Sunday Best SEASON 6 – BET

Sunday's Best Season 6 - BET

Sunday’s Best Season 6 – BET Auditions

Aspiring singers of all ages, get ready to raise your voice and bring your Best because BET has announced an all new season of the hit reality TV singing competition Sunday Best! Season 6 of the television sensation that has millions of viewers around the country tapping their feet and singing along to legendary gospel standards. Open casting calls for the new season have just been announced and you can apply today to get a jump start on your path to glory.

Sunday Best is absolutely the most heavenly vocal series on TV today. By combining all of the thrills and thrills, excitement and drama of a high stakes singing competition with the joy and praise of the word of The Lord, this production has captured the hearts of millions of believers and performers alike. Each week talented competitors chosen from open auditions throughout the country are mentored by gospel legends Kirk Franklin, CeCe Winans, Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurklin as they sing their way through challenges and performances all leading to the crowning title of Sunday Best, a brand new Ford Escape, a fabulous cash prize and a recording contract with Music World Gospel! There is nothing like this anywhere else on television.  This is the chance for up and coming singers of all ages to show the world their amazing talents and their strong faith in the man above as they compete for the career opportunity of a lifetime. The first round of open casting calls for the all new edition of Sunday Best have just been announced and are listed below and for more information you can head here More updates will be coming soon so keep checking back for all of the audition news for this incredible series and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us why you want to be a part of the faith and fun of BET’s heavenly hit show Sunday Best.

Sunday Best Auditions: (Click Here for more BET Auditions)

Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, February 16
Sharon Baptist Church
3955 Conshohocken Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131

Atlanta, GA
Saturday, February 23
Greater Traveler’s Rest Baptist Church
4650 Flat Shoals Parkway
Decatur, GA 30034

Chicago, IL
Saturday, March 9

Houston, TX
Saturday, March 23

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Sunday Best SEASON 6 – BET Audition in 2013

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  1. Antoinette Green says:

    My name is Antoinette Green im 24 years old I live in Chicago Illinois I've been singing since I was like 5or6 The question was why do I think I should be on sunday best. I think I should be on sunday best cause singing is everything to me and I believe if the lord gave me this opportunity I most certainly wouldn't let him down and I'll prove to myself anything is possible with faith….that's one thing I got if I don't have anything else and that's faith.

  2. willie Gates says:


  3. Lakenya blakely says:

    Hello my name is lakenya I have been singing for along time and I think God has put a praise in my heart in my soul I have gone through things that I thought I would never go through but I know with out a dout that Im ready to move to next level that my God has giving me this is my Chance to should people what really can do it's my season

  4. Michelle Marshall~Bell says:


  5. Charlene Roby says:

    I have being singing since the age of 12. I was brought up singing in my local Baptist church. I am a single mother who is raising an 18yr old daughter who is attending college. I would love the opportunity to be a part of Sunday's Best. I would love to make a Praise & Worship CD, but I just don't know where to began and I don't have the funding to support my dream. When I sing praise and worship everything within me just comes alive.

  6. Betty says:

    I was raised in the church and as i matured, and became a mother of 5, i strayed away from my true calling to raise my kids as a single parent. It has been a struggle for me to keep my children safe and focused on their dreams. For a while I have been running in the opposite direction due to my struggles, and i thought that GOD had forgotten me, but i realize as i look back that it was GOD that carried me, and now i surrender and will use my talents for my KING, LORD AND SAVIOR OF MY LIFE, who love me enough to accept me back into his life. This is how i know that i am SUNDAY'S BEST.

  7. Lakendra Williams-Wharton says:

    I just want to use the gift God allow me to have .I believe he gave it for a reason .To tell the world know he still lives!!!!

  8. Mary says:

    Please send me more information on season 6 auditions.

  9. VAN WILLIAMS JR. says:

    I'm Van Williams Jr. I'm coming to try out for Sunday Best. I know that the talent God has given me is not for a show, but is real. and I have what it takes to be the next Sunday Best.

  10. Mark waller says:

    I will b the next sundays best hit me up let me no when in atl n ill b there thanks all n may god bless all

  11. Latricia Loveless says:

    Hi, my name is Latrice and yes I would love to have more information about Sunday's Best Auditions. I feel that it's my time and my season to be blessed. I've always been told I need to audition so hear I am knocking on the door, I believe in me my family believes in me, hey hear I am.

  12. Shamar Davis says:

    My name is Shamar and I am 15 years old and the youngest of 11 children from Pine Mountain, Georgia. I want to audition for Sunday Best because I have a passion to sing for Christ. I have been singing in church since I was 5 years old. I have always dreamed of singing and my dad always wanted me to pursue my dreams of singing. I lost my father Curtis Sr. January 18,2014 and we buried him on the 25th and after the repast my brother Curtis Jr. died of a massive heart attack and he was only 35 years old. After singing at their funeral, I realized I wanted to sing more than ever because inspite of this God is yet good.

  13. Clara says:

    I sent one of my CD's to The President of the United States of American, Mr. president Obama.I received a telephone call, telling me to count the White House as one of my number one fans. Sunday Best is looking for the next Best Sunday Best, and I am her. I should be a part of this season Sunday Best season 6, because GOD has entrusted me with ALL the songs that the Whole World need to hear; For HIS(GOD) Exaltation. For teaching, and Admonishing; speaking in Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs; songs that heal the broken hearted, lift up the bowed down heads, soothes the trouble mind, and above all else, Pleases the ALMIGHTY GOD, Our Maker. The songs I sing,are Songs from GOD. And I can sing. I can really, really, sing. My voice is my music. I'm a published author with Authorhouse Publishing Company, in Bloomington Indiana, My books are: children educational books; One of my books is Bible literature, which also holds a sample of an original Bible dictionary. I am a writer of two song on a turn of the century album with HILLTOP RECORDS, in Hollywood California; and am registrar with ASCAP.
    Mr.Brandon Kitchen, counseled me to seek
    Mr. Kayne West as a producer; I sing gospel songs. I sing soloist, and I sing a'cappella; all songs are original. I ask BET'S Sunday Best to: The Lord will, we shall live, allow me to audition and sing GOD's Original songs as BET Sunday Best next, "Pearl of Pure Gold", BET Sunday Best, season 6; March 23, 2014, in Houston Texas. GOD has given to my trust, that what it takes, to be, BET, Sunday Best Mountaintop of glory.

  14. Nicolette Thompson says:

    I would like to audition because First of all, I can sing, I love the Lord with all my heart and Now is the time for me to stop shrinking back. I'm overcoming my fears and stepping into my destiny. I would like to cease the day and this opportunity.

  15. Samarra says:

    I'm ready for what's next! Excited, ready, and willing to be used by God to do what I've been called to do!

  16. Neomia Roberts says:

    I would love to audition for Sundays BEST, because all of my life I've been singing and I came from a singing family. My father was a pastor, and he taught me well. So if I audition for Sundays BEST it would make my father very proud of his lil girl..RIP DAD…

  17. tristian smiley says:

    I should be apart of sundays best because this is my season for grace and favor!

  18. Djuan Prayer says:

    Hello and my name is Djuan

    And I thank god for bless me with a voice and I'm here to give him praise and worship

  19. Ernestine Bianca Thompson says:

    I am from a small village called Hatchet Bay, on the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas. I was raised in church but, I was also exposed to a lot of other things( negative). I have a voice, I am a dreamer, I am a believer….I am a mother of three at the age of 28. I have always refused to believe that THE ALMIGHT GOD gave me a gift that would never be heard. The Bible says your gift will make room for you. Thus, I would like to be a contestant and ultimately the winner of Sunday Best because I believe it is my destiny to sing for the LORD!

  20. andrea polin says:

    how do we register for an audition in Chicago march 92014

  21. courtney golden says:

    hey, Im courtneyg 24yrs old im from a small town named pontotoc i grew up with a singing talent i would travel with my youth choir singing different lead songs, i feel like my voice will be a blessing to someone, im excited about this season but i know this battle i will not fight alone…amen!

  22. Wonda says:

    Hi, I'm Wonda. I live in St Petersburg Florida. I would love to have the chance to audition for Sunday Best. I didn't realize the gift God has given me until about 10 years ago. I grew up singing in my church choir but I was always shy about letting others hear my voice. Then one day I accepted Christ in my heart. I'm still a bit shy but I know I can open up and give God back what he has given me. Even if I don't make the cut, I'll feel good because I would have let go of that fear of singing in public. My mother who has past away, always wanted me to share my gift. I know she would be proud, looking down from heaven! Thank you. I have a story that I want to share.

  23. Jeannie Jones says:

    To God be the Glory. I would love to audition for Sunday Best because God has truly been good to me. In 2008 he gave me a second chance at life. Each morning I thank God for his grace and his mercy. I would appreciate the opportunity to share my story of his wonders.

  24. Andrea Riley says:

    God's Blessed Me With This Voice And Its Time To Use It In Jesus Name

  25. Steve Morgan says:

    I married an angel with a voice and anointing to match. She doesn't know how beautiful she is inside and out. Pray with me that I can encourage Georgette to be at the auditions in Atlanta Ga, Feb 23. Some people have a local, region or national voice. I believe that my wife has an international voice.

    In His Hands,


  26. Don Hollingsworth says:

    I would love to be on the show to praise the lord and let people know God is good all the time and all the time God is good!God bless you all.

  27. Cadarie R. Norton says:

    I only have four words to say, "This is my season". God bless you all!!

  28. Mandy says:

    So thankful for opportunities such as these; God has certainly directed me to this audition; gospel is not the norm in my area,(small town)so I'm going against the grain, with my craft, gospel/inspirational, but I haven't been more sure about what I want to do! Please keep me posted!

  29. Alberta Sanders says:

    I would love to audition for sunday's best 2014. Ive been singing since I was 12 but after the dealth of my mom in 1996. The minitry to sing was so strong I've had some bumps in the road,but they came to make me strong I truely believe it's not my gift that God has given me until I can share the gift with you. I don't want to win I just want to miniter to the children of God and walk away knowing that If I reached at least 1 person my effords would have not been in vein. Thank you for reading this keep me lifted up in pray because the devil is might but GOD IS ALL MIGHTY AND WITH THAT I WILL SAY, BLESS YOU ALL.

  30. Heide Voglis says:

    I have a story to share..I had a childhood that was not 'fun' by any means.. the only thing that gave me hope was when i sang.. that's where i shined! God gave me a tremendous gift of singing and I want to inspire of others and help them turn their tragedies into triumph by showing them that God does miracles in people .. he did one in me.. If i got the chance to audition and was really considered for singing and not just ratings-that others competitions in the past def were about then I would love the chance to share my gift with America. I would love to share my story in detail.. it is definitely one worth hearing.. :)

  31. Angelo Gullatt says:

    Hello I hope and pray that you may give me
    this opportunity to try out for Chicago Illinois auditions I love everything about singing the lords word when I wake up in the morning that's all I can think about is singing about how much my lord has brought me through

    thank you

  32. angela says:

    hi my name is angela writeing on behalf of my daughter porsha who is 23. I know porsha has a gift from God who is wasteing her talent she didnt want to do american idol missed every chance she had to be on there. i do want her to keep it holy but i dont want her gift or talent to b lost. i want her to use what God has blessed her with to bless the world. when i tell u she is a natural born singer its know lie the gurl can sang lol n minister at the same time. i need someone to help her to realize everbody not anoited to sing so she need to take what God has giving her n bless someone through her singing. i would hate for her to miss out because she think she dont hv a chance may be because of her weight or where she live. and by me being a single parent of 5 dont help any. thanks again in advance may God favor her.

  33. Millicent A Yankey says:

    Pls I started singing when I was a little girl .pls it think Sunday best is the best way for me to expose my talent to the world .in psalm 13:6 I will sing to The Lord . He has been so good to me .contact

  34. rhonda brown says:

    Im ready !

  35. Ameera Sharrieff says:

    My Sister Alberta Jackson Of Chicago Has Been Bless By The Lord To Praise Him And Bless Others With her Voice.I Feel The World Need To Be Touch With Her Beautiful Spirit!!!

  36. Tiwan says:

    The last time I tried for the show, I made it far enough to know that it's highly possible to win. And now 5yrs later, I hope to do the same and go beyond. I think I have what it takes to be the winner because I didn't even give me all but I certainly plan on doing so this go round. . . .SUNDAY BEST!!!

  37. courtney hes blessed me bullard says:

    my name is courtney im frm a small twn call frisco city i was born n monroe county god has truely blessed me i think i should be the next sunday best because i have a story to tell and god has so much more for me to do n so many lifes for me to touch nt only young gurls like myself but anybody that can compare to what ive been through this will be my second time coming to the sunday best auditions and im not giving up i refuse to fail:)

  38. Zaccheus Samuels says:

    Keep me posted this is my season to bless those who watch with my song of praise

  39. Zaccheus Samuels says:

    The bible states, let everything that has breath praise ye the lord. I believe that this verse here sums it all up. While im able to walk tall , breath , dance , talk i want to be able to give God his glory. As i have watched Sundays best since season1 , i have been touched in some way every season. I believe that it is now my season you uplift people with my song of prasie.

  40. Allysia says:

    I love the Lord and I love to sing.

  41. Alicia McKinney says:

    I wasn't ready at the time, to sing for the lord. However, I have giving my life to the man above and I am so ready to use what the lord has giving me. It so much that I have to sing about and the lord has blessed me to get up the nerve to let my voice be heard and to praise his name.. Glory to god..

  42. Sharon Souice says:

    I would love to be apart of sundays best beacuse although im young i would love to show off my talent that God has given me just to let the world know how Great my God is.

  43. Lutrille L. Dixon says:

    Hello. I have been giving God Praise since I was (5) years old, and I am now 60. I know that it is never too late!! Looking forward to this GREAT opportunity to Minister to the world and bless the nation with this powerful anointing that God has placed within me. Thank you for letting all ages be apart of Sunday Best. I now know that I am a SEASONED SOILDER FOR THE LORD and I am fearfully and wondrously made!! Looking for this chance of a lifetime to bless the nations. Please keep me informed. I will go anywhere I need to go to be apart of Sunday Best. This is my season. To god be the glory!

  44. Gwen Burns says:

    I believe that all things asking to are possible to those that believe! And I believe that with God, all things are possible! God gave me a gift to sing! and one day I shall go forth as pure gold! I desire to sing to bless and reach and heal and deliver all that hear! for He said in his word: those that have a ear! let them hear! I'm just asking to be heard with the ear he bless you with. I deal everyday with the haters, and the nay Sayers, and those who just don't want me to sing because I can, I'm just asking in Jesus name for an door to be open. Thank You! and may God Bless you all!!

  45. debbie says:

    I work with a man who sings like an angel, Everybody that hears him thinks so. He loves God He needs a chance to sing for the lord

  46. Rinaldo Billups says:

    Please keep me posted on times for auditions in Chicago and Houston TX..And where auditions will be held

  47. deddelinie booker says:

    my voice is waiting to burst out to the public. I have something that ALMIGHTY GOD GAVEME> : AVOICE TO SING TO THE WORLD>please let me open up to the world.the older I get. the stronger my voice gets. so please let me know about your next audition.thank you:

  48. Janice V Tinsley says:

    God has given me a talent and I need to use it for His glory, not just locally but beyond my little town. I have been blessed and want to be a blessing to others.

  49. Shadarea Quinzy says:

    I'm ready for God

  50. Shadarea Quinzy says:

    God has told me in his words you are looking for me here I go I'm ready pleas let me know when and where Thanks Shadarea I mght not be able to see you due to my Vision but you will be able to here me 205 393 3470

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