name is Jarrett Morales I am 15 years old with dark brown hair and light brown eyes.i can handle and job or task given to me. i am determined to be fulfill my dream to be on TV and hoping you can make this happen. I AM the party you NEEEEED to pic me I was bornnnnn to ACT!!!

    i am perfect for this listing because i am a party in itself:
    I walk in my school halls and people scream my name (and i have NO idea who they are)
    I have a laugh that is unlike any other one that is addicting and lovable
    I am invited to every party by many people and am usually hanging out with my friends on the weekends
    i am load, fun, energetic, and an overall pleasure to be around
    My entire school knows who i am and everyone loves me
    i am a kind person not shy in the least i will do the utmost ridicules things
    i have been in many plays as well as been in a performance with the Acting loft.
    i once played a mother squirrel; dressing in hair curlers nail polish lipstick blush the works and I went out there load and proud

    I want to be on Tv so badly and will do anything to do so, please I hope you will fulfill my dream and hopefully Ill get an email from you saying i can at least tryout!!!!

    Thank you SOOOOOOOO much haha and i hope to hear from you soooooooon BYEEEEEEEE

  7. Hi there! I'm Brooke and I am a newly single 23 year old competitive female soccer player/bartender/actress/entreprenuer/social butterfly, a jill of all trades! I'm the girl you find playing footy by day with the boys and using my feminine allure to make money by night- at one of the top 20 nightclubs in the world! I'm always looking for adventure and it wouldn't be the first time spending a summer with random housemates in a new atmosphere! Last time, I moved out to a house on a beach and lived with 5 other female co workers and it was intense, dramatic, rewarding and quite frankly the best summer I have ever had! I personally am the cool calm collected girl that gets along with everyone BUT I am a magnet for problems. If you have me on the show I will guaruntee a free live demostration and definition of the word "unlucky". But I'm not a quitter and I always accomplish the things I want and need. I live for laughter, (most times at the wrong times :p ) and, most importantly, I live for myself.
    I'm 5'5 with long dark hair and hazel eyes. I weight 120 lbs, am C 32 with an athletic but feminine build. I am also Canadian, (Toronto), but will put on any american accent you want me to 😉
    Very excited to hear from you!

  8. I would be the ultimate house guest for Big Brother. I am a 5year Breast Cancer Survivor. I'm 52 years, work out on a daily basis and would KICK A in the house – I promise. I want to represent and show cancer patients/survivors that their lives begin with cancer. I can be the sweetest person and turn around and RIP your heart out. I don't take NO for an answer when I know I'm right. I don't wear my heart on my sleeve. People tell me I don't look my age….don't know about that … but I know I would win people's hearts. I am a contract paralegal and its my business to persuade people. Please please consider me as a houseguest. I run and I know I could endure the endurance contests because I've been working on this for months now. Intimidating? That's an understatement. I would say my peace, do my thing and walk away leaving the other houseguests speechless, thinking "WOW".

  9. I am very interested in the project and think it sounds like an amazing opportunity.
    I would make a great addition to his project. I am ready to work hard for you and you won't be disappointed.
    I appreciate your time and consideration, and will look forward to hearing from and working with you!


    James Skipworth

  10. lets just keep it real every show needs a token black guy on it lol and thats me i ll gring the fun the shows been missing with bringing a whole new fan bass

  11. C'mon people if i was 21 i will audition but im only 19 and also from puerto rico so idk if it's allowed.I know i can bring a good drama to this house 😉 why?? cause i speak my mind and i want that price duh.Im a sweet kind person but don't mess with me or you will either see tears or a big scream on your face Lol Im 19 from Rincon Puerto rico,5.6 and 121 lbs.Why do i wanna be on the program?? simlpe the price and fans xD hahaha love you all people i know i won't be accepted but it was worth the try ;D good luck. <3

  12. Hey! not everyone could jus sit in the house for a long period of time. I'm 20 years old I'm not that wild but I would love to do something like this for 500,000. who with me?? I spend most of my time at home anyway because I'm unemployed so this would be nonthing.

  13. that shoud be me.i am 12 & I have two brothers so I know the filling.i can work very hard . I practice acting & singing when I was 3 until now.me 2 selena have so much in commen.i born to be somebody.i am the next selena gomez @-}–

  14. that shoud be me.i am 12 & I have two brothers so I know the filling.i can work very hard . I practice acting & singing when I was 3 until now.me 2 selena have so much in commen.i born to be somebody.i am the next selena gomez

  15. BB, I want to represent the real Jersey Shore, I'm Joe, I'm 43, 5-10 and 205 in shape #s. I live 150 yds from the Ocean, in Fantastic Ocean County N.J. and come on you know you need atleast 1 person from the GREAT state of New Jersey!! I love to compete, I love the show and would be proud and honored to go to Cali for 100 exciting and challenging days. I wouldn't mind a lil SHOWMANCE, or atleast to practice my acting skills by leading some ppl on ( lol )….. I would welcome the challenge, and enjoy making some GREAT TV!!! Jer-z Joe, OUT!

  16. Small and mighty WINS the race! That will be me! I'm 22yrs old with the most handsomest little boy that I will fight to the end to provide for. I have watched all seasons of BB. I would be a great factor to the show, with tricks up the sleeve while wearing a tank top. Plus, I just found out that I have a long lost uncle who loves the show too and would be great to put us BOTH in the house to meet for the first time!!!

  17. I'm Val, Im 24, a college student & work for the US postal service. I should be on big brother, first of because IM AWESOME! But even more so, because I LOVE big brother so much. I live for it from July 7th or so until sept. I NEVER miss an episode and I watch live feed whenever im home. Literally if im home, its on, I may b walking around the house, but the volume is up! I've filled out apps before and just never sent them in, but this would be a dream come true! My friends and family love the show just as much and I would show them how its done! I can even predict the challenges before they happen…lol…im a very strong willed person, I've been through alot in my life and can get through anything, let alone living a dream & crashing in the big brother house for 100 days! PLEASE PICK ME! I want a keyyyyy!

  18. I should be on big brother because I will make all the girls hearts melt and attract viewers.I am a peoples person and a great leader, who will take my personality to the end.

  19. I should be on big brother because i am a volunteer firefighter and i have a lot of fun making people mad. Im smart and i can win when i want to. I can stir up so much in the big brother house that i could be the russel hanson of big brother.

  20. Hey im Anthony Vasquez , 15 , 5'4 , mexican & from fresno cail.
    I know im young but they should really start putting teens on shows & i want to prove that you dont got to be old to do this like this.
    I like competitions , i cant lose this . Im not going to take nit hing form no one & im going to be at the end hopefully wining the money & becomig the new big brother campion . So please pick me ?

  21. Hey everyone, I am an ex college football player that is getting a degree in social studies and secondary education. I am a very out spoken individual and am very strong minded. I am also a musician, playing 3 different instruments as well as a vocalist. I can be very intimidating and have a skill in manipulation. I do not lose and will talk my way out of any scenario.

  22. Whatup world what it bb14 my name Lewis fleming everyone calls me Lulu it my nick name cause I'm a Jr I'm 23 I was born in raise in Milwaukee Wisconsin cheese heads how bout them packers for a living I work at general mills in do stand-up comedy comedy is mylife I love to make people laugh I always been a clown since school I would love to be the first comedian on bigbrother in make all the house guest in fans laugh all day I been watching bigbrother for 3 in a half years but I seen most of the powers shows on you tube cause I been studying it I know it a be different for me cause ima momma boy I never left my city so this can really help me as a man to get out the house I wouldnt go focus on winning ill go focus on having fun in everyone around me fun of course I would wanna win but to be on yo favorite show is far more important I would even switch up for the cast in do the silly things they want me to do ill do what ever it take I'm single I mite even get lucky enough to find a woman on the show I could be looking for love I wonder did any one ever make a baby on the show I wouldnt mind being the first to do it but I think I'm the perfect fit for bb14

  23. Because I'm a free person,open and I'm not a secret person I'm always open, talkative and I love people so I think I can make it I will love to be part of a family of big brother thank you!

  24. My names Taylor and Im 20 years old and will be 21 in May. I live in Florida! However im orginally from Kentucky so im a country girl at heart. I have watched every season and is borderline stalker when it comes to Big brother after dark ;D Im very athletic went to state in both basketball and cross country. When I have something on my mind im going to say it I dont care what other people think about me. If I get picked for the show Im not going to be fake to people I dont like! And im not scared about being nominated because I know ill win the hoh and veto every time 😉 Im blonde with blue eyes weigh 113 and guess you could call me a flirt 😉


  25. Hello my name is mark cunningham I am a part commercial model from Liverpool. I have been modelling about 6-8 months and have worked in Liverpool fashion week, Wirral fashion week and various other castings. I'm only a beginner with an ambition to go very far.

    I can't lie and say I watch BB loads as I don't I mainly just watch the celeb ones and that's only If my mum watches it or I remember to record it haha.

    I would like to be on Big Brother mainly for the experience as although it could go horribly wrong it could go great just the same which is intriguing. I am a bubbly character very confident 6ft 2 with a fairly muscular body I love to socialise and party.

    I can't use a washing machine or dryer. I can cook clean and don't mind getting stuck in there I live at home with my mum and brother and my mum does most things for me. I have 3 bitches Lucy cleo and holly which I love and in my spare time I play basketball, go the gym and smash the Xbox.

    Thanks for your time BB

    I look forward to hearing from yourselves. 

    Kind Regards,
    Mark Cunningham

  26. I can not tell you my desire to be on BB 14! I am a huge long time fan of BB and look forward to ever summer to enjoy HOH competitions , food comps, POV's, and the 'unexpected' twists and turns. My birthday is feb. 4 and it would be a great present from CBS to contact me. I am self assured and ready to take the BB challenge! Lifes never boring when im around! I sent in an application (zone 6) and wanted to try this venue.

  27. I've watched every season of Big Brother, and love it for all diabolical twists and turns! The fact that you have such an amazing range of personalities, and age differences, only ads to the appeal of the show.

    I'm a personal trainer with my own company that I started in Charlotte, NC and run a marketing/promotions company on the side.

    The only reason that I want to be on this show, is not for the money, or the five minutes of fame, but because I truly love this game!!!
    I have never applied to be on any other show, nor do I care to, except for BIG BROTHER.

    I have the personality of a bubbly, very energetic person, but the mind of a devious game player, with a bunch of A.D.H.D mixed in.

    I can promise that were you to interview me for a mere three minutes, you would see exactly why I am one of the perfect people to make season 14 of Big Brother, the most amazing and interesting one yet!

    Yours in game!

  28. hai hai…straight to the point.i deserve to be on big brother amplified 2012 because of my unique and great personality.i love being around different people with different lifes as i enjoying learning.i have a great sense of homour,im friendly but dont take advantage,im a straigt talker,very caring.adventures person and im always me.im a radio presenter who takles youth based issues and educationalissues….for a wild,crazy,intertaining and educating bba choose i never daiiapoin

  29. HEEYYYYYYYYY BIG BROTHER. My name is Joshua Chavis, I was recently shown on American Idol for showing my @$$. I think i would make an awesome addition to the Big Brother house because 1 I dont take crap from anyone, 2 everyone loves me, 3 yall need a gay guy for this season….LOL i mean lets face it its the gay era….LMAO But anyways i think i would be awesome on this show…P.S Your ratings will more than likley sky rocket if I am on your show…..MUAH

    Joshua Allen Chavis

  30. EVERYONE I know says I should be on a reality show… Matter of fact my life is that of a 5* reality show!! People are always wanting the update…As a flight attendent, I have people gathered in the galley asking questions once they get a hint of my life!! CRAZY DRAMA!!

  31. Hey big brother! I'm renae and your future housemate 😀
    I have a love/hate personality, mostly love but i like to cause trouble, a young vibrant, fickle 20 (21 in june) year old female and would LOVE to apply for big brother AUS 🙂
    Any details on how i do this?

  32. hello i no this is for us only but its worth a try im from west of ireland and would love to be on us big bro always up for a laugh and injoyment bring no things to the show oh it would be class 🙂

  33. Well hello there big brother… a bubbly loud 5ft brunette lass here. Am 23 born on the 8th june 1988, little about me I am from Glasgow Scotland living in Aberdeen at the moment working as a full time lap dancer, I would say am down to earth honest and a very kind person. Loves to travel and has just got back from the big apple just on Sunday morning. I think I would be great on the show as I am a very fun person to be around says whats on my mind and I have got to admit it am such a big flirt lol. I dont mean to be dolly but I am not that long ago I found out that there was a cow which is female and a bull is a male I thought u got a bull man and woman and a cow girl and cow man. I dont mean to come out with stuff like that but I just do as I said before I say whats on my mind do care if it makes me look thick ahaha lol. anyways u have my details do be shy drop me a email if you lot think u could handle me…. mwahhhhh xxx

  34. There has never been a BRANDY on the show, since season 1! That is from Sacramento.. With more personality then anyone who has ever been on the show. I have been told I'm so dramatic all my life and I'm ready to put it to good use. I never disappoint. I will keep trying to audition, as long as it takes. Because I'm not a quitter and the season you cast ME will be the best season of Big Brother ever! No doubt. 🙂

  35. i want to be in Big Brother house this year 2012,iam a model with fine body shape from Nieria,i have the belief that i have all what it takes to be in the house,iam jovial,funfilled, i have good manners and mix freely with people.

  36. Hi my name is Kenny and Im from indianapolis, IN.. I would love to be a contestant on Big Brother because I will bring a lot of wisdom, diversity and color to the show..:) I attended Indiana University and was a big ten letterman winner in track(110mhh). I am very competative, open minded, and I embrace all lifestyles and cultures. I am a high energy social person and I can blend into any atmosphere and work as a teammate as well as a indivitual. I am a leader as well as can get in line and play my role as fitting. I also am an Alpha male that loves to make new relationships with attractive women and looks forward to the challange.. I look forward to hearing from u soon!

  37. Hi big brother my name is samuel born and raise in Nigeria, studying economics in the university and am a very good entertainer I can cope and live with different people in the world with me been there the house will be so lively lmfao

  38. Hello BBA, my names are golden jossy from nigeria am 24yrs old. I love 2 b one of …. This season plsss dont 4get me cus i hv wht it takes 2 b there. Thanks

  39. my name is lewis fleming im 23 years old im 5'9 175 pounds im very funny i dont work but i do do standup comedy ill love to be on the show ill keep the house directors and world watching laughing in wondering what ima say next i been watching big brother since season 10 my uncle bob the one put me on big brother he been a fan since season 1 in my uncle always wanted to be on the show but he have special problems so i try my hardest to be on the show in win it for him 2 years ago i filled out the app but didnt send it cause it was to late but this time ima make sure i send it in go to the auditions i know i have what it takes to win it and if i dont win it for what ever reason i know illl have fun in it a be fun expierence with tryin a tv show being recorded 24 hours it's some what scary but so cool at the same time every year i watch i keep saying to myself the show missing something and thats the funniness in thats exactly what ima bring from the time i walk in to the time i leave to play the game be serious but joke in be funny at the same time i feel i can give big brother history


  41. I'm from South Africa and JUST became a U.S. Citizen so now I'm officially an African American (well a white one, LoL) – I LOVE being entertaining and making people laugh BUT I am also not afraid to say what's on my mind; hence usually being the center of controversy . I LOVE BIG BROTHER!! Choose ME, u won't be disappointed 🙂

  42. Hi my nane is Thandeka Shabangu my friends call me TEE I would love to be on bigbradaafrica and I am from South Africa. There is a hole lot behide the Noice,fun about Big brother. I'm from pretoria where we meet different people from different countries and I believe that big brother is all about that being able to share a house with me as a south africa while u are from other countries, we have different ways of doing things I believe that there for I know I'm a great person for the Show. I'm young, beautiful, intelligent, nd I'm full of fun, I cn keep people going for the whole night with happiness, I'm 23 years of AGE and the house of big brother is is where I should be. Thank tou

  43. Hi my name is Cherelle, I'm 21 and a single mother… I would like to be on big brother just 4 the experience really, I've been looking after my daughter since I was 17 on my own, so I never really got to experience my teenage years doing all the wild things other teens did, I recently turned into a full time lesbian but I'm still a big tease when it comes 2 men, this would be my 1 opportunity to act like I'm 21 get drunk, have arguments,& show off my big bum on tv lol, I won't be in big brother to make friends I'll be in it to win it… This would be a dream come true and if I won this could change not only my life but my daughters life aswell.

  44. hi big bro, im a 31 year old lady who dont look a day past 30,im studying fashion and textiles at that collage, i would really like the chance to be in the big brother house 2012 i have watched all the past shows,im a friendly,loyal,bubbly person but get on the wrong side of me an the can be a bitch and i will just tell u what i think.i think i could bring fun and love to the big bro house so please just give me a change thanks xx

  45. My name is Monica and I am 48. I still play soccer with kids and love being around them. My own three are grown. I have loved Big Brother from the start and if I were to actually win I would donate 20% to a fund for wounded veterans. My son has a brain injury from Iraq and veterans are close to my heart. The rest would then be divided equally between us and our three children. More importantly, it is something that me and my three kids used to watch together and well, as they could tell you, sometimes it was just as much fun watching Mom watch Big Brother. Have a great show this year no matter who you decide on!!!

  46. Hi,my name is lebo,turning 21 on the 26 of may.I'd love to be part of the housemates.just to bring a new twist in the big bro house.as far as I knw there never been a lesbian b4 in the show.I'd love to be the 1st one to make my way there.choose me and let's see how Africa relate to this.its gna be fun…. Choose me!!!!

  47. Hey Big Bro,
    I am 29 yrs old, I have watched every show since 2000 and love every minute, and not only that its my dream to be on it, I think I should be on it as I am a loyal big bro fan since day 1 so you should give me a chance ha ha, n also I am a touchy fiery person but loves a good time and a good laugh and would give any thing for the experience, its all I think about, can you please send me the details.

  48. Nams is anna, 18 years of age would love to be in the big brother house of 2012 im a fun crazy & bubbly person , from watching in past experience would love to have the experience to join the big brother house

  49. I'm 23 years old with a degree in psychology. Born and raised in New York has totally given me the attitude and down to Earth style of personality you guys would be looking for. You haven't had anyone from new york in the BB house for so long. It's time to change all that. I'm trustworthy but if I even get a hint of my name being dropped. Get your censor bleeps ready because i'm going to be as real as any New Yorker. I'm a gemini so playing two games is in my nature. I've been known to talk back to anyone but in a such a sophistication that they'll end up feeling stupid. I'll even talk back to my parents. America will love me. Promise haha

  50. Heya my name is Steph Tomkinson but my mates call me peewee which is because I remind them of peewee Herman completely insane but fun to be around lol I want to be on big brother for the experience and the fun time from which I have witnessed in the previous shows, I'm 18 years old and im from toowoomba queensland AUSTRALIA 🙂 im single and loving the single life really keen to be on big bro and hope you consider me, thanks big bro minions 🙂

  51. hey my names stacie!
    im 18 years old im 19 in june!
    i would REALLY love the opportunity to go on big brother 2012 because i'm very out going, funny, cute, nice, get along with nearly everyone, take no bullshit nd i say exactly what i'm thinking even if the person is around… i LOVE a new challenge, and im a huge adrenaline junkie aswell the BIGGEST risk taker you'll ever meet.i can be pretty stupid at times, if i dont like someone i dont like em, if i like someone i like em, simple as that.. and aswell with me voting for other people that in in the house, stuff like that ALWAYS comes as a suprise for everyone! no one would ever know who i'm going to choose! haha
    thank you.

  52. hello everyone, my name is Lisa. I am 38 years old, never been married no kids, workaholic and I would like to be on this show for one reason, Money! i know i can make the challenges look like a cake walk. If a bimbo like Rachel can do i… i could train a monkey to do it for me. But since the show is not taking animal acts, i guess i would go kick some(fill in the blank)!~

  53. My name is Gareth and I'm 22 years old. Looking to escape from New Orleans for a little awhile and get out into something different. I've done seen everything has to offer me, now I'm trying to see what else the rest of world/country has to offer me. Would really the oppurtunity to be around some random people to see how others are that i know nothing about. I'm not going to sit here and try to convinve ya that I'm crazy and wild, you'd see that yourself eventually.

  54. Im just a normal 19 year old kidder. Im boring that is all!! ,an i would probably end up arguing as it would be very dull inside. plus ive got a peanut shaped head like!!!!!

  55. Hay i think i should go on big brother becouse im not a normal 22 year old i live in the country im into shooting fishing and dacing so nothing like what you would normally have on tv so its upto to you but i can promise you i would bring a lot of interaiment to the show

  56. Hey guys!
    My names Matt, I'm 20 I am a super down to earth guy, very funny and fun to be around, I love making people laugh and doing the craziest stuff 😀 i would be so stoked to have the opportunity to be on the show 🙂 thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  57. hola mi nombre es yair trejo marcelo , para mi trabajar con ustedes es mi mas grande sueño mostrar al mundo entero mi gran telento que tengo que corre por mis venas ese talento que tengo y poder mostrarlo , tengo 16 años de edad soy de Perú , mi sueño es formar parte de Disney chanel , soy un chico extrovertido y muy desenvuelto , actuó desde pequeño en obras y la oportunidad que ustedes publican es para mí es una gran oportunidad , bueno yo tendría que ser la estrella porque me considero capaz de hacer todo los retos que me vengas y que me dan y soy muy cómico muchas gracias

  58. HEY my names Lesa…
    And im GREEK so im loud and crazzyy…. My mates always nominate me to do stupid things cause they know ill do it with no hesitations.. some think im a b***h though and have a atttitude i dont think so but, i just speak my mind and if i dont like you youll know about it.. i love a good argument but only if you p*** me off…. i get called blonde because im so gullable.i love to be center spot light…

  59. MY Name Lesvia but call me Lesa/.
    im 19 years old turing 20 in April 2012. I think id be great for the big brother because im outthere and loud (IM GREEK)… My mates are always making me do silly things cause they know ill do it. i have no shame…. i love to act… ive been told im a bitch or have an attitide but i dont think so i just speak my mind and if i dont like you, you'll know about it… i get called blonde though because im so gullable… so if your in for a crazy girl thats me…. up for anything….

  60. hey my name is jacqueline or you can call me jackie

    i am 16 going on 17 in 4 months i have always loved the big bother house and show and therefore i well kill to be a person in the house i am the niceist bicth you can meet but do not fuck with me i love to have fun and hang out with friends most people say i am layed back and easy going person and i am shy when it cames to new places but in time i well get used to it i love getting to know new people and hopefull this can get me into an acting or a singing caceer
    so email me details or send me a message i have got a place in the house

  61. Heloo im 20 my names tannia lewis but most people call me barbie im a mother of 1 id love to go in the bb house to experience what its like im kinda shy at first but once uu get ta no me im aa lovely person to get on wiv always wanted to go on bbshow and just thought forget it go for it soo hopefuly il get tha chance im one ov those girly girls make up big blonde hair faketann tha nails but dont jus look at me like im a big stuck up barbie people need to get to no whats under neath it all bb house needs somee good lively people in ther hopefuly il be one of them! Oxbarbie x

  62. Im kyliie n i reackoned i should be on bigg brother cos im freakin' amazing. Watch me try n do the games! Id b the funny one! Im out there n dont care what people say ill still b me 110 % So put me in bigg brotha b***hs!

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