Acting Application

Acting Application
Acting Application

Info on becoming an Actor or Actress

Are you looking to get into acting? If so, that’s GREAT! Your first step is to fill out and acting application. You need to send your acting applications to various talent and acting agencies around your area and around the world. It is important let them know what your strong talents are and what you can work on. Give your location and let them know if you are willing to travel

You can first let us know below why you want to get into acting and submit a short application. See you in the movies soon!

247 thoughts on “Acting Application

  1. i see kids doing what i want to do and i want to do it with dreams are acting..and if i get a chance to..i may get a chance to become a singer to…like china anne mcclain,zendaya,dove cameron.i am open for an audition for a tv show on disney channel or a movie.
    dreams:to become an actress on disney channel or in a movie

  2. Hi, i'm Daisy, I go by Taki, i'm 13 years old. I would like to be a movie star, I want to be in movies & tv shows. I have many goals in life, I want to start off by being an actor & later become a fashion designer! I'd really appriciate if you give me a chance to make my dreams come true!

  3. Salam i wish i can get a chance to act. Because i really love acting and i enjoy acting. Acting is my innar need i wish that i can get a chance one day insha allah. I am Omani from muscat but i can talk in hindii and i can dance oh i love dancing.

  4. Hey my name is Janiya and i would love love love LOVE to become an actress because its just something i have been looking into for a while now and i actually wanna go for it. You gotta follow your dreams right?? And this is mine so i would greatly appreciate if you would put me into consideration. As you should notice I'm not all that good at explaining myself and things like that but.if you would give me a chance I'll show you what i can do.

  5. ASSALAM O ALAIKUM!My name is junaid i am doing an electrical engineering.i want to be an actor.
    If you will give me a chance Inshallah i,will prove my self.
    EYES COLOUR:brown
    HAIRS COLOUR:black




    To work with an Organization which will provide opportunities for growth & career achievement. To work in a challenging environment maximizing learning opportunities, enabling me to direct my capabilities for the betterment of the organization.


     Fast Learner and a positive approach.
     Perseverance and excellent people skills.
     A good Team Player and ability to motivate members.


     S.S.L.C Passed in the Year of 2010 from Karnataka State Board.
     P.u.c Passed in the Year of 2012 from Karnataka State Board.

     Computer Application with Ms Excel, Ms Word, Ms PowerPoint, Paint & Internet.

     Typing Speed 25 with 100% Accuracy

     Location : Belgaum

     Date of Birth : 26thnov, 1994
     Father’s Name : Mahadev chavan
     Gender : Male
     Languages Known : English, Hindi,Marathi,Kannada
     Martial status : Single
     Hobbies : Listening to Music and Playing Cricket


    Place: BELGAUM


  7. Hi, my name is Chris, I really want to be an actor because it's a really
    fun experience in the world, I've always wanted not to be this
    person but another person and try to show my talent. I 've been teaching and studying film and media production for four years in different countries like South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique and Angola and also I won the best scriptwriter of the year in the region, so atleast I have my experience in hand. Lookin for the big chances to the world, wanna be international, want to be some one.

    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 65
    Hair co: Black
    Talent: Acting | Musician | Comedian | Poet

  8. Hi I'm Ashley, I'm 16 ( but can look younger). I've always wanted to be an actress since I was 5. I love getting into character. I always join my school plays when I get the opportunity. I've been in drama class since middle school. I have good memorisation and have a lot of character. I would love if you guys would give me a chance to audition.

    Gender: Female
    Height: 4'11"
    Weight: 107lbs.
    Hair Color: Brown/Wavy/ Curly
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Languages: English and Spanish
    State: Arizona

  9. Name: Alyvia Rose Marie H
    Age: 12
    Hair: Brown, medium length
    Talents: Improv, Stand-up, Acting, Singing

    My names Alyvia, and I love acting (: I love getting into character and adding some humor to my acts. I also sing and play quite a few instruments. I love to be creative and unique, and love to get into character and get the experience to be able to be a whole other person. Whenever my friends come over, we do acting skits, and love to show my family and others our productions. I would love to get to explore my talent further (:

  10. I really want to be an actor because it's a really fun experience and I've always wanted to be another person and show my talent.

  11. Acting Is Sonething I Wanna Do This Is AOpen Opportunity For Me And Many People.If Im Picked This Will Help Me Start My Acting Career And Also Help Achieve My Goal.Im A Very Outgoing,Very Smart,Very Confident.My Height:5.11 Weight:167 Black Hair Brown Eyes.Acting Is Something I Really Wanna Do And This Could Be My Opportunity.I Do Have Some Experience In Acting I Was A Movie Extra In We The Party.So I should Be picked Becouse This Is Something I Wanna And This Is My Opportunity To Do It.

  12. Name: Karol Baker
    Age: 26
    Heigh: 5'2
    Weight: 130
    Hair: Medium Brown, Curly
    Eyes: Brown
    Talent: Have been an extra in 4 Episodes of The Vampire Diaries. I have a passion for acting. I take this very seriously and nothing will stop me from trying until I succeed.
    Location: Atlanta, Georgia

  13. I really like acting because It seems like a fun experience for many people. I've been thinking of becoming an actor when I was little but I wasn't sure how to but now, this is my opportunity so, please accept me (:

  14. Age:12
    I played in some plays at school,i love to act i am very confident in myself and will try my best and work hard. Anyone can count on me.very good sport.i sing good i would say about average and i weigh 117 so im not big at all. Well,there it is!!!:) please choose me.acting is my life,my everything.

  15. Name: Marcos duke
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 210
    Hair: Short, jet black
    Eyes: light brown
    DOB: 8/17/96
    Build: Athletic
    Talent: Acting,stunt work
    i am Marcos duke i am currently a junior in high school i play varsity football i can act and i can be stunt double

  16. My name is i'm not giving up", I been trying for over 15 yrs now, and I believe one day soon, I will get my big break. The thing is, I've never acted, I just believe, I was born to ACT. That's my "JOB". I have a teachable and willing spirit, plus I love life.

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