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American Ninja Warrior – NBC and G4

American Ninja Warrior Casting Calls
American Ninja Warrior – NBC

Summer is almost here and so is the all new season of the world’s most wild and challenging reality competition show. American Ninja Warrior is heading back to the airwaves this summer on NBC and G4 looking for the most athletic, smart and mentally strong person in the country and that person could be you. This year’s winner will receive a grand prize of $500,00 dollars!

American Ninja Warrior is the most amazing obstacle course competition of all time. Potential contestants will be put through a rigorous series of tests to determine the final 100 qualifiers comprised of 15 from each region and 10 wildcards for this years feats of strength and endurance. This is by far the most grueling TV competition on the planet! Contestants from all walks of life will be given the opportunity to conquer. Do you have what it takes to conquer the most demanding and extreme obstacle course ever? Can you overcome the final challenge of Mt. Midoriyama, the most feared course in the world? Many have tried but only a very few have been successful, if you have what it takes to be the next American Ninja Warrior you will walk away with bonus round payouts of $2500 and $5000 dollars and the amazing grand prize of $500,000! Regional tryouts are going on now with the finals of this years exciting action being held in fabulous Las Vegas. This is the first time in the long and storied history of ANW that the finals will be held on American soil – this is your chance to be a part of history. For more information on upcoming auditions and for sign up instructions you can head here upload.g4tv.com/anw-casting/upload.aspx and leave a comment below if you think you have the right stuff to become the American Ninja Warrior champion.

This is one of the few times in life where you can truly challenge yourself and see what you have inside of you. Be a part of the hottest show of the summer. This time is now for you to show the world that you have what it takes to be a champion. The time is now for you to claim the $500,00 dollar grand prize and your title of American Ninja Warrior!

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  1. I've been training in Muay Thai for over 10 years. I've always been an athlete and love anything that involves fitness and movement. Now I train people in in Muay Thai along with with their health and fitness goals. My focus is functional strength.

  2. At only 26 years old, I am a Florida ISA certified arborist. As an arborist, I spend my days doing hours of physical labor, while also using logic and critical thinking to assess what tree limbs to cut in order to maximize the health and aesthetic value of the tree. I have been a loyal viewer of Ninja Warrior since 2006 when I knew at only 15 years of age, I could one day compete on the show. As an adult, I know for certain that I could work through these obstacles effortlessly. Thank you for considering me for American Ninja Warrior!

  3. I have climed trees and everything else since I was 4-5 yrs old. I havent found a Rockwall that I couldn't climb. Beat a 190lb marine to top with ease and he was running the rock climbing wall. He said he has never seen nobody climb that fast with skill and that I set a record on his wall. Said that I was faster than any marine he has ever seen climb anything. I'm 5'9" 130-135lbs very good in running obstacles also. I've never been interested in football or baseball but when it came time to climb something quickly that nobody else could manage to do I was the one that could. I'm not bragging because I know there are alot of people out there just as good if not better but if given the chance I know I could do very good on the obstacles. Could probably even make the finals if not better. Would love the opportunity to see if I still have what it takes to win. Sure I would have as good of a chance as anyone to win but I think I'm above average by far.

  4. I am an 8.5 year active duty military veteran and current high school basketball coach. I was the pull-up champion in Boot Camp and kept top marks on all pt tests, even tried the physical fitness selection test for Seal Training (didn't make it). Currently workout daily with my basketball team and since season is over am hitting the gym extra hard in preparation for your call to compete on ANW! I preach to my players to always fight and never quit… and I practice what I preach.

  5. I'm 35, currently serving in the US Army. I'm 6'1", 185 pounds, certified master fitness trainer and I have what it takes to be an American Ninja Warrior. If I can withstand 2 deployments to Iraq, I can handle a salmon ladder and a warped wall. Bring it on!

  6. Hi my name is matt. I'm 32 years old I have a wife and five kids I support. My family is the most important thing in life. We all watch ninja warrior together as a family. My kids would see me as a hero if I get on the show. The absolutely love it! I feel I would be a great fit because I have the heart of a ninja/hero. I'm 5'7 135 pounds very fast and I am very driven. If I am givin a chance I'm confident american ninja warrior will have a new champion. I've always been good at jumping, climbing. I have great upper body strength and I'm very fast. My heart will shine through the toughest of test. Anything my body can't do my heart will. Thanks you!! My nic name is freakin vreeken.

  7. hello

    My name is Kevin W. Medley


    I live in Philadelphia Pa

    I can do anything u need me to do. Just give me a chance. I will do it

  8. I have loved watching this show since the moment i saw it and always thought i could complete some obstacle where others have failed. I am US Marine and am confident in my abilities.

  9. I watch the great show about every day. I started working out as soon as I had read it in the paper. I have forearms like the guy referred to as Popeye. I'm 5'6'' 146lbs. I stay in good shape. I could do some of the obstacles blindfolded. I'm starting my own make-shift obstacles. I have wrestled and ran in track.I KNOW I can at least make it to city finals easily. I'm very serious about this. I'm very confident I can make it to Vegas. When I'm not working I'm training until I get a call or email from you. Bring me in as a walk on and my natural God given strength, balance,agility and sheer determination will shine. Thank you… Travis Martin

  10. I'm 16 and I really would like to go on the show because I'm really strong and I honestly think that I could do this

  11. I'm a 32 year old farmer from the great state of Washington! I work out every day in the winter, but in the summer, the farm is the perfect gym! I've been watching ANW for years and I know that I have what it takes! Please let me know how I can get the opportunity to show the world that a hay farmer from the Pacific Northwest can be the next American ninja warrior!

  12. I'm 58 years old , father of 3 boys, married 34 years, and business owner. I had shoulder surgery last year after injuring myself throwing a backflip on a softball field at our Company picnic. As a college student I was a cheerleader ( 35-40 years ago!) I'm sure with some practice I can do everything I see on the show. I'm 5'4" and 145lbs and a natural showman.

  13. I'm a bully survivor. I know what it's like to be afraid to go to school, to wake up, to come home, to live. Every day for years treated like nothing, being told your nothing. I survived with my scars but I did not give up. To be apart of this show I want to stop bullying but especially stop the schools looking the other way or blaming the victim then wonder why they act out.

  14. im an ex military medic and army combatives champion. im married with 2 kids and have been wanting to win this competition for a long time. i would also like to take home a truck load of cash while doing it.

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