Sunday Best – BET

Sunday's Best Season 6 - BET

Sunday’s Best Season 6 – BET Auditions

Aspiring singers of all ages, get ready to raise your voice and bring your Best because BET has announced an all new season of the hit reality TV singing competition Sunday Best!, the television sensation that has millions of viewers around the country tapping their feet and singing along to legendary gospel standards. Open casting calls for the new season have just been announced and you can apply today to get a jump start on your path to glory.

Sunday Best is absolutely the most heavenly vocal series on TV today. By combining all of the thrills and thrills, excitement and drama of a high stakes singing competition with the joy and praise of the word of The Lord, this production has captured the hearts of millions of believers and performers alike. Each week talented competitors chosen from open auditions throughout the country are mentored by gospel legends Kirk Franklin, CeCe Winans, Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurklin as they sing their way through challenges and performances all leading to the crowning title of Sunday Best, a brand new Ford Escape, a fabulous cash prize and a recording contract with Music World Gospel! There is nothing like this anywhere else on television.  This is the chance for up and coming singers of all ages to show the world their amazing talents and their strong faith in the man above as they compete for the career opportunity of a lifetime. The first round of open casting calls for the all new edition of Sunday Best have just been announced and are listed below and for more information you can head here More updates will be coming soon so keep checking back for all of the audition news for this incredible series and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us why you want to be a part of the faith and fun of BET’s heavenly hit show Sunday Best.

Sunday Best Auditions: (Click Here for more BET Auditions)

Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, February 16
Sharon Baptist Church
3955 Conshohocken Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131

Atlanta, GA
Saturday, February 23
Greater Traveler’s Rest Baptist Church
4650 Flat Shoals Parkway
Decatur, GA 30034

Chicago, IL
Saturday, March 9

Houston, TX
Saturday, March 23

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Sunday Best – BET Audition in 2015

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149 People are talking about Sunday Best – BET

  1. Lakesha Jones says:

    I would love to get a chance to experience Sunday Best,share with the world that Jesus is alive and that you must believe. I just want the world to know how much I love and appreciate him.He truly is good to all of us, even when we don't deserve it.

  2. Georgiana savory-sykes says:

    This will be a opportunity for me to share a blessed gift from GOD.

  3. Faith Evans-Barnes says:

    Hello my name is Faith. I've been singing all of my life.I know that I am Sunday's Best.

  4. Deloris carmichael says:

    I dream to be a contestant this is my saeson

  5. Jyotika Simmons says:

    I am a true believer in Christ and I'm grateful for all the things God has brought me thru! Although I have missed my chance to audition I still have a testimony, and I will share with all that are willing to hear!… God has given me a ministry through singing and I will continue to use my voice to lift him up in praise! Watching season 6 My friend Tasha Page-Lockhart inspired me, I was able to see her growth; you see I remember when we were both singing R&B music and we cut a record together, but God had a different plan for both of our lives. Although it took me some time to get there I finally started to hear ken unto his voice instead of trying to do things of my own accord, and yes there have been times when I have stumbled, but now I am determined not to let my fall define me because it is not how I fall it's about how I get up that defines me… I am truly wanting to serve God and to make it into his kingdom is my true goal, so this is what defines me I am a believer and I am striving to be made perfect in his sight; to be found without a spot or a blemish, and although singing is my passion, my dream is to make it in the end!!!

  6. justin says:

    There has been a stirring spirit…I am disappointed there were no DC auditions because I had plans to come!!!Justin Barnes …I have confidence that whatever is in me needs to be heard!!Have a great day..Please reach out!

  7. Jaqura Gibbs says:

    I believe it is time for God to take me to another place in him. Am I too late for the auditions?

  8. Tammy Monroe says:

    As long as I can remember I've been singing, I'm know as the one that sheds tears as she sings, the anointed one.. well a few Sundays back my Pastor prophesied to me.. and said perfect love casts out all fear.. And for a long time I let fear stop me. About 5 years ago I ask God for a gospel competition to air.. n it did… and I've been watching it pass me by…I know God has a plan for me and it begins with Sunday Best

  9. karmen Black says:

    I Love the Lord

  10. Miriam Clement says:

    I believe God gave me a gift and passion to sing and inspire others. I'm ready to share it with the world!

  11. Chandra Moore says:

    I should be on Sundays best because the Bible says that if you knock the door shall be opened ask and you shall receive and I am more than a conqueror I am the epitome of a Christian go getter my goal is to serve Christ at all costs and anything I do will prosper in Jesus name so as a contestant being that I always push my way through I will be the same way in the competition to help other people who do not know Christ all the people who do know Christ to stay encouraged and keep the faith by singing and glorifying God

  12. Brenda Brewington says:

    I know that God has gifted me with my voice. I also know that my ministry is music. What I don;t know is what God would have me do at this time. I'm seeking his purpose & until that time I will continue to use the gift that heas given me to his glory.

  13. karlos COBHAM says:

    My mission is to use the arts to create globally a kingdom awareness in the lives of people through Kingdom Thinking, Worship in spirit and truth, Excellence, Spiritual prosperity and Total trust in God.

    We On a KWEST!

  14. Giovonni says:

    hi…my name is Giovonni and I am 23 years old. I pretty much have lost all sight of what I'm supposed to do with my life. I feel lost…unguided…and I have very LITTLE faith. I do believe in God , and I even gave my life to him and I spoke in tongues a few weeks ago. I go to an amazing church and I feel like I am supposed to be doing something with my life, but again…I just feel so unguided.

    I know I have a voice that God blessed me with to sing, and now I am wondering maybe it's time I look into it? I dont know, but I figure it's worth a try.

  15. Latisha Boone says:

    I want to be on Sunday's Best to be able to minister through song. I love singing! It's my passion, my hearts desire. Every since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to sing. I've sung in the church and my high school chorus. Due to bad decisions, I put my dreams aside to raise my kids. I want to be an example to my kids and show them no matter what life throws your way, keep pressing on and never give up. When I rejoined church, I was asked to join the choir and it was a true blessing. God has laid this on my heart and I want share my testimony with the world. I would love and appreciate this opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you and I hope to hear from you all soon!

  16. Carolyn green says:

    I've been singing for a long time now it's time to show my gift to the world.I been praying for this for a long time.

  17. Tracy Messias says:

    A calling must be answered, and I've been called to minister through the gifting ability to sing.

  18. Anthony Clarke says:

    I'd like to know are there going to be auditions in Tennessee in 2015 and where will they be held

  19. Anita Bickum says:

    I believe God has blessed us with musical talents, to inspire and encourage and uplift people. I would like an opportunity to utilize the gift I believe God has put in me with challenging myself to audition for Sunday's Best.

  20. christasimpson says:

    hi I am a gospel singer I love the lord I need to get heard and I need a great manager so if someone out there can help me get started please contact me thank you an be blessed

  21. Gregory says:

    I have been in and out of church in and out in and out in and out. I have pastored churches and left all because of my gift to sing. I feel like so many times my gift was all the people wanted. As of a few nights ago I was crying like a big baby because I am in a situation where only God can pull me out financially. I heard the voice of the Lord ask me to just say yes. As I began to sing to God YES LORD people from my apartment complex were coming by the patio and when I looked out there were at least 17 young teens standing in front of the door. I stepped out and the comments were like OG man you can sing and what were you sangin, about an hour later I found myself outside with my bible open introducing these young people to the very place of salvation without a place for them to worship. So I now say Yes Lord use me as an open vessel a willing vessel. So be expecting me to not only audition but win the Sunday Best….. LOOOK atcha neighbor and slap em 5 dollas if u got it and say favor aint fair and I know God favors me.

  22. Janice NaPier says:

    I am created, anointed, & called by God 2 go minister in song to the world. God has prepared me & now is my time !!!

  23. Destiny Owens says:

    I have been singing since I was 2 years old in the church choir. Suggestion were made for me to audition for Sunday's Best. So I want to audition to bless not only my congregation and community, but bless the world with the gift of song God has given me.

  24. Lutrille Dixon says:

    I know that it is my time. I HAVE A GREAT PASSION FOR THE LORD. He has anointed me to Minister in music to the whole world. He blessed me with this gift while I was in my mother's womb, therefore I know He has a plan for me because Jeremiah 29:11 SAYS THAT GOD HAS A PLAN TO PROSPER ME!! I am Sunday Best for Season 8 and I claim it in Jesus Name!

  25. Howard Mullins says:

    I was first blessed with a live performance on Jimmy Kimmel, 3 Random Guys singing in front of a grocery store in Irving, Texas. I have worked hard going throughout Texas singing at nursing homes, churches and so forth blessing all whom I may come into contact with and telling all about the goodness of our Father. I would like to continue spreading God's word through song and I feel as if I was called to be on your stage to do so. All I need is a chance, God willing, thank you.

    H. Mullins

  26. keith green says:

    I have been singing all of my life. I know that God has annoited me to sing. I want that annoiting to flow over to others making a differenc in the lives of others breaking the yokes of bondaged. i was recently set free from a strong hold and I feel so free. I stuggle with the addiction for years, and to finally be free it gives my singing a greater purpose, a greater annoiting and a greater sense of being. I want to be able to glory god through song and praise because he has been so good to me.

  27. EMANI BLAIR says:

    God has truly blessed me with an awesome gift to minister in song, and for chains to be broken off the lives of God's people. For the past 17 years of my life, I have patiently waited on the Lord and I know and believe that "This is my Season"!!!! I am so excited with great expectations that greater is not only coming, but my greater is Here!!!

  28. Robin brownlee says:

    I want to sing but I would also love for someone to sing the songs that I have written. I have also written my autobiography.

  29. Jawana Bowdry says:

    Hello,I'm Jawana Bowdry

    Two of my gifts that God has blessed me with is to sing and to write.I never knew which way to turn,but Sunday Best has come to mind.I never really thought of stepping out until now.I believe this year is a year to fulfill a dream and a gift that God has blessed me with.I pray God's will that everything will come to pass his way.So I pray to get an opportunity to sing at Sunday Best,and if God just use me with one song to sing to minister,I will be satisfied,and if he also have me to win,let also be his will.God bless

  30. carla says:

    Because I'm the chosen one.i love the Lord and I love to sing praises to thee.

  31. shalece capers says:

    Hi my name is Shalece Capers and I would love to be on Sunday's best because I love to sing and minister to God. I am 24 years old and never had the confidence to branch out in my gift. I was always background to my peers and family. What made me want to go on this show is my amazing grandmother who always said I can do all things in Christ. She had a dream that I auditioned for the show and I made it to the show. The fact that she believes in me it makes me want to believe in myself. Not only that but I have been singing since I was 3 and have an amazing ear for music. I am not your average runner or riffer. I am traditional and have a powerful singing voice that I want to be heard. I have been broken so many times
    I have been knocked down every time I got up. My faith has been strengthened every day. I just pray I get to experience an amazing opportunity such as this.

  32. sheena king says:

    as a little girl I was brought up in the church where my grandmother who is an evangelist always requested for me to sing for the Lord, since then I have been singing for the Lord, and through my toughest times prayer, and singing…..just worshipping and praising helps me get through. Although I know that God is near God always want us to enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. I will bless the Lord oh my souls and that's within me I will bless his name.

  33. Tiffany G. says:

    Hello my name is Tiffany I am from Indiana. I have been singing for the lord since I was born. I have a voice that will touch your soul. I have watched Sunday Best all my life and I think its time for me too let go and let god have his way and let my voice be used. Please contact me so I can give the world what they have been waiting for. I will travel anywhere to audition. God Bless

  34. Tyson Menifield says:

    I Grow up into a singing family of 7. My sister has a god given voice that I want Sunday Best and the world too hear. My sister has sang for churches funerals weddings and ect. I promise if she is chosen to audition she will have tears falling from your eyes and getting out of your seat shouting please contact me.

  35. Jackie Roberts says:

    Praise the lord saints Halleluia I have been singing in the church choirs for over thirty years. I also have been a sololist from my request in The Grace of God Led by Pastor Jenkins in St.Louis,Mo.I currently remain in Rochester, NY and I sing praise and worship I also am blessed with the gift of reciting spoken words . I.have written few inspirationals poems. I had written poems for various of funerals with request and without request.I volunteered my voice in the ring the bell campaign for the Salvation Army Corps and was complimented and shared from other how thankful they were to hear my anointed voice. Last I have auditioned at the Apollo in Harlem New York to try to make the TV premier to get paid for a living.I am a very dedicated faithful worshiper mother of three beautiful daughter and I know I was called by the Lord a long time ago and I excepted with him .I truly believe I am one of the Lord's chosen ones. I believe this particular year us my season I have always been interested in Sunday's but was the case it never seems possible to make the audition with everything that was going on at those particular times of my life when it was time to audition. 2015,is it I believe my voice will quickly save souls My voice is a blessing from the lord I have been told by many and not afraid to bring it I don't a better time this year a Sunday's
    Best seasons 6,audition to strut my stuff!!!!! God Bless you all and may he keep u all with his angel surrounding and embrasing you********

  36. corina conner says:

    I think I should be choosing for Sunday best because singing gospel music has always been apart of my life.Gospel music is not jest music to me I feel the words. This has always been my dream. I know the Lord has called me to serve him.

  37. Danita Clark says:

    Confident that the lord is sending me in this direction,I am ready to use the gift that God has given.I know that I will touch alot of people and win soul's for Christ all over the world.

  38. In a Davis says:

    Will you holding auditions in Miami Florida? I would love to sing and praise the Lord.

  39. TANISHIA says:


  40. Tiffany Hughes says:

    I sing at my church and other churches where I'm asked to sing. I love to sing for the Lord because he gave me my voice to use to minister to others as well as myself. I would like a chance to audition for Sunday's Best because I love to sing about how good God is and how good He has been to me.

  41. joshua willaims says:

    i love to sing gospel music and i sing in two choirs the first choir i sing in is the Jordan choir the second choir i sing in is the sanctuary choir.

  42. shirley harris says:

    Praise God my wife has been singing in church most of her life and never had the time or opportunity to show her real talent if she is grant the opportunity to audition for Sunday Best. That all I ask for is a chance for her to show her talent.

  43. tracy williams says:

    The Lord keeps calling me to worship. He says its not about money or fame and let go of fear. Let go of fear of being judged. He says if you prepare you will be calmer.Gospel music is so powerful.

  44. Talata Agbale says:

    my name is Talata Agbale i am really not writing for my self I am writing about my daughter Lynne Cordle God really has his hands on her after she lost her husband in a car fire explosion few years ago on 9-11 she said she would never sing again because they sang together as a young couple in Lancaster Ohio they were on fire for the lord she felt lost after his tragic death. but, I think she should sing on Sundays best and share her voice with all of us because this is what the lord has given to her to share God bless she doesn't know i am writing this . This girl has been blessed with a wonderful voice n I think she should let people hear it. Let the church say Amen.

  45. sydnee lofthouse says:

    People have always said that I have an amazing singing voice. My passion is to sing. I would give anything to take my voice to the next level. I believe this show would take my voice to the next level. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment! :)

  46. Steffon Williams says:

    It's my time to let my talent be shown and known to the world watch gospel nation

  47. John Beckwith says:

    I've been singing in my church for over 20 years and in these last seven years I see that the Lord is taking me to another level in Him. I want my life to be used by God to the fullest and lately I believe the Lord is moving me to the point to sing for Him sharing the gospel through song and encouraging His people on a global level impacting the world for Christ.All I ask is for a chance to share what Good had given me with the world. I listen to 103.9 the inspiration station and I remember hearing one of the speakers say and I heard Yolanda say that,"your gift makes room for you"I believe the LORD is saying now is the time to use the gift He has given for His glory. Could you please give me a chance.

  48. Chief Apostle Delorise Dixon says:

    Need to just get the music out there. I have written 50 songs. Time running out. So here I
    go. Taking a leap of faith.

  49. makynnzi says:

    Where and when I need to know please

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