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Casting Airplane Passengers in Amazon TV Pilot


Required: Men and women of different ages

Type: Acting

Location: New York City

The casting directors of this Amazon TV pilot are looking for people from different genders and backgrounds to play in, “The Interestings”.  Amazon has assigned the responsibility of casting to Grant Wilfley Casting. They require men and women of different ages to play as the passengers of Icelandic Airlines. The filming for these roles will take place in New York City on March 1.

About “The Interestings”

This is a character-driven drama that revolves around a group of friends from 1970’s.

The drama is based on Wolitzer’s Novel. The primary characters of the novel include a group of friends.

The friends share different stories of fortune and success, but the differences in their fortune and lifestyle do not affect their friendship that carries on through the years.

“The Interestings” shows how art, money, and power can completely change the lives of these friends and the friendship they possess.

Details and Requirements

If you find yourself suitable for the roles then read the details and requirements below.

The casting directors are looking for men and women of different ages. The candidates should be non-union actors and willing to work the New York City.

The filming will take place on March 01.


  • Amazon Pilot
  • Show Name: The Interestings
  • Filming Date: March 01
  • Filming Location: New York City

Details of Requirements

  • Required Gender: Male and female
  • Required Age: Any age (preferably 20’s to 40’s)
  • Character: Airplane passengers
  • Required Ethnicity: Any ethnicity

Details for Email Profiles

Your fittings tests will be taken after receiving your email profiles. Make sure to send the following requirements in the emails.

  • At least 2 recent photos including one close up and one full frame photo
  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Address including current city and state of location
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Confirmation of Non-Union Actor
  • Confirmation of your availability for fittings test and shooting on March 01
  • Wardrobe size including collar, shoulder, arm, pant, waist, shoe, and inseam sizes for men and dress, waist, shoulder, and shoe size for women

After attaching all the requirements in the email, enter the subject as FACEBOOK ICELANDIC and send the email to pilots@gwcnyc.com.

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