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2 Broke Girls – CBS

2 Broke Girls - CBS
2 Broke Girls – CBS

CBS has become well known for it’s hit comedy series and now it’s most hilarious production is on the lookout for talented up and coming performers to audition for it’s all new season. The Emmy Award winning critical and fan favorite 2 Broke Girls is currently cooking up all new adventures for it’s talented cast and the producers and casting directors for this laugh riot will soon be holding casting calls for a number of career making roles. This could be your chance to land the opportunity of a lifetime and be a part of one of the biggest shows on TV.

Created by the all star duo of stand up comedian and actress extraordinaire Whitney Cummings (Whitney, Made Of Honor, Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings) and two time Emmy Award winning mega producer Michael Patrick King (Sex And The City, Will & Grace, The Comeback), 2 Broke Girls tells the story of two wildly different girls who through various twists of fate team up to conquer the big city and achieve their dreams. When Max, a slick talking streetwise girl from the wrong side of the tracks is tasked with training new girl Caroline, a trust fund baby who recently lost her lavish lifestyle, at her greasy spoon diner she saw the experience as nothing more than an annoyance. Max quickly sees something in her though and the two band together as roommates  best friends and business partners. As with all of CBS’ terrific comedies the cast of this winning sitcom is filled with a who’s who of rising and established Hollywood talent that includes leads Kat Dennings (The 40 Year Old Virgin, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Thor: The Dark World) as the hard nosed and sassy Max, Beth Behrs (NCIS: Los Angeles, Chasing Eagle Rock, American Pie Presents: The Book of Love) as the prim and proper Caroline and supporting stars Jennifer Coolidge (The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, Best In Show) and Saturday Night Live legend Garrett Morris. 2 Broke Girls is the modern day Odd Couple and is gobbled up by millions of viewers every week making this an amazing casting chance for aspiring performers of all ages. Auditions will be happening soon and intertested actors can head here centralcasting.org or email here facebook.com/centralcasting for consideration and further information. We will be posting more casting updates when they are released so stay tuned for more information and leave a message below and tell us what you think of the show and why you want to audition for 2 Broke Girls.

31 thoughts on “2 Broke Girls – CBS

  1. Hi, Love the show. I had an idea that the girls would have a dream of them 30 years later and would show them older, bitchy and still single. Played by 2 drag queens, Helen Back and possibly Jackie Beat. I think it would be very funny.

  2. Hello, my name is Alyssa Bird, and I go by Ally. I would love to audition for this fabulous show. I can be reached through Baker & Rowley in Chicago.

  3. I am interested in this casting. I am from Cali and love the show. I have seen the show grow and have seen the characters develop into great role models. I love the show….
    I would be a great addition to this team. I am new to this, but I am very hard working. I am Hispanic but tend to look mix. I am 5'8, 120lbs, Hispanic, and fun.

  4. Id love to be just considered for this show ill work hard and give you 110% im a 15 year old city boy from boston,ma.have an accent that comes out sometimes i have dark brown hair and have hazel eyes but change often i promise to not let you guys down

  5. hello! i always fill my life full of comedy and have dreams of being on a sitcom. i have improv and acting experience, and i even do some singing and guitar playing. LOVE this show! great job!

  6. Hi, I would love to be a part of the movie. I am a comical person ,very humorous. I love to mock people,I also do impressions of various people including general people and actors.I am also a inspiring music artist.

    Age: 32
    Weight: 175lb
    Height: 5'7
    Ethnicity: African American
    Athletic built

  7. I am a very sociable person. I would really love a shot on being an actress. I am very funny. Im 22 years old, mexican i think i could fit really good on this tv show

  8. Hello!
    I'm Jordan Clark. I'm a blonde hair and bright blue eyed 15 year old girl with huge ambitions to get into the acting industry. I'm about 5'6 and currently a sophmore in high school. I've been acting since first grade and haven't stopped! 2 Broke Girls is definitely my favorite show on television. Having the chance to be apart of this show would be incredible! If you are intrested, please feel free to email me! Thank you so much.

  9. Hi, I'm Justin, Im 21 years old and I Live in Maryland. Not too many casting calls come too close to where I live so I have been travelling and checking with sites such as these. I crack up while watching this show and I am ultimately interested in being apart of a show with this kind of raw, and sometimes dry, sense of humor. It's exactly the atmosphere that I thrive in as an actor. I have been acting since I popped out into the world 21 years ago and live for the moments when I can entertain and make people laugh. I am six feet and two inches tall, fit, handsome young man with brown hair and brown eyes. I'm perfect for the funny sarcastic bad boy type rolls, but any actor needs to be a chameleon and convincing to be successful in entertaining. Therefor I am down to bring any thought or character to life and give that extra to the roll to make sure that nobody will ever forget my performance. I have the looks and attitude to be successful for the company and/or show and I can promise that nobody will be able to pass up the opportunity to work with me. Would love the opportunity to prove that with headshots and an audition if available. thanks for the consideration!!!!!!! -Justin-

  10. Hi my name is Kryslyn and i am 14 years old. Being on TV has always been a dream of mine as well as my life goal. This TV series sounds exciting and entertaining. Im very good at listening and following directions. Performing is a passion of mine as well as dance, modelling, acting, etc. I have dirty blonde/light brown hair and blue eyes. My height is 5'5" and i weigh about 90 lbs. I am outgoing and have a great personality. I speak English and some French and willing to learn others. I am from Manitoba,Canada and have been searching day after day for acting opportunities and i hope i am one of your choices for this great new TV show!

  11. My son Cameron is a cute, funny kid with an amazing personality. He cares so much for others. He is 5 ft tall 95 pounds dirty blonde hair in a frohawk with freckles on his cheeks and very photogenic. He always is making us laugh and is almost 12 going on 16 a very smart boy. We laugh all the time about this show we absolutely love it.

    We hope to hear from you real soon:)


  12. Bruce Fry
    Age: 21
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: EXCUSE ME!!!!
    Race: White
    Hair: Brown (and cool)

    I've been in community theatre productions since I was eleven. I think I've got that cool/rocker/dork kinda look if ya know what I mean. I'm sure you don't. In addition to going through hard times at home I would truly love to be on this show because Kat Dennings is smoking HOT! Thanks!

  13. Hi:) I would just like to give myself an opportunity to try something new and exciting, so give me a chance

  14. Age: 21
    5'3 140lbs African American female
    short haircut, athletic build
    I'm almost done with college, and don't have a career plan. I've always liked to act for fun. I think it's time to give it a serious try

  15. Hello i'm Erica Cooper, measurements/skills

    gender: Female
    hair: Brown
    race: Black
    hips:30 I have been in fashion shows only & videos, would love to be in my 1st movie. I do believe my measurements are correct. I model in a fashion show coming up getting fitted will submit correct measurements.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  16. Deborah Burnham
    53 looks 45
    clothing 9/10
    shoe 6-61/2
    long brown hair
    hazel blue eyes
    olive skin
    photo upon request
    ref worked as back ground extra/extra on tow movies The A list filmed and Children of god would love to have a small speaking part to

  17. 30 yr old actor/comedian. I should be apart of this series Bec I'm the 3rd broke girl. Let go during the pilot season of this show when the director decided he only needs 2. So now I'm starring in my own reality tv show called 1 Almost Homeless girl. A sequel to 2 broke girls. Coming to a theatre near the ghetto.

  18. Hi, i would love to be part of this audition , i loove 2 broke girls!!, i would be so exited, i love to act since i was little i did, i was born with it, please just give me this chance you wont regret me, for more info please contact me, i have a lot of inspiration for this since always belive me
    this would be a big step for me to start my career as an actress.

    Age: 16 look like 14-15
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 108 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: American,Latin.
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Acting Experience: Since always i act, and i can do everything, any kind of paper.
    Pd. i hope you respond 🙂
    It would be an honor to act in this production really it would be so wonderful
    Please consider me 😀 and also to act with these beautiful actresses

  19. My physical characteristics:
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 290 lbs.
    Build: Muscular
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Ethnicity: Italian
    Other Facts:
    Born & raised in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

    Highly Experienced (Can Delivery Authenticity) in:
    Physical Education, Sports Coach/Player, School Teacher, All Athletics, Parenting, Discipline, Crime, Driving, Schools, Articulate, Clean, Professional

    Graduate Degree

    Most Recent Work:
    The Secret History of the Mob

  20. Greetings!
    My Name Cynthia Juarez, I am interested for an audition for this thrilling movie.


    Hair:Brown,Medium lenght


    Weight: 110-112 lbs



    Appearance: Light Olive Skin

    Thank you.

  21. Hi!! i'm 13 years old and from Brazil. English is my second language, so it is no big deal for me to act in english. I've always wanted to act and I believe that start working in Two Broke Girls wold be just AWESOMe!

    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Height: 150 cm
    Weight: 43 kg
    Eye colour: brown
    Hair colour: light brown
    Experience: only school acting

  22. Hello,
    My name is Bethan Rose King, I am 5’6”, 7.5 stone and 13 years old. I have dark blond wavy hair, green eyes and a pale/normal (caucasian – white)skin tone. I wouldn’t say that I am girly, I would describe myself as quite “normal”. I am hardworking and always looking to try my best, please people and improve. I have easy travel opportunities. I do horse-riding at a fairly good standard, doing eventing on my horse and riding him most days. I love every other sport and i am overall quite an active person. I can also play the Piano up to grade 1. I am quite a confident and bubbly person to talk to and be around and I think that I can take myself into the role of a character as needed. In school I am currently in top set for every subject and I am getting good grades. Although I have no previous film or TV experiences, I think that I am ready for the part. In school, I have starred in many plays and a fair percentage of those I was the lead role. I would state myself as very good at learning lines, as one of my plays I was given the lead role too (as someone dropped out) 2 days before and I had to learn a long script.
    Thank you for taking your time to read my application, and I hope you take me into consideration.

  23. Hi, I am 19 and of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background as well as english. I studied drama for 5 years where I had performed many times and also competed in the drama festival in 2009. I also Do modeling and would love to be apart of this amazing opportunity. I am easy to work with and extremely reliable. My personality is fun, bubbly, outgoing, energetic and up for anything.

    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Height: 156cm
    Weight: 48kg
    Eye colour: Brown
    Hair colour: Blonde
    Skin Tone: Light olive tan
    Experience: 5 years of acting and recent modeling work

    I would love to send you through my portfolio, if your interested please contact me on my email address

  24. I have four year experience in acting in high school I will also be pursing acting in college / visual arts I would like be an extra or apart of this show some how please email if any questions

  25. Hello, I have been following 2 Broke Girls TV show for a while and I think it is brilliant! I would love to be on the show.
    I am a boy
    14 years old
    Brown Medium Lenth Hair
    Brown eyes
    I am on my schools Improv Team as captain for Grade 9's. I got the drama/arts award in grade 8. I hae performed as Hercules. I have also played as Justin Beiber in a long improv skit. I would love to get this audition and part. Please e-mail back. Thank you.

  26. Hi. I'm a blonde hair and blue eyed girl.I'm 13 years old.Some say I'm outgoing and funny.Me and My family watch Two Broke Girls every Monday,and it's pretty hysterical.I believe it would be delightful to work on the set because it would be a learning experience.

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