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Best Ink - Oxygen
Bunim/Murray productions, the powerhouse group behind the legendary ‘The Real World’ is currently seeking applicants for their all new reality television endeavor set in the world of tattooing and body art, Best Ink. If you are a tattoo enthusiast then this is the program for you.

The producers are looking for people from all walks of life that are interested at any level in the world of the ink arts. Every tattoo has a story because every person has a story, Best Ink would like to hear and document yours. Why do you have the tattoo/tattoos that you have? When did you get your first tattoo? Are you thinking of getting your first tattoo? If so of what and why? For more information about this exciting new project you can go here bmpcasting.com/casting/bestink/ and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us your story.

If body art is your passion or even just a curiosity this is the show where you can tell (or show) your story.

41 thoughts on “Best Ink – Oxygen

  1. Hello,
    I am 19 almost 20. I have a 1 year old daughter and with my fiance of 2 years. I have always wanted a tattoo and I'd like to get my first on the show. I'd like my daughter's sign and fiance's and mine made into a tree. Like a family tree I'd like it on my back or side.

  2. I love tattoos and I'm begging and pleading to be casted for the show. Tattoos are a passion and a way of couping with issues.. Me and my girlfriend want to join the long list of hopefuls and begging fans.. I want to get something that both me and her can get as a couples tattoo..new school old school face portraits color (even though I have a bit darker skin)

  3. I really love tattoos.most of my body is tattooed and would love the chance to be able to be a canvas for a great tattoo artist.I'm willing to get a face portrait of my son..cover up episode and even couple tattoos..even willing to be casted for a head or face tattoo. Plz consider me for a canvas..

  4. Been tattooing 20 years and and been running my own studio for the last decade. I know i have what it takes to take the title of Best Ink. Auditioned once. Would love the chance to do it again, and make it on this time. I can do any tattoo thrown my way. I don't tattoo hard, i tattoo smart. Up for any challenge. And hope i see at least one of ya. Ill save you a seat!

  5. I'm not very cocky at all but I'm a very talented artist/new owner who would love the chance to show people what I could really do! my whole career as an artist has been brushed to the side by other surrounding artist, I feel as if I'm a diamond in the rough who just hasn't had a chance to shine yet and be noticed . so if possible I'd like the chance to show everyone that wouldn't give me a chance because I wasn't like them or because I didn't dress as gory as they did just how good I am and what a good artist coworker and friend they missed out on! Also I'm a father of 3 and a newborn baby of 3 days and this money could help their future a lot if I could possibly win so I would at least like to take a chance at it I know that my artwork is as good and better than some of the previous contestants. Please consider me keep me in mind and inform me immediately I'm ready when you are. Thank you and have a nice day. Sincerely Chris V

  6. I have 5 tattoos as of date. My first one I got in Spain when I was in the navy. I have one with my husband my two boys and my dog tags which Joey Hamilton ink master season three did for me. One is for my husband cancer battle and had sleeve also. I'm wanting a patriotic one for military service served by myself my husband and sons.

  7. Hey there, I would love the opportunity to be on this show. I got my first tattoo at 18 and none again until I was 29 and now at 30 I have 7 total, including a half sleeve. All of my tattoos are meaningful to me. I was planning my next half sleeve (little mermaid/Disney themed) and suicide survivor tattoo when I got injured. I knew I'd be off work for awhile and literally one of my first thoughts were, "f$&k, I won't be getting any tattoos for awhile. This lead to an incurable disease called CRPS and it's very painful. I've been unemployed for nearly 5 months. Waiting for disability, which I probably won't get and any help from the state of Michigan. Anyways, I've always said that my body is a canvas, that's what I tell my mother, she's not a fan. I used to be an art student as well so I love art. My tattoos have helped me heal, helped me cope, remind me of what's important, helped conceal scars that I regret. I also am very good at sitting for several hours with no breaks, well I've lasted 7 hours no breaks anyways. I have the time and the willingness to be a part of your show!

  8. My son and I would like to get a tattoo to represent us and our relationship! I am a single mom and disabled and he now lives with me and helps me and works as well and is truly the greatest young man in the world! It would be awesome if we could be tattoo' d on best ink as it is one of the best shows! Thank you and be blessed!

  9. Hello, im Rahsaan and im a single father of two great boy's. Ive always put there needs in front of mine, so I haven't been able to afford any new work. I had lower back surgery last year so money has been even tighter and a tattoo is the last thing I can afford at this time not knowing if I can go back to work. I know there are many other people who deserve this chance over me and im fine with that just glad I had a chance to brag about my boys on tv lol

  10. I think im worth to be in best ink not only because im a tattoo artist, but because I love doing tattoo every tattoo I do is full pleasure the money ia extra tip my real pay is people's smile and happiness after I done , and anothe reason I like to prove that I im partcof this big family not bond by blood but bond by INK.

  11. I'm a mother of 4 about to turn 30 only have 2 tattoos but the one I have on my hip is horrible…its an Apple that looks more like a watermelon. I would love to have it covered up but was told its challenging. Would love to be considered!

  12. I'm 41 and have about 30 tats. Born and raised in IL. First one was in '93 and been addicted ever since.
    My last tat was from a so called "professional" and would like to have fixed/covered!

  13. I am very interested in getting scars tattooed for free. I would want it fully covered with something more appealing to the eye.

  14. freestyle alex is a known artist from the bronx and work published in magazines and specializes in all styles from traditional to tribal ,portrait etc.. definately should be in best ink..if theres any n.y auditions, would be great to be apart of it ..

  15. Hello Im 22 years old. I was born and raised in West Palm Beach,FL. I have eight tattoo's for now. First tattoo was when I was 18 years old of a 50/50 love which describes what I want in a relationship 50/50. My most outrageous tattoo I got was when I was 19 is a huge red star that says "Super Bad" which is a necklace of Lil Boosie Hip Hop Artist necklace since I am a huge fan of him. Yes, I would like to get more tattoos such as my back done. 🙂

  16. Hi I have 23 tattoos n counting and most I did myself I used my own body as practice and have been tattooing for almost 8 years never professionally because I do it more as a hobby rather than a profession. I just get in a zone when I tattoo. I picked it up from my bro he tattoos as well same story as me self taught anf self practice haha.

  17. Names Jonny Metropolis …Been Tattoo'n Almost 3yrs… a 1yr&1/2 Fulltime…. I'm a self taught artist..who learned all on google & youtube….. I've tatted in Brooklyn,Queens, & currently PA
    ….Give Me a Month on Google to learn it, EBAY and a nice chunk of change to buy the equiptment from Hong Kong ..I'll teach my how to be a Neuro-Surgeon….lol*- Gotta Love Google Baby-* ..!! LMAO…


  18. I'm 19 turning 20 i have a half sleeve, a tattoo of the end of the world that stretches from my hip, around my ribs and up my back, an eye on my wrist, and two other small tattoos. I've modeled for my tattoos and am about to be in Inked tattoo magazine

  19. I'm twenty nine years old,pretty Khmer women.I want a Tribal Koi fish tattoo cuz its a reminder of my dad good fortune that he provided our family.Now that he has blood clog,I try to take care of him the best I can.Seeing someone come to United State, not speaking any English make me so proud of him to survived anything that come his way and make it better.The crazy part about my dad is that I always put fake tattooing my body and he still don't know I have a real one.but this second tattoo I'm getting,I want him to see it…lol I also have a big tribal black widow spider on my lower back.

  20. im 19 with 2 full sleeves tattooed and work in various spots of my body..including in my lip. first tattoo when i was 14.
    and i just look like your typical college student.. no crazy hair, peircings..ect.

  21. I love self creativity. I love freedom of expression and art. Plus I'm addicted to the feeling, the pain; beauty is pain. Tattoos express me personally from the color to how I dot my I's and cross my T's.

  22. I have 14 tattoos and more coming. One side is a music side and the theme of dance (I'm a dancer) my other side is for my grandmother who loved flowers. I have a rememberance cross for my mother and I'm planning on half a sleeve of a portrait of my mom when I am able to. I have 3 on my fingers.. both right and left rib cages done… 3 on my back half a sleeve on my right arm and 4 on my lower right leg and half sleeve on my left leg!

  23. TATTOO BIGGEST CHALLENGE: My name is Mark and in 41 yrs old and have one tattoo on my left arm. But not a great tattoo, somewhat mediocre to just plain bad. My story begins about 15 years ago where i decided to get a tattoo. I was one of the unlucky ones who thought went to a reputable place but ended with a guy who didn't do a good job and i was permanently unsatisfied with this TAT ever since. I've been living with this now for nearly 20 years and I can't stand it anymore! I met a great girl who I want to marry in 2013 and she also doesn't like my ugly TAT. She would like if I could get it covered before we marry. (maybe in can propose to her on your show…haha) Im embarrassed to take my shirt of in public and even in front of my girlfriend its so bad.

    MY DILEMA: I can't find a Tattoo artist willing to take on this challenge of covering up the TAT on my arm thats been plaguing me for half my life. PLEASE HELP. I need to move onto a new chapter of my life and this TAT is holding me back.

    Desperately yours,


  24. My name is Jessica and I am 22 years old. I currently have twelve tattoos (and counting), and would love to tell my stories about them to the public. If they know I have solid stories about them, the non-enthusiasts will think about tattoos in a different light. I would greatly appreciate the oportunity to appear on the show :]

  25. Very new to audition thing. I got a bunch of tattoos each with a different story but all xconnected recently just visited Singapore and the tattoo artists in the shop went nuts. With my artwork. I am the type if guy you will never expect to have tattoos work at a IT company, you would never believe it if you saw me unless I wasn't wearing full sleeve shirt and long pants

  26. my name is scottie b i come from portland oregon orig.im staying warm in arizona these days.im loud crazy and have no filters. life is to short to pass it up. i have a few pieces of ink … every one tells a story. i have been a piercer since 1996. all though i cant make the money i want to make so i work at a call center. i came from a good family,but choose to have a relationship with herion for a year shy of a decade. 6-13-08. was a good day. what s funny is every one i know says i should have my own show.all in all im a big goof ball and my family still loves me and supports me.

  27. I have about 80+ hrs of work over my whole body. Many of the pieces I have are multiple session pieces. I have an elaborate, colorful half sleeve which has all November flowers(my bday is 11.18) and a vine crawling up my left leg, toe to knee & will go to my hip. Just like life, we grow, change & blossom. And on my ribs I have 'Love & Hate Swsllows' reminding me life is about balance.. and a favorite are the words
    "what goes around comes around"..do un to others..
    Some still need to be finished, and I think it'd be really cool to watch some pieces grow from an outline to finished piece.. and I have a couple big tattoos that are still outlines! Perfect!! 🙂
    I would love to have the opportunity to be apart of this show.. it would be the ultimate experience of a lifetime!!!

  28. I have about 80+ hrs of work over my whole body. Many of the pieces I have are multiple session pieces. I have an elaborate, colorful half sleeve which has all November flowers(my bday is 11.18) and a vine crawling up my left leg, toe to knee & will go to my hip. Just like life, we grow, change & blossom. And on my ribs I have 'Love & Hate Swsllows' reminding me life is about balance.. and a favorite are the words
    "what goes around comes around"..do un to others..
    I would love to have the opportunity to be apart of this show.. it would be the ultimate experience of a lifetime!!!

  29. I have 80% of my body covered in tattoos. I love both to get tattoos done on myself, and to tattoo other people. Each tattoo tells a different story with no need for words. there is always a special reason to have something added to your skin. Tattoos are PURE ART.

  30. I am 44 years old and have always wanted a tattoo but have never had the opportunity to get on. I think it would add a cool dynamic to have someone like me getting his first tattoo at this age. Please consider me for a small part of this production. Thank you

  31. man i love tattoos foreal i have like 16 going 17 tatts and im planed on getting more tattoo and i get ass much ass lil wayne do like i have prayinghands on my hand and i have of bluepitbull on my other hand and i have of tattoo across my cheast that say love is painless and i mean the list gones on and on this would be of good opportunity for me

  32. I Have 10 tattoos.
    I have my mother and fathers name on each wrist (2).
    I Have multiple stars on my lower back.
    I have a star on my hand (4).
    I have a peace sign on my high shoulder.
    Near my pelvic bone i have a evil smiley face.
    I have a heart in the middle of my chest (7).
    I have my nephews birthday on my right elbow.
    I have my ex boyfriends name on my left arm,
    I have a collage of my astrological sign and faces on my upper left thigh/butt.
    Im only 18 so needless to say I got my first tattoo when i was waaaaay too you . I was fourteen I love the Ink . I just wish i would have waited. These things are here for as long as i am. Im currently workin on covering and turning them into really exclusive art. I would love to be on the show to just let viewers know that tatoos are really cool but they Have to mean something worth wearing FOREVER. Thanx !

  33. I am a daring out going super ink lover I have 13 tats all of a remeberance of a time in my life I am a hair stylists so it shows my creative side also I have done stories for ink body magizines and I would love to be apart of this new show ans share how I express my artistic side in INK..

  34. I have both of my rib cages covered in ink, I love my tattoo's and I have more on the way coming. The one on my left side is a bible verse that I got in remembrance of 3 good friends of mine that died when I was in high school. My right side is covered with my brothers dog tags in tribute to their service in the military. I love my brothers so so much and they mean the world to me and without them I would not have grown into the woman I am today. Being able to share this story on your show would be an amazing opportunity.


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